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Hello and Welcome

We are Trieste-Kalibus We are a new guild looking for members

We are looking for members 200+ who are at-least osm+10 

we run bosses daily. If not every other day, for skins and we run ruines. we pk as much as it comes around keep in mind pk is meant to b fun!. but i wont stop u from running  your mouth but i may stand beside u as-long as u stand beside me!

-Current high times for guild is around 7pm esp time +

we are looking for mains not your alts. if u are going to role with us die with use, on your main xD

we as a guild would like to run strait guild plume runes! along with bosses a few times a week and ruines. we also run guild events for prizes. such as skins, argates. ect ect 

Lets face it most of u stand around all day saying FUCK IM BORED!!!! well b bored no more here we are! pm Aroken, Orbit, Jaggs , or the one and only Damadafaka for your invite to the guild who is actually doing something!

p.s.. are ultimate goal is to take siege. if not we will still b here...... doing more then w.e guild u are in now is doing.  lets face it at the end of the day noone of u are curently doing anthing worth talkin about!!!.... are u tired of being bored? all u gotta do is drop that bs guild u r in and join us! give use 1 day and i bet u we do more in a day the your guild does in a month!!!!<3

                                                                                                 LOVE AlWAYS





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On 1/30/2019 at 7:21 AM, Talskie said:

what is Trieste-Kalibus in english? what does it mean?

Trieste and Kalibus are two of the channels on official Dekaron, they are also noted as continents or kingdoms in the lore.

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