[Event]: Party Dungeons with GM Fayth

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Hello Warriors,


Tomorrow (1/20/2018 12:01 AM EST ~ 1/20/2018 11:59 PM EST) at random times [GM]Fayth will be online to join parties and run dungeons with players. -- There may also be some random events.

Please note that some events may be prizes and some will just be helping new players level and/or obtain necessary items.

The prize limit is one per character, per dungeon run.

Attached here is a list of dungeons that [GM]Fayth will be hosting events at:

  • Ruins of Rudene
  • Tower of Spell
  • Cherubim's Nest

Here is how the event is going to work:

1.) [GM]Fayth will randomly join a party in one of the three dungeons specified above by teleporting to the group that is already within the dungeon.
2.) You do not need to party [GM]Fayth, mainly because you cannot add new members to your party once you are already inside.
3.) [GM]Fayth may or may not help you complete the dungeon, additionally, no extra monsters will be spawned within the dungeons.
4.) At the completion of the dungeon, [GM]Fayth will roll dice to determine the prize that the party will receive. The dice will be rolled twice for each member of the party. The first roll will determine the ROW, the second roll will determine the COLUMN. See the prize table below to view prize list and odds.



Good luck and happy farming!

~Dekaron Rising Staff Team

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The rewards have been sent to everyone. Create a Support Ticket if you haven't received your reward.

  • GkenT: +9 Lv. 175 Sword
  • DeezNut: 18% Blacksmith Talisman
  • Taco: 18% Blacksmith Talisman
  • Peeeanut: 18% Blacksmith Talisman
  • oDarkWizarDo: 18% Blacksmith Talisman
  • PoseidonZ: +9 Lv. 175 Sword
  • Ageha: +9 Lv. 175 Hammer
  • EunBee: Solon Necklace Randombox
  • Rejuvenate: Solon Necklace Randombox
  • avnushtka: +9 Lv. 175 Orb
  • Limbo: 15 Gold Argates
  • MageMer: 7% Gem Randombox
  • DeezNut: 7% Gem Randombox
  • RTZlAlooooha: +9 Lv. 175 Dual Blade
  • avnushtka: 15 Gold Argates
  • EunBee: +9 Lv. 175 Hammer
  • HAMERMEN: 7% Gem Randombox
  • InstincTFromFB: 18% Blacksmith Talisman
  • AuntyLantiss33: +9 Lv. 175 Whip
  • SmilyFacess2: +9 LV. 175 Gauntlet
  • Rejuvenate: Solon Necklace Randombox
  • EtoileDeMer: +9 Lv. 175 Whip
  • Lecze: [Rare] Pet Ilias Box
  • iFearless: +9 Lv. 175 Twinblade
  • Devereaux: Solon Necklace Randombox
  • NastyOne: +9 Lv. 175 Whip
  • Xx22LaMagia22xX: 18% Blacksmith Talisman
  • DKmakerSQ: [Rare] Pet Ilias Box
  • {VIP}WizdoM: 7% Gem Randombox
  • SimplyFy: 7% Gem Randombox
  • 0rbit: 7% Gem Randombox
  • Jaggs: +9 Lv. 175 Whip
  • Damadafaka: Solon Necklace Randombox
  • GagamBAlAh: 7% Gem Randombox
  • AgapeLove: 7% Gem Randombox
  • avnushtka: 18% Blacksmith Talisman
  • Aroken: 18% Blacksmith Talisman

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