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Boss Slaying rewards

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So to make people want to kill more bosses you can create exclusive rewards given out to players who kill these bosses a lot. How can we do this you may ask? Well I tell you! Add an item to the bosses drop that's un tradeable and when a player collects let's say 100 of these they get their exclusive boss emblem or skin or costume or wings that says hey I killed this boss alot. How to stop issues? Well make the boss drop exactly the number of items as the number of max party members possible so like 6 or 7 cant remember that way this rewards every member if party is on in turn or rewards a player even more for soloing. 


As for rewards make it like a complete cosmetic set. Meaning like a costume with wings and matching skin and emblems and split the pool between different bosses so you have to like farm 100 items from 1 boss for costume and 100 different items from another boss for wings and so on.

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