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+10 Segu V3 Random/Perfect = pm me on discord

New Max Medial = 1b

+10 200 Guard Arm Perfect = pm me on discord

+9 Tera armlet with 3% magic damage stats = pm me on discord




SEGU Perfect Set Mc2, FV [G], FV Maelstrom Scythe, [P] [A] [V2] AR = ALOKEN / Offer

+9 Tera armlet 5% element damage = 10b

legend pet = 25b

velikas skin = 3b

+0 solon ice = 1b

+0 solon curse, lightning, poison, gold = 1.5b ea

8% ICE ( 3x ) = Fire or Light / 2.5b


PM me on Discord : Voudou #2007


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