B> BOW / PERF AK / S> CS Parts

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B> Perfect BOW Lv200 7%/8% = Dils

B> Perfect AK Set/Wep (3x-4x AK Weapon) = PM me your price


T/S> Aloken Parts
Tera Helmet +10 Perfect 4xHP Recovery = 15b/Offer
Tera Armor, Pants, Gloves Random = 10b Each or 25b All (save 5b)
Aloken SBv3 175 AR Perfect = 40b/Offer
Spear (3x Damage, 1x Crit) 8% Gems and GA (3x AR 1xDef) Max Gems = 35b Each / 60b BOTH (save 10b)

S> Random CS Gloves & Helmet = 10b Each or 16b Both (save 4b)

S> 323 Vitality Staff Lv200 (8% Fire Gems) with RAINBOW Skin = 60b/Offer

S> Segnale SBv2 Perfect 171 AR = 13b


S> Platinum (Upgraded) Masochie Earring 1x = OFFER


Leave a comment here or mail me in game IGN:FickSuck

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