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As few days passed, I notice a lot of new players actively asking in both discord and in-game. They always ask about the things that could help them reach their end game gears as soon as possible. So I decided to make this guide in order to help newbies here at rising enjoy the game and get their end game gears as soon as possible.



In order to farm your gears and make things easier, you need to boost your levels first. Getting to higher levels means your skills can be upgraded to its highest potential which means higher pvp and pve damage output.

For levels 1 - 60, youll be focusing more on ardeca.


You can see on the map the where the specific areas are.


When you reach level 60, you'll need to go to the next map which is the Egutt Dessert:



You'll be leveling here from 60-180.



These are the different areas at egutt desert. There are also bosses in these areas. It gives you a very good amount of experience.

Once you reach level 120, you could farm dirhams that could be exchanged to 100% amulets that could make your leveling faster.


Level 180-190



These maps has the dungeons you need to get a decent exp.

In order to go these maps, you need to talk to Reezena.




The crespo dungeon is a solo dungeon while the tower of spell is a party dungeon. You get more exp at the tower of spell dungeon since it is harder than the crespo dungeon. You get +8 Osmium Access, gold argates, and obsidians(can be traded to newbie ring and earrings that are useful for pve) at crespo dungeon. You get dark stones, and mana crystalline from tower of spell which will be useful for upgrading your noble soul to angelic soul, spell plume to kracion, and etc. You can also trade these mana crystalline get mc1 helmets +0. You also get tons of gold argates from the tower of spell and seal of destruction (ring).


Level 190-200

You need to go to the parca temple or ruins of rudene.

In parca, you need to have atleast an osmium set +10 with 180 weap +10 since mobs here hits hard.

You'll be focusing more on the right wing since the mobs here are way better than of the left wing. Most people lets one or two characters to lure all the mobs to the entrance of the right wing to kill all mobs at the same time. You also get sap bottles from the mobs which you can use or sell later.


At Ruins of Rudene Dungeon, you only need to spam the first wave of mobs. Once you finished the first wave of mobs in rudene, you need to relog and do it again. It gives a decent amount of exp. The mobs also drop dream powders and wing fragments.



Level 200-210

Once you reach 200, you have 2 ways to  level up. You could join df or just go to Shangrila level 200 map.



There are 2 spots in shangrila, the dk spot and the token spot. The mobs at token spot gives more exp than the mobs at dk spot however, you can lure all the mobs at the dk spot even if you're solo while you can only lure few mobs at token spot. The mobs at dk drops book of magic while token spot mobs drop tokens. Both areas drop teragrace accessories and parts.



There are 2 ways in order to progress in rising. You can farm to progress or pay to progress. 

You can sell dshop items or donations to get the items that you need. In this way, you get your items much faster.

You need to farm certain items and sell it in order to buy the items you need. Here are the list of items that you need to farm in order to progress in this game.

  • Dream Powders
  • Dragon Bones
  • Buffs
  • Sap Bottles
  • Argates and Mavrics
  • Velikas Tokens
  • Book of Magic
  • Solidarity Crystal
  • Wing Fragments
  • Crap Gems
  • Skin Diamonds
  • Rings/Necklaces
  • Gears
  • Accessories
  • Pets

There are two types of farming, solo farming and team farming.


Solo farming from the name itself means farming solo. There are items in game that you can farm solo. 
Dream powders:

DPs are used to upgrade your angelic soul to tears. There are a lot of items on the dream powder exchange. DPs price range as of today is 500m-600m per 1k.
You can farm DP in Python Castle (Use many alts as possible for max lure), Deadlands, Mitera and Maze (Secret Study).


Dragon Bones:

Here are the exchange list for dragon bones. DB price range as of today is 400-500m per 100.
You can farm DB in Land of Illusion at King Wisegon Spot or at Dravice Field.




Argates and Mavrics:

Argates and mavrics are used for upgrading items.

There are many areas to farm argates and mavrics. You can farm argates and mavrics at Acquirai Ruins, Deadlands, Egutt 181 and Space of Pilgrimage.
You can also get argates from Rudene, Tower of Spell and Treasure of Crespo.
You can get both argates and mavrics in Ruins of Baz.

Refer to the middleman for the price.


You can farm buffs at egutt desert. You can exchange these items at npc ishtar in ardeca or egutt desert. 

Refer to the middleman for the price.


Sap Bottles:

You can farm sap bottles at parca temple. You can exchange these items at Binaelle Fairie in parca.

Price: 1.5-2m per piece


Velikas Tokens and Books of Magic:

These are drops in shang 200 map. You can also farm velikas tokens at shang 205 by killing the mini bosses located inside the maze.

These items are needed to get your 201 grandmeister skills. You can exchange it to Aneela at shangrila 200.

1.5b per skill book




Crap Gems:

You can farm crap gems at Acquirai Ruins.

Usually 50m-150m per bag.



Solidarity Crystals:

This item could be exchanged to the new crystalline access.

You could farm it anywhere in the map except in the maze. The best spot is here:



Team Farming:

This type of farming requires a team. You can't simply farm these items solo.

These items are skin diamonds, rings/necklaces, legendary pets, and earrings.

Refer to this guide on how to get these items.




free coins xd

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3 hours ago, LimitedEdition said:

Nice guide,  i think one of your images is not in the correct section.  There is an image of Shang 205 above the skill books.  😛 

You can also farm tokens at shang 205 so I decided to put it there :) 


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Great guide, thank you.

Just one thing though, for the losing team/s on DF, do they get some gp chest as well or only the winning team does?

Edited by Piety
Added a question

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12 hours ago, Piety said:

Great guide, thank you.

Just one thing though, for the losing team/s on DF, do they get some gp chest as well or only the winning team does?

Winning only

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