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    • +10 Bagi Rondow Armor, Gloves, Boots clean/random = 15b ea
    • +9 3x Curse Solon = 11b ea
    • +9 3x Light Solon = 4b ea
    • +9 Tera Belt 2% long range dmg red, 3% Dmg Red = 8b


    • +9 3x Curse Solon = 3x Fire Solon
    • +10 Bagi Rondow Armor, Gloves, Boots = 2x Perf Bagi Rondow Helm, Armor or Helm, Boots
    • +10 Bagi Rondow Armor, Gloves, Boots = Perf DK Tera Set + Wep + 5b Dils

    Reply here or DM me on Discord @Zia#6227

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