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    A Suggestion

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    Hello Beoble 


    It's been a hot minute since I've positively contributed to the community, so here's one of my suggestions to MAYBE enhance the PvE aspect of the game.. [?] 

    I'll give my opinion and suggested statuses on each item, of course they're open to tweaking by the staff members as they see fit, it's just a rough draft of what could be.

    We've had the Squama as a main ring for nearly 6 years, I know there's an upgrade for it but that also involves very little PvE, and no offense to the staff members, the work that was done is nothing less than amazing but constantly adding new bosses with higher cooldown isn't really enticing. So let's show some love to the content that's already in the game.

    1. Uprising Squama[Spr, Str, Heal, Dex]

    ~16% Monster Tol

    ~16% Pk Tol

    ~450 Block

    ~450 Guard

    ~14% Crit Resis

    ~+30 [Stat of Preference]

    *Should be an upgrade to the previously upgraded squama, and the means of obtaining the new upgrade could be as follows:

    Requires quite a lot of materials to upgrade and involves quite a few aspects of the game and a whole lot of time. 3 legendary items need to be made to further enhances the effects of the Squama, the Dragonic Ungula, the Dragonic Kornu, and the Mysterious Pendant, and the power of Velikas Tokens and Books to keep the powers from unraveling 

    • image.png.9f9ec9d6d87c1bf1ef8b29f368c21658.png

    This lost experiment dwells in the depths of Parca Temple dropping corrupt essence which is needed to craft the Dragonic Kornu. [ XXX # needed with a drop chance of 10%? ] [ Direct Craft ] *Community Input*

    • image.png.e75aef8e9166f2ec55d396fe7eb92851.png

    This mysterious creature lingers around magical tree sprites specific to Shangrila and drop a specific type of slime needed to glue together a Mysterious Pendant. [ XXX # needed with a drop chance of 10%? ] [ Secondary Craft ]

    *Community Input*

    • image.png.08065fae25290bde775471b6118d51e5.png

    These creatures as old as time itself swimming in the depths of El-Mar, when slain, they drop magical crystals needed to craft the Dragonic Ungula.  [ XXX # needed with a drop chance of 10%? ] [ Direct Craft ]

    *Community Input*

    • image.png.f031191e3f326735340d7ac0d9c06612.png

    This powerful scroll can only be obtained by gathering the spell books and velikas Tokens dropped by the creatures lurking in Shangrila. [ XXX # needed ] [ Direct Craft ]

    *Community Input*

    *Since you guys made books and tokens tradeable, I believe it will be a nice addition to this PvE element and an alternative dil making source for existing and new players.*



    These magical beasts and failed experiments are just the beginning of your journey into crafting one of the most powerful items Dekaron Rising has ever seen.  The slime mucus obtained from the magical beasts in shangrila is used to repair a shattered pendant. Which can only be obtained from the raging beast in Elonohm formally known as SILENOS.


    [ Chances and rates entirely up to staff ]

    Considering this will be a new edition, chances should be extremely slim in order to invoke competition and encourage PK. 

    Finally, once you've slain this legendary atrocity and had the gods blessing by receiving the shattered pendant, slime mucus and a magical spell scroll will be needed to repair the shattered pendant into a mysterious one


    * Please edit or correct me as you see fit, this is just a suggestion, an idea that could be further developed by the staff members or the community.




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    • Executive Staff

    This is a very well thought out suggestion. I especially like the idea of having people farm on the PK maps for the required exchange items!



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