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    • When you are new to a Private server, would you waste time and dil making or buying a set that will not pay back, or stay in egutt free gear and slowely work into new gear. If I start a PRIVATE server I would rather stay in the +9 egutt set until I slowly work my way into the best gear +10 tera. So when I resell etc I do not lose time and dil, as I will be changing my class until i find my fit. I tried argating, rather than buying gear and I lost billions. I would rather get the gear quick, than waste billions  on gear then change my class and lose dil making it. Yes, all mmorpgs crafting is key, but people are not coming to private servers of 15 year old games to start fresh and takes months upon months of time, from which the end is just not there.  False, that use to be true when it did not take 100-500b to gear up. Back when that was true a perf, PERF I MIGHT ADD set was 30-60b.
    • Is there a problem in the server? I cant connect in character selection. Or maybe is my internet
    • -MAFIA-  I am new on this server, so i created a new guild, I am searching for members to join and have funn together,  but just 1 thing, 1 char/account to stay in the guild  (:   . I am a old EU Global Dekaron player , and since this incident whit covid , decided to creat this guild and have funn whit new peoples , old or young , fell free to whisper me in game for invitation in the guild : Escorpio (nick name) , global guild, but english on chat so we can understand eatchothers <3
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