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Forum Rules and Guidelines

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Forum Rules and Guidelines
Please read and be advised of the following rules.
Unless explicitly stated, the following rules apply to every forum and thread including shoutbox.

Some forums may have additional rules, so check any appropriate "stickies" before you post.


Dekaron Rising Staff reserve the right to interpret the following rules as they deem fit.

If you have an issue with a decision made, please send a private message to an Executive or Admin staff member.


1. Post only in English:

  • In order for us to properly moderate and understand the topics being discussed in the various forums please keep everything in English. This applies to the shoutbox as well.

2. No power-posting, spamming, bumping and/or flaming or necrobumping:

  • Do not Spam the forum of shoutbox with frequent and/or annoying messages.
  • *Making one word posts such as "lol", "noob", "+1" or "Blah" clutter the forums. The only exception for this is quoting another user's post as long as your post contains actual insight from you.
  • Necro Bumping or Necro Posting occurs when a forum thread that has been inactive for a long time, and is bumped by a user.
  • Additional info: Warnings will be issued to users who continue to "bump" their own topics excessively as it falls under spam.

3. No incessant trolling, flaming or bashing of any sort:

  • Posts which include prejudice based upon things like, but not limited to: racism, ageism, sexual orientation, nationality; will not be tolerated.

4. Do not abuse Dekaron Rising Staff, or it's Community.

  • The staff is here to help you. It is your right as a player, do Not abuse that right. If you feel a staff member has wronged you, speak with another staff member using the Private Messaging feature. Disrespecting the server, community or any Staff Member will not be tolerated. All reports will be taken seriously.
  • The term "abuse" is general, however is not limited to the following; Harassment, threatening, verbal abuse, and so on. The Official Dekaron Rising Staff reserves the right to interpret the term "abuse" as they deem fit.
  • Do not try or offer to middleman another players trade - leave it to the professionals in the "Official Rising Staff" guild.

5. No posting of personal conversations or personal information (from IMs or PMs).
Topics such as these are considered breaches of privacy, and may result in a ban.
6. No sexually explicit images, text or other content that is deemed by Dekaron Rising Staff to be offensive.

  • Dekaron Rising Staff reserve the right to remove or alter any avatars or signatures deemed inappropriate.

7. No impersonating:

  • Impersonation of any person, will get you banned.

8. No Advertising:

  • Advertising, promoting, marketing, or soliciting cheats, hacks, exploits, bots, macros, other third-party programs, selling/buying/trading accounts, items, or in-game gold, including non-Rising Dekaron games or services through our forum or chat box is strictly prohibited.

9. Keep posts on-topic:

  • Keep the topic in mind when you post. Refrain from posting off topic.
  • Post topics in the most relevant and appropriate forum sections.

10. No public discussion about disciplinary action administered to members.

  • If you have any questions regarding rules, disciplinary actions, user bans, or even a thread move, please PM a forum moderator.
  • Don't represent or assist any banned individuals, "helping" them may get you banned as well.

11. No pseudo-moderation or backseat moderation:

  • E.g. "A moderator should move this topic to General Discussion."
    We have moderators for that purpose.

12. No abusing forum features:

  • This includes, but is not limited to, abusing the 'Like' system by liking all of your own posts, getting someone to do it for you, or making alternate accounts to like your or someone else's posts.

13. Creating accounts with "GM" in the name is strictly prohibited.

  • In-game as well as the forums. Punishment will be permaban.

14. No links or discussions of illegal downloads, bootlegs, warez, pirated or ill-gotten copyrighted materials.

  • This applies but is not limited to: MP3s, games, software, movies, books, comic scans, 3rd party programs, hacks etc.

15. Alternate forum accounts & ban evasion.

  • If you are caught evading a ban or suspension by using an alternate account, your main account will have its suspension time doubled and your alternate account will be banned forever.
  • If it continues to happen an IP/MAC/ISP ban will be set in place.

Warning limits:

  • 3 warnings = 1 week ban.
  • 4 warnings = 3 week ban.
  • 5 warnings = Permaban.

Violation of any of the above mentioned rules may be considered grounds for an immediate ban. The severity of the ban will be at the discretion of Dekaron Rising Staff and will range in duration from an initial warning to permanent loss of posting privileges on the Dekaron Uprising Forums. In more extreme circumstances inappropriate forum behavior may also result in permanent suspension of game accounts. Once banned a single appeal may be made to an Executive Staff member, however it is not likely that you will be unbanned, unless it was unwarranted. **Rules are subject to change without notice.

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    • [Preview] Dark Wide Rework
      Thank you for your feedback, please keep in mind that this is just something we are testing on the balance channel and isn't guaranteed to be implemented. There are a few points I would like to address: 1. DW has a 10% damage nerf, this was done because DW had a very unfair dshop advantage. (They could become very resistant to melee/physical damage and boost their damage up to 25% whereas their melee opponents could only boost their attack but no defense against magic at all.) This caused BW, Mage, and Segnale to benefit more from dshop buffs than any other class. 2. Testing with DW there are some combos I discovered that can root their opponent for several seconds causing them to be unable to move. (Both movement speed debuffs cast very quickly and can stack with either other) Even if Hammered used full Dshop buffs, I would still hit 10~12k whites and 25~27k crits because none of the old dshop buffs gave any elemental resistance
    • [Preview] Dark Wide Rework
      So glad I quit this soon to be dead class ! Will defiantly help other classes fight them, but ultimately make that skill useless. Trust me the way it seems from that video, it is like how bio is used, except you have to a mode a area to use it. If you do not lag this skill will be awesome, but anyone who lags might want to quit.Most dw slows suck already, and relied on placing skills like bio in a good timed spot for max damage.   I could be wrong, but I doubt it, and time will tell if dw dies out after this. Already nerfed 10% of there damage (d-shop buff), and now your changing there BEST skill.
    • [Preview] Dark Wide Rework
      It used to follow the opponent, I see that doesn't do it anymore. Nice work! Any chance dark magic will be added as an attribute?
    • [Preview] Dark Wide Rework
      Hi guys,   I just wanted to show you guys a cool rework we've done for the upcoming comprehensive balancing update. This isn't something confirmed 100% yet, but it is a rework that we are testing along with the several other changes we've made. Just showing you guys this one because I think it's a pretty cool re-work. Dark Wide: While this is an awesome skill, it has a few problems. Since it isn't dodgeable, it makes playing against a DW really frustrating because they have this really powerful skill that you could do nothing against. Dekaron is a "skill" based game, and while we like this skill, we don't really feel like there should be a skill that does this amount of damage without dodge opportunity. It's a repeat of the Dark Avatar situation, which was changed to be dodgeable in its own official rework. Since this is a really powerful Wizard skill though, we can't just make the whole thing dodgeable as that would be too big of a nerf. We're testing a rework that has changed it so that 1) AOE size is larger on all hits (not progressively getting larger anymore) and 2) it is dodgeable now. 3) The delay between hits is slightly faster to make up for the fact that it's dodgeable The goal was to make the skill into one that is powerful but also takes technique and strategy to properly execute, and we think we've achieved that goal. Below you'll see a video of how it works now. Keep in mind though, we're testing this re work, meaning it may be different when the comprehensive balancing update is done.    
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