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In-Game Rules and Behavior

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In Game Rules and Behavior Expectations


The following are rules set forth by Rising Staff for the Services Dekaron Rising provides. Any attempt to break them will result in appropriate action against your in-game accounts.



1. No hacking, botting or scamming:

  • You are fully responsible for all activities conducted through your account and under your Account ID.
  • Any user/player caught using cheats or third party programs to gain unnatural or unintended benefits are banned from the server regardless of donation history or social placement.
  • A. Intentionally accepting/acquiring accounts, characters, items that have been altered or otherwise manipulated outside of the designed game mechanics or intended features is also a bannable offense.
  • B. Scamming is defined as anyone attempting to gain access to accounts, items or in-game currency in any way, through deception or fraudulent means.

Players are allowed to appeal over the ban if provided proof is inconsistent or ambiguous.


2. No social mistreatment or annoyance:


A. Spam/Flood:

  • flooding the in-game chat with repeated messages is not allowed.

B. Racism/Discriminatory Behavior:

  • Avoid at all costs, insulting someone based upon their country, sex, culture, lifestyle or skin-color. Even "joking" about it is considered an offense and will be punishable.
  • This also includes but is not limited to character and/or guild names.

C. Staff Impersonation:

  • It is strictly forbidden to impersonate any person. This includes, but not limited to; Dekaron Rising Staff and other players.

D. NPC blocking:

  • Blocking any NPC by standing or summoning a pet to stop other players from accessing it will get you jailed or possibly banned.

E. Accusing without proof:

  • Accusing someone of scamming, hacking or an doing any illegal action, without proof, may get you jailed for three days. If you have proof that someone mistreated you, post it on the Report Misuse section.

F. Harassment:

  • Defined as damaging the other players experience voluntarily, generally "annoying" other players and put all efforts to mistreat them.
  • Harassment of any form is a serious offense punishable by jailing the player for 3 days or more.

3. No Bug Exploitation:

  • You may not exploit any bug that grants the player unnatural or unintended benefits in Dekaron Rising.
  • If you communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug it is punishable. Furthermore If there is a bug or exploit it should be PM'd directly to an Executive Staff Member.
  • Abusing or exploiting bugs may result in a permanent ban.

4a. No Account Sharing, Trading or Selling:

  • Players are not allowed to ask someone for their account password.
  • Giving out your password, sharing accounts is not recommended, giving your personal information is your own responsibility. (What ever happens next is not our business.)
  • Purchasing / trading / selling of accounts, is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban across all accounts of both players.
  • If a player reports being scammed and we detect/suspect account sharing, we reserve the right to refuse further investigation.
  • No trading Rising Items or accounts for other servers / games items OR accounts.

4b. No item Sharing/ Borrowing:

  • Staff will not be responsible for returning borrowed items.
  • If you've give an item to a friend to use and they do not return it to you it is your poor choice in judgement, not the fault of staff and our job of retrieval.
  • If the item holds value to you, keep it. Do not lend it out.


5a. No Trading for real life currencies:
  • The transfer, rent, sales, commencing/trading, or endorsement of such actions, of ID/account, character or items for real money/currency is strictly forbidden. You will be banned.
5b. D-Coins Trading / Donation Selling:
  • The sale of cash shop coins for in-game items is not prohibited, however we recommend against it due to the frequency of scams associated with these actions.
  • Engaging in the sale of and/or trade of donations you are accepting the risks associated with such trades. Rising is not responsible for loss of items, replacement, and/or currency in relation to these actions. 


6. No Advertising:

  • Advertising, promoting, marketing, or soliciting cheats, hacks, exploits, bots, macros, other third-party programs, selling/buying/trading accounts, items, or in-game gold, including non-Rising Dekaron games or services through our game chat is strictly prohibited.

7. Trading using Middlemen:

  • GM's are not obliged to help players with trades, however they may do it as a courtesy at their own discretion.
  • Do not try or offer to middleman another players trade - leave it to the professionals in the "Official Rising Staff" guild.
  • Do not spam/flood the game/forums/shoutbox with excessive requests, as Middleman Trading is not a priority for the staff members.

8. No abusing Staff:

  • The staff is here to help you. It is your right as a player. Do Not abuse that right. If you feel a Staff member has wronged you, speak with another staff member.
  • Disrespecting the Server or any of it's Staff Members will not be tolerated and is also a bannable offence.
  • No telling players the name of a Staff Members personal character(s), will result in jailing or perm ban.


9. Cash Item Refund Policy:

  • A. You understand and agree that the amount of Rising Coins (virtual money) which shall be charged or redeemed from your credit card or other payment method(s) through designated payment service of risinggames.net. Your use of any games or purchase of Uprising Coins is conditioned upon acceptance of Rules of Conduct and considered to use cash item(s) and such amount of Rising Coins shall be non-refundable/non-redeemable for real currency, including, without limitation, upon termination of your account ID for any reason, termination or discontinuation of the service.
  • B. Purchased cash item(s) shall be non-refundable/non-redeemable for Rising Coins or real currency.
  • C. Upon cash item expiration, the usage time of cash item will be in effect at the time of purchase and such items will be expired and disappeared without prior notification. You should carefully review your purchase when cash item(s) is being purchased in game.
  • D. Upon a receipt of chargeback or fraud, the corresponding account ID will result in a permanent ban without prior notification. All accounts associated within the transaction will result in a permanent ban at the result of a chargeback or fraud.
  • E. Rising Dekaron has no liability for hacking, selling, trading, misusing, mistaken deletion, or loss of your cash items from your account and no reimbursement allowed.

10. Creating accounts or characters with "GM" in the name is strictly prohibited.

  • In-game as well as the forums. Punishment will be permaban.



  • A. Dual Client or more inside the Battle Server. A player who is caught having dual or multiple accounts piloting inside the battle server at the same time will lead to jail. 1st offense – 1 week, 2nd offense – 1 month, 3rd offense – PERMANENT.
  • B. AFK. Intentional AFK inside the battle server without the notice of team mates that would lead Team Unbalance is prohibited, if you are caught with at least 3 Screen shots from beginning, middle and last part of the time period or video, you will be subjected for jailing without any warnings. 1st offense – 1 week, 2nd offense – 1 month, 3rd offense – PERMANENT.
  • C. Boosting / Farming. Boosting low level rank players, defines as giving them free kills to gain points is strictly prohibited, anyone caught with an SS or Video will be subjected to jailing without any warnings. 1st offense – 1 week, 2nd offense – 1 month, 3rd offense – PERMANENT.
  • D. Non agro on Guildies (enemy side). Ignoring and bypassing guildies or friends on enemy side just to let them kill your team mates is prohibited. Anyone caught with at least 2 or more SS and/or video will be subjected to jailing. 1st offense – 1 week, 2nd offense – 1 month, 3rd offense – PERMANENT.
  • E. AFK in Party Dungeons. Intentional AFK inside of party dungeons/expeditions without the notice of team mates is prohibited, if you are caught with with at least 3 Screen shots from beginning, middle and last part of the time period or video you will be subjected for jailing without any warnings. 1st offense - 1 day, 2nd offense - 3 days, 3rd offense - 1 week.

  • F. Toxicity. Intentionally joining party dungeons/expeditions with the motive to harass players and ruin the experience for all other members. EX: Breaking the stones in a Cherubim's Nest [EXP] run. If you are caught with a screenshot(s) or video that reveals a chat/evidence of you being toxic in a dungeon on PURPOSE you will be subjected for jailing without any warnings. EX 2: A chat displayed as a playing saying "Haha f*ck you yes I am the one destroying stones" 1st offense - 1 day, 2nd offense - 3 days, 3rd offense - 1 week.


**These rules apply both in-game and on the forums.

***Rules are subject to change without notice.

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