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    Dekaron Rising Installer 12.8 Download
    (Updated December 16th 2016)
    Option 1: Direct Download -- best to use a download manager with this one such as DownloadThemAll for Firefox 

    Option 2: Download from MEGA Mirror)

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    Rising EXP Roulette

    Rising Warriors!
    This is a new project I wanna try out. Feedback is much appreciated like always.
    Some of you might have noticed the Defender Rokuen statues in Draco Desert. These are a great alternative for when players can't find a raid for the 190 dungeon. It's much worse exp than 190 dungeon, but its better than nothing!
    This EXP Roulette event will be just like those statues currently in Draco Desert.
    Here is how it works!
    Every 4-7 days a random statue from the 190 dungeon will spawn at a random map for 4-7 days before being removed and replaced with another random statue in another random map.
    This will bring more variety to leveling and PKing. From now on, however, I will only put 1 statue instead of 2. This is to keep the competetive aspect of leveling and PKing. Always check this thread to find out where the current statue is.
    Additionally everyday theres a chance for an Enchanted Jar to spawn somewhere in the map. Killing this Enchanted Jar will spawn a special buff at the statue for 1, 2, 4, 6, 12, 16 or 24 hours to help you or 10x shadowkris.
    Failing to destroy this jar, however, will temporarily spawn a debuff or disable the Defender.
    Good luck Warriors!
    To find the statues follow the blue lights.
    Here is a list of current statue and past statues:
    - Draco Desert - RedStar Hill - Defender Rokuen (INACTIVE)
    - Crespo - Near teleport - Defender Otar (ACTIVE)
    - Parca Temple - Red Carpet - Defender Ciron (INACTIVE)
    - Norak Cave - Room 1 - Defender Rokuen (INACTIVE)
    - Mitera - Neat teleport - Defender Otar (INACTIVE)
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    Patch 13.8

    Patch Notes Include: Halloween, Server Upgrade, Bullion System
    To update client: Run game launcher then start game.
    Manual Patch (ONLY NEEDED IF YOUR GAME LAUNCHER DOES NOT WORK): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7zlsmKb9joCc09RWlJCQUdfSXM
    With this weeks update bring you
    Client/Server Performance Upgrade Part 2. Bullion System Halloween Update Series Part 1  
    1) Server Upgrade Pt. 2
    More server optimizations have been done to increase overall performance Network adjustments have been made, you should notice much better ms. 2) Bullion System
    We've added a new Bullion system to make it easier to hold dil and conduct expensive trades. Special thanks to Paul for some code we needed for this.
    There is now an NPC that you can trade 1 bil dil for 1 bullion, or 1 bullion for 1 bil.
    Halloween Update Series
    3) Halloween Ardeca Theme
    Halloween decorations have been put up! Beware of ghosts, it seems Ardeca has gotten very dark!

    4) Pumpkin Ghouls
    Pumpkin Ghouls have crawled out of hiding! They seem to be feeding in only a few maps right now.
    Locations: Ardeca (few) DK Square (many) Drops: Magenta Candy (+5% Defense) Cyan Candy (+5% Damage)
    5) New Wings
    Blade Wings Dark: New Wings, will be available year round. Halloblade Wings:  These wings only appear once a year! A special collectible item that only goes on sale for ONCE a year. After the sale, they are removed from the D-Shop. They are a Halloween special. I've seen some players that still have the Halloblade wings from last year, they are indeed one of the rarest wings of the game. If you want to be unique, stand out, and leave people wondering where you got your wings, these wings are for you!
    This year there is a new version, now you can chose from either the normal one or the dark one!
    Every year, after these wings are removed, people constantly ask players who are wearing them where and how to get them. At that point, there is no way until next October :). 
    6) Limited Edition: Helion Ghost Costume
    Similar to the traditional Ghost costume, this one is based off of the new Helion costume.
    These are also limited edition and will only be on sale in October.

    7) Limited Edition: Deathwing Pet
    8) Bug Fixes / Miscellaneous
    Fixed Speedboots V3 stats. Fixed a bug causing Segnale and Seguriper Speedboots V3 to not drop. Fixed a bug causing Mellias (and other bosses from Patch 13.7) to crash the client upon death Fixed a small bug in the client impacting performance Item Optioning cost has increased -- we needed to do this because of the overflowing amount of dil in the economy. We will be monitoring the situation and making necessary economical adjustments as needed. Fixed a bug that caused Dead Front and other event times to change.  
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    Weekly Boss Arenas

    We are launching a new weekly event called Dannyboi's Weekly Boss Arenas!
    These are bossfights unlike any you have ever seen before in Dekaron Rising.
    This event is going to be great and hopefully make PVE a lot more interesting.
    Basically every Saturday I will host one of these bossfights. There is going to be something like a little teaser in the in game announcement with a custom made story I will make up followed by an objective (or more) that you wonderful players will have to complete to unlock the final boss fight.
    The final bossfight will be set up in a custom made arena with unique traps that will give you a unique PVE experience. I dare say that many of you have never even seen some of these bosses we're going to use in this event, and new stuff is always exciting!
    I bet right about now you're wondering what you will achieve by participating in this event! Like I said the event will be in two parts.
    The first part will be an objective (or two) for you to complete to unlock the boss fight.
    The second objective will be the boss fight itself.

    The reward for completing the first objective can be random, I'll decide that on the fly, but the reward for fully completing the event and beating the final boss is guaranteed a random +0 level 200 wep (dropped by me so any participant has a chance to get it) and approximately 1bil dils (more or less depending on the difficulty of the boss), scattered around the boss' arena for any participant to pick up aswell! Besides that it will be loads of loads of fun I promise you that!
    Let me also clerify. These bossfights are extremely hard and are not for the faint of heart, but teamwork is the key.
    Also almost every boss in this event will have a big AOE attack that will insta kill any players caught within the range of it. You will have to DODGE that! GM does NOT revive any dead players! If you die you will have to walk back to the event yourself.
    I hope to see many players attend to this event!
    Keep the bosses inside their arenas. If you lure them out of their arenas, they will reset with full HP.
    PK'ing is ALWAYS allowed if the event is hosted in a map where you can PK.
    Crystals are there to guide you!
    Blue crystals = correct way
    Red crystals = wrong way
    Time until the next Weekly Boss Arena Fight:
    Saturday - October 21 - Time:
    7 a.m. Eastern Standard Time
    6 a.m. Central
    5 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time
    4 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time
    12 p.m. British Summer Time
    1 p.m. Germany
    2 p.m. Turkey
    6 p.m. Philippines, Indonesia, and Taiwan
    8 p.m. Korea and Japan
    This saturdays Boss Teaser:


    日本語で書いてある情報だ。 This is an article in Japanese to welcome new Japanese players.

    アップグレードの値段は「   」



    Patch 13.7: Content, Client Upgrade, Server Upgrade

    This new update brings not only new content, but an improved game client and servers for you as well!
    SERVER STATUS: This update will take longer than usual due to having to switch over to new servers. Server status will be posted on forum home page: https://dekaronrising.com/
    IMPORTANT: You need the latest update in order to be able to connect to the game. To get the latest update, just run the game launcher.
    Manual Patch (ONLY NEEDED IF YOUR GAME LAUNCHER DOES NOT WORK): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7zlsmKb9joCQ1pWLUN6VjhacEU  
    1) Client Upgrade
    Client stability has been improved -- most existing crashes have been resolved. Client performance has been improved -- the game client will have faster loading times Client compatibility has been improved The client will work better with Windows 10 The client will have less issues with Firewall and Antivirus programs  
    2) Server Upgrade (Major)

    We've upgraded our servers drastically to improve your gaming experience.
    The locations of all of our servers has not been changed, but the servers have been upgraded in terms of software, hardware, and network uplinks.
    Server hardware has been upgraded Server network has been improved, you'll notice a better game connection NOTE: Due to the outdated way the in-game "MS" counter works, it does not always provide accurate numbers. For example, during testing we saw that the game ms counter reported 318ms when the ms was actually 121 ms. New server nodes have been added for better worldwide connection - Japan node has been added. Server software has been updated (can't go into details on this for security) Server stability has been tested and test results were very positive. New server monitoring software has been installed: in the unlikely event that the server goes down, staff members will be notified almost immediately and downtime will be minimized as much as possible.  
    3) New Boss: Mellias

    Mellias has taken over Underground Temple -- killing Hell Gatekeeper. This new boss is one of the most unique bosses ever added to Dekaron. We've balanced him to be challenging, fun, and also rewarding.
    Hell's Gatekeeper removed from Underground Temple Mellias Information: Stats: Health: 90 million Attacks: 3 attacks, 1 super attack, 1 debuff Spawn: Every 4 hours on Ark channel. Drops: 1x Speedboots V3 (see section 4 of patch notes) Ilias, Irias, and Selias have also been added -- event versions of Mellias for use in in-game events.  
    4) New Items: Speedboots V3
    The third version of Speedboots V3 have arrived. They have better stats than Speedboots V2, however we've verified with the balance team to make sure that the new stats do not negatively affect balance.
    Main Drop: Hell Temple, Mellias Boss Secondary Drop: Events with Ilias, Irias, and Selias bosses.
    5) New Shadow Azul Costume (Female Classes)
    A new Shadow Azul costume, made by one of our very own players, has been added to the game. It works for all female classes.
    Quick reminder: Players can create costumes and submit them to be added to the game for free! If they are added, the player receives the costume for FREE.

    6) Bug Fixes
    Magic Emblems Randombox and Rare Magic Emblems Randombox have been fixed -- previously were not opening +7 Crystalline Weapon prices have been fixed and purchasing error on Hammer has been fixed. Akris in Egutt 180 area now drop the appropriate amount of dil. Noble Lionheart now drops 1x Noble Soul  
    7) Miscellanous
    Siege time has been scheduled Teracotta Miniboss location has changed from Draco Desert to Parca/Hell Temple New loading screen has been applied D-Shop UI has been updated Bottom right main bar UI has been updated Several bosses and monsters have been updated for event purposes  
    8) Coming soon
    This coming soon section is just to give you a preview of things that are coming in future updates.
    1) What we have listed here isn't a list of things that will be in the next update
    2) There are other things we are working on that are awesome, but are surprises, so we can not put them in this section
    3) This is always subject to change and we WELCOME your feedback and game suggestions!
    Halloween Update Series -- anyone that has been around for a while knows how crazy our Halloween updates are. Stay tuned, it's going to be fun! Sacred Claw Dungeon -- yup, we're making this work (and other dungeons) More new content updates Balance Part 2 update / PVE Changes -- currently in testing Client Upgrade Pt 2 Launcher update Game Web Panel -- more details on this soon, it will have some cool features New Classes -- we're waiting on files for these to be released, but we have teams and procedures ready for when they are Classified -- some secret projects we're working on :).
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    3 vs 3 Party PvP CHAMPIONS



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    Dekaron Rising Rules

    Warriors of Dekaron Rising, I am here today to reiterate the rules of this server. These rules are not only made to make the staff's life easier, but your game experience better, so please abide by them!
    For the original post and further rules and regulations please click.
    In Game Rules and Behavior Expectations
    The following are rules set forth by Rising Staff for the Services Dekaron Rising provides. Any attempt to break them will result in appropriate action against your in-game accounts.
    1. No hacking, botting or scamming:
    You are fully responsible for all activities conducted through your account and under your Account ID. Any user/player caught using cheats or third party programs to gain unnatural or unintended benefits are banned from the server regardless of donation history or social placement. A. Intentionally accepting/acquiring accounts, characters, items that have been altered or otherwise manipulated outside of the designed game mechanics or intended features is also a bannable offense. B. Scamming is defined as anyone attempting to gain access to accounts, items or in-game currency in any way, through deception or fraudulent means. Players are allowed to appeal over the ban if provided proof is inconsistent or ambiguous.
    2. No social mistreatment or annoyance:
    A. Spam/Flood:
    flooding the in-game chat with repeated messages is not allowed. B. Racism/Discriminatory Behavior:
    Avoid at all costs, insulting someone based upon their country, sex, culture, lifestyle or skin-color. Even "joking" about it is considered an offense and will be punishable. This also includes but is not limited to character and/or guild names. C. Staff Impersonation:
    It is strictly forbidden to impersonate any person. This includes, but not limited to; Dekaron Rising Staff and other players. D. NPC blocking:
    Blocking any NPC by standing or summoning a pet to stop other players from accessing it will get you jailed or possibly banned. E. Accusing without proof:
    Accusing someone of scamming, hacking or an doing any illegal action, without proof, may get you jailed for three days. If you have proof that someone mistreated you, post it on the Report Misuse section. F. Harassment:
    Defined as damaging the other players experience voluntarily, generally "annoying" other players and put all efforts to mistreat them. Harassment of any form is a serious offense punishable by jailing the player for 3 days or more.
      3. No Bug Exploitation:
    You may not exploit any bug that grants the player unnatural or unintended benefits in Dekaron Rising. If you communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug it is punishable. Furthermore If there is a bug or exploit it should be PM'd directly to an Executive Staff Member. Abusing or exploiting bugs may result in a permanent ban.
      4a. No Account Sharing, Trading or Selling:
    Players are not allowed to ask someone for their account password. Giving out your password, sharing accounts is not recommended, giving your personal information is your own responsibility. (What ever happens next is not our business.) Purchasing / trading / selling of accounts, is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban across all accounts of both players. If a player reports being scammed and we detect/suspect account sharing, we reserve the right to refuse further investigation. No trading Rising Items or accounts for other servers / games items OR accounts. 4b. No item Sharing/ Borrowing:
    Staff will not be responsible for returning borrowed items. If you've give an item to a friend to use and they do not return it to you it is your poor choice in judgement, not the fault of staff and our job of retrieval. If the item holds value to you, keep it. Do not lend it out.  
    5a. No Trading for real life currencies: The transfer, rent, sales, commencing/trading, or endorsement of such actions, of ID/account, character or items for real money/currency is strictly forbidden. You will be banned.   5b. D-Coins Trading / Donation Selling: The sale of cash shop coins for in-game items is not prohibited, however we recommend against it due to the frequency of scams associated with these actions. Engaging in the sale of and/or trade of donations you are accepting the risks associated with such trades. Rising is not responsible for loss of items, replacement, and/or currency in relation to these actions.   
    6. No Advertising:
    Advertising, promoting, marketing, or soliciting cheats, hacks, exploits, bots, macros, other third-party programs, selling/buying/trading accounts, items, or in-game gold, including non-Rising Dekaron games or services through our game chat is strictly prohibited.
      7. Trading using Middlemen:
    GM's are not obliged to help players with trades, however they may do it as a courtesy at their own discretion. Do not try or offer to middleman another players trade - leave it to the professionals in the "Official Rising Staff" guild. Do not spam/flood the game/forums/shoutbox with excessive requests, as Middleman Trading is not a priority for the staff members.
      8. No abusing Staff:
    The staff is here to help you. It is your right as a player. Do Not abuse that right. If you feel a Staff member has wronged you, speak with another staff member. Disrespecting the Server or any of it's Staff Members will not be tolerated and is also a bannable offence. No telling players the name of a Staff Members personal character(s), will result in jailing or perm ban.  
    9. Cash Item Refund Policy:
    A. You understand and agree that the amount of Rising Coins (virtual money) which shall be charged or redeemed from your credit card or other payment method(s) through designated payment service of risinggames.net. Your use of any games or purchase of Uprising Coins is conditioned upon acceptance of Rules of Conduct and considered to use cash item(s) and such amount of Rising Coins shall be non-refundable/non-redeemable for real currency, including, without limitation, upon termination of your account ID for any reason, termination or discontinuation of the service.
      B. Purchased cash item(s) shall be non-refundable/non-redeemable for Rising Coins or real currency.
      C. Upon cash item expiration, the usage time of cash item will be in effect at the time of purchase and such items will be expired and disappeared without prior notification. You should carefully review your purchase when cash item(s) is being purchased in game.
      D. Upon a receipt of chargeback or fraud, the corresponding account ID will result in a permanent ban without prior notification. All accounts associated within the transaction will result in a permanent ban at the result of a chargeback or fraud.
      E. Rising Dekaron has no liability for hacking, selling, trading, misusing, mistaken deletion, or loss of your cash items from your account and no reimbursement allowed.
      10. Creating accounts or characters with "GM" in the name is strictly prohibited.
    In-game as well as the forums. Punishment will be permaban.  
    A. Dual Client or more inside the Battle Server. A player who is caught having dual or multiple accounts piloting inside the battle server at the same time will lead to jail. 1st offense – 1 week, 2nd offense – 1 month, 3rd offense – PERMANENT. B. AFK. Intentional AFK inside the battle server without the notice of team mates that would lead Team Unbalance is prohibited, if you are caught with at least 3 Screen shots from beginning, middle and last part of the time period or video, you will be subjected for jailing without any warnings. 1st offense – 1 week, 2nd offense – 1 month, 3rd offense – PERMANENT. C. Boosting / Farming. Boosting low level rank players, defines as giving them free kills to gain points is strictly prohibited, anyone caught with an SS or Video will be subjected to jailing without any warnings. 1st offense – 1 week, 2nd offense – 1 month, 3rd offense – PERMANENT. D. Non agro on Guildies (enemy side). Ignoring and bypassing guildies or friends on enemy side just to let them kill your team mates is prohibited. Anyone caught with at least 2 or more SS and/or video will be subjected to jailing. 1st offense – 1 week, 2nd offense – 1 month, 3rd offense – PERMANENT.  
    12. Dungeons and Instances
    A. AFK in Party Dungeons. Intentional AFK inside of party dungeons/expeditions without the notice of team mates is prohibited, if you are caught with with at least 3 Screen shots from beginning, middle and last part of the time period or video you will be subjected for jailing without any warnings. 1st offense - 1 week, 2nd offense - 1 month, 3rd offense - PERMANENT. B. Toxicity. Intentionally joining party dungeons/expeditions with the motive to harass players and ruin the experience for all other members. EX: Breaking the stones in a Cherubim's Nest [EXP] run. If you are caught with a screenshot(s) or video that reveals a chat/evidence of you being toxic in a dungeon on PURPOSE you will be subjected for jailing without any warnings. EX 2: A chat displayed as a playing saying "Haha f*ck you yes I am the one destroying stones" 1st offense - 1 week, 2nd offense - 1 month, 3rd offense - PERMANENT.  
    **These rules apply both in-game and on the forums.
    ***Rules are subject to change without notice.
    Taken from Hipsons original post

    [Patch 13.6] Crystalline Weapons, New Costumes, and more!

    New Crystalline Weapons have been forged from the rare and powerful Crystalline element. Only the strongest of the warriors will be able to wield them.
    The weapons feature a brand new visual effects system. Getting them to work was not easy, but we were able to make it happen.
    Manual Patch 13.6 (only needed if your launcher does not work:<https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7zlsmKb9joCQnp5dDZONC1nUzg/view?usp=sharing >
    Before I get started on the patch notes, here's a quick note on just SOME other stuff we are planning:
    Blacksmith Protector / Achemist Protector at exchange Onc Item balance revamp: our item balance document is almost 30 pages long, it's a lot of work but it's going to be worth it Skill balance part 2  New dungeons  New cosmetic upgrade system (cosmetic only)  New classes (no new information yet on these).  Client upgrade for better performance, better stability, and less crashes.   
    1) New Crystalline Weapons
    Level Requirement: 200 Stats:  comparable to SigMetal but with... +300 Damage if offensive weapon, +300 Defense if it's a defensive weapon  +35 STR/SPR/DEX/HEAL (+30 on SIGMetal)  The reason the stats aren't too high is so that we do not affect balance significantly yet. The weapons are more powerful, but they aren't too more powerful. SigMetal player vs. Crystalline Player PvP should still be almost an equal fight if all else is the same. The stats may be updated for balancing reasons in the future.  Effects: The weapons use a brand new effects system that is new to Dekaron. This system makes these weapons truly unique and look amazing. We are considering removing the +4~10 glow because they look better without it, we want to know your feedback on this.  How to get the new Weapons:  1) DK Square Exchange  There are two reasons for their high PPoint cost 1) We learned from the last time we added something to PPoint Exchange instead of drops that it is actually easier than farming than we thought. We realized that this is because with the PPoint Exchange you can choose what weapon you want to buy, whereas with drops you have an even smaller 1/23 (.043%) chance of getting the weapon you want AFTER it drops.  2) Upgrading them is easier because we have made Blacksmith / Alchemist Protectors available also in Dragon Bone Exchange (fixed, see below) and Lowe DKSquare Exchange (see below).  2) D-Shop They reason for their high cost is because they cost high PPoints in DKSquare. We want people to play DKSquare instead of buying them from D-Shop, but will leave the D-Shop option for those who REALLY want them.
    2) New Costumes (All Classes)
    New costumes have been added for all classes. You can preview them in game to see which style fits you the most!
    Vampire Costumes (Male Classes) Witchmaid Costumes (Female Classes) 2017 Formal Costumes  2017 Formal V1  2017 Formal V2 2017 Formal V3 2017 Formal V4 

    3) Alchemist Protectors & Blacksmith Protectors 
    With the release of new weapons that are hard to get and to make it easier for our non-donator players, we have added a new way to get Alchemist Protectors & Blacksmith Protectors. There are now two ways (3 ways if you count D-Shop)
    You can exchange Alchemist & Blacksmith Protectors for Dragon Bones in the D-Exchange. Price has changed as the intended way to get them is DK Square, but we will not remove them from the D-Exchange for now.  You can exchange Alchemist & Blacksmith Protectors for PPoints with the PPoints Exchange (Lowe NPC). Note: when you go to Lowe you exchange PPoints for a "Alchemist Protector Box" or "Blacksmith Protector Box" -- just right click to open the box and get the protector.   
    4) Miscellaneous
    TeragraceMC (Azure Knight) upgrade bug fixed -- only the AK version was not fixed in the HotFix patch.  Dragon Bone Exchange for Blacksmith/Alchemist proctors has been fixed.  Shadowkris in Crespo Abyss have been removed from Lurile - now only on Ark/Khaleesi as intended Changed some map effects in DK Square so the new weapons look even cooler when used in that map.  Server maintenance and optimizations will be run while the server is down to improve game performance and latency

    [Patch 13.5] Hotfix (No Client Update) - TeraMC & Siege Time Change

    This update fixes TeragraceMC helmet upgrading and schedules Siege time. 
    Our last update was released on Friday. We usually wait  at least a week between updates, however this is an important fix that we needed to get out. 
    This is a server side update -- no client update will be sent to the launcher (no manual patch either). 
    The next normal update is scheduled for this Friday and will introduce new content. 
    Patch 13.5 Hotfix Notes:
    TeragraceMC Helmet Upgrading has been fixed -- before this update if you upgraded them they turned into Teragrace Helmets  Kona Siege Exchange has been fixed Siege time has been scheduled for this Saturday at 17:00 server time. A countdown has been added to the forum home page. 
  • New Player FAQ

    This is a little something something called the Dekaron Rising Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    The Rising Staff Team is constantly working on projects to make it easier for new players to learn Dekaron Rising, and thats why we made you this super awesome FAQ thread.
    This will be updated everytime a new patch is released.

    Q. I am a new player here! How do I get started?
    A. Check this video:
    Q. Where is the best place to farm Dils?
    A. One of the best ways to farm dils is by killing Shadow Kris in Under Crespo Main. To get there teleport from Makaio in Ardeca to Parca Temple and then from Parca Temple to Under Crespo Main. Shadowkris drops 5mil dils and commonly drops Copper Argates and Silver Argates while also having a slim chance of dropping a Gold Argate.
    Also check this link:

    Q. What are the succes rates of Options?
    - Magic 1: 80%
    - Magic 2: 60%
    - Noble: 40%
    - Divine Noble: 20%
    Q. Where do I find Gold Argates?
    A. Gold Argates are rare drops from monsters in The Deadlands, Space of Pilgrimage and Under Crespo Main. Gold Argates are mostly farmed by killing the Draco Umbar boss and Terracotta mini-bosses in Parca Temple. Draco Umbar has a 100% chance of dropping 15 Gold Argates and Terracotta has a 100% chance of dropping 1 Gold Argate.
    Q. Where do I find Copper and Silver Argates?
    A. Copper and Silver Argates are incredibly common. People sell them for less than 3mil for a full stack. They are very common drops from Shadowkris (Under Crespo Main).
    Q. How do I get 151 wings?
    A. To get the level 151 wings you have to go to The Deadlands and farm 300 Mithrils. Mithrils are common drops from any monster in The Deadlands. When you have 300 Mithrils go to NPC Ishtar in Ardeca and exchange them for level 151 wings.
    Also check this link:

    Q. How do I get dshop wings?
    A. To get Dshop wings (or any other dshop items) farm dils and buy them from other players. When doing dshop or donation transactions, always remember to call a Dekaron Rising Staff member to help ensure a safe transaction and avoid anyone from getting scammed.
    You can also simply donate for coins and buy them directly from the Dshop store.
    Q. What is the best class for farming?
    A. The most commonly used class for farming is the segureaper. The reason for this is it's high DPS and ability to heal itself. Segureaper is a great all-around class.
    Q. What are Dragon Bones and where can I get them?
    A. Dragon Bones are uncommon drops from Cuff Juliegh and Juliegh monsters in Draviss Fields. You can either sell them to other players or exchange them at NPC Stacy in Ardeca for Blacksmith and Alchemist Protectors.
    Q. What are Draviss Artifacts and where can I get them?
    A.  Draviss Artifacts are uncommon drops from Cuff Juliegh and Juliegh monsters in Draviss Fields aswell.
    There are 2 types of Draviss Artifacts. Dravis Normal Artifact & Dravice Authentic Artifact. You can exchange these at NPC Stacy in Ardeca for a variety of Dshop buffs.
    Alternatively you can also sell the artifacts to other players for dils.
    Q. How do I get Daes Arie ring and how do I upgrade it?
    A. To get Daes Arie ring go to Egutt Desert level 100 area and farm 300 beads of deal. Then exchange those into the Ring of Jebaheu at NPC Ishtar in Ardeca. Then farm 1500 Narukes in Egutt Desert level 181 or 160 area and exchange your Ring of Jebaheu and 1500 Narukes into the Daes Arie ring.
    To upgrade your Daes Arie ring into a Tiesto Arie ring, a Dark Stone and a Mana Crystalline is required. Dark Stones drop from Tower N bosses and Mana Crystallines drop from Tower S bosses. When you have a Dark Stone and a Mana Crystalline go to NPC Luster and NPC Kaylor in Rest of Admirers to upgrade the ring.
    Q. How do I get Seal of Destruction and how do I upgrade it?
    A. Seal of Destruction is a very common drop from Ephri boss in Cherubim Nest Dungeon. To upgrade Seal of Destruction into a Signet of Chaos you need a Dark Stone and a Mana Crystalline like with the Daes Arie ring. It is worth mentioning that the Signet of Chaos ring is very common and people often sell them for only 200mil.
    Q. How do I get Noble Soul and how do I upgrade it?
    A. Noble Soul drops from the Lionheart boss in Egutt level 160+ Area. This boss is very strong and I recommend you get someone to help you kill it. Unlike Daes Arie and Seal of Destruction, you can equip up to 4 Noble Souls at once.
    You upgrade the Noble Soul the same way you upgrade your Daes Arie and Seal of Destruction.
    Q. I'm new here what class should I make?
    A. You should make the class you think is coolest!
    Check this link:

    Q. Where do I find crap gems for socketing equipment?
    A. Crap gems are common drops from the monsters located down in the left cornor of the Aquarai Map. To get to Aquarai, teleport from NPC Makaio in Ardeca.
    Q. How do I get Squama and Lach?
    A. Squama and Lach are obtained from NPC Lowe in Ardeca. Squama and Lach costs Purchase Points which are obtained in DKSQ. DKSQ is a PVP Instance where 2 teams face eachother in a 30 minute battle.
    Squama costs 900k Purchase Points.
    Lach costs 1.5mil Purchase Points.
    Also check this link:

    Q. How do I upgrade my Squama and Lach?
    A. Check this link:

    Q. Where do I find level 170 Necklaces?
    A. Level 170 Necklaces are rare drops in Mitera as +7.
    They are common drops from bosses in Tower N and Tower S (+0 in Tower N and +5 in Tower S):
    1st floor: Ice Resistance Necks
    2nd floor: Defense and Poison Resistance Necks
    3rd floor: Lightning Reistance Necks
    4th floor: Fire Resistance Necks
    5th floor: Curse Resistance Necks
    Q. Where do I find 180 Necklaces?
    A. Check this link:

    Q. How do I get Teragrace Accessories?
    A. Check this link:

    Q. How do I get emblems?
    A. Check this link:

    Q. Where do I find Speedboots V3?
    A. Speedboots V3 drops from Mellias boss in Underground Temple. To get to Underground Temple, teleport to Mitera from NPC Jerome in Ardeca and head to the portal and the top left of Mitera. Mellias is extremely strong and you will need party to kill him.
    Q. Where do I find level 180 Weapons?
    A. Level 180 weapons are rare +7 drops from all monsters in Mitera.
    Q. Where do I find level 195 Weapons?
    A. Level 195 weapons drops from the Gold Dragon boss in Arcadia and Kamat monsters in Arcadia.
    Q. Where do I find level 200 Weapons?
    A. You can buy level 200 weapons from NPC Lowe in Ardeca. They cost 2mil Purchase Points. Purchase Points can be obtained by participating in DKSQ.
    Alternatively you can buy them for 12.5k coins in the Dshop.
    Q. Where do I find +90 resistance gems?
    A. +90 resistance gems are rare drops from monsters at the top left of Aquarius map. To get to Aquarius, teleport from NPC Makaio > Draco Desert > Requies Beach > Aquarius
    Q. Is there somewhere I can see the DKSQ ranks?
    A. Yes there is! Check this link:

    Q. What is Siege and how does it work?
    A. Check this link: