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[Released] Shangrila Contents Update

New skills, new map, new monsters, new items, new effects, and tons more.
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Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

Check out the new Colosseum RankingSystem V2.0 with EXCLUSIVE prizes for the top rankers in both Party Match and Battle Royale
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New Feature: Weapon Skins

We've added a new system never-before seen in Dekaron. The Weapon Skin System lets you change the visual appearance of your weapon without losing stats, +, or gems!
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    Hello Warriors, Tomorrow (1/20/2018 12:01 AM EST ~ 1/20/2018 11:59 PM EST) at random times [GM]Fayth will be online to join parties and run dungeons with players. -- There may also be some random events. Please note that some events may be prizes and some will just be helping new players level and/or obtain necessary items. The prize limit is one per character, per dungeon run. Attached here is a list of dungeons that [GM]Fayth will be hosting events at: Ruins of Rudene Tower of Spell Cherubim's Nest Here is how the event is going to work: 1.) [GM]Fayth will randomly join a party in one of the three dungeons specified above by teleporting to the group that is already within the dungeon. 2.) You do not need to party [GM]Fayth, mainly because you cannot add new members to your party once you are already inside. 3.) [GM]Fayth may or may not help you complete the dungeon, additionally, no extra monsters will be spawned within the dungeons. 4.) At the completion of the dungeon, [GM]Fayth will roll dice to determine the prize that the party will receive. The dice will be rolled twice for each member of the party. The first roll will determine the ROW, the second roll will determine the COLUMN. See the prize table below to view prize list and odds. Good luck and happy farming! ~Dekaron Rising Staff Team
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    Boss Slaying rewards

    So to make people want to kill more bosses you can create exclusive rewards given out to players who kill these bosses a lot. How can we do this you may ask? Well I tell you! Add an item to the bosses drop that's un tradeable and when a player collects let's say 100 of these they get their exclusive boss emblem or skin or costume or wings that says hey I killed this boss alot. How to stop issues? Well make the boss drop exactly the number of items as the number of max party members possible so like 6 or 7 cant remember that way this rewards every member if party is on in turn or rewards a player even more for soloing. As for rewards make it like a complete cosmetic set. Meaning like a costume with wings and matching skin and emblems and split the pool between different bosses so you have to like farm 100 items from 1 boss for costume and 100 different items from another boss for wings and so on.
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    If you are Newbie, hit me up!

    Hi guys, I'd like to help any newbies to the game. If anyone is new here and needs help with levelling, farming, questions or just want a friend in game then add me up: In game: {VIP}BuzZz Discord: tylerr345 #5677 It's always nice to have new players and building the community!
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    It's not a mount. It's an Akris being created from scratch. We're working on rebuilding the client from scratch, allowing for endless possibilities, better graphics, better performance, original content, and much more. This is the beginning of something far more than just a mount. EDIT: Just saw your reply about the new classes. Unfortunately there's still no news on the two remaining classes from KR. However, if we were to successfully remake the client from scratch, we'd have full autonomy over creating our own. In fact, we're already thrown some concept ideas around..
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    PvP/Pk new game bases suggestion.

    First of all I would like to thank the balance team for trying hard to make the server balanced with all these many characters and items. So I thought about new game bases for PvP/Pk play which going to make it more easier to make balance in characters and every player will start playing the character that he loves and not the character that made for farm or pk or anything else. If you noticed that every update you make about balance you fix the problem which you wanted to solve but you find out another new mistakes which need to change , And this happens because all the PvP/PK game is standing on "WHO SURVIVE MORE ON HP WHEN THE CHARCTERS LOSE THEIR SHIELD". And I think this is so unfair for characters that dont fit this style of game , And other characters don't have enough strength to finish their enemy because he is using 8k hp potion + fishes or he is just getting healed by segnale which make it impossible to kill his character. Dekaron has so many characters with so different game styles , And by this kind of PvP / PK system you couldn't make it balanced because winning in pvp/pk is about 3 things : 1) (Luck for making critical damage while your enemy on hp) 2) (Waiting our enemy to do some mistakes so we could catch him) 3) (Or just keep running on hp using 8k pots until you can do your best combo hoping he gets all the damage from it). -Here are two ideas to change the game bases by easy updates : 1) 8k health Potions get removed and it gets switched to Green potion which increases the pvp/pk shield by high cd , This update is about to finish the pvp/pk fight faster and it will not take 10~20 mins to get it done) 2)Increasing the attack for the characters (Could edit the weps or armlets or sets or rings..) in one condition : Adding more shield for the characters by editing the Wings (50%~100% shield), This update is my favorite because its going to change the whole bases , It will change the pvp/pk fights style which is depending on hp survive to to normal fight which both sides could win without facing a character that its impossible to beat (The result of the fight is going to be settle by the player that damages the shield faster). I know that rising staff are not going to apply my suggestion exactly by what I wrote , But I hope this topic makes the staff start thinking about doing some game style changes. ~Nissan
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    Taco Shack (Coin ➡️ Dil)

    44k Coins = 4.5b lowest increment I will send to character 1k = 100m (if you just want dshop items) IGN: Taco Disclaimer: prices may vary via ingame market to fourms, if you want to buy at my fixed price here on the fourms please schedule via pm dont question me about my prices, they are MY prices sooo that being said 🤑 will probably need a middleman unless u gonna give me dem dils first I aint got no reason to finesse you children
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    2 main rings

    Pretty sure this was brought up in the past and it was explained that it is hard coded to the point of being almost impossible to change without specific tools. Though there is talk of a ring in the works that may be a preferred option for those who cannot be bothered to switch
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    Client Launch Issues

    Hi everyone, I'd like to take a chance to apologize for the client issues that happened over the weekend. It's been a really hectic few days but I think we have everything (mostly) under control now. If you're still having issues, please start by describing as much as you can below: What operating system are you using? Does the game start using the launcher? Does the game start using the "dkrising" exe in the bin folder (C:/Dekaron Rising)? When did the problem start? Any other observations? Because of the issues, the new content patch had to be delayed since our priority is making sure people can play. We apologize for the delay but we thank you for your understanding. We aim to get the contents patch out sometime next week; it's almost done. Finally, thank you guys for being so supportive, and so helpful. It means so much to the staff team and I to see so many of our players being patient and willing to help. Especially you guys that let me teamviewer your PC and test files. PS: Always feel free to PM me on Discord. I try to be as available as possible. However, sometimes due to volume I miss messages.. so just shoot me another message if I don't reply within 24 hours :).
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    We are the ~M.A.D~ Alliance

    I would like to join the guild. New to DkRising and I speak English only. My IGN is; Blessd and NurseBetty. Will be a Seg/Mage main temporarily
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    First time I saw this Image, I said to myself it's an Akris. After I saw the post from ThugLife, I said to myself it's an Akris! ThugLife may have never been farmed Akris, because it clearly shows kilometers away that this is an Akris PS: Nitex it's a great idea to rebuild the client from scratch. I would say, fix the issues that we get with the client now rather then add two new characters.
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    Prancer...is that u beb?
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    Just leave a little information so there are no confusions haha very good idea. thanks for answering. I will grow old until the two remaining classes come to light but good.
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    it looks like a mount? I do not want to be toxic but there are not more important things than a mount?
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    WTS : AK tera set, SB v2 / 195 sword, Shield, 2H axe (perfect) = OFFER Sealed NORMAL squama & lachry = 4b ea Sealed UPGRADE lachry = 10b 2x 170 plume = 5b ea +10 Tera Segu Boots DN = 1.5B WTB : +10 Level 200 Whip +10 SB v3 seggy Discord : Voudou #2007
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    Enjoying the views in Shangri-La

    Velikas Weapon Skin
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    Client Launch Issues

    Just fixed this issue, shouldn't happen anymore. Sorry about that! Patch 19.315 in launcher.
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    Cat Pet 😻

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    PvP/Pk new game bases suggestion.

    Hello Nissan Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. I like your idea. This is how the game was back in 2moons days aswell, but it would require a LOT of rebalancing for all classes to actually make it work otherwise it would ruin the balance. Although I like the idea I think this is too drastic a change to implement now. This is something that should have implemented when the server first opened if it is to work properly. Doing it now would not be good for the balance.
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    Hello and Welcome We are Trieste-Kalibus We are a new guild looking for members We are looking for members 200+ who are at-least osm+10 we run bosses daily. If not every other day, for skins and we run ruines. we pk as much as it comes around keep in mind pk is meant to b fun!. but i wont stop u from running your mouth but i may stand beside u as-long as u stand beside me! -Current high times for guild is around 7pm esp time + we are looking for mains not your alts. if u are going to role with us die with use, on your main xD we as a guild would like to run strait guild plume runes! along with bosses a few times a week and ruines. we also run guild events for prizes. such as skins, argates. ect ect Lets face it most of u stand around all day saying FUCK IM BORED!!!! well b bored no more here we are! pm Aroken, Orbit, Jaggs , or the one and only Damadafaka for your invite to the guild who is actually doing something! p.s.. are ultimate goal is to take siege. if not we will still b here...... doing more then w.e guild u are in now is doing. lets face it at the end of the day noone of u are curently doing anthing worth talkin about!!!.... are u tired of being bored? all u gotta do is drop that bs guild u r in and join us! give use 1 day and i bet u we do more in a day the your guild does in a month!!!!<3 LOVE AlWAYS DAMADAFAKA
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    DKR Fayth


    Trieste and Kalibus are two of the channels on official Dekaron, they are also noted as continents or kingdoms in the lore.
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    WTS Tera Belt +9

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    servers down????

    i just logged in and cant join any server is it a major issue or its just my client?
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    Taco Shack (Coin ➡️ Dil)

    Bought a bunch from him good rates
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    Here you can view all weapon skin previews for all classes. This post will be kept updated when new skins are released. Sap Skin: https://imgur.com/a/fmeULvt Sun Skin: https://imgur.com/a/wSGQiNi Tech Skin: https://imgur.com/a/ZEpUSIL Maelstrom Skin: https://imgur.com/a/r574iBW Red-light Skin: https://imgur.com/a/EPMku9q Cursed Skin: https://imgur.com/a/WUG8ZJs Velikas Skin: https://imgur.com/a/u0gQ4Qd
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    We are the ~M.A.D~ Alliance

    I'm mostly on forum checking if someone wrote, or you just can add me ingame or whisper. My IGN from both chars are : Decently / BeastlyWhip
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    is this a bug on black wizard?

    Private servers run on an older version of the game compared to the official game Wizard is a new class which means this status in particular (reset the cooldown of the last used skill) does not exist in our version of the game, that is why the skill is disabled. Keep in mind that wizard is still one of the strongest classes in game.
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    After see so many people with this problems i decide to make a simple tuto for them! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For those people that reinstalled or just started and having resolution issues wich you cannot see the “Create” char button First of all close everything from dekaron, launcher, client, etc. Step 1: Check your Windows resolution clicking with right click on Desktop and Screen Resolution In Windows XP Case, right click on Desktop > Properties> Setting Tab With the resolution windows open go to: Step 2: C:\Dekaron Rising\bin And open the option.txt (On notepad) Find the display line (Wich as default in on display 800 600 16) And change it for the resolution you found on your resolution windows setting and change the 16 value for 32, also change the mode from false to true (In my case my resolution is 1920 x 1080) Close the notepad and save it when it ask and then load the game again
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    Delete Please

    i offer 84B pm me IGN : JstBored
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    WTT Seg set

    Sorry CLOSED
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