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Shangrila Contents Update

New skills, new map, new monsters, new items, new effects, and tons more.

Major Patch 18: Aramentous the Black Dragon

Patch 18 has been released and it includes tons of new content, including a new end-game boss.
Patch Notes

Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

Check out the new Colosseum RankingSystem V2.0 with EXCLUSIVE prizes for the top rankers in both Party Match and Battle Royale
Rankings How it Works

New Feature: Weapon Skins

We've added a new system never-before seen in Dekaron. The Weapon Skin System lets you change the visual appearance of your weapon without losing stats, +, or gems!
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[Major Update] Contents Patch 15.2

Patch 15.2 has been released! This is a HUGE update, check out the patch notes!
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    Yes increase the level cap to what ever the community decides. However let the new meister skills be learnable at 200 but then max level the skill at the new level cap.
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    [Testers Needed] DK Square Crash Fix

    I need testers for some DK Square crash fix testing. We've narrowed down the issue and need people who crash a lot in DK Square (not disconnect, crash -- meaning no error, just the client closing). If you would like to help please download and install teamviewer and then PM me on Discord. Thank you.
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    It's pretty "easy" to get 200 now, with 200% ammy and exp dungeon, it just takes time, so 200 isn't really as prestigious anymore as it once was. Making it 210 would give people a goal to achieve, along with new skills, would be a pretty good incentive on leveling, especially if the skills are really good.
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    Yes raise it to 210 so ppl has something new to aim for. ty
  5. 5 points
    Yes raise the cap to 210, the more merrier right
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    Is this possible?

    I got again invited to play dekaron rising and get the best items/gears and max level as fast i can ,i was like okay challenge accepted none challenge the prince of all saiyans ,we have some pride here to protect so i kinda calculated i will need like 1 month for this challenge,im still wondering if a player with 10 years experience in dekaron will make this happen, in rising with out donation because i know this is kinda hard server i wont lie. Let me know in your comment what you guys thinking about this.
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    Hello DKR Community, Recently DK KR has released 2 new Grand Meister Skills for each class. However, we have some questions for our community to get more feedback on how they would like us to implement this new system. This poll and comment section is for our DEV Team to gain some more valuable feedback from our players and determine the best way to implement the changes. What are Grand Meister Skills? Answer: Grand Meister Skills are a set of 2 new skills for each class that Korea has released. For some additional information, on Dekaron Korea, they have increased their level cap to level 230 and made the skills require higher levels to learn and upgrade them. Poll Options (You can also write your own detailed ideas in the comment section below!): Yes, increase the level cap to 205. (+25 Stat Points & 5 Skill Points, +5 Stat Points and 1 Skill Point per level) Yes, increase the level cap to 210. (+50 Stat Points & 10 Skill Points, +5 Stat Points and 1 Skill Point per level) No, keep the level cap at 200. (+0 Stat Points) Note: We are really looking forward to reading comments below. If you decide to share your ideas and feedback, please be as specific as possible because that will help us out much more then simple yes or no responses. Providing reasons to support your claims are also a huge bonus. When will the new skills be released here on DKR? This is TBD, we still need to take time to plan our update and also to balance the skills themselves before releasing them into the server for everyone to use. Also, this update will bring a new map, a new weapon skin, and some other very fun content. We will definitely share more information with the community on our Discord when we are getting close to releasing it.
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    Hello finalfantasy and welcome to Dekaron Rising! To answer your question regarding keybind: Private servers run on a very old version of the game compared to the official game, so it's limited what we can do overall unfortunately. I think the main difference between our server and the official game is that we actually care about our players and listen to them and have fun with them. We listen to feedback and suggestions and push out updates way more frequently than the official game. I hope you can look past some of the bad things, we are by no means perfect, but we try our best! We staff members were all normal players way back when the game first came out, and we also dislike what Papaya has done with the game, which is why we have created and worked hard on making a private server that suits almost everyone!
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    well for me its better to keep the cap at 200 so that we have control in stats.
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    Newbie would never be able to catch up. They already had a hard time for getting items already.
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    Even if GM's help their guildmates or friends ingame in pking other people, doesn't mean they are unvulnerable and can't die. GM's are using they normal Characters for that. My Point is, just face them and fight against them. Like Fayth said, Dekaron is a PK game. That's why I love Dekaron, it is all about fighting the enemy and fight for the spot. I agree with that, that there are many other spots to farm to get dill, where the End-Game players not interfere or chasing to kill you. If there is no PK ingame it wouldn't be so interesting like it is and many players will get boring. Just don't give up Damir!
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    There is PK on end-game maps like Parca Temple, PK is a part of the game. There are many other ways to farm in the game other than the Shadowakris in Parca Temple. Just because the best farming grounds are occupied by maxed players does not mean that you can't farm at all.
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    Is this possible?

    If Rising is a hard Server, then I cant imagine what you gonna do on Global Server? On Rising you have the best chance to get your gear with farming, by not even donate a single $ for it. Many people come and say, Rising is so hard bla bla bla. How I made it to get even 3 Perfect Sets within one and a half year ? I wish you best of luck for this challenge. One tipp from beside: The time you complaining on how hard is it, is the time where you can farm and get some more dills to achieve the goal of your challenge
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    osm set +10 is 3.5 b. 14k dp is 3.5 b. dp or dream powder can be farmed best in maze and in python. so if u are really up to it, in 2 weeks you can get ur 14k dp. buy the osm set and farm again 6k dp for ur level 180 +10 wep. if you have that you can handle things easily, even in pvp in rest of admirers you can do well. if you have that osm +10 and wep 180+10 it would be easy for you in df 166~ map. you can do well and farm mana crystalline (for shiny parca tears) and of course you can level there starting 180 - 190. and from 190 you can do cherubim nest until 195 and so on up to 200. (coz i did that in 2 weeks - now i have level 190 char with osm + 10 set with wep 180 +10..
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    Oh thanks for that clarification! Well if the game is on a old version then it does make sense why it's like this. Been involved enough in the Wow private server community to know that scripting and building up upon newer clients and server is a pain. Also i must say that i've seen some really great parts of this community and that's counting only today after i've joined the server. Random people came up to me and just wanted to boost me (and my friend) just out of the blue and were very helpful, even if they did show an exploit in the game on the way XD (those egutt desert walls aren't blocking passage all the way, some edges were open enabling the dude to boost me from 110 to 180 in the 181 zone by manually walking to the 181 zone from the 60 zone). So far i'm very very satisfied even by the fact that you responded this quickly in the forums (or at all). Heck i tried making a comment to a thread in the Papaya forums like 6 days ago and they literally haven't even gone through accepting my comment so that it would appears there. Good on you guys, hope the server goes strong for the years to come and some breakthrough happens so that a newer version is usable for private servers! EDIT: I did notice that i already had a account here and it must have been here for a long time and my stay here must have been short because i don't remember it at all and there was a seguripper on there on lvl 17. Even my username was very very old, luckely i could change it
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    Hello, I come from the official servers and i had some fun til i hit a brick wall and found out how everything just got slow and boring all while i found out how pay2win that game has become. So i heard dekaron rising was doing things way better than the Official servers and so far i am seeing it. The community is waay bigger, the forums are very active and i don't really see any pay2win here. I appreciate it alot to see something like this exist. But just this one thing makes me feel like i'm playing with a huge handicap because i cant bind the rest of my skill bars. I can only bind the first skill bar row but not the other two. I've played world of warcraft and kind of gotten attached to a certain kind of keybinding to buttons around my movement keys all the way to the 6th button of every row on my keyboard. On the official dekaron servers by papayaplay i could do this. I was playing exactly as i've been used to playing wow. But here i can only bind the one and that's only a total of 12 buttons. Thats too little even if i scatter all my keybindings across that one skillslot row. Now i've read a whole lot about how dekaron rising keeps looking at itself as being better than the official servers in every way, but this not being included in the game seems very very silly to me. Is this a planned feature to the game or what? To some people like me, this feature really can be a huge dealbreaker. Also I need to mention the really disgusting amount of files this game has compared to the official one. Having all the files unpacked like this and not have them in bigger package files is a pain to handle because it makes it more cpu/hdd demanding all while its a nightmare to move em or copy em if necessary. The game can really cripple on some systems because of it. Luckely i run a skylake cpu with a m.2 disk so it wont affect me as much (but i still lag way more than on the official servers, i'm used to the 200fps on 240hz..). To compare: Official Dekaron server Client folder: Size 5.86 GB (2733files, 73 folders) Dekaron Rising Client folder: 5.80 GB (128779 files, 4887 folders) This is literally the most ridiculous thing i've seen in any game and this is something i've seen on other servers too and i don't really understand why they don't just pack this stuff like the official servers do. Is it a difficulty to pack them into .d00 files that the game recognizes or are the programmers here not able to replicate that kind of packing that the game can recognize and loads? This is mainly a discussion thing but i would like an answer to my keybinding question as well.
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    Dils-making guide to Dekaron Rising

    NOTE: IF YOU CAN'T SEE THE TEXT DUE TO IT HAVING SAME COLOR AS FORUM BACKGROUND, GO DOWN BOTTOM OF FORUM AND CHANGE THEME TO "AZURE LIGHT (DEFAULT)" So alot new players who joins this server keep telling me that theres no guide on making dils when I tell them to go forum and check guides section. Idk if this is true and I was too lazy to check, so I decided to just make one myself. Lets be real. If you join this server to think you will get OP items and rich without hard work and effort, you're most likely to have a hard time. It's not something that is done fast, it takes alot of patience. So lets get to it. NOTE: Market prices changes all the time. The prices I mention in this guide will never be 100% accurate. Ask in game if you don't know how much certain items are worth. So lets assume you completed my new player guide and you are level 180+ with full +9 17x set & weps or better. HOW TO MAKE DILS IN DEKARON RISING: Option 1: (Space of Pilgrimage. Good for new players.) If you are a new player with descent gear and you're looking for quick dils my suggestion would be "Space Of Pilgrimage". This is an excellent map for both new players and players with a little experience in Dekaron Rising. The map requires you to be level 135+ and the teleport will cost 10000 Dils. This map is located at NPC Makaio (coordinates 346 : 112) As you arrive in Space Of Pilgrimage you should be looking for the monsters called "Grieve Meniz" & "Lament Meniz". These monsters are fairly easy to kill and drop alot of items such as: Dils, Argates, Rings, Necklaces, Earrings & Marvics. Rings, necklaces & earrings you can sell at NPC shops in Ardeca for 20k each. Argates and Marvics you can sell to other players for a fair amount of dils. (Prices of argates and marvics change all the time. check what other people sell them for and adjust your own price from that.) Option 2: (Aquarai Ruins. Good for new players.) Again an option if you are a new player with descent gear. You are currently in ardeca. This time the trip goes to "Aquarai Ruins". To get to Aquarai Ruins you will need to speak with NPC Makaio (coordinates 346 : 112). This require for you to be level 130+ and the teleport costs 10000 dils. As you arrive in Aquarai Ruins, what you are going to want to do, is to open your map "M" and run all the way up to the top left of the Aquarai Ruins map. Here you will find the monsters called "Gabian Fret" & "Gabian D'Qurion". These monsters have a high rate of dropping gems. (players know them as "crap gems"). you can sell these gems to other players for a fair amount of dils. Players will want to buy 50 crap gems at 1 time (AKA 1 bag of crap gems). players will usually buy 1 bag of crap gems for 10-15mil dephending on market price changes. Option 3: (DK Square PVP) Level 170+ DK Square is very active now days.. (WARNING: In DK Square there are alot of strong players, and you will not stand a chance if you do not have AT LEAST full +10 osmium set and weapon.) However if you feel you can handle the PVP in DK Square go for it. as I said its very active and you can farm Purchase Points which you can choose to buy items from NPC Lowe (coordinates 285 : 97) and sell to other players for dils. This isn't really the best way of making dils, but if you get tired of the constant farming, dk square is an excellent option to get away from the boring farming. Option 4: (Castor Dungeon.) Castor Dungeon is one of the most popular ways of making dils. In Castor Dungeon you will face 1 boss at the time and each boss will usually drop 8 argates and somewhere between 6-7mil dils. (WARNING: Theres a time limit of 5 minutes. Are you not able to kill the boss inside the time limit you will fail and get no drops.) It is a good idea to get 1 or 2 people in your party if you are still new and don't have full +9 or 10 yet. If you have full +9 or +10 perhaps you are strong enough to solo the boss within the time limit. Altogether Castor Dungeon is and pretty good way of making your fortune. Note: Argates no longer drops from castor bosses. Castor bosses now drop 8-9mil while you need to go to the map "Arcadia" and kill shadowkris for argates. To get to Arcadia teleport to Miteria and open your map, you should see the Arcadia on your map. Options 4 is unavailable for now. Option 5: (Tower N Dungeon) RECOMMENDED for new players Tower of Spell dungeon has been reworked for new players! This dungeon is the best place to level from 180-190 and offers unique drops such as: Dils Gold Argates 6% gems 180 +7 weapons Dark Stones Mana Crystallines Seal of Destruction ring Option 6: (Miteria & Osmium/Fortified Osmium/180 weps) BEST for new players This is the area you will be spending a lot of your time in as a new player. This is the recommended place after you obtained your +9 level 170 set from egutt desert 160 area. In Mitera you can farm the following: +7 Osmium Set Pieces +7 180 weapons +7 170 necklaces 170 earrings Dream Powders Argates Mavrics Dils Common Pet To get to Miteria you will need to speak with NPC Jerome (coordinates 350 : 142). The map requires for you to be level 170+ and the teleport will cost 1000 dils. The osmium set is the 2nd strongest set in the game with only a really small difference between the strongest set Tera. This makes newer players able to compete with stronger players. Once you have made a +10 osmium set you should also be able to compete in DKSQ. Option 7: (Shadowkris) RECOMMENDED for average-endgame players Since Castor is currently unavailable due to it being updated into something new, dils and copper/silver argates will drop from Shadowkris enemy in Parca Temple. They will only spawn in numbers of 8 near the waterpools. They will drop a bunch of coppers/silvers (golds rarely) and 5mil dils. Killing Shadowkris in Parca Hell Temple is a popular and solid way of making dils in Dekaron Rising. Be wary of PK'ers though, since this is a very competetive spot for making dils. Option 8: (Draco Desert bosses): Mainly for average-strong players New bosses in Draco Desert has been added. The boss "Nymph" will drop 6 gold argates each upon death. Gold argates have extremely high value in Dekaron Rising at the moment, making it a good way to make dils. Nymphs are pretty strong and players will contantly PK each other to get it. Theres 1 Nymph at Big Head Pond and one at Small Head Pond. Nymph has a respawn time of 5 hours. Option 9: (Deadfront) Deadfront has been reworked and all monsters now drops dils. The further you progress into the deadfront the more dils the monsters will drop. Additionally all bosses also gives Grade Points. This option is recommended for new-mid gear players. Option 10: (Elonohm Dragons) Average-endgame players only There are 3 Dragons in Elonohm. - Water Dragon: +105 All Resistances gems and +123 Medials and 120 resistance gems - Earth Dragon: level 180 accessories - Atramentous: Dragons Eye gems and Legendary pet (this is one of the strongest bosses in the game) The prices of these drops changes constantly. The best way to find out is to simply check what others sell them for in game or ask someone you think knows. To get to Arcadia - NPC Jerome > Mitera > Walk to top right of Mitera and enter the portal Option 11: (Dragon Bones, Marvics and Artifacts) RECOMMENDED for new-average players Dragon Bones and Draviss Artifacts is average drops in Dravis Fields (teleport from NPC Jerome in Ardeca). A player with +9 170 gear should be able to farm 50-100 Dragon Bones/hour. Dragon Bones sell for 350-400mil each 100 stack, making them a very popular way of making dils for both new and average gear players. The amount of PK is also significantly lower in Draviss than it is in Under Crespo Main. Check in game market for the value of Draviss Artifacts. Dragon Bones now drop from Wisegons in Land of Illusion with higher drop rate, but at the expense of not dropping any draviss artifacts. The King Wisegon in Land of Illusion has a 100% chance of dropping a bunch of Dragon Bones, but can be hard to kill if you're new. Option 12: (Dream Powders) RECOMMENDED for new players Dream Powders is a new a popular way to make dils. These are used by strong players to upgrade Angelic Souls into an end game necklace called Shiny Tear. Dream Powders drop from all enemies in Python Castle, Doomed Maze, The Deadlands and Mitera. Which means you can farm them even if you are new to the server! Option 13: (Sap Bottles) RECOMMENDED for Average players Sap Bottles are tradeable misc items dropped by all sap enemies in Parca Temple. You can exchange these at Binaelle Fairie NPC in Parca Temple for things such as Imperial Potions which makes blood bottles a wanted items among stronger players and a great way for average geared players to make dils. Every 4 hours Cocoons will spawn randomly around Parca Temple. These have a 100% chance of dropping 6 sap bottles each. - I hope this helps alot of people. Also if anyone have other ways of making dils, that they would like me to add to my dils making guide, please PM me on forum and I will make sure it gets done
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    GM this is realy not fun. U all know eachother, u are all op, and all u do is to pk weak. It is not fair. U all op are friends and u dont want to let us farm anymore. Im thinking to leave this server when normal ppl cant farm anymore. When will Gm stop to interfere in game, and to help one ppl and pk all the time other ppl it is just not fair. Just go GM and let those ppl to destroy ur server. Who will play server where GM support pk players without gear. And how ppl can get gear when all old players and Gm pk them?
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    New player guide to Dekaron Rising

    You should start this guide after you have downloaded, created an account, and created your character. To download and create a GAME account, go here: http://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/home/ Video Tutorial: The first thing you should do when you spawn in Ardeca after you make a character and gave it a name is following: Open your map (M) 1. First thing to do is to open your map (M) and go to the Ardeca town exit (big green arrows on the map) 2. As you venture out of the town Ardeca, simply open your map (M) and follow the green arrows to slay the different level Akris on the map until you are level 60. (make sure to grab the "newbie buff" at the gate exit/entrance to ardeca. simply walk over it. Also remember to pick up the dils drop from Akris) 3. Once you are level 60+ return to Ardeca. 4. First thing you should do now is to go buy the skills for YOUR class. (skills are only 1 dil each and skillmasters are located at cordinates 400 : 80) 5. Once you have bought your skills, you will need as many potions you can get for your level. Also buy 100 return scrolls while you're at it. Head to the merchant NPC "Arenar" who is located at the coordinates 285 : 147 in Ardeca town. (IMPORTANT: Make sure you always save dils for teleportings) GOOD WORK! Alright you have made it this far and the easiest part is over and you are now level 60 and have bought your skills and potions. 6. It is now time to use the Egutt Desert scroll in your inventory (or go to teleporter NPC "Jerome" located in Ardeca town at coordinates 350 : 142 and teleport to egutt desert from him) 7. Once you arrive in Egutt Desert you are currently in a safe zone. (However players can attack and kill each other here still) 8. Go to the NPC "Commander" and teleport to the level 60+ area. 1. If you die too many times in egutt desert level 60+ area, and you feel like giving, up here is the 2nd choice: As you stand in Ardeca it is time to visit your old friend NPC "Makaio". Teleport to Draco Desert lvl 54+. (This will cost you 3500 dils.) Keep slaying the monsters in this map until you think you are strong enough to take on the monsters in Egutt Desert once again. 9. Once you have leveled from level 60-80 click your return scroll you bought earlier and return to Ardeca. 10. Once you have returned to Ardeca re-enter Egutt Desert and teleport to the level 80 area this time. Keep leveling at the level 80 area until you reach level 102 then use another return scroll and return to Ardeca. 11. Once again re-enter Egutt desert and this time level from 102-120. At level 120 return to Ardeca again. 12. Re-enter Egutt Desert again and enter level 120 area. Level from level 120-140 then return to Ardeca again. 13. Re-enter Egutt Desert again and enter level 140 area. Level from level 140-160 then return to Ardeca again. 14. Re-enter Egutt Desert again and enter level 160 area. Level from level 160-181. Here you also farm your new set. +9 Level 170+ set, weapon and accessories. Monsters have high drop rate. You have now completed my new player guide! You should now be level 176-180 and fully equipped with your new +9 170 set, wep and accessories. You are now ready for the next step. This is also where the new player video tutorial ends and if you watched that then what comes next is the more specific details I promised you in the end of the video. Now you have to do two things: 1) Level up to 200 2) Farm and get geared You can level up from 176-181 in Egutt Desert level 160 area (same place as you farmed your 170+ items) Or you can go to deadfront from 166-180. Deadfront is the best EXP from level 166 to 180 so keep an eye out for Deadfront announcements in game or check the timer on our forum front page. Once level 180 the best place to level is in Tower of Spell dungeon. When you are level 190 the best place to level is Parca Temple. To get to Parca Temple speak with NPC: Makaio in Ardeca. Parca Temple is level 190+. - As for farming and getting geared you're gonna be spending of lot of time in Miteria Open your inventory and use your Miteria scroll (or go to NPC "Jerome" coordinates 350 : 142) Monsters in Miteria drops the next gear sets but only +7. You can farm these and upgrade them later on. The gears are called Osmium and is the 2nd strongest gear in game. Osmium can be upgraded all the way to +10. You will also find level 180 +7 weapons here and level 170 necklaces, rings etc. Once you have +10 osmium and 180 wep you can start competing with other players. Map: For more details about Mitera please check out this guide: - I will make a list of other places of interest here: Tower of Spell dungeon - Tower of Spell has been reworked and is now the best place to level from 180-190. Besides that, Tower of Spell is now also the best place for new players to farm gold argates so they can upgrade the gear they farm in Mitera. Find NPC Rezeena [Dungeons] in Ardeca to teleport to Tower of Spell Tower of Spell also offers other unique drops such as: Dark Stones Mana Crystallines 6% gems +7 180 weapons All resistance gems and guard bijous Seal of Destruction ring Gold Argates Check out this introduction/walkthrough for the Tower of Spell dungeon: - Ruins of Rudene - Ruins of Rudene has been reworked and offers good EXP at level 190+. The dungeon is designed for mid gear players (+9 osm and up) with the exception of the last boss Rudene who is designed for end game players. Find NPC Rezeena [Dungeons] in Ardeca to teleport to Ruins of Rudene The dungeon offers unique rewards such as: Wing Fragments Dream Powders Dils Gold Argates Level 195 Red Sigmetal Weapons 18% blacksmith talisman (last boss) Mablray's Seal (last boss) Level 190 necklaces (last boss) - The Deadlands - In The Deadlands you will be looking for "Mithrils". Mithrils are common drops from all enemies in The Deadlands and are used to exchange at NPC Ishtar in Ardeca for level 151 wings. The monsters here also drops dream powders, marvics and argates. Map: Crespo Abyss - In Crespo Abyss / Under Crespo 1 you can farm Grade Points which gives your character higher rank. When you rank up you are rewarded with extra statpoints. You get 3 stat points each rank. (IMPORTANT: The higher rank you are the harder it is to farm Purchase Points in DKSQ later). Map: Parca Temple - In parca Temple you can find Shadowkris near the waterpools. Shadowkris drops 5m dils and a random argate. Another type of enemies that spawn in Parca Temple are Sap enemies. The easiest Sap enemy to deal with are the Sap Testee 1. The Sap Testee 1 are more common in the right wing in Parca Temple. Sap enemies drop Sap Bottles which you can exchange for various items at NPC Binaelle Fairie who is located next to the teleporter NPC Conrad. Parca Temple is the overall best place to level after 190+, however it is also the hardest place to level. Map: Abandoned City - In Abandoned City you will be farming for wing fragments to upgrade your level 151 wings. Fully upgraded level 151 wings have the same stats as Dshop wings. The exchange NPC is located at the Abandoned City entrance. To get to the Abanandoned City speak with NPC Orz in Ardeca. Note that these monsters are designed for a full party of fully geared players as wings are considered endgame items Map: Aquarai Ruins - In Aquarai Ruins you can find the so called "crap gems" which are gems so bad that they serve no other purpose than to increase the success chance of you creating a socket in your armor or helmet. 1 gem = 5% more chance of succes. You can sacrifice up to 5 crap gems which is a total of +25% increased chance to make a socket. Map: ----------- If you have any questions about anything you feel I forgot or didn't specify in the guide feel free to join our Discord and shoot me a PM there! Please check out the links below. They will help you even more I guarantee you! Link to Dils-making guide to Dekaron Rising: Link to Frequently Asked Questions thread:
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    Is this possible?

    trending today is selling dream powder. i just hope its price wont drop.
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    Is this possible?

    Yeah it depends your strategy on how you get geared in a short of time ,,, the best way for me is buy and sell items or sale dshop coin donations
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    Alright I'm writing this because I've literally been intermittently laughing all morning since I read this message in the staff chat at 6:30AM ish. As you all know, we added some Halloween decorations in Ardeca. One of which is the giant pumpkin. It's a big ass pumpkin and you can't walk through it. HOWEVER, it seems one player was unlucky enough to log out exactly where we placed the pumpkin. This resulted in the poor guy getting STUCK IN THE PUMPKIN, HAHA. salamatPO I am sorry your character got stuck in the pumpkin, but thank you for making my Monday morning 😂
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    [Guide]: All Pet Information

    All Pets Information Guide The strength of the pet is determined based on which tier it is categorized. The pet stats are as follows: Common: ↑10 Str ↑10 Dex ↑10 Spr ↑1000 Max Shield ↑1% Monster Damage Tolerance Rare: ↑20 Str ↑20 Dex ↑20 Spr ↑2000 Max Shield ↑2% Monster Damage Tolerance Legendary: ↑40 Str ↑40 Dex ↑40 Spr ↑4000 Max Shield ↑4% Monster Damage Tolerance [Common] Woody 4000 Dream Powders at Dream Powder exchange [Common] Wiki 0.5% chance from all monsters in Mitera [Common] Slime 1% chance from all Slimes in Parca Temple [Common] Knight 800,000 Purchase Points on NPC Lowe [Rare] Illias 6,000,000 Purchase Points on NPC Lowe [Rare] Gigantes 0.5% Chance to drop from Dopple Marto in Abandoned City [Rare] Ariel 1% Chance from Knowledge Spider Queen [Rare] Demi 2000 Sap Bottles on Binalle Fairie [Rare] Pumpkin Ghost - LIMITED: ONLY AVAILABLE DURING HALLOWEEN - 0.25% chance of dropping from all Pumpkin Ghosts / 12,900 Dshop Coins in the Dshop [Legendary] White Tiger (This pet is the only pet that is 100% non tradeable, for obvious reasons) 365 Daily Attendance Coins [Legendary] Pet Atramentous 6% chance to drop from new black dragon boss Atramentous [Legendary] DeuxMarble 2% Chance to drop from Deux Marble in Python Castle Additional Pet Information: Pet Eggs are no longer binded to your account. This means that you can sell them and vend them! Hatched Pets and Sleeping Pets are bound to your account. All pets have been deleted prior to this update to prepare for this new system. Ocarinas Ocarina of Eternity has been removed from the game. Ocarina of Awakening (30-Days) price in D-Shop and Dragon Bone exchange has been increased. All Pet Eggs will appear in the Agency. More pets will be added in future editions of the Pet Revamp!
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    Boss Guide to Dekaron Rising

    Main Bosses Cherubim Cherubim is an optional boss in Cherubim Nest dungeon. To unlock this bossfight the players must carry an item called summoning scroll in their inventory. Difficulty: Hard Drops: - 33% Chance of dropping 1x Spell Plume Respawn Time: Summoning Scroll Map: Cherubims Nest Channel(s): HP: 180000000 Attacks: 1) Normal melee attacks that damages the player on impact 2) A linear magical attack that damages all players in a straight line 3) A large AOE attack that deals damage to all surrounding players 4) An AOE attack that lingers for a while before dealing heavy damage upon exploding Tactics: Dodge the AOE attack that lingers. ------------------------------------------------------ Mellias Mellias is an extremely strong boss that requires a full party with a healer to take down. Mellias is also known as the V3 Speedboots boss. Difficulty: Very Hard Drop: - 100% Chance of dropping 1x V3 Speedboots Respawn Time: 4 hours Map: Underground Temple Channel(s): Ark HP: 220000000 Attacks: 1) A long range attack that summons erupting crystals in a line towards a player for large damage 2) A bodyslam attack that deals large damage to all surrounding players 3) An AOE spike attack that constantly damages any player caught within its range for extremely heavy damage Tactics: Bring a healer. Dodge the AOE spike attack. ------------------------------------------------------ Tyrant Rudene Tyrant Rudene is the final boss of the Ruins of Rudene dungeon. He is strong and offers unique drops that can't be found anywhere else in the game. Difficulty: Hard Drops: - 50% Chance of dropping 1x Solons Necklace - 25% Chance of dropping 2x Solons Necklaces - 25% Chance of dropping 0x Solons Necklace - 6% Chance of dropping Mablray's Seal Respawn Time: Map: Ruins of Rudene Channel(s): HP: 150000000 Attacks: 1) Normal melee attacks that damages the player on impact 2) Rudene summons a fire tornado that damages all players in a straight line twice and lowers movement speed 3) Rudene summons a blazing whip to strike a target and all targets around that target on impact 4) Rudene summons a meteor and throws it at a target dealing heavy damage to the target and all targets around it 5) Rudene dashes to a target and stuns the target for 3 seconds 6) Rudene burns and stuns a target for 20 seconds or until taken damage. 7) Rudene covers 80% of his arena in lava pools that will eliminate any targets caught within 😎 Passive Ability: Tyrant Rudene is a fairy made entirely of flames and armor granting him high resistance against Fire and medium resistance against Physical Tactics: Keep an eye out for the glowing lights that randomly appear in the arena. These indicate that in the space between the 2 lights is the safe zone against Rudene's Lava Pool ability. ---------------------------------------- Yogmond Yogmund is a big and strong boss and we've setup an arena for him with traps and minions to give our players a unique PVE experience when fighting this boss. Difficulty: Medium Drops: - 100% Chance of dropping 1x V2 Speedboots Respawn Time: Every 4 hours Map: Heihaff Channel(s): Ark HP: 70000000 Attacks: 1) Normal melee attacks that damages the player on impact 2) A long range attack that damages the player on impact 3) A dash attack that brings Yogmund from long range into close range while dealing damage to the player on impact 4) Minions. Yogmond will spawn 2 Ice Kamat minions every 5 minutes 5) Ice Crystal Explosions. Yogmund will spawn Ice Crystal Explosions in the area every 1 minute. 6) Passive Ability: Constantly wandering the cold lands of Heihaff has made Yogmond somewhat resistant against Ice. Tactics: Stay away from Ice Crystal Explosions best you can. Kill the Ice Kamat minions first. ------------------------------------------------------ Atramentous The Black Dragon Atramentous is being unsealed in Elonohm. Should he ever be set free it would surely have great consequences for Trieste. Difficulty: Very Hard Drops: - 100% Chance of dropping 2x Dragons Eye - 6% Chance of dropping 1x [Legendary] Pet Atramentous Respawn Time: 8 Hours Map: Elonohm Channel(s): Ark HP: 200000000 Attacks: 1) Normal basic attacks 2) Atramentous can swipe his tail to interrupt skills of all targets within range 3) Atramentous can fly into the air and charge all targets in a linear AOE. This also knocks back all targets inflicts a BLOW debuff. 4) Atramentous flies into the air and sprays the ground with fire, setting all targets on flames burning their HP and slightly decreasing their movement speed 5) Atramentous randomly summons Meteos in his arena 6) Atramentous may blast a big part of his arena with fire. These usually goes in straight lines. 😎 Passive Ability: The Great Black Dragon Atramentous is somewhat resistant towards Fire and Physical Tactics: Bring an entire party of people including a segnale to fight Atramentous. Do your best to avoid the Meteos. ------------------------------------------------------ Water Dragon The water dragon. Not much is known about this new species of dragon. Some think its related to Illipia. It must have migrated to Elonohm because it could sense the power of Atramentous. Difficulty: Hard Drops: - 100% Chance of dropping +123 defense medials - 100% Chance of dropping +105 All Resistance gems - 100% Chance of dropping +90 resistance gems Respawn Time: Every 4 hours Map: Elonohm Channel(s): Ark HP: 80000000 Attacks: 1) Normal melee attack that damages the player on impact 2) The dragon summons ice spikes out of the ground to hit surrounding targets for high damage and slow their movement speed 3) The dragon breathes ice to immobilize a target in ice. This will also drain the targets hp, but the target is immune to all damage. 😎 Passive Ability: The Water Dragon has a natural resistance towards Ice Tactics: ------------------------------------------------------ Earth Dragon The earth dragon. Not much is known about this new species of dragon. Some think its related to Oread. It must have migrated to Elonohm because it could sense the power of Atramentous. Difficulty: Hard Drops: - 100% Chance of dropping +0 180 Necklaces/Rings Respawn Time: Every 4 hours Map: Elonohm Channel(s): Ark HP: 90000000 Attacks: 1) Normal melee attack that damages the player on impact 2) The dragon bites the target 3 times which also has a chance to lower the targets all damage for a few seconds 3) The dragon takes off and slams the ground which causes stone spikes to erupt from the ground in a straight line and hit the target for high damage. This also resets the targets camera 4) The dragon may summon a poisonous herb that will explode and drain the hp of any targets within range if they step on it 😎 Passive Ability: The Earth Dragon has a natural resistance towards Physical Tactics: ------------------------------------------------------ Noble Lionheart The reason he is a main boss is because he drops the noble soul ring which is later used to upgrade to the Shiny Tear necklace which is the strongest defense necklace in game Difficulty: Hard Drops: - 100% Chance of dropping 1x Noble Soul Respawn Time: 2 hours Map: Small Under Crespo map (teleport from parca temple) Channel(s): Ark & Lurile HP: 120000000 Attacks: 1) Normal melee attacks that damages the player on impact 2) Noble Lionheart slams his hammer of lightning into the ground, dealing damage and draining the health of all surrounding players 3) Noble Lionheart calls down lightning strikes to deal damage to all players caught within its range Tactics: Bring a healer. Do your best to dodge the HP drain attack. ------------------------------------------------------ Nymph Nymph is the main boss of Draco Desert. Nymph is farmed because it is a great way to get Gold Argates. There are 2 Nymphs in Draco Desert. One at Big Head Pond and one at Small Head Pond. Difficulty: Medium Drops: - 100% Chance of dropping 6x Gold Argates Respawn Time: 5 hours Channel(s): Ark Attacks: 1) Normal magical attacks that damages the player on impact 2) A stun that makes the player unable to move or use any skills for 3 seconds 3) A large AOE attack that deals damage to all surrounding players Tactics: ------------------------------------------------------ Skin Exchange Bosses Lab Chief Verdia Lab Chief Verdia has begun her evil Sap gas experimentations in Parca Temple. She uses poison and traps to best her foes. Difficulty: Very Hard Drops: - 33% Chance of dropping 1x [Skin Diamond] Sap Respawn Time: Every 4 hours Map: Parca Temple Channel(s): Ark HP: 180000000 Attacks: 1) Normal melee attacks that damages the player on impact 2) A long range attack that damages the player on impact 3) A linear AOE attack that damages all players in a straight line 1-3 times. This also drains the HP of all targets hit for 20 seconds 4) Traps. Verdia summons Sap Shurikens all around the edge of the arena, which will kill anything caught within their range 5) Poison Eggs. Verdia has 4 Poison Eggs in her arena. These eggs will randomly spawn poison bombs around the arena 6) Minions. Verdia may spawn a Failed Sap Testee to aid her 😎 Passive Ability: Being experienced with poison experiments has made Lab Chief Verdia resistant towards Poison. Tactics: Stay away from the edge of the arena. Try to take out the poison eggs and then focus on Verdia afterwards. Have 1 person tank the boss and 1 person healing the tank. ---------------------------------------- Tech Meldun A Mysterious Tech Boss. No one in Trieste have seen anything like it. It seems to be collecting speciment samples of other creatures in Trieste. The boss fight is similar to a sumo wrestling ring/dojo (small arena) which means it is extremely punishing if you get knocked off the arena. Difficulty: Very hard Drops: - 33% Chance of dropping 1x [Skin Diamond] Tech Respawn Time: 4 Hours Map: Elonohm Channel(s): Ark HP: 180000000 Attacks: 1) Normal melee attack that damages the player on impact 2) Tech Meldun throws a boulder from long range which deals damage and stuns the target on impact 3) An AOE attack that hits surrounding targets 1 time for heavy damage and knocks them down 4) Tech Grenade. Tech Meldun throws a Tech grenade that will explode after 7 seconds dealing 80% HP damage to all targets in a large radius 5) Passive Ability: Melduns Tech Plate Armor makes him somewhat resistant against Physical and Lightning Tactics: Be careful that you don't get knocked off the arena, since it's surrounded by spikes that deals heavy damage. Be careful that you don't get stunned inside the range of the Tech Grenade. To dodge the Tech Grenade you must be at the very edge of the arena. --------------------------------- Tritone King of Aquarius. Ruler of oceans. Difficulty: Very hard Drops: - 33% Chance of dropping 1x [Skin Diamond] Maelstrom Respawn Time: 4 Hours Map: Aquarius Channel(s): Ark HP: 180000000 Attacks: 1) Normal melee attack that damages the player on impact 2) Tritone hits the target twice with his tentacle for heavy damage 3) An AOE attack that hits surrounding players 3 times for heavy damage and slows 4) Minions. Tritone can summon Lantea warriors to help him in battle 5) Tritone spawns lightning totems around his arena that hits any player caught within it's range for small, but fast damage 6) Tritone may call down a powerful lightning strike to hit any players within range for high damage. 7) Tritone spawns huge water AOE fields that will hit any players caught within range for 80% of their HP. 😎 Passive Ability: Tritons skin makes him somewhat resistant against Ice and Lightning. Tactics: Kill minions when he spawns them. Don't try to tank the huge water AOE fields. Have 1 person tank the boss and 1 person constantly healing the tank. ------------------------------ Yoshima Diameki Yoshima Diameki has taken over Tomb of the Black Dragon because he is trying to raise an army of dead. Difficulty: Very Hard Drops: - 33% Chance of dropping 1x [Skin Diamond] Cursed Respawn Time: Every 4 hours Map: Tomb of the Black Dragon Channel(s): Ark HP: 180000000 Attacks: 1) Normal magical attack that damages all players in a straight line 2) An AOE attack that deals heavy damage to all surrounding players one time 3) Yoshima calls down a cursed Aldebaran to hit the player for high damage 6 times 4) Death Grapple. Yoshima summons hands of the dead to hit and slow any players caught by it 5) Minions. Yoshima may summon different types of minions. Bone dragons and skeletal bishops 6) Special minion. Yoshima may summon a Dopple Mornie. This is a cursed segnale and she will attack the players and heal any allies near her. Yes that includes Yoshima too. 7) Massive AOE spikes. Yoshima will summon massive AOE spikes that will hit any player caught within range for 80% of their HP 😎 Passive Ability: Years spent dead and in darkness has made Yoshima extremely resistant against Poison and Curse Tactics: Kill the Dopple Mornie first since she can heal Yoshima for extremely high amounts of HP. Kill the rest of the minions so you only have to deal with Yoshima himself. Dodge the massive AOE spikes. Do your best to dodge the cursed Aldebaran skill. ------------------------------------- Other Bosses Deux Marble Duke of Python Castle. Turned mad by his greed for power. Deux Marble has been reworked for new players. Difficulty: Medium Drops: - 100% Chance of dropping 1x +0 osmium armlet/belt - 2% Chance of dropping 1x [Legendary] DeuxMarble Respawn Time: 4 hours Map: Python Castle Channel(s): Ark & Lurile HP: 49034892 Attacks: 1) Normal ice attack that damages the player on impact 2) A delayed AOE attack that deals large damage to all nearby targets 3) Deux Marble calls forth a pillar of fire to deal large damage to anyone caught in range Tactics: Try your best to dodge the fire pillar attack ------------------------------------------------------ Withering Evangelist Hallovator is a boss in Parca Temple and is often hunted for its Ice Buffs, various cosmetic items, pets and +50% EXP amulets Difficulty: Medium Drops: - 100% Chance of dropping Ice Buff Packages - 100% Chance of dropping +50% EXP Amulet Packages - 100% Chance of dropping various cosmetics Respawn Time: Every 2 hours Map: Parca Temple Channel(s): Ark HP: 113560080 Attacks: 1) Normal melee attacks that damages the player on impact 2) A long range attack that damages the player on impact and drains the players mana Tactics: ------------------------------------------------------ Kadirun Kadirun is the first boss of Cherubims Nest Dungeon. Kadirun is a melee fighter Difficulty: Hard Drops: - 100% Chance of dropping 1x Summoning Scroll Respawn Time: Map: Cherubims Nest Channel(s): HP: 88229038 Attacks: 1) Normal melee attacks that damages the player on impact 2) A bodyslam that deals damage and stuns all surrounding players 3) A spinning attack that deals damage to all surrounding enemies, but this also stuns Kadirun himself for a few seconds 4) Minions. Kadirun spawns 2 minions who are also able to spawn minions of their own Tactics: Kill the minions when he spawns them. ------------------------------------------------------ Dikesel Dikesel is an optional boss in Cherubims Nest Dungeon. Dikesel is a firemage. Difficulty: Hard Drops: - 100% Chance of dropping Dragon Bones Respawn Time: Map: Cherubims Nest Channel(s): HP: 73178624 Attacks: 1) Normal magical attacks that damages the player on impact 2) A linear magical attack that deals large damage to all players in a straight line 3) A magical attack that deals damage and knocks back all surrounding players 4) Minions. Kadirun spawns small dragons to aid him Tactics: Kill the minions when he spawns them. ------------------------------------------------------ Ephri Ephri is the final non optional boss in the Cherubims Nest Dungeon. Ephri is a mage. Difficulty: Hard Drops: - 33% Chance of dropping MC2 Helmets - 100% Chance of dropping Tatum Marvics Respawn Time: Map: Cherubims Nest Channel(s): HP: 116398784 Attacks: 1) Normal magical attacks that damages the player on impact 2) A linear magical attack that deals damage to all players in a straight line 3) A AOE sleep that puts all players within its range to sleep 4) Magical bombardments that deals large damage to a specific area for an extended time Tactics: Don't ever tank the magical bombardments. -------------------------------- Event Bosses Incarnation of Helion The Incarnation of Helion himself. One of the 12 Incar Gods. The strongest boss in the game so far and the ultimate PvE challenge. Difficulty: Extremely Hard Drops: - 100% Chance of dropping 1x [Skin Diamond] Sun - 100% Chance of dropping 200m Dil Respawn Time: Every Sunday at 2pm UTC+2 (Check your time in the "event" channel on our discord) Map: Draco Desert Channel(s): Ark HP: 400000000 Attacks: 1) Normal fire attacks that damages the player on impact 2) A linear AOE attack that deals heavy fire damage to all players in a straight line and causes severe burns for 10 seconds 3) An AOE attack that deals heavy physical damage to all players in a large area around Helion which also slows and decreases everyones defense for 8 seconds 4) Minions. Helion will spawn Fire Fairies in the Arena. These will burn any player who gets in range and they will also spawn Cores of the Sun. Cores of the Sun chases down players and hits them with debuffs that drains the players MP 5) Meteos. Helion will call down Meteos that will deal heavy damage to all players caught within their impact zones 6) Passive Ability: Helion is one of the 12 incar Gods and is somewhat resistant to all elements and 100% immune to knockback and abnormal statuses Tactics: Pray
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    [Guide]: All 12 Classes Overview

    If you are having trouble deciding which class to play, hopefully this guide will help you make your decision! Aloken “I am an Aloken, hidden in the Eternal Forest no more. Demons beware my spear!” Aloken is a class that deals stable damage and helps allies with spells that raises the power. This class uses a spear to deal melee damage and also has several skills to attack effectively and survive. The Guard Arms Alokens use protects them and raises vitality. They are the only class that can detect summoner's hiding skill. Unlike Segnales' buffs, Alokens can use spells as many times as they want, not effected by time. There are 2 types of spells; attacking spells and defending spells. Attacking spells are those that randomly take effect when attacking, and raise the attack of self or party members. Defending spells are those that randomly take effect when being attacked, and reduces the damage or raise the resistance or recovery rate. Alokens are a very useful class when it comes to large pvp fights since they can buff their team and stun the enemy. They can also drain the HP from their targets. Important skills: Mana Shock: Takes a large chunk of Mana away from the target and prevents them from using Mana Potions for a short time. Judgement Step: Prevents skill use and moving for 3 seconds. La Defense: Self-buff that allows the Aloken to resist almost all damage dealt to them for a short time. Shock Spear: Stuns a single-target at 100% chance. Punish: Drains the HP from the target. _____________________________________________________________________ Azure Knight “I’m a son of Shumatra Choi, the hero of the Trieste continent and an Azure Knight of the Incar!” For Azure Knights, there is [Protective Knights] that mainly uses one-handed weapon and shield, and [Destructive Knights] that mainly uses two-handed weapons. Also, dual weapons can be used to deal more aggressive skills. [Protective Knights] uses benefits of wearing a shield to protect self and even the party members from the threat of enemies, and this is based on their elaborate defense mechanism. And to add, they can increase the morale of party members to maximize the combat capabilities but also has skill to focus the party's target to one enemy, lets the Knight play the role as the leader. [Destructive Knights] shows the aggressive style with two-handed weapons. They have benefits to deal pre-emptive attacks based on the skill to approach the enemies quickly. And also becomes a threat to enemies with stun, destroy and shock skills with heavy weapons, that deals effective damages to wide range. The heavy weapon has slow attack speed, but it is still worth to use. Dual Knights are able to attack much faster. It is characterized with the fast and most glamorous from the skills that Knight class has. In large PVP fights Azure Knights can buff their party members for a short time giving them extra attack, health, speed, and resistance against enemy attacks. Important Skills: Sacritection: Gives self or single-ally increased PK/PVP Damage Tolerance for a short time. Break Arms: Targets are unable to use skills for 3 seconds. Charge Diss: This skill deals no damage, but allows you to approach the enemy quickly (even from far distances). This skill also stuns the single-target for a brief period. Energetic Blade: Dual Weapon skill that when upgraded fully slows a single-target greatly. Counter Hit: Shield skill that causes the targets detarget you and makes them unable to re-target you for a short time. _____________________________________________________________________ Segita Hunter “It’s simple. I look at only one point when aiming at my target. I am never distracted. I am unseen, as I am only the arrow.” There are 2 types of Segita Hunters. First is the Missile type that uses Bows or Crossbows, and the other is Melee type that uses Dagger as the weapon. At the current state of the game, daggers are not useful as a weapon choice as they only have 4 skills. Bow and Crossbow have specialized skill trees, separated from each other. The Bow skills are based on rapid fire. Each arrow can be weaker than crossbow, but the rapid fire recovers the lower damage. Crossbow skills are based on strong damage. Crossbow is slower than bow, but each bolt deals greater damage. There are missile skills that can be used for bow or crossbow. These skills reduce the movement speed of enemies, and reduce the defense that helps to benefit from missile attacks. Daggers are usually preferred by low level hunters. Segita Hunters are one of classes with the highest mobility in game. Although they have low defense they are able to survive through avoiding damage if you evade the enemies successfully. Important Skills: Elastic Force: Self-buff for Segita Hunter that lowers the chance that they will receive a critical hit. Vulnerable Point: Single target, one shot Bow skill that decreases the targets Defense, Guard Rate, Block Rate, and Critical Resistance. Chaos Blast: Crossbow skill that helps you retreat from the enemy and causes them to lose target on you for a short time. Slow Arrow: Single target, one shot Bow skill that prevents the enemy from being able to move for 5 seconds when fully upgraded. Crazy Arrow: Bow & Crossbow skill that applies a movement speed debuff to targets in a medium AOE and also helps the Hunter from evading the target. _____________________________________________________________________ Incar Magician “I am a messenger of the Incar.” Incar Magicians display the powerful magic damages based on the 3 elements; fire, ice and lightning. The Energy skill tree also gives buffs and usable status disorder skills. Magicians can use a wand or staff. Unlike other classes, the selection of weapon doesn't effects the skill tree they are able to use. Wands deal higher overall damage and Staffs have the ability to deal higher critical energy damage when the weapon is perfect. Staffs can also hold one more gem inside their weapon than wands can use. Energy tree skills have buffs that escalates own abilities, and some can even raise abilities of party members. There is also a skill a magician can use to resist damage with a barrier, and can snare an enemy making them unable to do anything. Energy skills are effective as enemies can rarely resist it. Fire elemental skills mostly make the enemies burn. Burned enemies get a decreased health status, and the damage is highest between 3 elements. Fire damage is unguardable. Ice elemental skills freeze enemies and make them hard to move. Lightning elemental skills are based on transfer and shock, which raises the elemental attack or drops the elemental resistance. It is also good to deal combo attacks with other elemental skills. Incar Magicians are a great class for dealing large amounts of damage in very large areas. Important Skills: Aqua Circle: Gives the caster +75% Magic Damage for a few seconds. Shield of Siz: Allows the caster to protect herself and resist almost all damage. Stasis Orb: Locks the enemy for several seconds, during this period they are unable to do anything! Measure: Has a very high chance to drain Mana away from targets in a small AOE and also increases distance between the caster and her enemies. Ghost of Time: Causes a single target to "faint". During this time they cannot do anything for several seconds. However, if they are attacked they will wake up immediately. _____________________________________________________________________ Segnale “I will let you come close, but not too close.” Segnale is a class specialized for healing allies and cursing their enemies. It is the only class that has HP and shield recovery skills, which makes the class essential in a party play. The class has several healing skills that can be variously used depending on the situation, and also has several buff skills that can raise the attack and defense of the party members. Also, Segnale is the only class that can resurrect others and even their own self. Segnale's curse skills are specialized on debuffing the enemies. The skills drop opponents attack and defense and other various status, and even can make someone fall asleep to prevent them to fight. Also this class has skills that nails an enemy making them not able to move, and drops the recovery rate. Having just one segnale join a battle can change the entire fight. Important Skills: Paralyze: Almost completely stops the target from being able to move and decreases their curse resistance. Sleep: Puts the target to sleep for 7 seconds. Cruelty Whip: Drains Mana away from the target greatly. Detonate Edge: Decreases curse resistance of targets in a medium AOE. Bloody Mist: Single-target debuff that lowers the targets' Maximum HP and HP Recovery Rate for 1 minute. _____________________________________________________________________ Vicious Summoner “Black Magic- Call it what you will. I’m just a Summoner because I like the power.” Vicious summoners do battles based on summoning. There are two types of weapons that summoners use, staffs and twin swords. Summoners use totem buffs called Chakra to fully control an area. There are two types of Chakras, one gives you buffs and the other debuffs the enemies. Most of their attacks are poison based, and they can debuff their enemy. They may summon allies in danger, and can cure the curse status disorders. Melee attacking summoners have hiding skills that allow them to be unseen for a long period of time. Also the twin swords helps the summoner effectively battle enemies and summon minions to fight and take damage for them. These summoners also have a skill that allows them to teleport to an enemy or ally in sight, which makes summoners able to hit and run. Summoner Chakras also buff their party members, which makes them very important to have in any PK, PVP, or PVE situation. Important Skills: Shadow Revenge: Twin-blade attack also gives the summoner increased ranged resistance, melee resistance, monster resistance, and damage resistance. Cane Hawk: Self-buff that gives increased Critical Rate, Hit Rate, and Poison Damage. Darkness: Twin-blade skill that decreases nearby enemies damage and critical rate in a small AOE. Summon Ghost: Staff skill that decreases the targets vitality and critical rate in a small AOE. Dark Avatar: Large AOE attack that deals massive damage and has a fast cooldown time. _____________________________________________________________________ Bagi Warrior “Warriors! Who is the common foe-” Bagi Warriors have strong health and buffs that strengthen the body, which makes them the class that defends the front line. Bagi warriors have special ability to absorb the damages received by party members and change it to raise attack. They are strong against magic, and have special skills to resist every status disorders for a while. They also have a last call surviving skill to raise their resistance to the limit at the last minute when their life is near to end. They utilize martial arts using their body. Gauntlets are not only effective for interpersonal but also for wide ranges. They can control the cool time of their enemies and knockback them to disturb their fighting rhythm and counter attack. Bagi Warriors get the most amount of Health and Shield per stat point than any other class in the game. This allows them to become one of the best tank classes. Important Skills: Bulls Cry: Self-buff that increases attack, critical rate, and hit rate for several seconds. Divide Force: Shares damage between party members with yourself. When damage is taken defense, melee damage, all resistances, and HP recovery increases. Shock Wave: Puts a single target in a stunned state but also deals damage to nearby enemies in a small AOE. Vital Drain: This skill reduces your max shield, but allows you to resist almost all damage for several seconds and has a decent cooldown time. Splinter: A skill that casts quickly and allows you to knockback nearby targets in a 7m AOE. This can be used for many situations. _____________________________________________________________________ Half Bagi "Incarnation of Battle" Half Bagis are both beautiful and powerful. Katars are their weapon of choice. Coupled with their ability to use Great Pulsion, they dominate battlefields with their rage. Half Bagis use two weapons, Katar and Falchion. They are also a very tanky class just like Bagi Warriors and have many of the same skills, including: Abnormal Resistance, Vital Drain, Stuns and more. However, Half-Bagis have other skills that set them apart from the Bagi class. Half Bagis are able to stun many enemies in large AOEs for several seconds while their team is able to deal damage to them. Also, Half Bagis have a skill that allow them to reflect damage back to their attackers Shield. Half Bagis are a very versatile class that can be used in many different situations. Important Skills: Fury Shield: Resists harmful status effects for a long period of time. Burst Slash: Attacks all enemies around you and prevents them from being able to move. The last hits has a chance to stun enemies at a certain rate. Bone Crush: Very strong skill that deals strong damage and decreases the defense of its targets for a few seconds. Earth Divinder: Returns some of the damage you receive back to the attackers Shield. Vampire Dance: Katar skill that recovers a massive amount of the casters HP in 2 seconds. _____________________________________________________________________ Segeuriper "Reapers of Death" Segeuripers appeared in Trieste after learning about the Segnales' threat. By absorbing the blood of contaminated creatures, they have gained more raw power than the Segnales. They wield scythes, curse magic and absorb the power of their enemy. Segeuripers have many skills that deal lots of high damage and fast hits, but with less healing skills than Segnales. They are able to debuff opponents and put them to sleep for short periods of time. Their pillage skills allow them to snare enemies, prevent them from using skills, but at the cost of debuffing themselves for 1 minute. Important Skills: Tizen Storm: This self-buff gives the caster increased movement speed and PK/PVP damage tolerance for a few seconds while also dealing pulsing curse damage to nearby enemies. Pillages: These attacks cause the target(s) to be unable to move or skill for brief periods of time, however they also debuff the caster. (A trick to getting rid of the debuffs early is to use Transup after Pillages to remove your debuffs early.) Envoy Self: This skill is a gap closer that brings you much closer to your target. Also, your critical rate increases for a few seconds. Cursed Fog: Single-target debuff that decreases Critical Rate, Hit Rate, and Vitality for 1 minute. Reduce Curse: Single-target debuff that decreases Curse Resistance for several seconds. _____________________________________________________________________ Dragon Knight "Knights of the Goddess of Earth, Siege" Dragon Knights use their berserk powers to maximize their damage potential. They can use Seal Force and are powerful melee warriors. Although Dragon Knights do not have very many party buffs, they have several buffs for themselves that make them a very dangerous class to fight against. One of their buffs allows them to have increased Defeat Resistance which prevents enemy damage from knocking them back and disrupting their skills. They also have many skills that deal pulsing AOE damage around their character and each hit stacks a debuff on their enemies. DK's also have very high mobility and are able to escape or rush into fights very easily. Important Skills: Whole Strike: This skill does massive damage in a large, linear AOE. This skill hits a lot of times. Rabat Julrin: A single-target stun that also decreases the targets' guard and block rate by 15% for 3 seconds. Charge Diss: Allows you to charge a single-target from a long distance and stun them. Defense Crash: Wide AOE attack skill that decreases the targets Defense with each and every hit. Defeat Reject: Self-buff that increases Defeat Rate. This makes it very hard for enemies to knockback you and interrupt your skills. _____________________________________________________________________ Black Wizard "Fear my Black Magic feeble creatures" Black Wizards were initially accepted as Incar priests, but constantly yearning for a greater power. They were led to the great power of Black Magic. A magic so great it strikes fear into their enemies. Wizards deal fire damage that is very strong. They are also able to decrease many different statuses of targets including: mana, HP, fire resistance, damage, movement speed, and much more. Black Wizards also have very high mobility and their skills help them avoid damage and keep a distance from their opponent. It is often hard to determine where a Black Wizard will move next. Black Wizards also have the largest range of any class, which allows them to attack players from very far distances. Important Skills: Great Mana Barrier: Summons a powerful shield around you that protects you from 100% of damage for a short time. Back Step Shot: Attack the target by jumping backward and also causes the target to lose target of you. Death Link: Link yourself to an opponent, when they attack you it reflects damage back to them while you take the rest. Weakness Mana Recovery & Heartache: These two skills drain mana and HP away from your enemy. Both of these skills have fast cooldown times. Limit Rush: Charge towards an enemy to prevent them from using skills and causes them to be unable to move for a short time. _____________________________________________________________________ Concerra Summoner "Kings of Assassination and Poison" Concerra Summoners were once assassins but now have gained poison and summoning skills. Using only the strongest poisons and stealth, by the time the enemy can see their shadow, they are already dead. They are very good at one on one fights because they have lots of skills that prevent the opponent from moving, using skills, or targeting themselves. They can also go invisible for a long period of time to sneak up on players or escape. Concerra Summoners can use two weapons; Staff and Dual-blade. However, it is better if they use both weapons at the same time. This lets them debuff their enemies with staff skills while stunning or killing their enemies with their Dual-blade. Concerra's may also summon pets to fight for them or absorb damage from enemy attacks. Important Skills: Shadow Attack: This skill always does a critical hit and prevents the enemy from being able to attack. Achilles Burst: Prevents target from being able to do anything for 3 seconds, and also decreases their movement speed for a few more seconds afterwards. Numb Pain: All targets in the large AOE will be unable to attack. Poison Shock: Very strong skill that bleeds the targets, lowers their resistances, and damage. Palpus: Staff skill that prevents the enemy from attacking, lowers the poison resistance by a large amount, and decreases their movement speed significantly for several seconds.
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