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    1. Snowbone


      4x Guard VS MC2 +10 = 10b 4x HP HB MC2 +10 = 10b Clean Tera HB [G] +10 = 4b AK [V3] +10 (3x fire resistance) = 15b Clean FS Crystalline Armlet +9 = 15b PM me in-game or on Discord if interested, please. IGN: Snowbone | Discord: Snowbone#0996
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    2. Manual Patch: Client Upgrade / Performance Improvements We've significantly improved client performance. Most computers will notice 40%-80% higher FPS. Faster client launching time Faster client loading time Higher FPS (everywhere) Higher FPS when several characters around Higher FPS during skills and animations Higher FPS in new maps Minor Balancing Fixes Fixed bug with damage multiplier for levels 211+ Balance multiplier was broken for most classes above 211+ because of missing settings at these levels. This resulted in very abnormal damage for many different classes that is now fixed. Misc Fast equip has been removed due to some bugs, will be re added in future. Prepared files for upcoming content update
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