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    Update on the Random Crashing Issue

    Warriors, I'm writing this post to give you all an update on the random crashing issue that a lot of people have encountered. Unfortunately the next update has been slightly delayed because we've had to divert some more resources into this particular issue, which I know has bothered a lot of people for a while. We've been working on this for a while and its been an extremely tricky problem to resolve, particularly because there is no way to directly reproduce it. Other factors have also made the issue harder to diagnose, including the fact that its worse for some people and not others, worse on some operating systems, and virtually non existent for some players. That said, I have good news. We've made some really good progress on the crashes, and we hope to have a patch that resolves some, if not all, fairly soon. There have been some updates in the past that have improved the crashes, but the upcoming patch will do significantly more to resolve, if not eliminate random game crashes. Thank you all for being so patient and understanding when it came to this issue. It is undoubtedly a frustrating one for all of us, and I'm extremely excited that we've finally made significant process toward fixing it. Hope you all look forward to it. Thanks!
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    200lvl +7 staff

    Thank you very much for answer!
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    Hello Rising-Warriors, The much anticipated 2019 Class vs. Class PVP Tournament is finally here! Registration: If you think you have what it takes to become a true champion of your own class, then REGISTER now before it's too late! Simply send a reply in this thread with your in-game name, level, and class. You MUST be registered to be able to participate. You may register two different classes of your own. Note: Finishing all 12 classes in 1-day is not guaranteed, so we will divide all 12 classes into 2-days. 26th of October - 08:30 AM (New York Time) Aloken, Azure Knight, Bagi Warrior, Black Wizard, Concerra Summoner, and Dragon Knight. 27th of October - 08:30 AM (New York Time) Half Bagi, Incar Magician, Segita Hunter, Segnale, Seguriper, and Vicious Summoner. Rules: Entry level rounds of the tournament will be SINGLE ELIMINATION meaning that you only have to win once to advance. Semi-finals will also be SINGLE ELIMINATION. Finals will be Best of 3. All weapons and all weapon skins are allowed. All matches will be held on the Lurile Channel meaning you can NOT use any types of buffs/fish etc. What if I get disconnected and it's not my fault? You will lose. I am sorry but this can't be proven, and it's highly unlikely that you'll get disconnected in such a short period of time. What if the other guy was lagging? This happens very rarely and cannot be taken into consideration. People can't influence their connections and they're not doing it to gain an advantage. Also consider that their advantage can be your advantage too. You are only entitled to register TWO different classes (yes, we will be checking). Any more than 2 entries will be disqualified before we reach the event. -- Piloting another user's account during the tournament that you did not register for will disqualify you from the tournament. We WILL be checking this as well! Also, creating multiple forum accounts in an attempt to trick us will also result in disqualification. A reminder that many members of the DKR Staff Team will be supervising the event. Hacking or cheating will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification or bans left at the Game Master's discretion. Prizes: 1st Place Prize: 75,000 D-Shop Coins 2x 8% Elemental Damage Gems of your choice Your character name placed on your class statue in Ardeca Champion Wings (365-Days) 2nd Place Prize: 35,000 D-Shop Coins 1x 8% Elemental Damage Gem of your choice Note: Dekaron Rising reserves the right to make any changes to the prizes prior to the start of the event. If adjustments are made, they will be displayed here. Not only are there prizes for this event, but you walk away with the prestige and glory that you are one of the most powerful players on our server. Best of luck to all participants!
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    hey guys not sure who knows me but was playing with SNOW clan bonecrusher and those people so returning to game but need some answers :) which dekaron most active by dk square and lvling farming items for now? and is rising still active? last i checked ppl was just shopping dk squar had 2 ppl in it hope someone can help :)
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    my name was HealingTouch btw
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    Dark Resistance

    Damir pls. There is no such thing as dark element on any pserver. DWs has fire dmg here. It is modified. I hope you trolling
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    Seems like the staff are not really concerned about people quitting the server.
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    DK and BAGI

    Guys did u notice that DK and Bagi dont bug skills in BR and PTM? They stop skills but u can use it after KB. And in pvp they bug skills so u cant use it after attack. And u need to change skill. They can even bug 2 3 skills so u cant use them. I think it is bug because i had same experiance with Bagi on some other server. And Gm manage to fix that. And on global is same. They can stop ur skills but they dont bug it. I think that is main problem of DK hes balanced now but only becasue of bug hes still op. Can u plz test DK and Bagi on BR ,PTM where they dont bug skills and in PVP where they bug it so u will see diference in using skills when u fight those 2 classes. And try to fix it if u can. ANd look carefuly what i mean. It is normal to those 2 classes stop ur skill when u try to use it and prevent ppl to use them but only while attcaking and KBcking. But after DK att and Bagi KB u should be able to use skill that was stopped wit that special attack. And as u see u can spam it 10 times and u wont be able to triger it only after few other skills. I know that some ppl will say it is normal skill att but it is not just test it in BR PTM and in PVP and DK sq and ull see diference that im talking about. And noobs that are here just to write shit about me plz dont anfver to this topic ty.
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    Ian San

    Update on the Random Crashing Issue

    That is great news waiting a bit is always worth it for this game
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    This is a very valid concern, we now have tools to detect if someone is piloting another users account at any time. This will result in both users being disqualified immediately and then there will most likely be further punishment at the Executive Staff Member's discretion. Cheating at this event will not be tolerated by anyone. As for Segnale's, there are currently no specific rules for that class. If this changes, we will make sure that everyone participating in the Segnale Class Bracket is aware.
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    don't worry still lots like the game even with those dksq crashes. more power
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    Fairness is taken very seriously here’s at DKR. We have methods and tools, both confidential and public that can easily determine whether or not cheating is taking place. Your concern is absolutely valid and I want you to know it’s something we take very seriously.
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    Hahahahaha ok HAHAHAHAHA coz it happened to me and they said my win is not valid ty btw
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    If someone is "lagging" and wins, then yes they won.
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    You was probably online at the time where most of people are sleeping. Rising is most active pserver so far that I know. I've been playing global dekaron for like 8 years and I am now almost three years playing on Rising. Would't leave Rising for any other server. It's active, mostly on asia time. Good pks, good events and alot of fun.
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    Windows 10 and DK

    Crash at 69% usually means some files are corrupted. When did you download and install the game client? If you have recently downloaded the game client, please try installing the latest manual patch. If you have not recently download the game client, and your client is very old, please download the latest game client.
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    about AK skill dmg

    Last I checked both AK GM skills are sort of a PVE/PVP hybrid skill meant to be used in both situations. Neither one is designated a specific pvp or pve skill.
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    200lvl +7 staff

    You need to make it atleast +8 to put gems on it, same goes for 195 weapons
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    Dude, open your internet Browser and download .Net Framework listed in the window. You need the .Net Framework version so you can play the game. If you don't know how to download and install .Net Framework, then just open YouTube and type "installing .Net Framework".
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    Dark Resistance

    Guys i know why DW has so much dmg. U forgot to put Dark resistance on chars. We have all res but not dark.
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    Dark Resistance

    Another epic thread by Damir
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    skills and their development

    HI there, I'm back to this game after a long break, i was playing long time on global but it went in wrong direction and i quit some years back, now i as i read this forum i really like the statements that this server have and seem to really fullfill them, what makes this server really awesome and enjoyable for me. That's what i want to thank for. and now my problem so I really like to test how my dmg changes, when adding stats, changing weapon, buffing and i often test it with some friend on pvp or mobs for exact numbers. i was pretty upset that patches show only the strenght of change and direction in skills and not exact numbers (some patches before i saw % that were pretty nice). After searching the forum i think i understood that its becouse u are working for this balance and if u show numbers others can just steal them. (another point of my appreciation cuz i thought about it after 1hour of reading forum). TO the point as i just would like to have the answer to if im right with upper topic. The second point of my topic is they thing with bigger changes, like years ago i checked how skills change with lvling them though some "skills calculators" or something cuz they got tabels with hits and so on. There even after checking updates its hard to keep up with all skills and i dont really know how they will change. for example i'm playing Staff VS, and seen some change in increase poison that it lowers the poison resistance by 500, of course i immediately checked this and this did' not happen, i guess thats becouse i have increase poison on 1lvl and maybe it willl at lvl10, but the thing is that i dont know if the change is up to date and i just need to lvl my skill or it has been changed again. Also is there a way to get knowledge about skill and their changes with lvling them without actually doing it? some forum topic about them or something cuz that would be really usefull when choosing my build. I'm sorry for my english hope everything will be understandable and if not ill try to clarify it ... somehow.
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    WTS High AR DK Set (sold)

    pass , ty for offer
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    Dils-making guide to Dekaron Rising

    NOTE: IF YOU CAN'T SEE THE TEXT DUE TO IT HAVING SAME COLOR AS FORUM BACKGROUND, GO DOWN BOTTOM OF FORUM AND CHANGE THEME TO "AZURE LIGHT (DEFAULT)" So alot new players who joins this server keep telling me that theres no guide on making dils when I tell them to go forum and check guides section. Idk if this is true and I was too lazy to check, so I decided to just make one myself. Lets be real. If you join this server to think you will get OP items and rich without hard work and effort, you're most likely to have a hard time. It's not something that is done fast, it takes alot of patience. So lets get to it. NOTE: Market prices changes all the time. The prices I mention in this guide will never be 100% accurate. Ask in game if you don't know how much certain items are worth. So lets assume you completed my new player guide and you are level 180+ with full +9 17x set & weps or better. HOW TO MAKE DILS IN DEKARON RISING: Option 1: (Space of Pilgrimage. Good for new players.) If you are a new player with descent gear and you're looking for quick dils my suggestion would be "Space Of Pilgrimage". This is an excellent map for both new players and players with a little experience in Dekaron Rising. The map requires you to be level 135+ and the teleport will cost 10000 Dils. This map is located at NPC Makaio (coordinates 346 : 112) As you arrive in Space Of Pilgrimage you should be looking for the monsters called "Grieve Meniz" & "Lament Meniz". These monsters are fairly easy to kill and drop alot of items such as: Dils, Argates, Rings, Necklaces, Earrings & Marvics. Rings, necklaces & earrings you can sell at NPC shops in Ardeca for 20k each. Argates and Marvics you can sell to other players for a fair amount of dils. (Prices of argates and marvics change all the time. check what other people sell them for and adjust your own price from that.) Option 2: (Aquarai Ruins. Good for new players.) Again an option if you are a new player with descent gear. You are currently in ardeca. This time the trip goes to "Aquarai Ruins". To get to Aquarai Ruins you will need to speak with NPC Makaio (coordinates 346 : 112). This require for you to be level 130+ and the teleport costs 10000 dils. As you arrive in Aquarai Ruins, what you are going to want to do, is to open your map "M" and run all the way up to the top left of the Aquarai Ruins map. Here you will find the monsters called "Gabian Fret" & "Gabian D'Qurion". These monsters have a high rate of dropping gems. (players know them as "crap gems"). you can sell these gems to other players for a fair amount of dils. Players will want to buy 50 crap gems at 1 time (AKA 1 bag of crap gems). players will usually buy 1 bag of crap gems for 10-15mil dephending on market price changes. Option 3: (DK Square PVP) Level 170+ DK Square is very active now days.. (WARNING: In DK Square there are alot of strong players, and you will not stand a chance if you do not have AT LEAST full +10 osmium set and weapon.) However if you feel you can handle the PVP in DK Square go for it. as I said its very active and you can farm Purchase Points which you can choose to buy items from NPC Lowe (coordinates 285 : 97) and sell to other players for dils. This isn't really the best way of making dils, but if you get tired of the constant farming, dk square is an excellent option to get away from the boring farming. Option 4: (Castor Dungeon.) Castor Dungeon is one of the most popular ways of making dils. In Castor Dungeon you will face 1 boss at the time and each boss will usually drop 8 argates and somewhere between 6-7mil dils. (WARNING: Theres a time limit of 5 minutes. Are you not able to kill the boss inside the time limit you will fail and get no drops.) It is a good idea to get 1 or 2 people in your party if you are still new and don't have full +9 or 10 yet. If you have full +9 or +10 perhaps you are strong enough to solo the boss within the time limit. Altogether Castor Dungeon is and pretty good way of making your fortune. Note: Argates no longer drops from castor bosses. Castor bosses now drop 8-9mil while you need to go to the map "Arcadia" and kill shadowkris for argates. To get to Arcadia teleport to Miteria and open your map, you should see the Arcadia on your map. Options 4 is unavailable for now. Option 5: (Tower N Dungeon) RECOMMENDED for new players Tower of Spell dungeon has been reworked for new players! This dungeon is the best place to level from 180-190 and offers unique drops such as: Dils Gold Argates 6% gems 180 +7 weapons Dark Stones Mana Crystallines Seal of Destruction ring Option 6: (Miteria & Osmium/Fortified Osmium/180 weps) BEST for new players This is the area you will be spending a lot of your time in as a new player. This is the recommended place after you obtained your +9 level 170 set from egutt desert 160 area. In Mitera you can farm the following: +8 Osmium Set Pieces +8 180 weapons +7 170 necklaces 170 earrings Dream Powders Dils Common Pet To get to Miteria you will need to speak with NPC Jerome (coordinates 350 : 142). The map requires for you to be level 170+ and the teleport will cost 1000 dils. The osmium set is the 2nd strongest set in the game with only a really small difference between the strongest set Tera. This makes newer players able to compete with stronger players. Once you have made a +10 osmium set you should also be able to compete in DKSQ. Option 7: (Shadowkris) RECOMMENDED for average-endgame players Since Castor is currently unavailable due to it being updated into something new, dils and copper/silver argates will drop from Shadowkris enemy in Parca Temple. They will only spawn in numbers of 8 near the waterpools. They will drop a bunch of coppers/silvers (golds rarely) and 5mil dils. Killing Shadowkris in Parca Hell Temple is a popular and solid way of making dils in Dekaron Rising. Be wary of PK'ers though, since this is a very competetive spot for making dils. Option 8: (Draco Desert bosses): Mainly for average-strong players New bosses in Draco Desert has been added. The boss "Nymph" will drop 6 gold argates each upon death. Gold argates have extremely high value in Dekaron Rising at the moment, making it a good way to make dils. Nymphs are pretty strong and players will contantly PK each other to get it. Theres 1 Nymph at Big Head Pond and one at Small Head Pond. Nymph has a respawn time of 5 hours. Option 9: (Deadfront) Deadfront has been reworked and all monsters now drops dils. The further you progress into the deadfront the more dils the monsters will drop. Additionally all bosses also gives Grade Points. This option is recommended for new-mid gear players. Option 10: (Elonohm Dragons) Average-endgame players only There are 3 Dragons in Elonohm. - Water Dragon: +105 All Resistances gems and +123 Medials and 120 resistance gems - Earth Dragon: level 180 accessories - Atramentous: Dragons Eye gems and Legendary pet (this is one of the strongest bosses in the game) The prices of these drops changes constantly. The best way to find out is to simply check what others sell them for in game or ask someone you think knows. To get to Arcadia - NPC Jerome > Mitera > Walk to top right of Mitera and enter the portal Option 11: (Dragon Bones, Marvics and Artifacts) RECOMMENDED for new-average players Dragon Bones and Draviss Artifacts is average drops in Dravis Fields (teleport from NPC Jerome in Ardeca). A player with +9 170 gear should be able to farm 50-100 Dragon Bones/hour. Dragon Bones sell for 350-400mil each 100 stack, making them a very popular way of making dils for both new and average gear players. The amount of PK is also significantly lower in Draviss than it is in Under Crespo Main. Check in game market for the value of Draviss Artifacts. Dragon Bones now drop from Wisegons in Land of Illusion with higher drop rate, but at the expense of not dropping any draviss artifacts. The King Wisegon in Land of Illusion has a 100% chance of dropping a bunch of Dragon Bones, but can be hard to kill if you're new. Option 12: (Dream Powders) RECOMMENDED for new players Dream Powders is a new a popular way to make dils. These are used by strong players to upgrade Angelic Souls into an end game necklace called Shiny Tear. Dream Powders drop from all enemies in Python Castle, Doomed Maze, The Deadlands and Mitera. Which means you can farm them even if you are new to the server! Option 13: (Sap Bottles) RECOMMENDED for Average players Sap Bottles are tradeable misc items dropped by all sap enemies in Parca Temple. You can exchange these at Binaelle Fairie NPC in Parca Temple for things such as Imperial Potions which makes blood bottles a wanted items among stronger players and a great way for average geared players to make dils. Every 4 hours Cocoons will spawn randomly around Parca Temple. These have a 100% chance of dropping 6 sap bottles each. - I hope this helps alot of people. Also if anyone have other ways of making dils, that they would like me to add to my dils making guide, please PM me on forum and I will make sure it gets done
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    [Class Guide] ROAD to Azure Knight

    This Guide is for players who are passionate in playing Azure Knight and also for those who wants to try and explore this class.The Guide is well based on my playing perspective and how would I play Azure Knight(AK). I am hoping that this could give basic knowledge to players who wish to try playing AK. To start with I will identify common issue in playing AK Switching weapons Delay casting skills (Charge Shock ) Interrupt Skills primary reason you are probably experiencing this issue above is due to high MS or fps drops. With that said to play AK effeciently is to have a good MS and Stable fps. You can find some tutorials here in forum how you can reduce your latency or lag issue. You can search the following: how to add zdkrc.exe file on DEP how to excempt rising folder on Windows Defender & AntiVirus Also how to turn off Windows Firewall. How to change Visual Effect on your windows and set it for better performance And how you can utilize and setup a virtual memory (I am not sure if there is a detailed guide for numbers 4 and 5 here in forum but you can definitely search it in google. In Addition you can also try installing Leatrix_latency fix) Alright so before you begin playing AK make sure you have the above settings set on your computer (the above settings is for people who does not have high end specs on their computer. I am not sure if it will make a big difference for those who have good computer specs however you feel free to try) Alright! Lets Begin! Road to Pro Azure Knight AK is a very unique and complex class as it has 3 mastery that you can choose from Protection Mastery - Specialized on 1 hand and shield Weapon. Destruction Mastery - Specialized on 2 handed Weapons. Dual Weapon Mastery - Specialized on Dual wield Weapons. Types of Weapons AK can Equip Sword (Available in 1 handed and 2 handed) Mace (Available in 1 handed and 2 handed) Axe (Available in 1 handed and 2 handed) Shield Traditionally AK is played with 2 mastery combination as of the following: SS+2h = sword/shied and 2 handed weapon combination (Recommended Axe) AS+2h = Axe/shield and 2 handed weapon combination (Recommended Axe) MS+2h = Mace/shield and 2 handed weapon combination (Recommended Axe) SS+Dual = sword/shield and Dual Wield weapon combination(Recommended Axe) BUT.... WHY SETTLE FOR LESS? WHEN YOU CAN HAVE MORE! Now AK are best played with 3 mastery which they called it in game as TRI Build! I know right? like wtf!? is that even possible? Well lets find out together and unlock the secret. for now lets focus on the basic. Very Important: Speaking of basic, since AK can wield multiple weapons you need to have a primary weapon, just like how you use slippers at home even though you have shoes going out, once you're home you use your slippers. same goes for AK (but not with the slippers ^^) as this is the common mistake of players who just started using AK. So please bear this in MIND your primary weapon will always be AK with his shield. 2handed weapon and Dual wield weapon are your secondary you only use them when you are going for the kill so always be on your shield. Primary Weapon - Should be with a Shield Secondary Weapon 2 handed Weapon Dual Wield Weapon. (Note: AK are very soft when they are on 2h and dual weapon, and if you stay long on this equipment without attacking you can expect high crit damage will spam on you and get knock back alot) What are the stats allocation!? I tried two types of Stats Build as of the following: Full Str Heal - 10 Dex - 175 Spr - (Weapon Requirement) Pros - High destructive damage combine with high dps of AK can do a bit of tank, cant compete with pvp. Cons - Less HP, high chance of getting Knock back not good for dksq, and bit squeezy... (Note: if you want to try this build make sure you have the end game gears) Dominant on Str Build (Personally recommended) Heal - 200 Dex - 175 Spr - (Weapon Requirment) Str - Put every last stats point you got. Pros - Decent defense and can tank, more HP, not easily knock back, good for dksq and pvp with decent damage. Cons - less damage on pve. Feel free to play around with your stats build and do some fine tuning until you are able to get the perfect fit for your playing style and preference. (Note: You can get free stats regen by farming 50x illussion fragment at land of illusion "WiseGon" has a high drop rate) What Skills I need to Max!? AK has a variety of skills and has their own uniqueness, However what i recommend to max are the following skills: Note:(Make sure to Max the Mastery and the passive skills) Protection Tab: Sword Defense - If used with (AS -extra blocking ability)(SS-Increase resistance to all attribute)(MS-Extra guard ability) Counter hit - cast 2 steps away from opponent to hit and chance to lose his target. Shield Shove - Stuns the opponent Protection Sanctuary - Resist 20% damage received for 15 seconds. Air Spirit - Increase party movement speed for 30 seconds Health Spirit - if used with (AS - Increase max shield)(SS-Increase Defense)(MS-Increase Max HP) Sharpen Spirit - if used with (AS - Increase Attack)(SS-Increase Critical)(MS-Increase all Status) Point Target - Greatly increase attack accuracy and critical ability of party member for 1 minute. Sacritection - Increases PK tolerance by 30% last for 12 seconds. Optional Air Smashing - Quickly slashes enemy 6x (Just my playing preference) Destruction Tab Armor Breaker - Drop's Defense for 9 Seconds Break arms - Disable skills for 3 seconds Charge Shock - Approach enemy instantly and stun for a short period of time Guidance - Increase accuracy and Critical damage Heavy blow - Shocked/Stun enemy with 60% chance Optional Fury of Rondow - Greatly drops the guard and block ability of opponent Genocide - Decrease defense for 10 seconds SolarEvil - when use with (Sword -Drop target defense) (Axe - Blow) (Mace - Drop target attack) Sonic Massacre - when use with (Sword -Drop target accuracy) (Axe - Blow) (Mace - Drop target critical) Wrist Chop - Reduce the attack for 9 seconds and if used with (Axe - Blow) Dual Tab Cyclone Slash - Spin body towards the enemy and hit 4 times Energetic Blade - Slash at distance decrease targets movement for a short duration Honor Tab Attack Acceleration - Increase critical rate for 22 seconds Health Strengthen - HP recovery for 15 seconds Insensibility - defense makes defeat not to happen by enemy's for 180 seconds Wind Rush - Increase movement speed for 46 seconds Transup Tab Barad- Transformation (increase all stats,movement speed, all elemental resistance, and defense) Penetrate- quickly dash at target 12 meter range and reduce targets movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds Soul Blade- Quickly unleash giant spirit sword and slows the target. Storm Wave- Deliver 5 blows Violence Flick - Quickly Stab target multiple times. Grand Meister Skills (Dual) Edipeer - Decrease guard by 650 for 8 secs Slimbit - critical damage of target will drop by 20% at Max skill level it stun lock and the target's guard rate and block decrease by 15% for 3 sec. Velox - Quickly strike enemy and decrease targets critical rate by 500 at 70% chance. Grand Meister skills (2 Handed) Asuwin - Stun lock at 1st strike and reduce target's critical resistance by 20% for 7 seconds. Grandis - Deliver 5 huge blows. Magnum - These are the skills I personally tested and filter them based on (Skill animation, cool down duration and skills status effect.). Feel free to descover other skills that will fit to your playing style and preference. LET'S GET INTO ACTION! Combo Rotation Guide Alright! so we manage to filter out the skills we need now is the time to explore the combination that will best fit to our pvp gameplay preference. so let's start with buffs. This are the buffs that you shouldn't forget when doing pvp's Note: - Do not forget using this as this is every important for AK not be easily interrupt in casting skills and be knock back easily. - You can use this buff even if your specializing in Protection Mastery and Dual Mastery combination just equip a low level 2 handed weapon. This is a very useful buff it increase Accuracy and your Critical Damage - For this two buffs, I would recommend using Mace 1 handed weapon plus shield to take advantage getting additional HP and Increase overall Status effect. Entry Alright since this is all about combo rotation we need to decide an entry so we can connect our chained combination skills. I can think of 4 possible entry and this are the following: (A) (B) (C) + (D) + My recommended entry is (D) + you may wonder why and ask what is the difference between entry (D) and (C), Well that is a good question. My answer is, for me this is a perfect balance when you are on a defensive state and offensive state. and why is that? Just imagine you are using entry (C) every time you stun the opponent and follow up to lose his target and when you switch weapon to connect your chain combo skills the opponent is already 4 to 5 steps away from you and you need to get near again to connect your combo. because you just lose his target but you did not pinned him. So if you had use entry (D) just by having a good grasp of how far is the reach of the counter hit skill there is a big chance that you will cancel your opponents target and also his chain combo followed up with Shield shove you have atleast 1-2 sec be able to switch weapon and do your chain combo and this entry is also good for aggressive melee opponent. For entry (A) this is also good however you will have struggle to get near your opponent if you get stun lock by him and he is just about 2 steps away from you. one good example is with Hunter. Entry (B) this an aggressive entry which is really good to connect with your chain combo right away however with the slight fps drop or increase in MS this will fail. Execute Entry and Switch (Tab key) to your specialized Mastery 2 Handed Mastery chain combo This are some of the chain combo for 2 handed mastery, there is a lot of variety of combo you can make just need to practice and test them until you get the perfect fit for your play style. My recommended combo I like this combo sequence, what good with this combo is whenever i get to successfully execute my entry and follow up with this combo, it slows the opponent due to Soul Blade, follow up by break arms to make opponent unable to use skills, and stun lock them with asuwin and continue to grandis, magnum, all the way to violent flick for maximum dps. Dual Weapon Mastery This are some of the chain combo for Dual Weapon mastery, there is a lot of variety of combo you can make just need to practice and test them until you get the perfect fit for your play style. I know someone who's very good in Dual Weapon Mastery can even win against 2 handed weapon mastery. My Recommended Combo I just want this sequence when i execute my entry and follow up with slimbit it stun lock the opponent and with edipeer it decrease the guard rate of the opponent i used cyclone slash as it has fast skill animation and can sometime knock back the opponent it also spins towards the enemy which is a good thing as velox can easily connect and end it up with violent flick. Important Reminder: - Always use this buff whenever available. (How to use it press "E" to self target and cast the skill) - This is very useful it can help you resist 20% of every damage received by you and party members use it whenever available this is very handy when being sleep and in dksq. (I do not claim that the above combination are the best combo sequence out there, this are base on my playing experience with AK and my combination that best fit with my playing style. Feel free to make your own adjustment and combination that would best fit with your preference. Let us explore together and share knowledge of our experience in using AK.) My Personal Skill Bar Now lets put everything we've learned together and take this action into the next level! How to do Tri Build!? The logic behind tri build is bridging the 2 offensive mastery combination skills to maximize offense. example base on the rotation guide above. The combination goes like. Entry Chained Combo + > >(So what goes here??????) So if you can see the above illustration after the chained combo it leads having AK to be on idle and no other choice but to run waiting for the cool down of his skills while receiving spam hit at the same time. So to compensate that idle time and maximize offense and damage AK needs to bridge the two mastery. The Tri build formula for that: Entry < 2h combo < Entry < Dual combo + > > +> and Vice versa. How to achieve the above formula!? is by keeping your inventory window open and holding one weapon to switch it with your shield. just like what is shown on the image below. Note : You may think that the weapons were equip in an unusual way, It is for my personal preferences as I am more comfortable placing my inventory window on the right side of the screen, I equip the weapons that way so it will be more easier for me to switch the 1 hand weapon with my shield and vice versa. You are free not to follow this setup if you may find it uncomfortable. ALRIGHT HOPE IT HAS BEEN FRUITFUL FOR YOU READING THIS GUIDE UNTIL NOW! On a Final Note: Even though there is a recommended combo sequence, there would be such cases and situation that you will be making your own combo sequence. Hoping to see more AK players in the future. HOW ABOUT PVE? Alright on pve guys do not expect much on AK doing a high damage on mobs if you plan using it for farming. though it will do adequate damage to kill mobs. AK are best in a party for pve as it is better in tanking and taking up hits while other party members do the most damage. Can AK do solo farming? Of course it can, to do more damage make sure to equip lach necklace / Marlbry Ring and 3x 170 +9 necklace or 3x 180+9 necklace and make use of the dual mastery skills to do more damage and maximizing DPS. (you can also do full str build to maximize your damage). Useful Tips You can combine this to increase your monster damage tolerance. - This increases 20% of your overall damage and monster damage tolerance - This increases your parties monster resistance. - It increases 10% of your resistance against monsters. Also make mobs change their hostility towards you. (If you plan to do Dead Front Dungeon and it has 2-3 parties inside you can spam this skill to get the chance stealing the ownership of the boss and able to get the experience and Grade Points.) Some PVP Strategy Alright this is my personal strategy I do not claim this will work best for everyone but if you can pull it off I will be glad that it works for you too. Feel free to comment below of your own strategy and I will be more than happy to add them in this guide. Beating Hunters We all know that pvping hunter is pretty much annoying as they are very slick and very hard to catch given they are range class and their skills has an unusual movement they are just like rabbit that keeps on jumping from one side to another and coping up with their movements is pretty damn hard. so here are some essential skills that you can use in beating them up. This skills helps you get close to hunters and slow them and lock their movement and be able to perform your chained combo and also make some good use of your dashes skills, so goodluck and enjoy. Beating Bagi Alright beating up bagi is we need to understand their strong point which is their resistance buff  this allows them not to be stun, silence, sleep and other debuffs for 28 seconds and its pretty much enough time for them to destroy you with their combos as your stun, silence has no effect with them and which is close to impossible to counter it. With that said, we can use it against them. How? pretty much simple do not confront them head on for 28 seconds let their resistance buff ran out be on your shield all the time to avoid getting much damage once they catch you. So once their buff runs out you can pretty much connect your chain combos be able to stun them slow, silence etc. repeat the same method and you can definitely beat them. You will also notice when a bagi is about to be defeated and all their shield has been drained as they will use this skill. Vitality Drain this gives them 50% resistance to all damage by exhausting 70% percent of their total shield for 7 seconds. In short they wont be using this on the early exchange of attack. So once they use this its your signal that they are about to be defeated. So goodluck and enjoy. That's all folks for my guide, I am hoping this could help new players to AK to have a little bit of understanding how to play this complex class. do not be afraid to explore and discover skill combination and stats build until you find the perfect skills & stats tuning that will best fit your play style. You may also check my video as per the link below: By: {VIP}iiDagger
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    This might not be accurate, but i hope it helps.
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    Manual Patch: <https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GSFBUgF9Pc46P_J_7ytWnvMNYNwSAEEP> Performance and Quality Updates ※ Minor improvements to our network, cloud services stability, and latency. New Content ※ Mystic Unicorn Mount Cost: 12,600 DKC ※ Evil Unicorn Mount Cost: 12,600 DKC Increased Upgrade Fortification Rates ※ Fortification success rates have been increased slightly. ※ The success rates have been increased for these items: Weapons, Armors, Necklaces, Rings, Belts, and Armlets. ※ These are the upgrades that now have higher success rates: +4, +5, +6, +7, +8, +9, and +10. ※ These are the upgrades that were not changed: +1, +2, and +3. ※ Removed upgrade success rates from in-game NPC descriptions. Increased Upgrade Fortification Cost ※ All fortification costs have been increased by 400%. The table below reflects these changes. D-Shop & Purchase Point Price Adjustments ※ Renamed the 8% Attack gem Randombox to the Special Gem Randombox in the D-Shop Store and Purchase Point Exchange. ※ Added +300 HP Gems to the Special Gem Randombox. ※ Decreased the cost of the Special Gem Randombox in the D-Shop Store from 34,200 DKC to 13,680 DKC. (60% reduction) ※ Decreased the cost of the Special Gem Randombox in the Purchase Point Exchange from 8,250,000 PP to 3,300,000 PP. (60% reduction) ※ Decreased the cost of the Ultimate Gem Randombox in the Purchase Point Exchange from 2,750,000 PP to 1,100,000 PP. (60% reduction) Agency Update ※ Added [Skin Diamond] Siege ※ Added [Legendary] Friendly Soul Pet ※ Added +120 HP Gems Bug Fixes & Other Changes ※ Set the next siege battle for 7/27/2019. ※ Fixed the server that handles Password changes and Password resets. ※ Fixed a typo for the D-Shop Item Wings of Raph. ※ Increased the HP of Deux Marble by double. ※ Decreased the amount of Sealing Powder required to seal an Angelic Soul from 30ea Sealing Powder to 10ea Sealing Powder. ※ Fixed a spelling error in the temporary ban message displayed at the login screen.
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    trade trade trade

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    Hello @ry5kford, I merged all of your replies to this post into one reply. As stated in our Forum Rules, refrain from double-posting (in this case penta-posting). You can click on the "Edit" button on a post to add more information if needed. Now moving on to your issue, the patching speed of the launcher depends solely on your Internet Connection. A faster Internet Connection would result in updating the files quicker and more efficiently. Please try directly connecting to the Internet via an Ethernet Cable or use a faster network if possible.
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    Jon Snow


    Lol just download the game and run the launcher, it will auto update to latest version
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    So i played this game maybe 3 months donated maybe 50 dollars to get better gear and joined a good clan . I got my char to 206 and enjoyed the game .Having played global for 5 years i have a pretty good scope on the char i was playing. Then came the problems .Having wanting to increase my rank i had to go to Dk square , a easy task you might think ! but no constant crashes .Hosting a Dk square event is all well and good but when you crash after 5 mins and get little points it soon became apparent it was a waste of time .This isn't a isolated experience it happens all the time to many players in different parts of the world.GM Zennou's answer was we cannot fix it ,Is that because you have the IQ of my chair or you can not be arsed. He actually said to my down grade to windows 7 lol . It seems the server owner pockets all the donations and really could not give a shit about the players allegedly . This game could be improved so much if the owner bothered a bit.Improving the stability for one. Gm's hosting better events with bit of thought and not the mundane "sit with the gm" event which is as bout as exciting as talking a trip to the toilet . This event can be rigged and he basically sit who he wants to, a friend maybe, allegedly. it's obvious to me even after a short period of time that playing this would trigger me to become a complete cunt with people . I already think some players on this server are complete dick heads and think their better than they are .Which brings me on to blatant cheating . Went for the first time to BR yesterday getting teamed up on by Aloken who stood and watched while his mate killed ME. isn't teaming up a bannable offence... Waste of time reporting it nothing would have been done even if FAYTH bothered to reply to me, lets be fair she hasn't before when i dmed her .You can do what the fuck you like with my chars i have given my gear to payers that helped me .I will never return to this cluster fuck of a server and it will probably die soon anyway, its Saturday and it has like 5 people active .In this short space of time i met some nice people and probably will keep in contact with them through discord . I really hope this strikes a cord with somebody and things actually improve for the remaining players . Maybe it will maybe it wont.
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    I get the same impression
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    another useless post by KORN what a surprise... What animal has said makes a lot of sense. I was trying to boost a guildie at rudene the other night, we did a bit over an hour worth, I literally crashed more than 10 times. Sometimes I'd open a fresh game do 1 xp rudene run, then crash on exit. Leaving my guildie waiting and waiting wasting xp each time it happened. if you want to be 100% honest about the staff. They could be better and you know it. I wont mention names for obvious reasons, but I'm sure most of ya'll went to highschool with the popular group of arrogant idiots thinking they are awesome. I feel a lot of similarities from a specific group of end game players, staff and ex staff members. Animal, was obviously quite annyoed at Zennous reply to fix the game being "downgrade to windows 7". I think that's completely fair, if you're a high up staff position, explain and answer the question properly not some pointless short answer with no explanation. Being a staff member you'd think being able to communicate properly would be a must. you need to understand coming from a players perspective with a large portion of updates claiming to increase server stability and improve game crashes, while actually playing and experiencing it, you experience the exact opposite. When I came back to playing my ms has increased from a steady 180-250 now reguarly playing at 400. and It's RARE i even get a client open for 1 hour without a crash. I play on quite a nice PC it shouldn't have issues running. last of all seeing stupid posts on a serious thread like this being liked and favourite by staff members is an appalling unprofessional look.
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    Hello @Annoyotron, I apologize on behalf of the DKR-Staff Team for the miscommunication. We are a private-server and therefore do not have the optimizations that the official version of the game has. The DEV-Team has been working diligently to resolve the DK-Square crashes for over a year - with no luck after testing several clients. The reason why GM-Zennou recommended downgrading your Operation System is because users on Windows 7 have reported have little-to-no crashes; whereas Windows 10 users are primarily the users being affected by the crashes. GM-Zennou told me that he explained this to you privately and assumed that you understood since you didn't continue the conversation further. Furthermore, it is apparent that you either don't play here or are a new player because all of the long-time users on DKR know the truth surrounding crashes, staff abuse, and more. If you DMed me on Discord about players cheating, you did it under another alias because I don't know who you are. If you created a support ticket about players cheating, you also did it under another forum account but I don't recall speaking with you about any users cheating. Recently, a handful of very geared players were temporarily suspended for cheating in BR/PTM when another user sent us video proof of the claims. These players know who they are, and their friends also know who they are. (Which also intrigues me, because majority of the Dekaron Community knows I swing my ban hammer easily). The baseless accusations and insults against the DKR-Staff Team aren't going to be tolerated. If you have evidence that supports any of your claims, then you may submit an abuse report to me and we'll handle it accordingly. Please be aware that if you accuse any staff member of abusing their powers without proof then you could be punished for making false accusations. On top of that, if you accuse *any* user of violating the Terms of Service without supporting proof then you could still be punished for making false accusations. Regardless of status, anyone accused of violating the Terms of Service is always fully investigated by myself and/or other staff members to unveil the truth. This will be your formal warning. We aren't forcing anyone to play Dekaron Rising, everyone has the freedom to play whatever game they want and whatever private server they want. If you truly don't enjoy the experience here, then we encourage you to find something that makes you happy rather than stress you out and create such an issue in your life. Thank you for the feedback, and please be sure to create a support ticket or DM me on Discord if you have any evidence supporting your claims so that I can make the necessary sanctions if deemed necessary. Hello @kritllsj, I replied to your support ticket 2 hours after you originally created it on Friday at 08:13 PM. Your next reply to the ticket was Yesterday at 01:19 AM. We state that all support tickets are typically responded to within 24~48 hours, and at reasonable hours. I just arrived from home from Church and answered all tickets awaiting responses before opening the forums and reading this thread. I saw on my iPhone that you updated your ticket at 1:19 AM but I was already in bed and decided I would reply to your ticket when I was back from Church today. I apologize if I offended you in any way, it wasn't my intention but it seems our active times are different.
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    the last few days i found myself helping alot of new players and they all have same questions so i decided to make this guide for them once and for all and summ up everything needed to be done to be at good state of gear at shortest time. step 1. making accounts start by making 7 accounts, 1 of them is your main (AK/ALO/BAGI what ever) and the other 6 are 1 SEGNALE and 5 VICIOUS SUMMONER make your main account with the ID and password you used to and the other 6 same ID and same password so its easy to remember (for example- danniboy1,danniboy2,danniboy3 and so on) all with the same password. rising devs had made it possible to creating accounts without the need of emails when registering 7 accounts, just make something up at the Email bar for the 6 you not gonna use you dont need to open the Email to active accounts. (genius thing to do by the way good job rising) step 2. leveling up to the grind log all your accounts and gather them to 1 party. inside your inventory you will have begginer package, open it and get the 20% exp amulet ticket on all your acounts, get 20 teleport scrolls on each on of them from NPC Arenar above ardeca square. press M and on the map you will see all the akris spots by lvls. get all your accounts to lvl 60 and go egutt desert and lvl there untill you are lvl 180. its kinda hard to lvl 7 accounts at once so what i did is i lvl up the seg solo and then use it to lvl up all the others without them dying all the time. once you got to 180 with all your accounts put their stats up. the 5 summoners needs to put all their stats to heal. thats how they dont die, the seg can be full heal/full SPR/half and half (personaly i use half and half coz it doesnt die and does nice dmg). i lvl my seg to 200 because that is my main make sure that when you reach 180 all your accounts has +9 gear from egutt desert map lvl 160 ! ! ! ! step 3. the grinding for those of you that think "ohh its a private server i get highest lvl and best gear in a sec and off to PK" well... that is not the case. now after lvling and gearing its time for the oldschool grinding. take all your accounts to mitera active all the summoners pets and put them on SHIFT +E find a nice spot with many monsters and start lure and kill using the seg (dont go to the monsters that drops armor coz they hit alot and in AOE and your csummoners will die and also its slow kill) ive done that for 4 days 4 hours every day and now i got 180 gear +10 wich is good enough to advance in the game. in your grinding you are looking for cash and dream powders and the items for your main on the way. in mitera you will also get looting pet (common wiki) irecommand you to put 1 on each character in the party and let them loot armors and weps and every night before you go to sleep set all your accounts to shop at ardeca its not much money but i get 15m each night from each account doing that so its 105M gaind while sleeping. dream powders sells now for 370M for 1000 so every time you get 1k sell it. step 4. gearing up leveling your main and start play you can either grind for a month at a row and get teragrace gear +10 but i belive you will get bored before getting there so what i recommand is to get osmium set +10 and lvl 180 wep +10 and start lvling to 200. go to egutt desert maps lvl 120 and 140 and farm 300 dirham and exchange them at ishtar for 100% exp bosst for 24 hours (can be done over and over again) after you get the 100% go to tower dungeon teleported from Reezena at middle of ardeca and start do tower runs untill you hit lvl 190. at lvl 190 you go to Reezena again and you teleport to rudene dungeon and start doing those runs. (in rudene i recommand you to find some strong to duo with you its extremly fast way to 200 in duo). all the way from 180 to 200 you will do alot of dungeon runs and that means alot of argates. dont be tempted to try upgrade with them. save them all the way and when you get to 200 decide what to do with them coz it can be alot of money special items you should aim for at lvl 151 you can exchange 300 mithril to lvl 151 wings, you farm then in dead lands or just buy them for 30M the bosses and the first 3 maps in egutt desrt drops fine necless and rings that you can use untill you get the good ones tho you can use 1 at a time. you've hit lvl 200 and got your 180 +10 set on your main? good. start aiming for neckless and rings nouble souls is probbly the best neckless you can farm, it has 5 upgrades and transforms to parca shinny tear. you can use 3 of those at same time to upgrade them you need dark stones and mana crystal from tower dung and 18k dream powder to get all 3 fully upgraded (fayth or danni made a guide on this). you will need a party to kill the boss that drops it. it is located under crespo the last neckless you look for is draconic squama wich you buy with purches points that gained at dead front and DK square (i dont count crespo its slow as hell). once you see you can get points in DK square and dead front and you dont instantly die everytime you can swich to farming P and B points and buy items with them and sell. best wings in the game. you will see all around you players with crazy wings. thats just for show. you cna get same wings by farming feathers or wing fragments what ever they called. and upgrade your lvl 151 wings to have same stats as the crazy looking wings. guys i know theres alot of info i missed like the plume farming and tera but this is a guide for palyers who are completley new to the game or to this server and its only information to help players at their first week at the game and to teach and show that you can get good gear at short time as a SOLO PLAYER if you guys would like to see a full server guide like this one that goes from lvl1 all the way to tera gear +10 let me know in the commends/ P messege i really hoped i helped you new commers with this one. let me know in the comments if you liked it and if you think i write something wrong. Fayth and danniboy i really think that you should add in the warning section that you got when entering ID and PW a recommadation aimed for new players to go check forum guides before starting to play the server, that way they might get better faster and not thrustraited from first week that no one helps them and leave my characher name in the game FirstAid new comers you can send me friend requests and ask question ingame i will always help and add you to party. cya inside everyone!!!!!
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    See where you are coming from, rudene is really good for you to level up at the moment until 200 BUT it's a major pain in the ass doing it.. you need 2 people or be strong enough to double log it, then its literally 1 minute runs and then relog... it's the most annoying part of leveling in the game at the moment you have a 1-2 minute run of rudene first wave for xp then relog but the more you relog and enter dungeon the higher your chances of a crash go up... be really good to get something sorted out so people could spend a good hour+ worth of time grinding without having to relog each couple of minutes. Parca is good also but not if you're new... you need higher gears or multiple people to survive there other wise 1-2 extra mobs will kill you all. I dunno if anyone from staff has done testing on actually levelling to 210 without already having endgame items, there really needs to be another option for level grinding ecspecially since the crash issue in this dekaron really makes rudene xp runs a pile of shit
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    It is fairly slow compared to other Private servers. Basically we aim to make the game what the official game failed to. Our server is quite balanced in terms of progression which is what we believe is the best option. Not impossible/several years to gear up like in other free to play games, but also not too fast/within weeks like on other private servers. However it is true that there have been some hardcore farmers who geared up in only 1-2 months without spending any money, but for the average human it would definitely take at least 4 months. We are here to provide a good Dekaron experience and we believe that we deliver just that.
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    Segita Hunter - Guide

    Segita Hunter - Guide (Never miss the targets) Hello again Rising Warriors ! I'm TacticalBeast and I'm back with a great guide for all the hunters in this server. I'm here to give you the best tips and to show you how good hunter can be. In addition the tips that I will give can help you play better as well and to know more about this class ! What are we going to talk about ? Tricks in pvp for Segita Hunter Great skill bar and comfortable Great combos to win in pvp / pk Builds for Segita Hunter So lets start? Information about Segita Hunter : Segita Hunter is one of the best classes in this game, hunters use bow and crossbow as main weapons, she can help a lot to her partners in pk or pve. Segita Hunter is a great class to start the game with and why? Great damage against mobs and bosses (PVE) Great damage against enemies in pvp or pk She's faster and quickly She has slow arrows and she makes her enemies slow She looks great as well After you got all this information that you need you can start with leveling up. I will give you a guide where to level up First thing that you must do is to buy all the skills that you need until you will reach high level. Level 1 - 12 - Ardeca Level 12 - 37 - Denebe Level 37 - 40 Frozen Of Valley Level 40 - 54 - Norak Cave Level 54 - 60 Draco Desert Level 60 - 180 - Egutt Desert Egutt Desert is the best leveling map since you are level 60, there's bosses that give you lots of exp if you kill them. * Level 161 - 180 - Daes Altar - A great leveling place at Egutt Desert from 161 - 180, this place drops gears +9. armlets , belts, weapons this is a great place for starter players. Level 180 - 200 +, the last part of leveling is Nest Of Cherubim (Raid) , in this place you will receive such a great exp and specially with 100% veteran, also you can get levels at parca once you are level 190. You also can check Dannyboi leveling guide to make it faster. Why do I play as Segita Hunter ? This is a great question why I'm playing as Segita Hunter. I still remember some years ago I was tired of all the main classes that I played, how many times can I play them? again and again and again it makes you tired, so I looked at Segita Hunter and I always thought that this class is not for me and she is not that strong but I was wrong. After I created Segita Hunter and I saw her amazing skills I started to like her, I learned combos and tricks in pvp and they help me until today. DONT EVER SAY THAT THIS CLASS IS NOT FOR YOU UNTIL YOU WILL TRY IT ! try this class and you will see that she can be your favorite class, don't say "no she is not for me, I won't be good with her" just try her and you will see that you will love her that much as I do ! Builds for Segita Hunter : Okay so many people will ask "which build should I use for this class" so this is really not hard. First build : you can use full dex but you will not be tanky and what that means? people will catch you many times and they will do high damage on you, but you will do the same on them, you can die fast because you dont have much hp. Second build : you can put 70% dex and 30% heal in your stats, with this build you will do high damage and you will be a bit tanky vs people, you will have more hp and you will not die that fast. Third build : you can put 50% dex and 50% heal, with this build your damage will be half but you will be tanky vs many classes and it will not be that easy to kill you. Tip from me, if you have any experience from other servers you can check which build is the best for you. Combos for Segita Hunter : Yes yes the best part of the guide is here , I will give you the best combos for Segita Hunter so you can do high damage on your enemy. First combo : 1. Duporun 2. Vulnerable Point 3. Reciyon 4. Heavy Rain 5. Jercita Second combo : 1. Duporun 2. Vulnerable Point 3. Fire bullet 4. Reciyon 5. Jercita 6. Heavy Rain - Best combo that makes your damage higher Third combo : 1. Duporun 2. Vulnerable Point 3. Fire bullet 4. Chaos blast 5. Conciant Fourth combo : 1. Vulnerable Point 2. Fire arrow 3. Reciyon 4. Conciant 5. Piercing Magnum Thats all my best combos to you. People may ask why did I add fire arrow to my combo. The answer is that fire arrow helps you with kb, what that means? you will do many kbs on your enemy and it will help you to win the pvp. How do my skill bar looks like ? This is a simple skill bar and it is very comfortable if you will try it. This is really a comfortable skill bar, you can use it or to do something like this so you will feel comfortable when you're playing. Tips / Tricks for pvps Remember when you fight people your job is not to get close to the enemy and to attack him ! you are Segita Hunter so get away from your enemy and attack him, DO NOT GET CLOSE TO YOUR ENEMY OTHERWISE YOU MAY DIE ! also use Chaos Blast a lot so your enemy will lose the target on you and you will attack him before. You have slow arrows that can help you, you have speed skill so you can run away from your enemy and he will not be available to catch you. If you need one more skill to make your enemy slow and the skill will push him is Crow Wings skill that helps a lot during pvp. Is Segita Hunter good for PVE? Yes of course, Segita Hunters have a great damage on monsters or bosses, specially they can use Vulnerable Point skill on bosses and to make more damage, in addition almost every skill for Segita Hunter will attack many mobs around her. Important skills for Segita Hunter : Rapid Fire : which helps you knock your enemy and at this time you can attack him, but remember this skill will not work always ! Fire Arrow : this skill helps you with kb, when you will use it you will be available to kb your enemy many times. Elastic Force : this is the most important skill for hunter, why? when you will use this skill your enemy will not do the same damage on you, he will not be available to catch you as normally and you might win him but remember you have to use this skill always ! Vulnerable Point : many hunters dont know that they can win the enemy easy with this skill. As you can see in every combo I gave you this skill and why? because this skill increases your damage on the enemy, but it not works always so be careful. Many hunters are doing the same mistakes, they attack the enemy but they dont use this important skill and thats why they lose. So remember you have to use this skill always ! Chaos Blast : Crossbow skill that helps you retreat from the enemy and causes them to lose target on you, shoot your target from a 20 meter distance as you retreat. Explosion Arrow : When you will use this skill lowers defeat rate from your enemy. Which build should I use until level 200 + ? That's simple, you can increase your dex from level 1-100 but after that the monsters will become stronger so you must put some heal too, until level 150 you must have around 100 heal +, and until level 200 try to get 200 heal (if you want this build). Which gems you have to use in your weapons ? Segita Hunter doesn't have elemental skills and that's why she can use any gem that she wants. Segita Hunter is standing on physical damage so that means that you can use poison/ice/fire/curse/light. How can you be a strong Segita Hunter ? If you want to be really good with Segita Hunter you must learn the skills like your own hand. What do I mean? you have to practice a lot in pvps vs people and you will learn slowly how you become better. In addition remember dont be pressed while you pvp someone, you will just lose like that because you will have no clue which skill to use, play smart and you will win easy. So the real question is "will I listen to this guy and I will try this class" ? I will answer you quickly. If you feel like you are not that good in other classes, you don't like the currently class that you're playing right now just create Segita Hunter and try it, you may like it, you might be good with her and enjoy her. How is your build looks like ? This is my build, I'm using lots of dex to have a lot damage on my enemies and I will not forget to put some heal too so I can tank the monsters and my enemies In conclusion thank to all of you for reading this guide, I hope that it helps you a lot and I'm sure that I gave my best tips and all my heart in this guide Wish I will see you all ingame as Segita Hunters * Dont forget : DONT BE SCARED TO USE THIS CLASS AND DONT DARE TO THINK THAT THIS CLASS IS NOT FOR YOU UNTIL YOU WILL TRY IT !
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    Dekaron Rising Balance Part 5

    Warriors! Balance Part 5 is here! Introduction Most of these changes are minor PvE/PvP balance adjustments for all classes and bug fixes for some classes, but we also made a bold move and decided to completely rework the Vicious Summoner and Concerra Summoner classes! I advise you to try them out in game! Right now VS and CS are relying on their chakras for survival. This is wrong. Chakras should be something you put down as support. They shouldn't be your lifeline. As a result we have nerfed the chakras heavily, but also heavily boosted all of CS and VS skills so they can now run around freely (they will still need chaks for max damage) but you aren't instantly doomed if you are caught outside chakra range. CS and VS should still be at the same place balance wise as they were before, but with more freedom so you can actually enjoy the classes now like in the old days! But this will of course also mean that you need to change your playstyle on CS and VS. A few older skills have also been reworked to give CS and VS more combo variations! Each class will have a small note attached to them so you can see what our goal with the changes were. We know that these are a lot of changes so we will do our best to make adjustments and release balance part 6 as fast as possible if anything is too strong or too weak. The balance team and I hope you enjoy these balance changes and please share your feedback in the comments! It will help us a lot! Thank you to the balance team for helping us test and give feedback! Thank you Dave and welcome back! Additionally to make it easier for you guys since you don't know how skill damage and PC damage works we decided to write the changes as following: Damage has been Highly increased/decreased = you will notice a big difference in game Damage has been Moderately increased/decreased = you will notice a difference in game Damage has been Slightly increased/decreased = you will notice a small difference in game Damage has been Very slightly increased/decreased = you will barely notice any difference in game ↑ = Boost ↓ = Nerf ♥ = Bug fix ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Azure Knight Note: The idea is mainly to adjust the lower level skills of Azure Knight so that players aren’t forced to go Tribuild to compete on AK. Minor PvE adjustments aswell. Asuwin: ↓ Very slightly decreased damage Grandis: ↓ Very slightly decreased damage Magnum: ↓ Very slightly decreased damage Solar Evil: ↑ Highly increased damage Sonic Massacre: ↑ Highly increased damage Geno side: ↑ Highly increased damage Fury of Rondow: ↑ Highly increased damage ↑ Increased the chance of the 2nd hit to stun the target 1 sec from 19 to 60% Igen Dash: ↑ Highly increased damage ↑ Increased the stun duration of the 2nd last hit from 1.5 sec to 2.25 sec Spout Anger: ↑ Very slightly increased damage Air Smashing: ↑ Highly increased damage Faedol Launch: ↑ Highly increased damage ↑ Increased Max HP debuff from 2554 to 3554 ↑ Increased the chance of applying the debuff from 83 to 90% Bounce Defender: ↑ Slightly increased damage ↓ Decreased monster damage tolerance from 60% to 40% ↑ Increased the range of the buff -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Segita Hunter Note: Balance adjustments Recicyon: ↑ Increased debuff duration from 5 to 8 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Incar magician Note: Balance adjustments Elemental Master: ↑ Highly increased damage ↓ Increased cooldown from 17 to 30 seconds Infernal Pillar: ↑ Slightly increased damage Flame Gusher: ↑ Slightly increased damage Vertex Halt: ↑ Slightly increased damage Ghost of Time: ♥ Fixed a bug where targets could dash when under the effects of the debuff -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Segnale Note: Balance adjustments Blood Hit: ↓ Moderately decreased damage Excranose: ↓ Moderately decreased damage Murcia: ↓ Moderately decreased damage Rise Fierce: ↑ Very slightly increased damage -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bagi Warrior Note: Minor PvE adjustments. Tornado: ↑ Slightly increased damage Outrage: ↑ Slightly increased damage Tempest Wing: ↑ Moderately increased damage Lallupalooza: ↑ Slightly increased damage -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aloken Note: Balance adjustments & minor PvE adjustments Ethereal Shock: ↑ Highly increased damage ↑ Added a -200% movement debuff for 3 seconds Shock Spear: ♥ Fixed a bug where the target would keep running after being stunned Cancimo: ↑ Increased the crit damage from 4% to 6% each stack ↑ Increased the physical damage from 6% to 8% each stack Punish: ↑ Slightly increased damage Les Ailes Deschirees: ↑ Slightly increased damage Blow Storm: ↑ Slightly increased damage La Vie En Rose: ↑ Slightly increased damage Dazzling Weapon: ↑ Slightly increased damage -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Segeuriper Note: Balance adjustments Healing Moss: ↑ Increased the amount of HP restored Element Pillage: ↓ Decreased buff/debuff duration from 60 to 30 seconds Aresio Pillage: ↓ Decreased buff/debuff duration from 60 to 30 seconds Soul Pillage: ↓ Decreased buff/debuff duration from 60 to 30 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dark Wizard Note: Balance adjustments Dark Dragon: ↓ Moderately decreased damage Hell Gate: ↑ Slightly increased damage Dark Explosion: ↑ Slightly increased damage Dark Moons: ↑ Slightly increased damage Caderhim: ↑ Moderately increased damage Black Hole Cannon: ↑ Highly increased damage Death Link: ♥ Fixed a bug that would reflect too much dmg back if combined with level 1 set and Great Manabarrier -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Half Bagi Note: Balance adjustments Berristo: ↓ Moderately decreased damage ↓ Decreased the amount of critical resistance lowered per hit from 2 to 1% Pronteim: ↓ Moderately decreased damage -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dragon Knight Note: Balance adjustments Pulses: ↓ Moderately decreased damage Riracume: ↓ Slightly decreased damage Spirit of Harsh: ↓ Decreased stun % chance from 100% to 60% Chircon: ↓ Lowered the pk/pvp damage tolerance debuff per hit from 3% to 1% ♥ Fixed a bug that would give the target +75% critical rate instead of lowering their critical rate (now has a 68% chance of lowering targets crit rate by 200 per hit) ♥ Fixed a bug that would sometimes make all hits on the target miss Charge Diss: ♥ Fixed a bug that would cause the skill to interrupt for people with high ms -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vicious summoner Note: Rework. CS/VS are currently relying on their chakras to survive. This means the 2 classes aren’t able to leave their chakra range without fatal consequences. This makes the classes extremely unenjoyable and unnatural to play. The idea is to give them more freedom by nerfing chakra buffs and boosting overall skill damages. This will allow CS/VS to move around like back in the days. Chakras will be for support not for survival. Force Chakra: ↓ Highly decreased overall statuses Power Chakra: ↓ Highly decreased overall statuses Un-Power Chakra: ↓ Highly decreased overall statuses Dani Sacra: ↓ Highly decreased overall statuses Poison Sword: ↑ Highly increased damage Synthetic Bore: ↑ Highly increased damage Rapite: ↑ Highly increased damage Shadow Revenge: ↑ Highly increased damage Twin Bore: ↑ Highly increased damage Dark Avatar: A Dark Avatar rework was required. The current DA was extremely fast which would sometimes cause hits to bug and only hit 1-2 times. ↑ Highly increased damage ↑ Very slightly increased the range of the skill ♥ Reverted the cast time back to its original Vicious Mirror: ↑ Highly increased damage Spirit Dagger: ↑ Highly increased damage Devil Swing: ↑ Highly increased damage Velochiup: ↑ Highly increased damage Death Penalty: ↑ Highly increased damage Canine: ↑ Highly increased damage Palpus: ↑ Highly increased damage Increase Poison: ↑ Highly increased damage Sporjar: ↑ Highly increased damage Hellburst: ↑ Highly increased damage Vicious Thorn: ↓ Cooldown has been increased from 6 to 12 seconds Cane Hawk: ↑ Increased crit rate from 635 to 935 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Concerra Summoner Note: Rework. CS/VS are currently relying on their chakras to survive. This means the 2 classes aren’t able to leave their chakra range without fatal consequences. This makes the classes extremely unenjoyable and unnatural to play. The idea is to give them more freedom by nerfing chakra buffs and boosting overall skill damages. This will allow CS/VS to move around like back in the days. Chakras will be for support not for survival. Force Chakra: ↓ Highly decreased overall statuses Power Chakra: ↓ Highly decreased overall statuses Un-Power Chakra: ↓ Highly decreased overall statuses Dani Sacra: ↓ Highly decreased overall statuses Blade Rain: ↑ Highly increased damage Torres: ↑ Highly increased damage ↑ Increased debuff duration from 7 to 10 sec ↑ Increased HP drain from 15 HP/sec to 590 HP/sec B-shock: ↑ Highly increased damage Top Blade: ↑ Highly increased damage ↑ Doubled the amount of HP restored (chance is still 70%) ↓ Increased cooldown from 10 to 16 seconds Numb Pain: ↑ Highly increased damage ↓ Debuff duration has been lowered from 5 to 4 seconds Poison Shock: ↑ Highly increased damage Shadow Attack: ↓ Debuff duration has been lowered from 4 to 3 seconds Runtar: ↑ Highly increased damage Nasconder: ↑ Highly increased damage Imagery Blade: ↑ Highly increased damage Leg Regression Hell: ↑ Highly increased damage Canine: ↑ Highly increased damage Ghost Dancing: ↑ Highly increased damage Palpus: ↑ Highly increased damage Increase Poison: ↑ Highly increased damage Hellburst: ↑ Highly increased damage Cetor Ballen: ↑ Highly increased damage Vicious Thorn: ↓ Cooldown has been increased from 6 to 12 seconds
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    2 main rings

    can you make the 2 main rings can be put like slot 1 is squama and slot 2 is lach so you only need is ctrl tab it to change to dmg or tank type on next update?
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    [Guide]: All Class Weapon Skin Previews!

    Updated Guide with all Sap Skin Previews
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    We are very happy to present to you a system that is brand new to Dekaron, that no other server or even global has! The Weapon Skin System is a brand new system to Dekaron that we have coded from scratch. We hope you like it :). Update 02/26/2019: CLICK HERE FOR SCREENSHOTS OF EVERY WEAPON IN EVERY SKIN New Weapon Skin Exchange! The weapon skin system lets you change the skin of your level 200 +10 weapon without losing your gems or magic/noble/divine stats. How to change your Weapons Skin: Go to [GM]Katarina in Ardeca to see the weapon skin exchanges and what diamond you need Use the mailbox to send Lv.200 +10 weapon to [GM]Katarina Use the mailbox to send the appropriate Crystal to [GM]Katarina Relog and check your mailbox Please see the combinations below (or at [GM]Katarina NPC). Weapon Skins Currently Active: The base skin is the Purple Crystalline skin. You can turn any Lv.200 skin to Purple Crystalline using the item [Skin Diamond]Purple Crystalline. Once you have a +10 Purple Crystalline Weapon, you can turn it into another skin. With this update the system has 3 skins. We will expand this system with future updates. Purple Crystalline + [Skin Diamond] Maelstrom = Maelstrom Skin Maelstrom skin diamond drops from Tritone (see below) Purple Crystalline + [Skin Diamond] Red Light = Red Light Skin Red light skin diamond drops from Seleana (see below) Purple Crystalline + [Skin Diamond] Cursed = Cursed Skin Cursed diamond drops from Yoshima Diamechy (see below) Purple Crystalline + [Skin Diamond] Sap = Sap Skin Purple Crystalline + [Skin Diamond] Sun = Sun Skin Purple Crystalline + [Skin Diamond] Tech = Tech Skin Purple Crystalline + [Skin Diamond] Velikas = Velikas Skin -- now has a new blue effect as well ANY SKIN (except Purple Crystalline) + [Skin Diamond] Purple Crystalline = Purple Crystalline Purple skin diamond is in Dream Powder exchange Example: Click Here For Skin Previews New Boss Arenas Tritone The king of Aquarius. The ruler of oceans. Difficulty: Very hard Drops: [Skin Diamond] Maelstrom Drop Rate: 33% Respawn Time: 4 Hours Map: Aquarius Channel(s): Ark HP: 180000000 Attacks: 1) Normal melee attack that damages the player on impact 2) Tritone hits the target twice with his tentacle for heavy damage 3) An AOE attack that hits surrounding players 3 times for heavy damage 4) Minions. Tritone can summon Lantea warriors to help him in battle 5) Tritone spawns lightning totems around his arena that hits any player caught within it's range for small, but fast damage 6) Tritone may call down a powerful lightning strike to hit any players within range for high damage. 7) Tritone spawns huge water AOE fields that will hit any players caught within range for 70% of their HP. This attack also has a small chance of hitting 90k damage, so don't get too brave. Tactics: Kill minions when he spawns them. Don't try to tank the huge water AOE fields, because they have a low chance of 1 hitting any player caught within range. Have 1 person tank the boss and 1 person constantly healing the tank. --------------------- Yoshima Diameki Yoshima Diameki has taken over Tomb of the Black Dragon because he is trying to raise an army of dead. Difficulty: Very Hard Drops: [Skin Diamond] Cursed Drop Rate: 33% Respawn Time: Every 4 hours Map: Tomb of the Black Dragon Channel(s): Ark HP: 180000000 Attacks: 1) Normal magical attack that damages the player on impact 2) An AOE attack that deals heavy damage to all surrounding players one time 3) Yoshima calls down a cursed Aldebaran to hit the player for high damage 4 times 4) Death Grapple. Yoshima summons hands of the dead to hit and slow any players caught by it 5) Minions. Yoshima may summon different types of minions. Bone dragons and skeletal bishops 6) Special minion. Yoshima may summon a Dopple Mornie. This is a cursed segnale and she will attack the players and heal any allies near her. Yes that includes Yoshima too. 7) Massive AOE spikes. Yoshima will summon massive AOE spikes that will hit any player caught within range for 70% of their HP. Tactics: Kill the Dopple Mornie first since she can heal Yoshima. Kill the rest of the minions so you only have to deal with Yoshima himself. Dodge the massive AOE spikes, since they have a small chance of dealing 90k damage to any player caught within its range. And we have more bosses and weaponskins coming soon aswell! Future bosses teaser: We hope you enjoy this update, a lot of work went into making it. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback, we'd love to hear it :).
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    Connecton Failed

    I'm getting the same problem so I think it's server
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    Market Forum Rules

    Market Forum Rules It has come to our attention that the market section has become flooded with thousands of single "bumps", tons of spam/unrelated posts and repeat topic creation. To help resolve the issue the following rules are being set in place and will be enforced from the time of this post, onward. Section 1 - Rules Trading or selling Accounts is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Do not beg for free items, not even as a joke. Any form of harassment, profanity, insult, or flaming/trolling will not be tolerated. Post discussions in the appropriate location. (If its not a trade, it doesnt belong here) Do NOT "bump" your post more than ONCE per 24 hours. Do NOT give a "free bump" to another user EVER. Only use "UPDATED" as a bump if you actually updated the original post. Do not re-post your trades. Use the "Edit" function on your original post. No thread Hijacking (Do not post your own personal Buy/Sell list in other peoples trade topics) Section 2 - Market Guidlines Here are some guidelines for starting and maintaining an effective trade/buy/sell topic. Always make sure you have an effective topic title. The name of your thread should clearly state what you are selling/buying/trading. Unless you have multiple things for trade/buy/sell, in which case you can declare it "[Yournamegoeshere]'s Buy/Sell/Trade Thread" Bumps and Updates: You may bump and/or update your own thread once per 24 hours. If your thread becomes flooded with bumps you may ask a staff member to prune your thread and bump it for you. Although you may not Hijack someone elses thread, you may post offers in the thread directed at the original post IF they request offers on a specific item. Do not link your thread in their trade. Failure to follow the rules here will result in warnings and/or bans. **Rules are subject to change as time passes to better serve it's purpose.
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    Thats my spear now bugger of
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    trade trade trade

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    trade trade trade