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    1. The first thing you should do when you spawn in Ardeca after you make a character and gave it a name is following: 1. Open your map (M) and go to the Ardeca town exit (big green arrows on the map) 2. As you venture out of the town Ardeca, simply follow the green arrows to slay the different level Akris on the map until you are level 60. (make sure to grab the "newbie buff" at the gate exit/entrance to Ardeca. Simply walk over it. Also remember to pick up the dills drop from Akris) 3. Once you are level 60+ return to Ardeca. 4. First thing you should do now is to go buy the skills for YOUR class. Individual class skillmasters are located at coordinates 400 : 80, Master skills can be found at coordinates 285:95 (NPC Lowe). 5. Once you have bought your skills, you will need as many potions you can get for your level. Also buy 100 return scrolls while you're at it. Head to the merchant NPC "Arenar" who is located at the coordinates 285 : 147 in Ardeca town. (IMPORTANT: Make sure you collect all the dills possible for potions, teleports). GOOD WORK! Alright you have made it this far and the easiest part is over and you are now level 60 and have bought your skills and potions. 6. It is now time to go to teleporter NPC "Jerome" located in Ardeca town at coordinates 350 : 142 and teleport to Egutt Desert. 7. Once you arrive in Egutt Desert you are currently in a safe zone. (However players can attack and kill each other here still) 8. Go to the NPC "Commander" and teleport to the level 60+ area. 9. Once you reached level 80 click your return scroll you bought earlier and return to Ardeca. 10. Once you have returned to Ardeca re-enter Egutt Desert and teleport to the level 80 area this time. Keep leveling in the area until you reach level 100 then use another return scroll and return to Ardeca. 11. Once again re-enter Egutt Desert and this time level from 100-120. At level 120 return to Ardeca again. Here on this map, you can farm 300 dirham to exchange for 1day 100% exp boost ammulet. NPC for exchange is Ishtar at Egutt. 12. Re-enter Egutt Desert again and enter level 120 area. Stay until level 140 and the return to Ardeca again. 13. Re-enter Egutt Desert again and enter level 140 area. Stay until level 160 and the return to Ardeca again. 14. Re-enter Egutt Desert again and enter level 160 area. Level from 160-180. Here you can farm your egutt accessories. You have now completed my new player guide! In order to become fully competitive and enjoy the game to its full extent, the following two should be your main goals: 1) Level up to 210 Until 190: Once you reached level 180 there are two places to continue your journey. Tower of Spell is a party dungeon, providing higher experience rate, which will allow you to reach level 190 quicker. The dungeon can be reached using teleporter Reezena in Ardeca (coordinates 360:130). Once you are there, form a party and move towards the Bridge of Soul indicated on your map. For the Tower of Spell dungeon, you need to go as a party. Therefore, this option is not always available. An alternative solution to reach level 190 is a Treasure of Crespo dungeon, which can be completed solo, however providing a little lower experience. You can reach the dungeon through Reezena as well. To enter the dungeon you need to create a party, however it is enough to be alone in the party to enter. Until 200: When you are level 190 the best place to level is Parca Temple. To get to Parca Temple speak with NPC Makaio (coordinates 347:117) in Ardeca. Parca Temple can only be reached by the players with level 190+. Furthermore, it is strongly encouraged to have at least Osmium set +9 and 180 level +9 weapon, since the monster are relatively strong. For the best experience, kill the monsters in the Right Wing, indicated in your map. An alternative method of leveling is by clearing the first wave in the Rudene Dungeon, which can be reached through the Reezena NPC. After the first wave of monsters is killed, go to character selection and restart the dungeon. It is recommended to go duo for the highest experience reward. Until 210: Welcome to the Ultimate End-game of leveling! The last 10 levels will allow you to gain the access to the full potential of your character capabilities through the Grand-Master skills. At this stage, you will need to find the Portal to Shangri-La, located in Ardeca (coordinates 451:56) and teleport to Shangri-La map. The map is only for players 200lvl+. It is strongly recommended that you have at least full Teragrace set +10 and 195 level weapon +10, as well as Osmium / Teragrace accessories, necklaces. For the best experience rewards, lure packs of Fighter Dolls (top right corner of the map) and kill them as fast as possible. It is also good to form a full pt and head over to "Token" area on the bottom part of the map. You'll be able to effectively lure token mobs with full pt for maximum exp, so try to get full pt before heading over there. 210-225 We recently increased our maximun level 225 which a player can achieve. Although 215 and above is intended to be extremely hard to gain exp, new meister skills can be learned at level 215 by purchasing skill books with 1k Tower of Magic Fragments. To get to level 215, players can gain maximum exp from farming in El Mar/Shangri La/Kastrioti mansion/Tower of Magic and DF Hell. Doom DF (190-210) Doom DF has been reworked which allow players to gain massive exp per run. Make sure to join every 4 hours for fast leveling. Tower of Spell dungeon - Tower of Spell is now also the best place for new players to farm Teragrace accessories +8 and 195 lvl sig weapons +8 Tower of Spell also offers other unique drops such as: Dark Stones Mana Crystallines +164 guard bijou (end game socket gems for helmet) 6% gems Seal of Destruction ring Gold Argates Ruins of Rudene - Ruins of Rudene has been reworked and offers good EXP at level 190+. The dungeon is designed for mid gear players (+9 Osmium and up) with the exception of the last boss Rudene which is designed for end game players. Find NPC Rezeena [Dungeons] in Ardeca to teleport to Ruins of Rudene The dungeon offers unique rewards such as: Wing Fragments Dream Powders Dills Gold Argates Solon Necklaces Malbray's Seal (last boss) MC3 Helmet (last boss, end game item) The Deadlands - In The Deadlands you will be looking for "Mithrils". Mithrils are common drops from all enemies in The Deadlands and are used to exchange at NPC Ishtar in Ardeca for level 151 wings. The monsters here also drops dream powders, marvics and argates. Map: Parca Temple - In parca Temple you can find Shadowkris near the waterpools. Shadowkris drops 8m dills each, therefore it is good place to farm pure dills. All the other types of enemies that spawn in Parca Temple are Sap enemies. Sap enemies drop Sap Bottles which you can exchange for various items at NPC Binaelle Fairie who is located next to the teleporter NPC Conrad in Parca Temple. Sap bottles are also good source of income as the demand is always high from end game players for varies exchangable items. Map: Abandoned City - In Abandoned City you will be farming for wing fragments to upgrade your level 151 wings. Fully upgraded level 151 wings have the same stats as Dshop wings. The exchange NPC is located at the Abandoned City entrance. To get to the Abandoned City speak with NPC Orz in Ardeca. Note that these monsters are designed for fully geared players as wings are considered end-game items. Map: Aquarai Ruins - In Aquarai Ruins you can find the so called "crap gems" which are gems so bad that they serve no other purpose than to increase the success chance of you creating a socket in your armour or helmet. 1 gem = 5% more chance of success. You can sacrifice up to 5 crap gems which is a total of +25% increased chance to make a socket. Map: Shangri-La - Accessed though the Portal to Shangri-La in Ardeca. The player must be level 200+.This is the map, where you will spend many hours in order to reach the maximum level. Nevertheless, the mobs will also provide you with valuable drops, that will be necessary to progress in the game. Fighter Dolls drop Books of Magic, and Hirsch / Guardian Dolls drop Velikas Token. Both materials can be exchanged at NPC Aneela in Shangri-La map (coordinates 86:28) for Grand-Master 201 skills. One skill requires 500 Velikas Tokens and 1000 Books of Magic. Furthermore, there are Maverick Dolls spawning across the map, dropping different types of Mavericks. It is also here that you can now obtain +8 Teragrace parts and accessories. Shangri-La Sanctuary - Accessed though the Portal to Shangri-La in Ardeca. The player must be level 205+. This map is the only place where you will find Solidarity Crystals. Those are required to obtain the Crystalline armlets and belts as well as the Platinum Chunk, which is required to upgrade your Masochie earrings. Crystalline accessories are the best ones in the game, Masochies are the ultimate attack earrings, acquired from the Whale (see Boss guide). Solidarity Crystals can be exchanged for the items in the same map at NPC Bella (coordinates 100:422). Although the monsters are spawned across the whole map, the best place to farm is indicated in the image below. Map: El-Mar - Accessed though the Portal to Shangri-La in Ardeca. The player must be level 205+. The map is the only place, where Rondow gear parts can be found. All the mobs have a chance of dropping random +0 pieces. Rondow set is the best gear in the game, therefore only the most end-game players should strive to acquire the set. The whole map is covered with monsters that drop the items. Tritone and Whale drop 2x pieces of Rondow, therefore they are mini-bosses of the map. In the "Hard Spot", there is a higher chance of getting Rondow parts, however it will be difficult to survive without a Segnale. This map also hosts Emerald Boss Event 2x per day.
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    2. Click the link below to see a video guide 5 ways to make dil 2021 edition 1. Deadlands (Lv 150+) Various argates, mavrics and dream powder farming 2. Parca Temple (Lv 190+) Sap bottles, dil from Akris 3. Doomed Maze Dream Powder (at the time of this post, dream powder price has doubled from what the video says) 4. Shangri-La Sanctuary Solidarity Crystal 5. DKSQ/ DKSQ EVENTS Earn Purchase Points to sell items from Lowe Additional mention 1. Land of Illusion/ Phantom Land Dragon Bone 100pc =400m-500m 2. All maps that drop Dream Powder Dream Powder farming is the most effective way of making quick dil at the time of this posting. Python Castle, DeadLands, Mitera, Doomed Maze are all good maps to farm DP. Below information is outdated information but still, you can use these methods to farm dil so I will leave them here NOTE: IF YOU CAN'T SEE THE TEXT DUE TO IT HAVING SAME COLOR AS FORUM BACKGROUND, GO DOWN BOTTOM OF FORUM AND CHANGE THEME TO "AZURE LIGHT (DEFAULT)" So alot new players who joins this server keep telling me that theres no guide on making dils when I tell them to go forum and check guides section. Idk if this is true and I was too lazy to check, so I decided to just make one myself. Lets be real. If you join this server to think you will get OP items and rich without hard work and effort, you're most likely to have a hard time. It's not something that is done fast, it takes alot of patience. So lets get to it. NOTE: Market prices changes all the time. The prices I mention in this guide will never be 100% accurate. Ask in game if you don't know how much certain items are worth. So lets assume you completed my new player guide and you are level 180+ with full +9 17x set & weps or better. Also keep in mind that this guide is mainly aimed towards new/midgeared players, not endgame players. HOW TO MAKE DIL IN DEKARON RISING: Option 1: (Space of Pilgrimage. Good for very new players.) If you are a new player with decent gear and you're looking for quick dils my suggestion would be "Space Of Pilgrimage". This is an excellent map for both new players and players with a little experience in Dekaron Rising. The map requires you to be level 135+ and the teleport will cost 10000 Dils. This map is located at NPC Makaio (coordinates 346 : 112) As you arrive in Space Of Pilgrimage you should be looking for the monsters called "Grieve Meniz" & "Lament Meniz". These monsters are fairly easy to kill and drop alot of items such as: Dils, Argates, Rings, Necklaces, Earrings & Marvics. Rings, necklaces & earrings you can sell at NPC shops in Ardeca for 20k each. Argates and Marvics you can sell to other players for a fair amount of dils. (Prices of argates and marvics change all the time. check what other people sell them for and adjust your own price from that.) Option 2: (Aquarai Ruins. Good for very new players.) Again an option if you are a new player with descent gear. You are currently in ardeca. This time the trip goes to "Aquarai Ruins". To get to Aquarai Ruins you will need to speak with NPC Makaio (coordinates 346 : 112). This require for you to be level 130+ and the teleport costs 10000 dils. As you arrive in Aquarai Ruins, what you are going to want to do, is to open your map "M" and run all the way up to the top left of the Aquarai Ruins map. Here you will find the monsters called "Gabian Fret" & "Gabian D'Qurion". These monsters have a high rate of dropping gems. (players know them as "crap gems"). you can sell these gems to other players for a fair amount of dils. Players will want to buy 50 crap gems at 1 time (AKA 1 bag of crap gems). players will usually buy 1 bag of crap gems for 10-15mil dephending on market price changes. Option 3: (DK Square PVP) Level 190+ DK Square is very active now days.. (WARNING: In DK Square there are alot of strong players, and you will not stand a chance if you do not have AT LEAST full +10 osmium set and weapon.) However if you feel you can handle the PVP in DK Square go for it. as I said its very active and you can farm Purchase Points which you can choose to buy items from NPC Lowe (coordinates 285 : 97) and sell to other players for dils. This isn't really the best way of making dils, but if you get tired of the constant farming, dk square is an excellent option to get away from the boring farming. Do not join DKSQ if you are egutt geared. You wont be able to contribute and your team will hate you. Option 4: (Castor Dungeon.) Castor Dungeon is one of the most popular ways of making dils. In Castor Dungeon you will face 1 boss at the time and each boss will usually drop 8 argates and somewhere between 6-7mil dils. (WARNING: Theres a time limit of 5 minutes. Are you not able to kill the boss inside the time limit you will fail and get no drops.) It is a good idea to get 1 or 2 people in your party if you are still new and don't have full +9 or 10 yet. If you have full +9 or +10 perhaps you are strong enough to solo the boss within the time limit. Altogether Castor Dungeon is and pretty good way of making your fortune. Note: Argates no longer drops from castor bosses. Castor bosses now drop 8-9mil while you need to go to the map "Arcadia" and kill shadowkris for argates. To get to Arcadia teleport to Miteria and open your map, you should see the Arcadia on your map. Options 4 is unavailable for now. Option 5: (Tower Dungeon) RECOMMENDED for new-average geared players Tower of Spell dungeon has been reworked for new players! This dungeon is the best place to level from 180-190 and offers unique drops such as: Dil Teragrace +8 belt and armlets Gold Argates 6% gems 190 weapons Dark Stones Mana Crystallines Seal of Destruction ring Option 6: (Miteria & Osmium/Fortified Osmium/180 weps) BEST for new players This is the area you will be spending a lot of your time in as a new player. This is the recommended place after you obtained your +9 level 170 set from egutt desert 160 area. In Mitera you can farm the following: +8 Osmium Set Pieces +8 180 weapons +7 170 necklaces 170 earrings Dream Powders Dils Common Pet To get to Miteria you will need to speak with NPC Jerome (coordinates 350 : 142). The map requires for you to be level 170+ and the teleport will cost 1000 dils. The osmium set is the 2nd strongest set in the game with only a really small difference between the strongest set Tera. This makes newer players able to compete with stronger players. This should be your main place to farm until you have full +10 osmium gear. Note that gear part drops varies depending on the type of monster you kill. A rough explanation would be that the monsters in southern Mitera drops pants. East drops Chest. North drops helmets. West drops gloves. Center drops boots. Option 7: (Shadowkris) RECOMMENDED for average-endgame players Shadowkris is a popular spot to farm because they drop the highest amount of pure dil in the game. They will only spawn in numbers of 4 near the waterpools. They will drop 5mil Dil. Killing Shadowkris in Parca Temple is a popular and solid way of making Dil in Dekaron Rising. Be wary of PK'ers though, since this is a very competetive spot for making dils. Option 8: (Draco Desert bosses): Mainly for average-strong players New bosses in Draco Desert has been added. The boss "Nymph" will drop 6 gold argates each upon death. Gold argates have extremely high value in Dekaron Rising at the moment, making it a good way to make dils. Nymphs are pretty strong and players will contantly PK each other to get it. Theres 1 Nymph at Big Head Pond and one at Small Head Pond. Nymph has a respawn time of 5 hours. Option 9: (Deadfront Doom) Deadfront has been reworked and is a decent place to grind EXP from level 180-190. Additionally the bosses drop Dil, gold argates and even have a chance of dropping 18% blacksmith talisman. Option 10: (Elonohm Dragons) Average-endgame players only There are 3 Dragons in Elonohm. - Water Dragon: +105 All Resistances gems and +123 Medials and 120 resistance gems - Earth Dragon: level 180 accessories - Atramentous: Dragons Eye gems and Legendary pet (this is one of the strongest bosses in the game) The prices of these drops changes constantly. The best way to find out is to simply check what others sell them for in game or ask someone you think knows. To go to Elonohm speak with NPC Orz in Ardeca. Option 11: (Dragon Bones, Marvics and Artifacts) RECOMMENDED for new-average players Dragon Bones and Draviss Artifacts is average drops in Dravis Fields (teleport from NPC Jerome in Ardeca). A player with +9 170 gear should be able to farm 40-80 Dragon Bones/hour. Dragon Bones sell for 350-400mil+ each 100 stack, making them a very popular way of making dils for both new and average gear players. The amount of PK is also significantly lower in Draviss than it is in Under Crespo Main. Check in game market for the value of Draviss Artifacts. Dragon Bones now drop from Wisegons in Land of Illusion with higher drop rate, but at the expense of not dropping any draviss artifacts. The King Wisegon in Land of Illusion has a 100% chance of dropping a bunch of Dragon Bones, but can be hard to kill if you're new. Option 12: (Dream Powders) RECOMMENDED for new players Dream Powders is a new a popular way to make dils. These are used by strong players to upgrade Angelic Souls into an end game necklace called Shiny Tear. Dream Powders drop from all enemies in Python Castle, Doomed Maze, The Deadlands Event and Mitera. Which means you can farm them even if you are new to the server! Farming Dream Powders can get very repetetive and boring, so don't be afraid to swap between different farming spots every now and then. Option 13: (Sap Bottles) RECOMMENDED for Average players Sap Bottles are tradeable misc items dropped by all sap enemies in Parca Temple. You can exchange these at Binaelle Fairie NPC in Parca Temple for things such as Imperial Potions which makes blood bottles a wanted items among stronger players and a great way for average geared players to make dils. Every 4 hours Cocoons will spawn randomly around Parca Temple. These have a 100% chance of dropping 6 sap bottles each. It is recommended that you have at least full +10 osmium gear before you attempt to farm this place. You need to be level 190+ to enter Parca Temple. Option 14: (Egutt 181) RECOMMENDED for new players Egutt 181 is an extremely underrated place to farm as a new player. The monsters there drop copper argates, silver argates, pass marvics, nium marvics and Narukes. Narukes can be exchanged at either NPC Ishtar or Stacy in Ardeca for consumeable buffs that are always wanted among endgame players. Egutt 181 is one of, if not, the best place to farm as a new player. Option 15: (The Deadlands Event) RECOMMENDED for average geared players The Deadlands Event is an automated in game event that lasts 30 minutes. It's there 2 times every 24 hours (Ask a GM when it starts if you don't know) The Deadlands Event is the absolute BEST place to farm all the way to endgame and even a decent place to farm at endgame aswell. The event offers the ABSOLUTE HIGHEST drop rate of the following items in the game: - Dream Powder - Gold Argates - Tatum Marvics - 120 HP Stones - Umbars Shield (Decent PvE ring for tanking if you have nothing else) It is recommended that you always try to participate in this event due to how good it is. You can read more about how the event works here: Option 16: (Fishing) RECOMMENDED for everyone Fishing is the only type of AFK Farming that is allowed in game. This makes it an incredibly simple way of passively making Dil. If your computer can handle it you can leave a bunch of clients AFK Fishing while you farm with your main or sleep. The fish you're looking for is called Malakite and can be caught in Draco Desert. To AFK Fish your character needs an EXP Amulet, however theres a 24 hour exp amulet at NPC Karin in Ardeca which only costs 1 daily coin, so you can basically buy that one everyday and be able to afk fish everyday with your alt. It is also recommended that you buy the Duron Fishing Rod at NPC Ishtar in Ardeca for the highest Fish Catch Rate. The Duron Fishing Rod costs 120 Fortified Obsidians which can quickly be farmed in Egutt 60-80. - I hope this helps alot of people. Also if anyone have other ways of making dils, that they would like me to add to my dils making guide, please PM me on forum and I will make sure it gets done
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    3. New characters are arriving soon to Dekaron Rising. The Arrivals bring to Rising new skills, weapons, items, and powers. Development of these two new characters has already begun. We will keep you updated with screenshots, videos showcasing the skills, and other teaser material until we have released the characters. We will do our best to release the classes as fast as possible, but we must also make sure that to resolve any game-breaking bugs and balance issues prior to release. There may also be an open beta test of the classes soon. In other news, our balance team has been working on some updates for existing classes that will be released soon. Prepare yourselves - the PvP and PK scene of Dekaron is about to get intense.
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    4. She heals and she kills She destroys and she rebuilds Segnale — life herself Before anything else, set your browser's theme to Dark so the text doesn't hurt your eyes. FOREWORD All right. You all know me as Ximena and Maleficia (aka kimian), and I mainly play Incar Magician even in the official Dekaron. However, unbeknownst to most people, I actually have longer experience playing as a Segnale (8 years) than as a Mage (7 years). Anyway, this guide will cover the following: Reasons why you should play a Segnale The 3 obvious secrets to becoming a strong Segnale Your 3 main responsibilities as a Segnale Various stat builds you can try My personal skill bar setup Skill chain combos for maximum damage Personal tips for 1 vs.1 and Mass PvP scenarios – COMING SOON! Now that you know the guide’s outline, read on to learn how you can be awesome as a curse-dealing, glamorous yet dangerous class — Segnale. I. REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD PLAY A SEGNALE If you’re bored of playing tanking characters, DPS monsters, as well as glass cannon classes, choosing a healing support class can surely be a refreshing experience. As a “witch” whose curse damage can barely be defended against, Segnales can be formidable tanks and damage dealers when played right. “Wait, what did you say?! A SUPPORT class that can TANK and deal DAMAGE at the same time?” Under the right circumstances, tanking, damage dealing, and supporting are all certainly possible for a Segnale. Now, don’t get me wrong. Segnale is an inherently fragile class. Her damage is average; mobility is slow; and tanking capability is quite poor. Having said that, if you use all the possible resources you have, you can be formidable as a Segnale. Forget about those noobs who think you exist to be a heal slave. Forget about the clueless idiots who look down on your hidden awesomeness as a tank, support, and damage dealer. Are you ready? Let’s begin with the basics. II. THE 3 OBVIOUS SECRETS TO BECOMING A STRONG SEGNALE The first obvious secret is the equipment. For starters, you need to have the following items: +10 195 Whip with 7% Curse Damage Gems +10 Segnale Tera Set +9 Tera Belt and Armlets +9 Defense and Resistance Accessories As you notice, I didn’t write any particular options for the first three gear requirements. The reasoning behind this is that, you don’t need a perfect set to be strong. Having a decent one is good enough. Please note though that finding +10 Segnale Tera stuff is difficult. Be ready to burn some serious cash if you want to gear up a Segnale as main. The second obvious secret refers to d-shop and food buffs. This is way easier to accomplish compared to first one, as there are many “free” buffs and d-shop stuff you can get just by playing every day (farming, PTM, BR, DKSQ). What you’ve got to remember though is you shouldn’t hesitate to use all of the buffs when fighting, be it in DKSQ, mass PvP, Colosseum, or Siege. Of course, with the exception of fighting in Lurile (Channel 3). Duh? The third obvious secret is the time you gotta dedicate playing and understanding the class. This is the MOST CRUCIAL ASPECT of being a Segnale especially if you want to play competitively. If you’re gonna be half-assed about it, then just forget about playing this class. Many people get frustrated when they’re not able to “rekt” or “pwn” everyone despite having great equipment. Please keep in mind that roflstomping isn’t your job as a Segnale. Leave that to keyboard-smashing classes like Bagi and Aloken. III. YOUR 3 MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES AS A SEGNALE Now, let me ask you, what’s your primary job as a Segnale? “TO HEAL!” If that is your answer, then you’ve still got more to learn, my young padawan. Your first job is not to heal but to survive. A Segnale is no good if she puts herself in danger just to heal someone. Your first concern is to heal yourself FIRST before anyone else. *Just a little side comment here, don’t you also hate it when a high-ranking Segnale who just died resurrects herself in the middle of enemy AOEs? Please, please, please NEVER do that because that’s the hallmark of a NOOB Segnale. /end rant Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let me ask you — what’s your secondary job now that you know surviving is your first priority? “TO HEAL!” Yet again, if that’s your answer then you’ve still got more to learn, noobie. Your second job is to be the Jason Bourne of the team. You’ve got to develop a keen sense of situational awareness to determine the following in mere split seconds: 1. Who your enemies are 2. Who to disable/debuff first 3. Who needs your support the most 4. Where to position yourself that you can safely heal yourself, and at the same time, heal someone 5. When to keep attacking 6. When to flee In my honest opinion, mastering a Segnale requires the greatest level of situational awareness compared to playing any other classes. This ability differentiates a mediocre Segnale from a great Segnale. Obviously, it takes incredible amounts of practice, focus, and anticipation to be able to do all these. Don’t get disheartened yet. Isn’t becoming a great Segnale the reason why you’re reading this guide now? Moving on. Your third and last job as a Segnale is to become the chief strategist of the team. You might be thinking that this assumption is a load of bull crap, but don’t stop reading yet. In a DKSQ match where sides are even — both sides with Alokens, CS/VS, and Segnales — which do you think would win? The side whose Segnale knows what she’s doing or the side whose Segnale doesn’t give a shit about the team? The answer is painfully obvious, be that as it may, you’ll be surprised when you see a majority of geared Segnales acting like they’re the shit (no name-dropping or shade intended). Don’t be a Segnale like that. Instead, man up, communicate, and lead your team. I know that every decent player (regardless of class) can do this, but since Segnale isn’t a front-line class, she’s in the best position to see the bigger picture. Tell your team mates who to target first, and command them to stay near you for healing and defensive purposes. Communication is key, never forget that. IV. VARIOUS STAT BUILDS YOU CAN TRY FULL HEAL BUILD (Dexterity: 139 points | Spirit: 309 points | Heal: Rest of Your Stat Points) PROS: Best overall build for PvP/DKSQ Decent Damage Best build for tanking (obviously) Can survive 1 vs. many scenarios especially if fully buffed CONS: Gameplay can be boring especially during PvE Damage can be underwhelming at times SEMI-SPIRIT BUILD (Dexterity: 139 points | Spirit: Rest of Your Stat Points | Heal: 300 points) PROS: Best overall build for aggressive Segnales Great damage for PvP/DKSQ Decent tanking capability when fully buffed and in chakras Good damage for PvE CONS: Can be interrupted easily especially by damage dealers FULL SPIRIT BUILD (Dexterity: 139 points | Spirit: Rest of Your Stat Points | Heal: 4 points) PROS: Best build for full-time attack/support Segnales (due to ub3r damage and insane heals) Ub3r damage for PvP/DKSQ Great Damage for PvE CONS: Can be interrupted very easily V. MY PERSONAL SKILL BAR SETUP Segnale skill bars vary a LOT. You should create your own depending on how you want to play, whether offensively or defensively. My skill bar is perfect for support (first) then attacker (second) Segnales. VI. SKILL CHAIN COMBOS FOR MAXIMUM DAMAGE FOR PVP, the Segnale’s skill chain combo can be divided into two parts: Debuffing/Disabling phase and then Attacking phase. The trick to playing a Segnale is to be constantly on the move and to use debuffing skills whenever you can. It pains me to see Segnales running around in circles instead of debuffing their enemies strategically. Never stay at any point for more than 2 seconds. Always build distance away from your enemies. Attack only when you’re covered by someone, or when nobody in the party needs your heals immediately. Once you’ve targeted someone who must be eliminated first, use your debuffing skills accordingly: (from left to right) Bloody Mist – Reduces Max HP and Healing Effectiveness of Potions/Healing Skills for 1 minute Cursed Fog – Reduces Accuracy and Critical Rate for 1 minute Decrease Attack – Reduces Attack Power, Accuracy, and Critical Rate for 2 minutes Diminish – Reduces Defense, Guard, and Block for 2 minutes Anti Magic – Reduces All Elemental Resistance and Magic Resistance for 2 minutes You can select which ones you need to cast first, depending on the enemy* and your team mates: If your team is full of magic classes, I would cast Anti Magic first followed by Bloody Mist. If your team is full of physical damage classes, I would cast Diminish followed by Bloody Mist. If the target is a damage dealer, I would cast Cursed Fog followed by Decrease Attack. *If it’s a Bagi or HB with resistance buff, stay away for 25 seconds then start debuffing After debuffing the target, you should cast the following skills for maximum damage: Sleep > Paralyze > Excranose > Fragrant Rain > Detonate Edge > Piuvelos You can use other attacking skills as you see fit, however, when you have the chance to cast the skill chain above, do it by all means. FOR PVE, the Segnale skill chain combo varies a little. There’s no need to debuff the mobs of course, so you’ll be focusing on using attack skills only. I personally prefer to use this combo when dealing with mobs: Curse Field > Excranose > Fragrant Rain > Detonate Edge > Crimson Whip > Curse Blizzard > Rise Fierce This is pretty much self-explanatory. It’s up to you whether or not you want to use these combos. VII. PERSONAL TIPS FOR 1 VS. 1 AND MASS PVP SCENARIOS COMING SOON This is my very first attempt to make a class guide EVER. Please keep all the constructive criticisms coming. I’m looking forward to all of your feedback. I just wrote all these non-stop for 2 hours, so I’m stopping here for now. Stay tuned for the Part VII of this guide as well as my upcoming Segnale PvP/DKSQ/BR/PTM montage. Ximena | Maleficia
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    5. Nitex

      Patch 13.2 Released

      DK Square Updates, Helion Costumes, Wings & Abandoned City Revamp, Hell Temple Revamp / PK Updates, Siege and more! Patch 13.2 brings you a ton of new content! This is only beginning of the summer Rising updates! Please remember to thank your staff team (I'm writing the patch notes, but almost every staff member contributed something to this update). I'd also like to thank you, the players for providing detailed suggestions and bug reports. Manual Patch (optional, only needed if your launcher does not update correctly): Click Here to Download Manual Patch v13.2 1. DK Square Updated DK Square game UI windows have been modernized. New rank tiers have been added. We decided to separate out 171+ DK Square to be 171~188 and 189~200. This is because players with Osmium and lower level weapons were having trouble fighting players with 195 weapons and Teragrace sets . 2. New Helion Costumes New Helion costumes have been added for all classes. They are available in the D-Shop. 3. Hell (Parca) Temple Revamp / PK Changes Niete "Guards" (the guards that kill Niete players) nerfed - now killable and only do 1 damage. Hallovator has been relocated to behind the wall (so he stops interfering with PK wars) We've re-done a lot of the textures in Hell Temple to make the map more visually appealing. 4. Abandoned City Revamped & Wings Revamp "Abandoned city Revamp! The Dopplegangers have taken over the Abandoned city. Brave warriors are needed to help stop them. Speak to Orz to be transported to the city and take up the fight! This is a high level map, suited for players at level 195+ Purpose: Wing Upgrades, EXP New wing upgrade system! In order to help adventurers fight against the Dopplegangers, Kunda has appeared. This merchant in the Abandoned City sells upgraded wings. Bring your 151 wings, and wing fragments looted from the dopples to kunda, to receive your new wings. Wings upgrade from 151 to [Eo] wings for 100 fragments. From [Eo] Wings to [Xera] Wings for 200 fragments. And from [Xera] Wings to [Ys] Wings for 300 fragments. D-Shop Wing stats will not change. They will remain the highest stats. [YS] Wing Stats = D-Shop Wing Stats Added Dopple Monsters to Abandoned City Increased health, damage, and EXP of Dopple Monsters. EXP rate is very high, but the monsters are tough. Middle and Strongest monsters give slightly more EXP than monsters in Arcadia Fixed EXP bug in Abandoned City New Item: Wing Fragments -- drop from Dopple Monsters New NPC: Kunda -- upgrades Wing Fragments for Upgraded Wings Wing Upgrades: 151 Wings now upgrade to Eo -> Xera -> Ys wings. Ys wings have the same stats as D-Shop wings. All D-Shop wings have the same stats now. Teleport to Abandoned City is now Lv195 5. New Mouse Cursor New mouse cursor has been applied since the old one was hard to see under certain circumstances. 6. Khaleesi Channel Fixed Khaleesi channel is back online just in time for summer! You can now choose from Arcane, Khaleesi, or Lurile channels. 7. Siege Time Changed (Siege is this weekend) Siege time has been changed. Please inform all of your guildmembers and friends. Countdown will be posted on the website shortly. We have changed it in an effort to make it accommodating for all of our players (there is no perfect timezone and it is hard to accommodate everyone). Siege time (EU): 5PM Siege time (America EST): 12PM Noon Siege time (Philippines): 12AM Midnight 8. Bug Fixes / Miscellaneous Lizardman General now only drops Naruke to make it easier to farm narukes. Winter Ardeca theme removed - Spring Ardeca theme has been applied Summoner Shadow costume has been fixed Fixed bugged stats on some D-Shop wings Love Armlet from Valentine event has been removed from Colosseum exchange and removed from all characters. Valentine Chocolate chests in Hell Temple have been removed. Wedding costumes 50% off sale has ended. Gold Wings added for upcoming tournament purposes. 9. Server Optimizations / Clean Up Full server maintenance has been conducted (network, data, firewall, etc.) to improve game server latency (MS) and lag.
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    6. S I E G E B A T T L E G U I D E - R I S I N G On request by the community and from previous Siege experiences, I'll be trying my best to explain every aspect of the Siege Battle in Dekaron Rising, since I've noticed a lot of players who aren't sure about how Siege works and what their role is in the war. The guide is built up in different sections, so that each player is able to achieve the knowledge they lack as fast as possible. I hope everyone reading will find this useful & please report back to me if I missed any important information. C O N T E N T I - What is Siege? II - Requesting Siege & The Siege Ritual III - When does the Siege Battle take place? IV - How does my guild enter the map "Genoa Castle"? V: Genoa Castle - Functions & Important Objectives (Pictures) VI: Attacking & Defending Guild Role VII: Tips & Tricks VIII: Consequences of losing the Siege Battle I - What is Siege? Siege is a massive war between an Attacking Guild and a Defending Guild. To clarify; - The main goal for the Attacking Guild is to capture Genoa Castle. - The main goal for the Defending Guild is to defend Genoa Castle from the Attacking Guild. Genoa Castle becomes the possession of the winning guild, and the Guild Master becomes the ruler of Genoa Castle until another guild succeeds an attack towards the castle. When players say "Castle-holders", it is therefore a reference to the guild who won the latest Siege War. For competitive guilds, winning the Siege War can therefore be defined to be the most prestigious achievement. II - Requesting Siege & The Siege Ritual Firstly, the requirements to request Siege are the following: Guild Level 3, a minimum of 3 players, and 50M dills - Until then, you'll be unable to register for the Siege Battle. Also, Siege applications opens up 4 days before the actual war. When the guild meets these requirements, the Guild Leader must talk to the NPC "Leonhart" in Ardeca and select the following options: 1: Request Siege 2: Initiate Signet Ritual Once this has been done, the guild is now eligible to complete the Siege Ritual. - The Siege Ritual can be begun in Denebe by completing the dungeon "Evil Abyss". The guild leader must form a party, and afterwards enter the dungeon. (This ritual isn't hard at all, but expect it to take around 10-20 minutes). Everything is very straight-forward, and there will constantly be messages of what you're supposed to do in there; the main task is to kill monsters & collect souls - in other words, there is no way to get confused. When this ritual has been finished, the Guild Leader must return to Leonhart and select the option "Register Siege Signet". After this, your guild is officially registered to participate in the upcoming Siege Battle. III - When does the Siege Battle take place? The Siege Battle takes place every second week on a Sunday and it lasts for up to 80 minutes. There is a timer on forums that clearly states when the next Siege is. Additionally, when Siege has been requested, the defending and the attacking guild can in-game click: "G" --> "Func." --> "Battle Status" IV - How does my guild enter the map "Genoa Castle"? Defending Guild: The Castle-Holding guild can ALWAYS enter Genoa Castle, as they own it until another guild captures it. The members of the defending guild are able to enter Genoa Castle through a portal in the South-Western section of Ardeca. Attacking Guild: The attacking guild can enter the map as soon as the Siege Battle starts. Genoa Castle can be entered from a tunnel in Denebe. V: Genoa Castle - Functions & Important Objectives 1. Castle Gates: The South Gate leads to the inner castle; the West and East Gates lead to the central keep of the castle. The Defending Guild's leader can enhance these gates with Lorenzo’s help. All gates can be destroyed by the attackers, however, only PHYSICAL damage works. 2. Pendants: There are FIVE pendants; Spirit, Earth, Water, Fire, & Wind. These stones can be hit with physical damage AND magic damage - as long as it is NON-ELEMENTAL (For instance, Incar Magician's Aqua Circle, Urzer Gain & Wand Smacks.) When a Pendant is captured, it'll be invulnerable for 5 minutes, however, as soon as the Attacking Guild starts communicating with Juto, ALL pendants will be vulnerable again. --- Thank you for clarifying, @AzaNezz & @Tamia 3. Teleports: Only members of the Defending Guild can use the teleports. Anyone who belongs to the Defending Guild can swiftly move back and forth between teleports of the same color. 4. Siege Tunnels: Explained in the previous section. 5. Lorenzo [Castle Manger NPC]: The Defending Guild leader can purchase additional defenses from the Castle Manager NPC, Lorenzo. Defenses that can be purchased include 6 types of guards (up to 100 total) and special enhancements to strengthen the castle gates against attacks. 6. Teleporting NPCs: Yordes NPC, Rocky NPC and Valdur NPC are NPCs who manage the warps within Genoa Castle. Using these warps, members of the Defending Guild can move quickly and freely from one location to another. 7. Juto (NPC): Juto is the key to win/lose Genoa Castle. The Attacking Guild needs to communicate with Juto for 5 minutes WITHOUT dying. If the attacking guild is unable to complete this during the Siege Battle, the Defending Guild will win. VI: Attacking & Defending Guild Role The Attacking Guild's Role: 1: As soon as the guild is inside the map, your main focus is to destroy the South Gate. The defending guild will be doing everything they can to prevent the Attacking Guild from this. 2: When the South Gate has been breached, rush to either the Western Gate or the Eastern Gate. (In my experience, these usually takes a bit more time.) - Once again, the Defending Guild will do everything to prevent the Attacking Guild from this. 3: Once the Attacking Guild has captured AT LEAST 2 of the Pendants, a chosen player (preferably someone tanky - Bagi Warriors are brilliant for this) must start the communication with Juto. During these five minutes, the Attacking Guild must protect pendants and at the same time defend the player communicating with Juto. NOTE: If the Attacking Guild gets down to ONE pendant during the communication with Juto, the communication will fail immediately. The Defending Guild's Role: 1: The Defending Guild's Leader should prepare Genoa Castle with the help from Lorenzo NPC - buy health for both the Western Gate, Eastern Gate & the South Gate. At the same time, the Defending Guild can buy guards to help securing the castle. 2: Main focus is initially to defend all the gates and afterwards the pendants. 3: PREVENT the enemy guild from starting AND finishing communication with Juto. VII: Tips & Tricks - ALL BUFFS ARE ALLOWED - This includes D-Shop, Chocolates, Flowers etc. - Do NOT rush things, and do not go alone, unless you know it's going to be beneficial. - As a guild leader, pick shot-caller(s), and tell members NOT to spam the guild chat. (Calling which pendant to focus on is a massive help for everyone, for instance.) - Siege is team-based. Do NOT think you can rush 50 enemies on your own. Instead, group up and fight as a guild. There is absolutely no point in rushing alone, dying, then repeating. - When organising parties Pre-Siege, try to get as many buffs in each party, EX: Seg/Segu buffs, VS/CS Chakras, Aloken Buffs, AK buffs etc. This helps a lot in the first minutes of the battle! - To the Defending Guild: Organise which party protects which pendant PRIMARILY. Obviously, in some cases there's going to be a need of additional players to defend a pendant. - To the Guild Leader: Inform your guild that everyone needs to meet up some time before the actual battle. I prefer 40-60 minutes preparation to get everyone in the right parties, and so I'm able to explain Siege in the guild chat. - Restart your PC an hour before the battle. - Do not have any programs running in the background; there is nothing worse than disconnecting during Siege. VIII: Consequences of losing the Siege Battle The consquences of losing a Siege Battle aren't that big to be honest, but they can definitely be annoying. - 50.000.000 Dills will be spent for nothing. - Your guild will lose 600 Adventure Points. In other words, it'll decrease the losing guild's level to 2. You'll therefore have to do commision quests all over agian to achieve level 3. - You will have to wait two weeks for the next Siege Battle.
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    7. If you are getting this error, your client is not fully updated. Please run the launcher and make sure you have the latest updates. If after you run the launcher and try again you still have the same error, please manual patch. Instructions Download the manual patch CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOADGo to game folder (usually C:/Dekaron Rising/)Open the manual patchDrag/drop all files in the manual patch to the game directoryChoose YES and replaceRun launcher if it works, if it still doesn't work open the bin folder and run "dkrising.exe"
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    8. Nitex


      A few players brought to my attention their concern of "fairness" and worry about being "disconnected by a GM" during Siege. While we do our best to make sure this doesn't happen, I want everyone to feel like Siege is as fair as possible and have taken these concerns very importantly. I have decided to make it so that all [GM] accounts are locked during Siege. This creates a new concern, however, which is if anyone hacks during Siege (in Siege or in farming maps). A simple solution would be to allow GM's to use [OPR] characters instead, which have basic commands such as ghostmode and teleportation for monitoring, but do not have powerful commands like the one that disconnects a player. My purpose for doing this is because I want everyone to feel like Siege is as fair as possible. I love and trust my staff team and I don't think they would disconnect anyone from Siege, but everyone has a right to have their own opinion. By doing this we help guarantee fairness for Siege. Thanks, Nitex
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    9. Dragon Knight GUIDE Short Cute Deadly FOREWORD TO BE ABLE TO READ CHANGE THEME TO WHITE! Hello Rising warriors, you may know me as {VIP}QueenInori or PoisonFlora (Concerra Summoner) I been playing DragonKnight for quite a while and I have the experience to make this guide. For either those old players or newcomers to the class. Will learn a new few things I will be explaining the following: Why you should try the DragonKnight Class. 2 Different DK playstyle for you to try, with various stats build. PVE Aspect Skill Tree / Skill Bar Set-up / Combos. What do you bring to a Massive PvP/PK 1v1 and More Tips and Tricks Since you came here to learn and be a better player let’s get started. “Being a person is getting too complicated time to be a dragon!” I. Why you should try the DragonKnight Class. If you love reckless action, a child destroying people and dragons! OH boy this is the class for you. DragonKnight is known for the fastest dps in the game while dealing high amounts of critical damage to the opponent. As well tanking.Don’t get me wrong we do have our cons, like we have to constantly rebuff and move around the map to be effective. Not saying that you have to run all the map like I seen other dragon knights do and they waste valuable time in buffs. With all that said if you practice you can be a great as a DragonKnight. Don’t mind the people who say that this class either takes no skill to play or is to boring I am sure that you will find that hidden power inside that child. Let’s get ready for some action! II. 2 Different DK playstyle for you to try, with various stats build. Balanced Stats DEX 80 / Heal 300 / Rest on STR. This is the one I mostly recommend you and the reason behind it is, Dragon Knights have to simply stay near their opponents to be able to activate and successfully hit with their pulses. You do plenty of damage while you can take a lots of damage like a real dragon! Explanation: With this stat build you mostly want to rebuff defensive buffs as many times as possible so you can tank while getting close to the opponent (This includes speed buff) In other words, you will do a combo and take some distance so you can rebuff. Below I will explain what each skill does + the math. Aide Rush: Speed Buff Increased by 55% Duration: 52s Cooldown 10,5s Priority: HIGH This is key to be a successful dragonknight it makes you get faster or your allies to your opponent. Mostly you want to buff yourself first to be able to combine with pulses and stun the enemy. Preventer: Increases Player Damage Tolerance of yourself or appointed player by 9%. Duration: 30s Cooldown 15s Priority: HIGH This skill is the most pk tolerance you will be using, because it has a longer duration even though has less % than the shorter one and the animation is faster. Before going in you should always have this on. Tunreis 2: Decreases nearby ally’s PK and Monster Damage dealt by 16% Duration 14s Cooldown 31s Priority: Medium This is mostly used with a pulse activated and taking damage, because the low duration and slow cast animation, as a bonus it can help allies too. I still say is the least buff you will be using of defensive. Critical Egis: Increases your Critical Resistance by 15% Duration 50s Cooldown 20s Priority: HIGH Since the game has turned really crit damage, this is a must do every time you can alongside with speed buff. (You should always click at the enemy to be able to activate this or simply switch type A and click it or press the number and click outside to activate) Inori what about Damage buffs!? There there, we will get to that in a bit, remember this is the balance build and is a recommended you create a balance into damage buffs and defensive.This is my favorite build over all and I highly recommend it to any newcomer. Pros: Best Build for PK/DKSQ Good Damage Tanky 1v1 scenarios will mostly end full hp or ¼ shield depending on how you play Cons: Can lead sometimes too long pvps and constant rebuff which sometimes can get tiring. Full STR Stats DEX 80 / Heal 100-150 / Rest on STR This sounds fun! I wanna try it Can I? Yes, of course you can but have in mind You will need the gear for it example Full Tera Build (SB) +10 /195 Weapon +10 (Any Gems that combine with armets) / +9 Tera Belt and Armets / +9 Def Necks and Resistance Necks (Geiz, Zeig) This Build is mostly used for PK/PVE with a combination of Dshop buffs and food buffs. Explanation: This DragonKnight Stats Build is considered to be the funnest to play, since you can delete people in matter of seconds, is high risk high reward build. As that is mentioned you are going to do the famous reckless all in. With barely defensive buff active because who needs that am I right!? Obortan: Your Melee ATT will increase by 1000 base damage (2%) Duration 60s Cooldown 14,5 Priority: HIGH This is considered the most important buff you should have active using this class it helps you to maintain that damage Critical Rise: Increases Critical ATT of yourself or ally by 5% Duration 30s Cooldown 15s Priority: HIGH This boots up your Critical damage (NOT DAMAGE) So remember you will need to do CRIT in order for this to take effect try to always have it on you for obvious reasons. Obortan - Rage: Increases ATT and Critical hits for yourself and party members by 10% Duration 30s Cooldown 31s Priority: EXTREME This buff combined with Critical Rise can make any dragon knight do so much damage. Any time you see your opponent waste time or go back and run rebuff this immediately. BOTH ATT And CRIT! As mentioned above this is the core base of STR Buffs. The only important buff you shall do as FULL STR is Critical Egis, to take less damage it doesn’t matter the pk resist it just makes you lose time of your potential damage. This build in PK / PVP it matters every second you activate it, because if you forget to rebuff they will delete you and your damage is reduced by a lot. Pros: INSANE Damage Fun to play Cons: Low Defense (even though is higher than other classes) Barely defensive buffs in you Keep track of buffs constantly I will mention this in the guide but personally I haven't tried it Heal Build, since people say it barely does damage. So I don't think it should be a thing unless the meta in rising changes I will update build path. III. PVE Aspect Dragon Knight in PVE is actually pretty good, we currently don’t have boxing gloves (and won’t ever have) Doing pulses and aoe attack like Whole Strike, can lower any mobs HP pretty fast I have never used a segu in my life to farm and I know they are the most effective one. But if you started to use dragon knight and don’t want to make a segu. Well don’t worry you just need the balance build and you're good to go. IV. Skill Tree / Buffs / Combos. ATTACK AEGIS (ALL Helion’s Max too) INAT TRANS-UP BUFFS Explanation: Buffs are extremely important and I will demonstrate how you can combine then and use them effectively with this combos. COMBOS If you are in a rush to buff do Only if you are in a rush on a pk and need to help allies faster or do a 1v1. Pretty basic because it covers all you need for a quick shoot speed, attack, crit, resistance. IN Party PVP You should do the 3 bar completely Don’t make the mistake doing them really early can cost you a match always remember that. Basic and effective combo: NOTE: Combo can be canceled by other skills or abnormal resistance since is really high at the moment at 15% that causes less stuns. 2. Lower defense and stunlock to single damage: NOTE: Since the 1 pulse lowers defense the longer the stay you want to stun lock with the 2 mentioned then for more dps Resistance Pulse and then single target skill Heavy Crash Last attack is a knockback IF you need to disengage. 3. Increase Damage and Crit Rate: OR NOTE: This are quick combos that can be done but always have in mind you can changed ALL combos depending on the situation. You may have in mind “Oh why don’t you use this one Inori in a combo well first of all I like fast and effective over slowness I do have some slow combos but being honest they can be avoided so easily and this stun can be blocked so easily. This 2 skills can be chained together since both can be activated at a Distance. This 2 can either be to follow or disengage, example need to dodge a certain skill or even use it double jump to confuse opponent you can do it and both hit pretty hard. V. What do you bring to a Massive PvP/PK Dragon Knights can bring a lot of stuff to the table once it comes to a lot of people together you bring so much dps and still be able to resist so much damage is surely fun to play as this class in those situations. AOE Damage Movement speed Lock Stun an Opponent you want to take down first. Remember to always buff SEGS / SEGU / MAGE / HB so they can either sleep, aoe stun, slow etc. Be a team player and you could even save them. Sometimes I feel like dragonknight is like my 2 most played class a Concerra summoner, since we can combine combos with stuns and concerra is mostly a stun in a combo. Hope you understand what I mean! VI. 1v1 and More Tips and Tricks 1v1 is all about do a combo, run away and rebuff is mostly how dragonknight works, for example if a HB uses a Reflect skill you should always wait until it ends or at least 3-5s before its ending to go in and do a combo Remember you have infinite speed. 1v1 vs Dragon Knights play a smart pvp you should use pulses and stuns effectively while your opponent used a pulse and never catched you. Use their cooldown and abuse mistakes. For example you can bait dragon knights to go in and make them waste a pulse etc. Never forget to buff this makes a lot of dragon knights lose in pvp because they don’t measure right the seconds of buff and either they don’t have enough defense or damage. I Hope you enjoyed the guide on how to become a good dragonknight feedback is accepted this is my first ever guide to help people in a game. Since I had many request, Guide will updated if I find something interesting thanks a lot.
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      Patch 14.1: Save Parca!

      Patch 14.1 has been released with new content, new items, bug fixes, and more. Manual Patch will be posted in the first reply in this thread (scroll down). 1) Parca Temple Under Attack Parca Temple has come under attack once again and needs warriors to defend it. Binaelle Fairie gave her life to save Parca, and we must do everything in our power to save it! Shockingly enough, Binaelle Fairie has returned from the dead by using the power of Blood Magic. She has mastered this dangerous, powerful art and is now using it to help the warriors of the Rising defend Parca. Developer Notes Parca Temple is one of the pillars of Dekaron, and the map's chambers open up a lot of possibilities. We also wanted to add a new way for players to get more D-Shop items for free by playing the game (in addition to the 4 D-Exchanges we already have), so we've set up an exchange system that you'll see below. We're going to keep adding content to Parca, such as boss chambers. New Monsters Difficulty: High Drops: Blood Bottles Blood Bottles are not tradeable and can stack up to 5000. Drop Rate: High Blood Bottle Exchange Binaelle Fairie is not a fighter herself, but she doesn't let that get in her way of saving Parca. While she can't fight herself, she can use her Blood Magic to create special items for you to help fight off the monsters attacking Parca. New Boss: Seleana Binaelle Fairie's arch nemesis... Seleana. She tried to take over Parca once before and she's back to try again. Will she succeed? Difficulty: Hard Drops: Red Light Weps (see below) Drop Rate: 25% Respawn Time: Every 4 Hours Channel(s): Ark Attacks: Seleana has 4 atacks, one of them being a super attack. Super Attack: Warning will appear above your character when she is about to use her super-attack. This warning is courtesy of Binaelle Fairie, who is doing anything she can to help you defeat Seleana. If you do not dodge the super-attack, it will one-hit kill you. Shadowkris Naturally drawn to dark energy, it seems that the Shadowkris have migrated to Parca Temple. There seems to be a flock of 8 of them. Developer Notes: Moving Shadowkris to Crespo Abyss did not work out as intended. We have moved them to Parca Temple and have adjusted their drops for economical reasons. They drop less argates now (since argates have dropped significantly in value, which was an issue because newbies farm argates to sell them). We will continue monitoring the game economy and making the necessary changes to improve the overall experience for both established players and new players. 2) Red Light Weps Seleana's weapon is made using the power of Red Light. When killed, her energy can be used to create weapons that the warriors of Rising can use to their advantage. Kill her for a chance to get a rare Red Light Weapon! Stats on Red Light Weapons are the same as those on Crystalline Weapons Developer Notes: Seleana is an extremely fun boss and we had a blast testing her. We decided to make her drop new Red Light Weapons as we thought they would be really fitting. They have the same stats as Crystalline Weapons since Crystalline just came out and it wouldn't make sense to add a weapon that was even better so soon. We like to give people the cosmetic choice and opportunity to get a pretty rare item. 3) New Consumable Buff: Blood Magic Binaelle Farie's latest creation: Blood Magic. This potion provides the warrior +10% All Magic Resistance. This potion also has special in-game effect when used. Relogging or switching channels does not remove this buff. She will exchange it for Blood Bottles or D-Shop Coins. Developer Notes: Prior to this, we had 2 consumables that increase magic damage but none that shielded against it. We have added this one to help balance that out. 10% was determined to be a good number during testing, however it is subject to possible change. We also added a really cool effect to it. 4) Blue & Red Dragon Weapons New Dragon weapons have been added to the game. Red & Blue Dragon Weapons have the exact same stats as Crystalline, and now Red Light weapons. However, they will be exclusive and very rare event only rewards. Events with these weapons as prizes will be announced on the website and launcher. We're considering making them a reward for the 2v2 PvP tournament, so you should apply to that if you haven't already! 5) Devil Wings Found in the shadows of the besieged Parca Temple, these special wings appear to have been crafted using blood magic. They are a brand new pair of wings with animations/effects working on all characters. 6) Misc Map UI (M) has been updated Raids have been re-enabled in Ardeca (accidentally disabled in last update) Khaleesi is back online. Additional client optimizations have been made. ______________________________________________ A lot of time was put into this update, we hope you enjoy it! As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions we are always open to them.
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    11. Update: Memberships are now automatic. After you buy silver or gold VIP, relog and you will get your {VIP} tag. _____________________________ Dear players, There has been a lot of request by donators for some sort of loyalty program. Today, we are adding new [VIP] packages to reward our loyal donators. Each VIP subscription will come with a VIP tag in-game, the amount of the subscription in coins, and a bonus every time you donate to an account with the subscription. You can buy a membership on the main website, to the right of the normal donation area: https://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/donate-vip-subscription-2/ Perks of a membership: It's the same cost of buying coins (when you buy a membership, you'll get the amount it costed you in coins) You get a bonus every time you purchase coins while the subscription is active (free extra coins just because you have a membership) [VIP] tag in game for one character of your choose (only if you have silver or gold membership) Silver Membership - $14.99 Subscription 15,000 coins sent to character each month for free (as long as subscription is active) +10% extra coins every time you buy coins while subscription is active -- example: if you buy $25 coins for 30,000 Coins, you'll get 33,000 coins because of your silver membership [VIP] tag in-game to one character you choose Gold Membership - $29.99 Subscription 30,000 coins sent to character each month for free (as long as subscription is active) +15% extra coins every time you buy coins while subscription is active -- example: if you buy $25 coins for $30,000 coins, you'll get 34,500 coins because of your gold membership [VIP] tag in-game to one character you choose Things to remember: Put the character you want to have the VIP tag in where it says "character name" Whenever you donate, be sure to donate to the character you purchased the membership with so you get your extra coins You MUST have at least 1 free character slot on the account you are buying the VIP membership on as your old character name will be created as a level 1 character to prevent people from stealing your name. Additionally it's important that you do not delete the level 1 character since that is actually the character the monthly coins are sent to. FOR THE VIP TAGS: be sure your friendlist is empty and you are not in a guild Should you for some reason change your character name on a {VIP} character you will have to cancel your active VIP subscription and buy it again with the new character name. The VIP subscription is intended for active donators as the real benefit of being VIP is the extra bonus % coins you get everytime you donate The VIP subscription DOES stack with the yearly double donation event on black friday, so donating $25 with an active Gold VIP subscription would give you 69000 Dshop Coins total Post here if any questions.
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    12. DK Square How-To and General Information Go to any teleport NPC and click the DK Square option to find an open Lobby. DK Square is open 24/7 at all times. Incentives: P-Points (see below) Grade EXP (see below) Level Divisions: 50~75 76~99 100~130 131~155 156~170 171~200 Information on how to do DK Square for those who don't know: P-Point Exchange Ranking Table
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    13. Fayth

      [Guide]: Wings System

      In Dekaron Rising there are currently four different types of wings you can use in the game. UPDATE: The Wings System has been changed again. To see the stat changes please follow this link and scroll down to Wings. To equip wings, simply click and drag them into one of the four empty slots located at the top of your inventory (Press I to open Inventory) Level 70 Beginner Wings (Free) Level 102 Wings (500,000 Dil) Level 151 Wings (300 Mithril) D-SHOP Wings (8,000-8,500 Deka-Coins) How to upgrade Level 151 Wings Level 70 Wings: These are given to your character for free at experience level 1. Located in your Newbie Box, which also gives you some other free goods, are these wings. At level 70 you are able to use these wings and they look the same for ALL classes. If you discarded these wings you can still have them! Teleport to Parca Temple from Ardeca using the NPC Makaio. Press M on your keyboard and search for the NPC Hosea located close to the center of the map. Talking to him will show you level 70 wings. These wings have no expiration. Level 102 Wings: Teleport to Egutt Desert from Ardeca using the NPC Jerome. NPC Hosea is close to where you spawn at, you can find him directly beside the teleport NPC. At this tier, every classes wings have a specific look. You can not wear Azure Knight wings if you are a Segnale! Finally, these wings have no expiration. Level 151 Wings: These wings cannot be purchased with dil unlike the previous two types already discussed. Mithril can be obtained from the map Deadlands. You can teleport there using the NPC Jerome located in Ardeca. After killing enough monsters to receive 300 Mithril you then return to Ardeca and travel to the bottom left corner of the castle where you will find the NPC/Exchange Master Ishtar. Select the option that says "151+ Wings Exchange" and exchange the 300 Mithril towards the class you are using. Once again you cannot wear the wings of another class. At the date of the post you can purchase 300 Mithril for an average price of 8-10 mil from other players. These wings have no expiration. D-SHOP Wings: These are currently the best wings in the game thus giving the best stats and highest speed bonus. To get these wings you can either purchase DSHOP from another player or purchase the DSHOP yourself here. To view the wings that are up for purchase click symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of your HUD (Heads-Up Display) that resembles a "D". Most classes can wear all of the wings however some cannot so check before you buy from another player. These wings will expire after 365 Days has elapsed. How to upgrade Level 151 Wings New wing upgrade system! In order to help adventurers fight against the Doppelgangers, Kunda has appeared. This merchant in the Abandoned City sells upgraded wings. Bring your 151 wings, and wing fragments looted from the Dopplegangers to Kunda, to receive your new wings. Wings upgrade from 151 to [Eo] wings for 100 fragments. From [Eo] Wings to [Xera] Wings for 200 fragments. And from [Xera] Wings to [Ys] Wings for 300 fragments. D-Shop Wing stats will not change. They will remain the highest stats. [YS] Wing Stats = D-Shop Wing Stats --------------------- Wing Fragments can also now be obtained from the Ruins of Rudene Instance Dungeon!
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    14. Guild Tournament summer season has arrived to Rising, this event will start on July, 14th, 2017, with the posibility of extension -if needed, although most likely- towards July 15th and 16th. 1. Registration. I request participants, particularly the Leader of each team to send a private message to -Adori- forum account, providing all the IGN members of the team, registration closes Tuesday July, 11. Each party must have 6 members from the same guild [please provide a team leader]. Each party can name up to two (2) extra substitutes from the same guild in case of abandonment/desertion of the main members. All guilds (aimed at bigger guilds) are allowed to submit a Main guild team and a Sub guild team, however guilds using this option will only have the posibility of providing one substitute member for each team. Evidently teams will be fixed, no sharing of players between registered teams is allowed, not even between Main guild teams and Sub guild teams. After registration closes, I will announce the guilds and teams participating. 2. Schedule. As stated above, we begin on July 14th, I will have amplitude of time during those dates to monitor the matches, and will be coordinating with the team leaders to choose the best posible time for the majority of the participants of each match. 3. Rules. Unlike accustomed pvp's events, matches will be held in Ark channels, as such rules will be Korean style - where anything goes - You can use anything at your disposal, all buffs, fish, etc. are allowed. Format in deciding winners will be "Best of Five", meaning - whoever is first to win a total 3 matches, wins. 4. Prizes. First place = 50,000 Rising coins each member. Second place = 35,000 Rising coins each member. Third place = 25,000 Rising coins each member.
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    15. Nitex

      Patch 13.9

      Patch Notes Include: Halloween content & event, general changes, gear balancing, bug fixes, and more. _____________________________________________________ To update client: Run game launcher then start game. Manual Patch (ONLY NEEDED IF YOUR GAME LAUNCHER DOES NOT WORK): please scroll down and see first reply of this topic. _____________________________________________________ 1) Halloween Content & Event Added a few more Halloween monsters to roam Ardeca with the chance of dropping candy Added lots of Halloween monsters to the center of DK Square -- this is the best place to get candy drops! Halloween Log-In Event Pumpkin Ghoul monsters are in Ardeca and DK Square. Kill 20 of them each day (for at least 3 days of next week) and you will receive a free Pumpkin Ghoul Pet via mail on Friday! 2) General Changes Item optioning prices have been reverted to the what they were before. Halloween Ardeca: theme has been updated with new environment settings. Relogging in Underground Temple will now return you to your return point Updated loading screen Removed some drops from specific monsters in Egutt that were being abused Raid parties have been enabled in Ardeca so you can organize dungeon raids without getting PKed by the dungeon. Nest of Cheribum Dungeon entrance has been added to Ardeca to make it easier to organize raids for this dungeon. 3) Gear Balancing This is just a small balancing update. Comprehensive gear balancing update is still being tested and will be released in a future update. Speedboots V2 Developer Comments: When we released Speedboots V3 they were significantly more powerful than Speedboots V2. However, this went against our new goal of making endgame gear better but not better to the point where people that did not have endgame gear were no longer competitive. To remediate this we have made Speedboots V2 a bit stronger so the gap between V2 and V3 is not too significant to where V3 provides a significant competitive advantage over V2. Added +1000 Max PK Shield to SB V2Addedt +7 Added +1500 Max PK Shield to SB V2Addedt +8 Added +2500 Max PK Shield to SB V2Addedt +9 Added +5000 Max PK Shield to SB V2Addedt +10 Added +1% PK/PVP Resistance to SB V2Addedt +10 Added +1% Critical Resistance to SB V2Addedt +9 Added +2% Critical Resistance to SB V2Addedt +10 Spell Plumes Developer Comments: When we released the upgraded version of Spell Kracion, we intended it to be the most powerful version of the plume series. However, this was not the case. We have 1) re balanced all plumes so that Kracion (upgraded) is the most powerful version 2) rebalanced the stats on all plumes for overall balance reasons 4) Bug Fixes Kona Robin - level requirement, stats, and equip restrictions have been fixed. Halloblade Dark Wings (Azure Knight) - smoke effect has been fixed. Hellion Ghost Costume (Aloken) - has been fixed. Bagi / Halfbagi Speedboots V3 - stats have been fixed. [Siege] Juto Buff - fixed bug causing the Juto Buff to be too powerful Crystalline Gauntlet - fixed bug causing the left gauntlet to be reversed. _____________________ Other: We are working on a new client upgrade that will make the game much more stable, load 10~20x faster, and overall increase game speed and performance. This is one of our top priorities right now. We were unable to finish this upgrade and have it ready for this patch, but we are hoping to have it finished before the next patch. Thank you for your patience. Hope you enjoy this weeks update! As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated and always taken into consideration. If you have any feedback please feel free to post it in the suggestions form.
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    16. Hipson

      Market Forum Rules

      Market Forum Rules It has come to our attention that the market section has become flooded with thousands of single "bumps", tons of spam/unrelated posts and repeat topic creation. To help resolve the issue the following rules are being set in place and will be enforced from the time of this post, onward. Section 1 - Rules Trading or selling Accounts is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Do not beg for free items, not even as a joke. Any form of harassment, profanity, insult, or flaming/trolling will not be tolerated. Post discussions in the appropriate location. (If its not a trade, it doesnt belong here) Do NOT "bump" your post more than ONCE per 24 hours. Do NOT give a "free bump" to another user EVER. Only use "UPDATED" as a bump if you actually updated the original post. Do not re-post your trades. Use the "Edit" function on your original post. No thread Hijacking (Do not post your own personal Buy/Sell list in other peoples trade topics) Section 2 - Market Guidlines Here are some guidelines for starting and maintaining an effective trade/buy/sell topic. Always make sure you have an effective topic title. The name of your thread should clearly state what you are selling/buying/trading. Unless you have multiple things for trade/buy/sell, in which case you can declare it "[Yournamegoeshere]'s Buy/Sell/Trade Thread" Bumps and Updates: You may bump and/or update your own thread once per 24 hours. If your thread becomes flooded with bumps you may ask a staff member to prune your thread and bump it for you. Although you may not Hijack someone elses thread, you may post offers in the thread directed at the original post IF they request offers on a specific item. Do not link your thread in their trade. Failure to follow the rules here will result in warnings and/or bans. **Rules are subject to change as time passes to better serve it's purpose.
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    17. Suffer and Perish Disintegrate and Vanish For I am the Queen Of Lightning, Ice, and Fire I. FOREWORD After a year and a half of being inactive, I’m finally back in Rising again. I can see that there are so many improvements happening here and there all over the game—from class balancing and new gears or items to frequent in-game events and creative user interface/skins. In my opinion, it’s a delight to see all of these updates. I’d like to thank @Nitex , @DEV Fayth, @Dannyboi, the rest of the staff, and all of the balance testers for the effort in making the game as exciting as possible. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about making a mage guide for a long time; however, it’s been quite tough for me to find the energy and motivation to do so. Honestly though, after hearing that free coins are given to class guide contributors, I was quite inspired to draft this guide. (also me: plz send +10 MC 2 and V3 boots for Segnale or a perf level 200 whip plz as a reward instead???) On a serious note, more than anything, I believe it’s my desire to see more decent Incar Magician players around that’s driving me to create this guide. Just like the Segnale guide I first made, this one will follow the same outline. Reasons why you should play a mage Secrets to becoming a strong mage Different mage breeds—which one are you? Various stat builds you can try My personal skill bar setup Skill chain combos for maximum damage Are you ready? It will take you 15 minutes to finish reading this entire guide. Let’s get the ball rolling. II. WHY YOU SHOULD PLAY AN INCAR MAGICIAN (1) YOU LOVE DEALING DAMAGE. There’s one thing that should be clear if you want to become a mage: you’re CRAZY about dishing out DAMAGE. It’s not that you simply like dealing a lot of it; you REVEL in being that one guy doing the most damage among them all. I’m talking about a situation in which Mages outshine all other classes in terms of damage—i.e. DKSQ—which leads me to my next point. (2) YOU ENJOY WINNING IN DK SQUARE. Of course, becoming a stronk mage cannot be done by playing alone. You need to be cooperative and strategic—a team player whose situational awareness, fluid gameplay, and determined bloodlust to demolish the enemy are all second to none. You love seeing piles on top of piles of enemies who have been electrocuted, frozen, and burned alive by you until they have met their untimely demise. (3) YOU HAVE AN ELEGANT GAMEPLAY. Unlike other classes that look like complete savages while fighting, the Incar Magician has a smooth, fluid, and entrancing fighting style. While the animation of most skills is slow, they’re aesthetically pleasing to look at. You don’t go ahead and smash the keyboard at the first sighting of an enemy Aloken or Bagi; instead, you wait for the most opportune moment to unleash the wrath of the elements onto unsuspecting foes. The next time they see you on the battlefield, they’ll be sure to approach you with caution—all the while sensing and fearing the aura of death looming over their heads. III. SECRETS TO BECOMING A STRONG MAGE Playing as an Incar Magician requires you to have great foresight, reflexes, and timing. I know you’re thinking: “Thanks Capt. Obvious. All players need those attributes to become good at the class they play.” That’s right. While the requirements are true for all other classes, for ones without much natural abnormality resistance (e.g. Mage, Segnale), these mentioned attributes are all the more crucial. If you have a great grasp of all these attributes, mastering the class becomes a tad bit easier. How do you get started? (1) Get yourself some decent equipment. You don’t need a perfect set to become a good mage. However, you do need some decent gear to compete. For starters, you have to look for the following: Lvl 200 Wand/Staff +10 Tera Helmet, Armor, Gloves, and Pants +9 Tera Belt with 3% PvP/PK Gems +9 Tera Armlets with Max Shield Gem (options: ice/light/fire/magic) Upgraded Squama Upgraded Vit Necklaces Upgraded Spell Kracions When I first competed as a mage in Rising or even in Global (now Papaya) server, getting the perfect set or accessories was never the priority. The perfect stats can only do so much in improving your gameplay. Sure, it feels awesome to have the best items in your arsenal. However, at the end of the day, it’s how you maneuver your character to win any kind of fight. As long as you’re not missing any of the key equipment listed above, you’re on your way to becoming a worthy mage. (2) Get comfortable knowing that Incar Magician is not a PvP class. The Incar Magician is probably one of the worst classes to do PvPs with because of three reasons: No mobility - The class has no speed buff. If your positioning or placement on the battlefield is poor, your death is almost always guaranteed. Slow casting time - In addition to having no mobility at all, Mages have one of the slowest skill-casting times among all classes in the game. This affects our gameplay in a way that makes us want to avoid a head-on collision with anyone. It is way too easy for other classes to interrupt our skills and that means bad news for us, which leads us to the next point. Skill-chain combo reliant - While mages have the highest damage output among all classes especially in DKSQ, it’s only possible because of specific skill-chain combos that we cast. If one skill gets interrupted, it’s all over for you: say goodbye to that enemy escaping from your damage barrage. You might get disheartened after reading all these reasons why Incar Magician is bad for PvP. Now, if PvP is your thing, go ahead and play any of these awesome PvP classes: Segueripper, Aloken, BW, Bagi, and AK. Capiche??? (3) Understand the nature of all the other classes and learn how they generally fight. This point might come as a surprise because it’s not about the Incar Magician at all. What I want you to understand is that for you to become good at playing a mage, you need to know your enemy well—their skills and their effects, as well as their buff duration and attacking pattern. With that in mind, you’ll know the best timing when to cast Stasis Orb or Ghost of Time to interrupt the enemy. Likewise, having the knowledge about your enemy’s behavior can help you properly time the usage of your Shield of Siz—your trump card to escape deadly situations. You have to be familiar with the kinds of skill buffs they use so you don’t waste your attack chain combos. Think of it this way: you wouldn’t want to cast Stasis Orb on a Bagi or HB with the Resistance Buff on; you wouldn’t want to use your hard-hitting combos on an Aloken with La Defense; you wouldn’t want to go Rambo on a VS who has just used Shadow Vengeance. You get the point. Understanding your class well helps you become good at playing it. However, learning how other classes play and creating customized strategies based on your opponent’s fighting style separate the truly great from so-so players. IV. DIFFERENT MAGE BREEDS—WHICH ONE ARE YOU? Nowadays, so many players consider someone who’s geared as OP (if you’ve been living under a rock, you wouldn’t know that acronym means “overpowered.”) Anyway, I always believe that it’s actually your skills as a player that makes you great and not your equipment. SKILLS MAKETH YOU OP, OKE? If all else is equal, meaning everyone has the best of the best gear, only the most skilled ones will take home the bacon. In some very rare instances, however, those who have mastered the art of playing while lagging, become winners. (no shade intended) Now, let me just give you a brief description of the different mage “species” you’re all familiar with in-game: (1) The first is the useless ones, geared or otherwise. These are mages who suck at making a proper skill chain combo. These are the mages who don’t buff the team. These are the mages who constantly switch targets every 10 seconds. These are the mages who spam their skills even when they’re stunned, thereby getting themselves bugged over and over. These are the mages who are shit at coordination, placement, and targeting. They are nobodies who die in the crossfire. If you spot them in the enemy team, be sure to eliminate them fast if they have high DKSQ ranking (easy kill = easy points). If they have low DKSQ rank and noticeably under-geared, you can just let them be and focus on killing/targeting somebody else who’s more important. (2) The second breed of mages is the one usually targeted first in team fights. They’re not technically skilled but are either heavily geared or fully buffed (or even both). Hence, they are troublesome to be left alive. They try their best to deal as much damage as possible to the enemy team. Once ganked, they persist to fight, but unfortunately, perish in the end. (3) The third breed of mages is the rarest—and most dangerous— of them all. These are elusive mages who disengage from head-on fights because they know that’s not where they should be. They are the ones constantly scanning the entire battlefield, finding the perfect target that could be killed right away. They are the ones who know how to command the group, defend someone by tanking some damage, and decisively kill the key support of the enemy team. These are the mages whose goal is to never die in a DKSQ match, yet kill as many targets inconspicuously. They’re not scaredy-cats or cowards; they’re strategic. Dying means giving the enemy some advantage and this mage breed fully knows that well. They want to keep the score gap as wide as possible so that their team will win. After reading all that, which kind of mage breed are you? V. VARIOUS STAT BUILDS YOU CAN TRY Since Incar Magician is a damage dealer class, some n00bs might think that full SPR is the way to go. You’re not a hunter, who manages to survive just fine in fights with a glass cannon build, so don’t even think about it. You only have one stat build, whether you’re going PvP, PvE, DKSQ, BR, PTM, or Siege—and that is heal build. Now, this section is going to focus on this topic: WAND VS. STAFF. I’m going to make this as simple as possible especially for you newbies. WAND BUILD If you want consistently high “white” or normal damage, go for a wand. Not only is it cheaper to socket, it’s also more inexpensive to buy when compared with its counterpart. What you need is a wand with the highest lightning % gems available, and has perfect full magic damage options. The stat requirements are as follows: STR: 35 SPR: 447 HEAL: REST OF THE STAT POINTS STAFF BUILD On the other hand, if you want considerably higher critical damage, go for a staff. It is way more expensive than a wand because of vitality options. If you can’t afford a full vit staff, settle with a full damage wand instead. Trust me, it’s not worth it to get a staff that doesn’t have full vit options. Using a staff requires more strength points: STR: 86 SPR: 426 HEAL: REST OF THE STAT POINTS Let’s move on to the next big question: can I use two weapons as a mage? The answer is: ABSOLUTELY YES. If you can afford it, you should have two weapons as a mage. It’s up to you whether you want to use two staffs, or two wands, or one of each. What’s important is that you get to maximize your damage as a mage. Personally, I suggest that you do the following if you can afford it: get a full vitality staff then put % lightning gems on it; after that, get a second weapon, preferably a wand, then place % ice gems on it. You’ll need to train yourself to play like a hunter (i.e. switching back and forth between two weapons) as you cast your skill chain combos. Got it? This takes a lot of practice. You’ll know you’re good enough when you can switch weapons smoothly without thinking too much as you’re fighting—like it is muscle memory already. VI. MY PERSONAL SKILL BAR SETUP There are many ways to personalize or customize your skill bar setup. You do you. VII. SKILL CHAIN COMBOS FOR MAXIMUM DAMAGE As mentioned quite a number of times already, Mages need to do proper skill chain combos to become devastating damage dealers. Otherwise, they’re useless. End of story. Before we get to the breakdown of the attack combos, let’s begin with your buffs: Use the following skills before you engage in any fight (the first five skills can be cast in no particular order): Seize Nimbus: Increases defense and resistance against every attribute for 5 minutes. Magic Power: Increases magic attack for 5 minutes. Mind Blessing: Increases the spirit of the party by ~85 points for 20 minutes. Neon Blessing: Increases the fire, ice, and lightning resistance of the party by ~5% for 20 minutes. Pin Bless: Increases defense by ~1.5% and all resistance by ~5% for 10 minutes. Mana Force: Increases MP regeneration by a lot for 2 minutes. Glawar: Incar magician trans-up skill Urzer Gain: Reduces mana consumption by 50% and increases abnormality resistance by 10% for 50 secs. For the combos, here’s how you get started. Combo 1: Ghost of Time (or Stasis Orb) > Emitted Flash > Transfer Lightning > Deuplace This option deals the most damage out of any other skill chain combos you have. As you can notice, there are technically only three attack skills here. Transfer Lightning reduces the enemy’s lightning resistance by a bit, and Deuplace diminishes the overall attack of the enemy by a whole chunk while dealing a lot of damage. Just a reminder: you need to approach the enemy for this combo to work. These three skills are more than enough because you shouldn’t be staying at one point for more than 2-3 seconds anyway. Right after casting this combo, you’ve got to move away then reposition yourself and prepare for the next attack while switching to your 2nd weapon immediately (if you have it). Combo 1.1: In an unlucky chance that either Stasis Orb or Ghost of Time misses, you need to be quick in changing your skill chain combo. Here's my recommendation: Ice Wave > Emitted Flash > Transfer Lightning > Pseudo Space or Aqua Circle Ice Wave is a good skill to use if you want to quickly slow down the enemy. Once the debuff takes effect, proceed with the usual combo, except instead of Deuplace, you will use Pseudo Space. I prefer casting Pseudo Space instead of Aqua Circle in this scenario because you'll want to use Aqua after casting Inor. Combo 1.1 is your Plan B, in case Ghost of TIme or Stasis Orb fails. Combo 2: Measure > Gracious Eddy > Flame Gusher > Inor > Aqua Circle Before using the combo, start with Measure real quick to widen the gap between you and your enemy while burning his mana pool to ashes. This combo makes use of your two other elements: Ice and Fire. At this moment, you should have the ice wand equipped. Gracious Eddy provides a temporary movement speed slow to the target. Don’t use the skill if the enemy has resistance buff on or has Aqua Remover that has just been triggered. In such cases, it’s more effective for you to continue building your distance away from the enemy while casting Firemass (to deal quick damage) or Energy Hammer (to slow down the enemy) in between. Flame Gusher provides temporary HP drain (which is annoying for the enemy), while Inor deals a lot of damage in just two seconds. This is the reason why I prefer using Aqua Circle right after Inor. What’s more, Inor also lowers the critical attack chance of the opponent by a bit. Combo 3: Stasis Orb | Freezing Spirit | Energy Hammer | Frost Nova | Vertex Halt | Ice Wave | Vellocia The following attack chain can’t really be considered as a combo because these are just the filler skills that you have to use while waiting for Combo 1 and Combo 2 skills to cooldown. I love using all of these skills to slow down the enemy or keep them in one place. You may cast them in any particular order. I usually throw any of these skills against enemies in DKSQ, especially ones who are being targeted by my raid members. From time to time, I also cast Pseudo Space to deal damage or Spoiled Divinity to lower the Fire, Ice, and Lightning resistance of the enemy by a bit. I don’t usually recommend using these two skills because they have such slow casting time—they really make you vulnerable to ganks and enemy ambush. Combo 4: When your Combo 1 and 2 skills are ready, you should quickly rush to your enemy to prepare for the next combo. This time, you’ll use the following: + Infernal Pillar > Gracious Eddy > Measure + COMBO 1 Infernal Pillar “disarms” your opponent for 3 seconds—this is very useful as you’re about to cast Gracious Eddy to slow him down. Meanwhile, you want to further build the distance between you and your enemy that’s why Measure is needed. When that’s done, you only have to repeat Combo 1 > Emitted Flash, Transfer Lightning, Deuplace. PK SKILLS: The Incar Magician is a fairly decent PKer as she has a lot of single-target skills. Here's a list of all the available decent PK skills for Incar Magician. Firemass: Sends 6 burning fireballs to the enemy in a linear AOE. Flame Burning: Intensively throws 6 fireballs at a target. Cruelty Lightning: Deals 6 balls of lightning at a target. Infernal Pillar: Throws two fire pillars at a target while closing in the distance between you and the enemy. Disarms your target for 3 seconds. Ice Blanket: Throws icicle shards at a target 6 times. Blast Phoenix: Summons the Phoenix and deals damage 3 times. Thunder Spear: Gathers powerful lightning then hits the target twice. AVOID USING THESE SKILLS: Gleam Boom: Slow casting time, deals weak-ass damage for a 180 skill, does nothing useful really Elemental Master: Very slow casting time, deals insignificant damage, has no special effect Gravity Ruin: Very slow casting time, deals insignificant damage, has no special effect I only have Gleam Boom in my skill bar for PvE purposes... VIII. ON A FINAL NOTE These are the combos I normally use in DKSQ or PvP. Now, mages are totally fun to play because there are a whole lot of other skill chain combos that you can use depending on the situation. There will be times you have to change your Control Type option to A as you’re using some skills, especially when fighting Aloken, VS, AK, or Bagi. I won’t go into detail why this has to be done—figure it out yourself. I’m challenging you to begin playing this class and explore a whole new world of DKSQ carnage with the Goddess of Lightning, Ice, and Fire! I hope you enjoyed reading this guide as much as I did while making it. Cheers Ximena | Maleficia P.S. I’m expecting some valuable donations from all you rich people out there. Send a lvl 200 vit staff and a perf wand via mail goddammit.
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    18. The wait is almost over. Once thought of as extinct, the legendary Segita Shooter has reappeared to join The Rising. This is a small preview. More to come.
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    19. Nitex

      Rising 2020

      Warriors of the Rising, Thank you all for another great year on Dekaron Rising. We've now been open for more than 6 years and counting! Long live the Rising. 2019 was a great year for us. We had dozens of amazing updates, some massively huge events, and some really fun time. Now, I'm sure you all are wondering what we have planned for 2020. Well, the answer is a lot. New Bosses & Monsters There has previously been a limitation on adding new monsters to the A9 client due to an obstacle. I can't go into much detail, but I'm excited to announce that we have developed a way to overcome that obstacle. Soon we'll be the first server to add brand new monsters and bosses. We've tested a few of them in game and they're pretty insane. We'll be releasing more screenshots and videos of the new monsters as we get closer to releasing them. New Maps There are around a dozen new maps that we have not yet added. Part of this is because we haven't been able to get the monsters for these new maps (until now) and we wanted a more authentic experience than custom monsters would provide. However, we're planning on releasing these new maps in different styles. The first will be the usual monster or boss hunting maps. There are already a ton of these in game, but new ones could be pretty cool. Next, we will be introducing new maps for PvP/PvE content and events. These new maps will be geared toward competitive gameplay at both small and large scale. Finally, we'll also be using new maps to revamp existing PvP/PvE game modes. See below. Revamped DK-Square DK-Square is arguably one of the best aspects of Dekaron. What if we could improve it by adding a map rotation to it? This would make battles even more dynamic and interesting. Revamped Colosseum Colosseum is a lot of fun, and we think we can add more variety to it by experimenting with various new maps. We're also looking at tweaking some settings involving Colosseum as well. We've received a lot of feedback that Party Match is an absolute joy, but Battle Royale could use some work. We'll be experimenting with ways to revamp Battle Royale or change it completely. Revamped Siege Siege is a lot of fun, but lets be honest; that castle is falling apart! It's so old that the gates barely stay up. They aren't a match for the newfound strength of the average Rising warrior. While its a delicate system, we have a concept that we're going to turn into a proof of concept pretty soon that revamps Siege pretty drastically. I won't say too much to avoid spoiling the surprise, but lets just say that while the general objectives will remain the same, the means to the objectives will change drastically. We think it will bring new life to the Siege battle and make battles more action-packed and fast-paced. I'm personally really excited about this one. Not so excited about figuring out how to test 50v50v50v50, though. Armor-Skin System The weapon skin system has been a huge success. Although other servers have made bootleg copies of it that don't work quite as well, everyone knows where its true origin was (just like several other features that Rising pioneered). We're looking at expanding the weapon skin system to also support skinning armors or costumes. Although this sounds pretty straight forward, the fact that armor is 5 pieces adds a level of complexity to this that we have to architect and overcome. That said, it could be really exciting. Imagine being able to wear your favorite armor set and have the same stats as your current gear (maybe an L3 set or the iconic 130 set). Bug Fixes & New Developer Now, we know the forever-lasting battle of bug squashing is never ending. In the past we've always tried to balance fixing bugs and producing new content. However, we've decided that we'll be adding a new developer to the team that is dedicated to bug squashing. This should lead to more updates with both bug fixes and new content. Statistics! It's no secret that on Rising we value big data and statistics very heavily. While a lot of these statistics are confidential, there are some fun ones below that we'd like to share with you. And much much more! While these are all of the public things we’re announcing, there’s also some confidential stuff I can’t say much about just yet. So stay tuned, and be excited A Personal Thank you It is an honor to be leading such a successful server. Rising has been open for over 6 years now, and through the good times and the bad times I can honestly say that this server is one of the most important aspects of my life. Watching it grow into what it has become has been nothing short of amazing, and I cannot express how thankful I am for the responsibility that everyone has bestowed upon me. Thank you, Rising Warriors.
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    20. Hi everyone, As you can see, we've successfully upgraded the forums to IPS 4.0. This was quite a process seeing as we have tens of thousands of forum users. There are a lot of new features (too many to list). Some are obvious and some you'll discover as you use the forums. You can also feel free to ask questions. The visual appearance of the forums has changed. The old theme no longer works with the new version of IPS. For a while you saw the ugly default IPS theme -- though you should now see a new "Brave" theme that we have just customized and activated. Everything should now be working (forum registration, game registration, donations, posting, replying, etc.) though you may notice some visual changes occurring as we clean things up and make everything perfect! What do you guys think? Thanks, Nitex
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    21. Well i have same problem at 78.7% Help meh ^.^
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    22. These prices do not need to be discounted, just have an option to buy them 10 at a time. This will save time from entering a password hundreds of times. D-Shop > Foritfy tab Alchemist protector x10 = 10,000 deka coins Blacksmith protector x10 =17,000 deka coins Ossuary of Blacksmith x10 = 19,000 deka coins Ossuary of Alchemist will x10 = 17,000 deka coins Craftman's Talisman Treasure x10 = 26,000 deka coins D-Shop buff durations changed to 30 mins. They are mostly used inside PTM, BR, DKSQ. Item use cooldown of D-shop changed to match the quick use time of Candy buffs.
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    23. I would just like to simply know whether or not I should quit. After this recent patch everything has just gone downhill. Basically what you have done is, you've moved the problem from one place to another. Not only this, there are still some people from Taiwan or PH that still have high MS. I don't know if you can see this in your little server statistics box, but I can tell you this much; it has not contributed to the server in a very positive way. If you just take a short trip to Parca/Hell temple you will see that there is not PvP/pk action going on anymore. No one is really fighting on Lurile either. PvP's are simply not interesting anymore when people are flying across the screen and switching lach/weps takes days. And for me as a tri build AK, it just makes my class limited to what it's capable of, and where is the fun in that? The thing you did with Khaleesi also didn't help one single bit, making us only play with other EU players is just dumb. Splitting up the server like that won't accomplish anything. I believe you should just revert the changes you've made, or come up with a better solution that benefits everyone equally. Quote from original Patch update 11.9: Basically, this means that people from the EU have spent their real money buying sets, some of which are even worth up to 500$, helping Taiwanese/PH people get better MS, while completely demolishing their own. hmm ok I'm not the only one with this opinion on the recent MS update, and I know several others that won't waste any more time on this server when they can't do the things they used to. They simply can't do the things they basically started gearing up for and maybe even spent real money on. They can't use any this to its real effort.
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    24. Disable Nagel's algorithm - Lowers your ping Nagle's algorithm, named after John Nagle, is a means of improving the efficiency of TCP/IP networks by reducing the number of packets that need to be sent over the network. Nagle's document, Congestion Control in IP/TCP Internetworks describes what he called the "small packet problem", where an application repeatedly emits data in small chunks, frequently only 1byte in size. Since TCP packets have a 40 byte header (20 bytes for TCP, 20 bytes for IPv4), this results in a 41 byte packet for 1 byte of useful information, a huge overhead. This situation often occurs inTelnet sessions, where most keypresses generate a single byte of data that is transmitted immediately. Worse, over slow links, many such packets can be in transit at the same time, potentially leading to congestion collapse Nagle's algorithm works by combining a number of small outgoing messages, and sending them all at once. Specifically, as long as there is a sent packet for which the sender has received no acknowledgment, the sender should keep buffering its output until it has a full packet's worth of output, so that output can be sent all at once. This algorithm tends to increase your latency in game connections while it groups together smaller TCP messages into larger ones. Disabling this will lower your latency (ping), however it will increase your overall network traffic and may slightly slow down your download speeds for large files. Option 1 - Install using Leatrix Latency Fix Visit this link and follow the instructions there Option 2 - Manually edit Windows Registry 1. From a command prompt (usually in All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt) run “regedit”2. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Tcpip\Parameters\InterfacesBrowse the items under interfaces until you find one that has an IPAddress entry matching the network interface you want to affect (typically LAN IP addresses start with 192.168 or 10.0); note that if your IP address is automatically assigned by a DHCP server you may need to look for a matching DhcpIPAddress instead of IPAddress3. Right-click on the interface and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value, name it “TcpAckFrequency”4. Right-click the new TcpAckFrequency value and select Modify, enter “1″ (Hexadecimal radio button should be selected)5. Right-click on the interface and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value, name it “TCPNoDelay” (note that TCP is all uppercase this time – that’s intentional)6. Right-click the new TCPNoDelay value and select Modify, enter “1″ (Hexadecimal radio button should be selected)7. Verify that both TcpAckFrequency and TCPNoDelay now show up in the adapter’s property list with types REG_DWORD and values 0×000000018. Exit regedit and reboot (reboot is necessary for the changes to take effect!)9. Play a game and enjoy your new low ping Razor GameBooster - Lower latency, automatically disable unnecessary applications while gaming, record screenshots & video, and more... Download Razor GameBooster General System Tweaks - Also just helps your computer run better in general Windows Update! This helps, don't ignore the updates, install them. Defrag your harddrive - (NonSSD) Defrag puts your files into contiguous memory blocks so that your hdd is not seeking back and forth across the whole drive to find files. Defrag your Windows Partition, Dekaron Partition, PageFile Partitions Free Defrag Program: http://www.piriform.com/defraggler/download Update Graphics card driver Ensures your graphics card is running at optimal performance. Check for newer Beta Drivers as well. Clean your PC! Literally clean it, blow out dust from vents and keep them clear. Dust will really slow you down more than you think. Place the game on your fastest RPM harddrive This will improve your game load times and file access while playing. If you have an SSD, put the client on it. Clean the Crap! CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) is a great tool to scan and clean your registery as well as remove temporary and junk files cluttering up your system. Use it: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner Clean up Autostart Get rid of unneeded programs that are set to automatically run when you start up your computer. 1. Start menu -> run (or Win+R)2. Type 'msconfig'3. Navigate to the 'Bootup/Systemstart' tab4. Uncheck all programs not absolutely necessary! Run as Administrator Set Dekaron to run as Administrator always. Also it may help to run in Windows XP SP3 Compatibility mode. Graphics Card Vsync Set Vsync to Always On Play in FullScreen Playing the game in fullscreen will help improve performance with older graphics cards. Set process-priority to "HIGH" if playing FullScreen Only set the process-priority to High if you are playing in FullScreen. If in windowed mode leave it at Normal. Update DirectX Run the DirectX Web Installer until you have no more updates to download. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 Win7/8 - Disable CoreParking 1. Start->Run (or Win+R)2. type "regedit"3. Go to "Edit" -> "Search" (or Strg+F)4. Uncheck: Data5. Seach for (without Quotes): "0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583"6. You will find: "ValueMax" and "ValueMin"7. Within this key, there is a value called: "ValueMax". This value represents the % number of cores the system will park - the default 100% ie: all Cores are potentially park-able8. Change the value from 64 to 0 so the " ValueMin " and " ValueMax " are both zero9. You will have to find the key a few times and repeat the process for each time it is found - the number of instances will depend on the number of power profiles in your system10. Do a full shutdown and power-off and cold-re-start Disable Network Throttling 1. Start->Run (or Win+R)2. type "regedit"3. Go to: "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile"4. Open Key: "NetworkThrottlingIndex"5. Change the value to: "FFFFFF" (hex) Use Nvidia Inspector / Radeon Pro Nvidia Inspector / Radeon Pro If you do not know these two programs: Profilemanagement to adjust 3D-Settings for all your Games with the benefit of plenty more options than due the standard graphic card driver / game settings. I am using Radeon Pro so i cannot help you with Nvidia Inspector.. sorry for that. But please consider this: - Create new Profile for: "DekaronRising/bin/rising.exe" - Launcher: "Games for Windows Live/Starcraft II" - Launcherdetails: .exe: risinglauncher.exe - Working Directory: .../DekaronRising/ - Anti-Aliasing: x2 - Anti-Aliasing Filter: Multisampling (Box) - Anti-Aliasing Mode: Multi-Sample - Anistrope Filtering: x2 - Tesselation: Maximum - VSync: Always On - Triple Buffering: On - Anistrope Optimization: On - Trilinear Optimization: On - Texturfilter Quality: Quality - Mipmap Quality: Quality - Textur LOD: 0.5 - Flip Queue Size: 5 - Anti-Aliasing Profile: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway !!IMPORTANT!! - Download Nvidia Inspector: http://downloads.guru3d.com/NVIDIA-Inspector- - Download RadeonPro: http://www.radeonpro.info More Information about Texture LOD: Control texture LOD (level of detail). Negative values produce sharper textures, but can introduce shimmering on textures while in movement. Positive values can help on shimmering removal, but high values can produce blurry textures. More Information about Flip Queue Size: Determines the number of frames the driver will render ahead of being displayed if CPU is fast enough (usually it is). The driver default is 3, higher values can improve performance and reduce stuttering but may introduce mouse lag. Lower values can help reduce mouse lag but can cause stuttering. Allow Dekaron in Firewall Check your Firewall (if you don't have a 3rd party firewall, go to: Start -> Control panel -> Windows Firewall) Add all Dekaron executables and ALLOW them to do everything Nvidia Performance Mode In Nvidia Control Panel: Manage 3D Settings -> Global Settings -> Power Management Mode Set to "Prefer Maximum Performance" K-Lite Codec Pack Install K-Lite Codec Pack: http://k-lite-codec-pack.softonic.de/ Add Dekaron to DEP Exceptions DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is a security features that helps prevent damage from viruses and other security threats by monitoring your programs to make sure they use system memory safely. With a modified Dekaron client, sometimes Windows does not like it. 1. Open System by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, and then clicking System.2. Click Advanced System Settings. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.3. Under Performance, click Settings.4. Click the Data Execution Prevention tab, and then select the check box next to all Dekaron executables, then click OK.5. If Dekaron is not in the list, click Add. Browse to the Program Files folder and find the executable for Dekaron and then click Open. ... more coming soon
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    25. Warriors! We're happy to present to you part 2 of the Shangri La-Sanctuary contents update! "You have successfully infiltrated the realm of Velikas and forced him to aid you in obtaining the Power of the Incar Gods known as the Grand Meister skills, but rumors speak of a secret Realm of Treasures and riches that Velikas has been keeping secret from you. An Ancient creature known as the Skywhale guards this realm. Perhaps the last of its kind. Are you willing to slay the last Skywhale to obtain even more power? If so make your way to the inner most parts of the Shangri-La Sanctuary, but do remember that your greed will eventually lead you to your own destruction." Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GSFBUgF9Pc46P_J_7ytWnvMNYNwSAEEP/view?usp=sharing New Boss Arena Skywhale The Skywhale may very well be the last of it's kind. It's guarding the Shangri-La Sanctuary which it has been doing for who knows how long. Difficulty: Very Hard Drops: - 22% Chance of dropping 1x Masochie Earring Respawn Time: 4 Hours Map: Shangri-La Sanctuary Channel(s): Ark HP: 240000000 Attacks: 1) Normal melee attacks that damages the player on impact 2) A linear magical attack that damages all players in a straight line 3) A large AOE attack that deals damage to all surrounding players 4) A large Aqua AOE attack that deals extremely high damage to anyone caught within its range Tactics: Dodge the large Aqua AOE attack New Earrings We've added a new pair of offense-focused earrings to give you more variety when it comes to building your class How to get them: These new earrings are obtained by slaying the Skywhale in Shangri-La Sanctuary. They can be upgraded one time by bringing a Platinum Chunk AND a Masochie Earring to NPC Bella in Shangri-La Sanctuary. She will combine the items into a Masochie Platinum Earring. The Platinum Chunk can be obtained with either 20m Purchase Points or 1000 Solidary Crystals. (Normal) (Upgraded) Shangri-La Sanctuary Revamp Fixed the zoom distance in Shangri-La Sanctuary Improved graphics and visuals Completely reworked the Solidarity Crystal drop rate in Shangri-La Sanctuary New Cosmetics Neon Wings We have added 2 new and fun Neon wings! Limited Edition Premium Skin: Rainbow Crystalline We have added the Rainbow Crystalline Skin to the Dshop! This has been a staff exclusive for more than a year. We are now releasing it as a limited edition premium skin. Misc Increased the drop rate of coppers, silvers, pass and niums in Egutt level 181 Area Increased the drop rate of Tatum Marvics from the Deadlands Event monsters Seleana now drops 3x +0 195 Weapons instead of 2x Added MonsterHead Dolls in the 2nd part of the Shangri-La Sanctuary Bug Fixes Fixed the zoom distance in Shangri-La Sanctuary Fixed various exchange and item descriptions that were bugged or inaccurate Disabled Deadfront on Lurile channel Whats in store for Patch 20.91? Quality of life changes Bug fixes Adjustments of various drop rates and other things Possible skin rework Balance Part 10 Thank you all for your love and support!
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    26. Fayth

      December 2017 Event Calendar

      Hello Warriors, Posted below is the December 2017 event calendar. We have some very special events planned for this month. Patch 14.2 will also be released this month with some great Holiday exchanges, stay tuned! Events and event times are subject to change, if changes occur they will be announced on Discord. Staff members may also host more events if they desire! ~DKR Staff
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    27. Nitex

      Patch 14.0

      Patch Notes Include: Client performance/compatibility update, Loa PvP Arena, Champion Statues, and more. _____________________________________________________ To update client: Run game launcher then start game. Manual Patch (ONLY NEEDED IF YOUR GAME LAUNCHER DOES NOT WORK): please scroll down and see first reply of this topic. _____________________________________________________ There was a lot more we wanted to include in this patch, however the client performance/compatibility upgrade was one of our highest priorities as many of our players suffered from excruciatingly slow loading times. Resolving this issue without compromising game stability and anti hack security was a very time consuming and challenging task, but we are happy to have made such significant progress. Note: This is a large update. Please be patient with your launcher. 1) Major Upgrade: Client Performance & Compatibility This has been a work in progress for a few weeks. We've made several changes to our game client and the new version is finally completed. We've resolved some major issues with our client and increased the performance significantly. Client loading speed will be much faster (2x ~ 10x faster depending on your PC) Client compatibility is improved, especially with Windows 8/10 operating systems. Client compatibility with antivirus/firewall programs has been improved, most notably Windows Defender Client performance improved, you may notice: better FPS, faster map loading, and more. Several crash issues have been fixed Let us know in the comments below what you think of the new client! 2) Loa PvP Arena You can now travel to the ancient castle of Loa again! It has been turned into a PvP Arena / hang out spot. Here are a few differences: Loa Castle is the new PvP hangout spot. Hang out here if you're looking for a PvP challenge! Loa Castle is smaller than you remember it. We've optimized the map to make it smaller and less resource heavy so that the game performs even better than usual in this map. New NPC: Helion (Ardeca) will teleport you to the Loa Arena. 3) Champion Statues Ardeca has been remodeled and Champion Statues have been added near the spawn point. The names of tournament winners will be displayed on these statues. New 2v2 Tournament coming soon. 4) Miscellaneous Updated buff-bar UI to make it look cleaner with a very tiny change that most people probably won't notice but OCD people like me were bothered by Aloken Speedboots V2 visual bug causing stats to not show has been fixed. Halloween monsters and Ardeca theme have been removed -- Limited edition Halloween wings/items will be removed from the D-Shop during next week's update (we've put them in a few days late and received some requests to keep them in for one more week). Updated loading screen Added messages for temporary bans and permanent bans on the login screen Added 5 new unreleased maps that may be used as event maps until release -- GMs, the indexes are: 608, 610, 650,651,652
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    28. Nitex

      Game Registration Page

      Here you can register a game account. Game accounts are separate from website accounts for security reasons and so you can have multiple in game accounts! It's important for you to have a valid email account in case you forget your password. Game Registration †Note: Game registration is separate from website/forum registration for security purposes Click here if you need to change your password.
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    29. Warriors, New Crystalline Weapons have been forged from the rare and powerful Crystalline element. Only the strongest of the warriors will be able to wield them. The weapons feature a brand new visual effects system. Getting them to work was not easy, but we were able to make it happen. Manual Patch 13.6 (only needed if your launcher does not work:<https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7zlsmKb9joCQnp5dDZONC1nUzg/view?usp=sharing > Before I get started on the patch notes, here's a quick note on just SOME other stuff we are planning: Blacksmith Protector / Achemist Protector at exchange Onc Item balance revamp: our item balance document is almost 30 pages long, it's a lot of work but it's going to be worth it Skill balance part 2 New dungeons New cosmetic upgrade system (cosmetic only) New classes (no new information yet on these). Client upgrade for better performance, better stability, and less crashes. 1) New Crystalline Weapons Level Requirement: 200 Stats: comparable to SigMetal but with... +300 Damage if offensive weapon, +300 Defense if it's a defensive weapon +35 STR/SPR/DEX/HEAL (+30 on SIGMetal) The reason the stats aren't too high is so that we do not affect balance significantly yet. The weapons are more powerful, but they aren't too more powerful. SigMetal player vs. Crystalline Player PvP should still be almost an equal fight if all else is the same. The stats may be updated for balancing reasons in the future. Effects: The weapons use a brand new effects system that is new to Dekaron. This system makes these weapons truly unique and look amazing. We are considering removing the +4~10 glow because they look better without it, we want to know your feedback on this. How to get the new Weapons: 1) DK Square Exchange There are two reasons for their high PPoint cost 1) We learned from the last time we added something to PPoint Exchange instead of drops that it is actually easier than farming than we thought. We realized that this is because with the PPoint Exchange you can choose what weapon you want to buy, whereas with drops you have an even smaller 1/23 (.043%) chance of getting the weapon you want AFTER it drops. 2) Upgrading them is easier because we have made Blacksmith / Alchemist Protectors available also in Dragon Bone Exchange (fixed, see below) and Lowe DKSquare Exchange (see below). 2) D-Shop They reason for their high cost is because they cost high PPoints in DKSquare. We want people to play DKSquare instead of buying them from D-Shop, but will leave the D-Shop option for those who REALLY want them. 2) New Costumes (All Classes) New costumes have been added for all classes. You can preview them in game to see which style fits you the most! Vampire Costumes (Male Classes) Witchmaid Costumes (Female Classes) 2017 Formal Costumes 2017 Formal V1 2017 Formal V2 2017 Formal V3 2017 Formal V4 3) Alchemist Protectors & Blacksmith Protectors With the release of new weapons that are hard to get and to make it easier for our non-donator players, we have added a new way to get Alchemist Protectors & Blacksmith Protectors. There are now two ways (3 ways if you count D-Shop) You can exchange Alchemist & Blacksmith Protectors for Dragon Bones in the D-Exchange. Price has changed as the intended way to get them is DK Square, but we will not remove them from the D-Exchange for now. You can exchange Alchemist & Blacksmith Protectors for PPoints with the PPoints Exchange (Lowe NPC). Note: when you go to Lowe you exchange PPoints for a "Alchemist Protector Box" or "Blacksmith Protector Box" -- just right click to open the box and get the protector. 4) Miscellaneous TeragraceMC (Azure Knight) upgrade bug fixed -- only the AK version was not fixed in the HotFix patch. Dragon Bone Exchange for Blacksmith/Alchemist proctors has been fixed. Shadowkris in Crespo Abyss have been removed from Lurile - now only on Ark/Khaleesi as intended Changed some map effects in DK Square so the new weapons look even cooler when used in that map. Server maintenance and optimizations will be run while the server is down to improve game performance and latency
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    30. This guide will be split into multiple parts: I. Obtaining and Upgrading Dragonic Items II. Obtaining Zeig / Solon's Necklaces (Level 180 / 190) III. Obtaining and Upgrading Teragrace Accessories (Level 190) IV. Obtaining and Upgrading Spell Plumes (Level 140~180) V. Obtaining Emblems Please note that this guide is specifically aimed towards players that have already reached level 190+ and have a decent set + weapon. This guide will show you how to make your character even stronger after those basic steps are done. ____________________________________________________________ I. Obtaining Dragonic Items and Upgrading Dragonic Items: The three types of Dragonic Items currently available on Dekaron Rising are: Dragon Scale Dragonic Squama and Dragonic Squama (Upgraded) Dragonic Lachrymae and Dragonic Lachymae (Upgraded) You can buy all three of these items from NPC Lowe in Ardeca with PPoints. You can find her near the top of Ardeca Castle You can farm PPoints in DKSQ (quick method) or Under Crespo (slow method) The stats and prices of these three Dragonic Items are below. Dragon Scales will give you better tanking ability in PVE maps such as farming Draviss for Dragon Bones, etc. You can wear three Dragon Scales at one time! Dragonic Squamas are the best rings for tanking damage. You cannot wear a Squama and Lachrymae at the same time, but you can switch between the two of those rings easily. Dragonic Lachrymaes are the best rings for dealing damage. Once you have farmed your rings, you can then upgrade them to their best stats! You must have these rings FIRST before you can upgrade them. They are part of the requirements needed to upgrade. To do this you must participate in Battle Royale and PTM matches. You can get to this battle server using these two NPCs. Pro Tip: Every day you can receive a new Daily Quest for PTM and BR matches at their respective NPC. Completing the Daily Quest will grant your character with bonus P Coins and B Coins upon turning the quest! Battle Royale and PTM matches happen only at certain times throughout the day so make sure you pay attention to the server messages that announce when BR and PTM are starting. There is another thread posted here that gives you the times of BR and PTM: The upgraded stats of the Squama and Lachrymae are below. You get the [P Coins] from PTM and the [B Coins] from BR. This will take some time to farm, but do not be discouraged! These are best rings you can get on Rising and are absolutely worth the time it takes to farm. II. Obtaining Zeig / Solon's Necklaces (Level 180 / 190): Solon's Necklaces are the best elemental resistance necklaces you can get in Rising. They drop for each element and also give PK/PVP resistance and extra vitality. You can wear 4 of them at the same time. (However, you should only wear three of them since you will be wearing a Squama or Lachrymae in the 4th spot.) Yes, that means these necklaces help you take more damage and deal more damage at the same time! Currently, the only place to farm Zeig necklaces is from the Red Dragon in Arcadia. This boss only spawns on Arcane and has a 5 hour respawn timer! This boss is marked on your map when you get to Arcadia. You can run to Arcadia from Mitera. These necklaces can be upgraded to +9, their upgrade rates are posted at NPC Pablos in Ardeca. (See image at the bottom of this section for a picture of the Zeig Necklace boss.) ----- Solon's Necklaces can be found from the Final Boss in the Ruin's of Rudene Instance Dungeon. Rudene has an 80% chance to drop a +0 Solon's Necklace. Solon's Necklaces are slightly stronger than Zeig Necklaces. III. Obtaining and Upgrading Teragrace Accessories (Level 190): Teragrace accessories give the highest stats than any other accessory currently in the game. They are also the only accessories that you do not have to farm with PPoints. You can farm them in Arcadia at the "Ghost Territory" map location. The area circled in yellow displays where Teragrace Belts and Teragrace Armlets drop. Once you have farmed your accessories you can upgrade them at Pablos, Maximus, or Axion in Ardeca. However, unlike other items accessories require you to have both Argates and Colo Argates to upgrade them. You can get your Colo Argates from NPC Lowe in Ardeca using PPoints. IV. Obtaining and Upgrading Spell Plumes (Level 140~180): Spell Plumes / Spell Kracions are the best accessories to use in your ear-ring spots. They can only be used in the highlighted locations. These very strong ear-rings only drop from Cherubim in the Nest of Cherubim Dungeon. Also, the drop rate is 33%. Which means that sometimes Cherubim will not drop a Spell Plume for your raid. You can get to the Nest of Cherubim Dungeon by entering the Instance Portal near NPC Capelia in Ardeca. Alternatively, you can access the dungeon from NPC Orz in Ardeca by teleporting to Morse Yawalai. You must be a minimum of level 190 to enter. This dungeon takes a little under one hour to complete and requires 4 characters to start. The dungeon is very straight-forward, but if needed I can create a guide on "How to complete Nest of Cherubim" Once you kill Cherubim and get your Plumes you can upgrade them. To upgrade your plumes you need to first teleport to Crack of Valley from Ardeca and then walk in the Portal immediately beside you when you spawn there to get to Rest of Admirers. In Rest of Admirers, you will find two exchange NPCs: Luster and Kaylor. Luster for exchanging Dark Stones . (Obtained from killing Tower of Spell Bosses) Kaylor for exchanging Mana Crystalline . (Obtained from killing Tower of Spell Bosses) V. Obtaining Emblems: Emblems should be the last accessory you farm since they take a long time to farm. You can also buy these using dil or trading items to other players that want to sell their emblems. Emblems can only be worn in these highlighted spaces in your inventory. Yes, you can wear three emblems at one time! To get these Emblems you need to visit NPC Lowe in Ardeca and buy them with PPoints. They come in two different random-boxes so you are never guaranteed which emblem you are going to get. The rare emblems cost slightly more than the normal emblems. Emblems last for 365 days and the expiration timer begins once the random-box is opened. At the time of this edit, these are the stats that emblems give. +10 Str +10 Spr +10 Heal +10 Dex I hope this guide helps! If there is anything that isn't clear enough, simply make a comment and I will do my best to explain it.
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    31. Download full size image Golden Dragon Weapons , zoom in to see every weapon in detail! All textures are upscaled and have increased details compared to originals that were really bad in quality. With effects:
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    32. Dannyboi

      [Class Guide] Seguriper

      You are afraid of the darkness that dwells inside you But sometimes you gotta fight darkness with darkness -- Introduction The Seguriper is a really interesting class. It is a hybrid class which means it's not a pure elemental damage based class like mage nor a pure physical damage based class like Azure Knight. I will talk more about this later in this guide. Segupriper is an amazing all-round class which is easily noticed by the sheer amount of seguripers seen in game especially by hard farmers and new players. This is due to Seguripers ability to not only dish out some crazy amounts of DPS in PvE aswell as PvP, but also due to its ability to buff and heal itself. If that isn't enough the Seguriper also uses a freaking scythe as weapon, so if you're the type who is into dark themes, weakening your opponent with curses and tearing them apart with scythes then the Seguriper is definitely your class! - In this guide I will talk about: 1) Seguriper is a Hybrid class 2) What skills to level up 3) Important skills and what they do 4) Possible Stat Builds 5) Seguriper Playstyles 6) Bonus: Segureaper in team PvE - 1) Seguriper is a Hybrid Class Yes, I mentioned that Seguriper is a hybrid class, but what exactly does that mean? It means that Seguriper uses skills that are both Curse Elemental Based AND Physical Damage Based aswell. Curse Elemental Based skills have higher damage the more points you put in SPR and Physical Damage Based skills have higher damage the more points you put in STR. Oh no this sounds really complicated, how do I know what skills are Curse and which are Physical? I will show you right now! - 2) What skills to level up Like with every class, some skills are more useful than others, but how do you know which skills you should level up to avoid wasting your precious skillpoints? I will show you right now! - 3) Important skills and what they do Now a lot of people who make guides often talk about combos. "What combos should I use so I can always kill my enemies?" I'm sorry to break it to you, but I'm not going to do that, because Dekaron is a fast paced action MMORPG, if you are just going to use the same combo over and over you will never be a strong player. Instead I will show you some important skills and explain what they do and how they can be used in various situations. This way you can practice and shape your own combos and playstyle. The most important trick to becoming a good player is experience. Learn everything you can about all classes so you can figure out the best way for you to counter each class and each different players playstyle. This goes for all classes by the way, not just segu. I will however show you my skillbar setup aswell, just to show you that there isn't much logic in how I set up my skillbar. I can't just 1 2 3 4 5, I play with whatever I'm most comfortable with and then I adjust my playstyle depending on the class and player I'm facing. Knowledge is power so allow me to share mine: - Self Healing and Healing Moss. Pretty self explanatory. You use these to avoid getting killed. Timing on these however are actually quite important. You don't wanna use them too early and you don't wanna use them too late. - Recover Shield. Also pretty self explanatory. Once again your timing is important. I usually use this if my enemy is hesitating to attack or if they are running away from me and I choose not to persue because I know I can't finish him off yet. - Dark Circle. Do your very best to always keep this buff activated as it increases your Curse damage by 10% while active. - Removal. This is actually one of your most important skills. This skill is able to remove severe debuffs from yourself. This includes both PvP and PvE. You know that annoying web/hp drain from the first spider in Tower 2nd floor? remove it. Know that annoying 20 second stun from Rudene? remove it. Some important skills you can remove in PvP though would be (There may be more but I can't recall all of them right now, feel free to comment if you remember more): - Palpus slow/poison resistance debuff (Vicious/Concerra Summoner) - Vulnerable Arrow defense debuff (Segita Hunter) Note: Removal can NOT remove curses (segu and segnale debuffs) - Paralyze. Decreases the opponents movement speed by 100%. Can be used for escapes, catching running targets and even disrupting combos of classes such as Dragon Knight that are reliant on short duration buffs/pulses for burst dps combos. - Reduce Curse. Reduces the opponents curse resistance by 650 for 14 seconds. If you are quick this can be used to increase the potency of a curse damage combo on a sleeping target. - Sleep. Much like, but more efficient than Paralyze. Puts your target to sleep and can be used to interrupt your opponents combo, but also to initiate your own. - Cursed Fog. This aoe debuff decreases your targets critical rate by 644 and hit rate by 1089 for 60 seconds. Keep this on your opponent as much as possible to minimize the damage you take from their attacks. - Cursed Mist. This aoe debuff decreases your targets max hp by 15% but also reduces all healing efficiencies by 45%. This is especially effective when you believe your opponent is on HP and you wanna finish them off as their max hp is reduced by 15% and their hp potion effects are almost halfed. This means an imperial potion (heals 8000 HP) will instead only heal 4400. This debuff also lasts 60 seconds. - Curse Legion. While this skill isn't that harmful compared to some others, it can be used to throw off some people chasing you in wars, as it is natural for them to dodge aoes even tho the skill is pretty much harmless. Can also be used in huge cluster fights to deal a small amount of damage to a lot of targets. - Blood Hit. This is an extremely important skill. What makes this skill so deadly is that all hits tracks the target. That means you can't dodge this skill. This makes the skill extremely good for finishing off running targets. - Pillages. These skills are extremely important and can be used in a variety of ways. A lot of segus will just spam them for the increased damage, however I prefer to use them to interrupt other peoples combos (mostly). The Soul Pillage is especially effective against kiting enemies such as hunter and mages. Example: If you have ever fought a mage you know they are extremely combo reliant (emited flash, transfer lightning and aqua circle). Simply throw a pillage as soon as you see a mage do Emited Flash and they main combo is already ruined. Check the skill description in game to see what their buffs/debuffs do. They mainly lock your targets use of skills and then absorb their magic attack, physical attack at the cost of sacrificing some of your own magic resistance or defense. - Tizen Storm. This skill increases your movement speed by 20% and your PvP damage tolerance by 10% for 8 seconds. This is extremely useful for escaping combos or minimizing the potency of another players combo on you. It also pulses dealing small damage to surrounding targets. - Fin Rising. This isn't the most important skill, but I do like to use it when fighting classes that relies on kiting and aoes such as hunters and mages as it slows the target, but also dodges their aoe by moving towards them. - Envoy Other Self. This skill has high physical damage, and is also a really good skill for chasing down kiting or running targets. Not only does it pursue your target, but it also increases your critical rate by 12% for 8 seconds, which allows for a follow up combo. - Envoy Prison and Curse Circle. Envoy Prison lowers your targets movement speed by 100% for 3 seconds while dealing damage. The reason I combined these is because this is one of my favorite combo starters with segu on targets that are far away. I sleep or paralyze them then throw Envoy Prison followed up by Curse Circle. Curse Circle is hard enough to dodge as it is and even harder with the movement speed debuff. Additionally Curse Circle also decreases ALL damage of your opponent by an incredible 20% for 5 seconds. - Diskalo. This skill causes curse damage to pulse around you 5 times having a 75% each hit to reduce your opponents curse resistance by 5% and 150 for 10 seconds. This is a skill that most opponents would like to stay away from, as it is extremely puninshing for someone to tank this debuff as the segus curse based skills will deal incredible amounts of damage 10 seconds after. This skill can be used both as defense and offense. - Dopios. This is the last skill I'm going to talk about. This skill has extremely high damage, but should only be used when an opponent is asleep or when an opponent is engaging you in close range combat as the range of this skill is extremely low. It can be a hard skill to use, but if you successfully land it the damage is insane. Additionally this skill also reduces the targets critical damage by 10% each hit for 7 seconds. There are more important skills, but I left some out because I figured they were pretty self explanatory. - 4) Possible Stat Builds Like with all classes there are 3 overall stat builds: - Heal build - Mixed build - Str/Dex/Spr build Whether you follow these or find something in between is completely up to you. It is a matter of preference. Str is what segu uses for his physical skills, but a str build is mainly used by people who farm easy targets in PvE such as Shadowkris. Full Heal build is definitely something I can recommend for any new players as it allows you to survive. A heal build is definitely also something I recommend just overall, for both PvE and PvP alike, it doesn't have to be FULL heal. This is my stat build on Seguriper for reference: 333 STR - 5 DEX - X HEAL - 222 SPR X means just add all remaining stat points on heal. Also note that since I use a heal build majority of my combos consist of Curse based skills. However this doesn't mean I don't use physical based skills aswell. Like I said in the end its a matter of preference. You can copy my build or find one that suits you and your playstyle. - 5) Seguriper Playstyles I feel like a lot of this has already been covered in "important skills and what they do", but I have a quick suggestion that I hope you will take into consideration if you wish to become a good Seguriper. When you play you will see A LOT of segus doing the following: Sleep > Use all 3 pillages > Culpierd > Blood Hit This is without second thought one of the WORST combos you can use as a seguriper in my opinion. You literally just threw away all your combo breakers and counter possibilities just for some extra damage. This is something only a very unskilled seguriper would do UNLESS you are certain that your target has no shield left and you want to finish him off as quickly as possible. Wasting your pillages like this leaves you extremely open and vulnerable especially against classes such as Concerra Summoner and Dragon Knight whose only purpose in life is to erase you from existence. Anyways that is just my opinion on that "combo". As promised heres a picture of my Seguriper skillbar to show you that I don't have any logical setup or 1 2 3 4 combo setup. Obviously if I used 1 2 3 4 5 with this skillbar I would get my ass handed to me in an instant. I simply put the skills the way I'm most comfortable with: - 6) Seguriper in team PvE (BONUS) Just a few quick tips when you're doing PvE and fighting strong bosses as a segu in a party. - A lot of boss debuffs can be removed with "Removal" If you see any party members in trouble don't hestitate to help them - As a segu you're obv not a segnale, but IF you see someone about to die while you're doing fine yourself, don't hesitate to throw them some of that juicy healing moss - Please always keep your party buffed - I hope you will find this guide to your liking. It has been a while since I've played Seguriper, however I can comfortably say that this is one of, if not my overall strongest class. Also feel free to share in the comment section if you have any question or have something I left out then I can add it to the guide - Sparky
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    33. Bon3

      ROYAL iz back

      ROYAL We are back and looking for new homies to join us. Guild priority is PK / SIEGE Requirements for all classes EXCEPT SEGNALE to join: lvl 210 Full +10 tera Set with plumes and Armlets/Belt actively playing and PvP/PK oriented. ONLY MAIN CHARS are accepted into the Guild - no alts! Segnales might get extra treatment and get accepted with lower Item Status if the player isn't braindead. PM Bon3crush3r ingame or leave nudes and application here if you're interested.
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    34. Colosseum RankingSystem V2.0, Comprehensive Balance, New Content, and much more. Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Orf9HizMhHXwCkDvkuVx2-Ph4w1ElMa9/view?usp=sharing Introduction We are so happy to present to you our Rising2018 Patch (Patch 15). This is a HUGE patch and there's a lot of really cool and awesome stuff. The comprehensive gear balance project and the comprehensive skill balance project have been in development for MONTHS and we're so excited to finally share them with you. Summary: Colosseum Ranking System V2.0 Project Lead: @Nitex Summary: A brand new ranking system for Colosseum where there are brand new, exclusive prizes for the Top 10 Players in Battle Royale, Top 10 Players in Party Match, and Top 3 in both categories. Goal: Improve the competitive aspect of Colosseum and reward the best warriors with exclusive prizes. Comprehensive Gear Balance Project Lead: @[GM]Fayth Summary: A comprehensive stat revamp that has updated the stats on hundreds of items. Goal: Improve overall balance between gears and sets, specifically improving the gap between Osmium and Terragrace gear. Comprehensive Skill Balance Project Lead: @Dannyboi & @Dave Summary: A comprehensive skill revamp that has updated the stats on hundreds of skills. Goal: Improve overall balance between classes to make PvP and PvE more competitive and more fun. Acknowledgements: I'd like to really thank our staff team. The staff team has spent so much time working on this patch and I can't express how proud I am with how everything came together. Over the past few months of deliberating, decision making, and critical thinking, we have truly accomplished something great. I'd also like to thank our Balancing Team. We could not have done it without them! Being on the balancing team is no easy task, considering that the balancing team had to download a special patch every time we updated the balancing channel, re test the same skills over and over with different settings, and conduct hundreds of PvPs. Our balancing team was truly dedicated and unbiased. Finally, I'd like to thank the players. We appreciate your dedication and love for Dekaron Rising. Seeing our players enjoy the server motivates us to work harder to improve the game and add new features. The feedback and bug reports you provide are very useful, and your patience with support tickets is very appreciated. Rising Colosseum Ranking System V2.0 Rankings will begin on January 1st and be reset on January 31st. On January 31st, the top 15 players will be mailed an exclusive reward. Prizes will be sent at the end of each month when the points reset. What is the Rising Colosseum Ranking System V2.0? Every month, each character starts out with 0 Battle Royale Points and 0 Party Match Points. For every match, the character will receive B Points or P Points (win = more points, more kills = more points). Rankings will be displayed on the website (go to the top and click Rankings) to show which characters have the most Battle Royale Points and which have the most Party Match points. You will also be able to check your individual ranking as well. What if my character wins top 10 in both BR Ranking Points and PTM Ranking Points? In this case, the character will receive both prizes. Epic bragging rights. We will be adding more prizes as we see fit. Where can I access the ranking list & leaderboards? The website has been updated with a ranking page (see top navigating bar, look for RANKINGS). Alternatively, here's the link: https://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/rankings/ You can also check the in-game colosseum Ranking NPC -- however the NPC is only updated once a day and is not always accurate. The website ranking list is the most accurate and is updated after every match. At the beginning of each month, everyone will start with 0 BR Ranking Points and 0 PTM Ranking Points. Prizes: Battle Royale Prizes: Battle Royale Top 3 -- 'Top 3 Colosseum Champion' 30-Day Head Emblem (+10 Str/Spr/Dex/Heal) Battle Royale Top 10 -- 'Golden Hoverboard' 30-Day Exclusive Mount Battle Royale Top 15 -- Your character name on the Top 15 Monthly Leaderboard Party Match Prizes: Party Match Top 3 -- 'Top 3 Colosseum Champion' 30-Day Head Emblem (+10 Str/Spr/Dex/Heal) Party Match Top 10 -- 'Golden Mechanic Wings' 30-Day Exclusive Wings Party Match Top 15 -- Your character name on the Top 15 Monthly Leaderboard Miscellaneous: Colosseum will be heavily monitored using new tools to ensure that the top 15 players are the ones who have earned their rank at the end of the month. Players caught attempting to cheat the system will be permanently banned from Colosseum on ALL of their accounts. The system will have new monitoring tools that will log who was in each battle. Added 'Basic Hoverboard' Mount to the B/P Coin Exchange at NPC Darin. Comprehensive Gear Balance Balance Team Notes Overall goal of this gear balance: To lessen the massive gap between Osmium and Teragrace. In the past, Osmium stood no chance against Teragrace. This mainly happened because Teragrace gave a very high amount of Heal stats whereas Osmium gear doesn’t give heal stats at all. Teragrace used to be more than 250% better than Osmium just calculating the heal stats alone. That percentage does not take into account the added vitality and other various stats. Miscellaneous Changes: Teragrace, TeragraceMC, Speedboots V2, and Speedboots V3 are all required level 190. Kona Robin is now fixed completely, see details below Parca's Tear balance adjustment All emblems now have the same stats (Dshop emblems removed from Dshop and added to NPC Lowe obtainable by PP) Plumes: Weapons: Base damage of all weapons remain the same. All level 200 weapons have +300 base damage compared to all level 195 weapons. Rings and Necklaces: Affected stat -- Vitality, all other stats remain the same. Kona Robin -- Is now fixed completely. - Required Level 180 - Untradable - Updated ISLimit, you can wear 4 of them at once. - All stats changed to what they were intended to be (See Patch 13.4 Notes) - Vitality matched to +9 Zieg Necklaces Parca's Shiny Tear -- Balance Adjustment - Reduced +3% PK/PVP Damage Tolerance to 2% PK/PVP Damage Tolerance Emblems: Emblems {All Emblems stats modified to +10 Str/Spr/Dex/Heal also} DShop Emblems removed from Dshop and added to NPC Lowe. Reduced stats from +50 Str/Spr/Dex/Heal to now +10 Str/Spr/Dex/Heal MagicEmblem Sun Dragon (Body) MagicEmblem Curse Dragon (Body) MagicEmblem Aqua Dragon (Body) MagicEmblem Sun (Head) MagicEmblem Fire (Body) MagicEmblem Sun (Body) MagicEmblem Poison (Body) MagicEmblem Blue (Body) MagicEmblem Curse (Body) RARE MagicEmblem SunEnergy (Body) RARE MagicEmblem Moon (Head) RARE MagicEmblem PoisonLeaves (Body) RARE MagicEmblem Ice (Head) RARE MagicEmblem Fire (Head) Frost Emblem (Feet) Siege Winner Emblem Teragrace Changes: Teragrace Helmets ⤧ Heal stats removed ⤧ +5% Max HP reduced to +3% Max HP Teragrace Armors ⤧ Heal stats removed ⤧ Seguriper - Reduced +204 Str to +170 Str Teragrace Gloves ⤧ No Changes Teragrace Pants ⤧ Azure Knight - Heal stats removed ⤧ Segita Hunter - Heal stats removed ⤧ Incar Magician - Heal stats removed ⤧ Vicious Summoner - Heal stats removed ⤧ Segnale - Heal stats removed ⤧ Bagi Warrior - Heal stats removed ⤧ Aloken - Heal stats removed ⤧ Dragon Knight - Dex stats removed (DK Pants had an extra line of Dex that no other class had) ⤧ Black Wizard - Heal stats removed ⤧ Concerra Summoner - No change (CS Pants didn’t have any heal stats) ⤧ Seguriper - Heal stats removed, +135 Spr reduced to +98 Spr (Osmium has +48 Spr) ⤧ Half-Bagi - Heal stats removed Teragrace Boots -- Note: Osmium boots have Dex instead of Heal, adjusted stats to make the gap smaller. Osmium also does not have vitality stats. ⤧ Azure Knight - Changed Heal to Dex, removed Vitality ⤧ Segita Hunter - Changed Heal to Dex, removed Vitality ⤧ Incar Magician - Changed Heal to Dex, removed Vitality ⤧ Vicious Summoner - Changed +48 heal to +78 dex, removed vitality (+10 VS Osmium boots have +68 dex) ⤧ Segnale - Changed Heal to Dex, removed Vitality ⤧ Bagi Warrior - Changed Heal to Dex, removed Vitality ⤧ Aloken - Changed Heal to Dex, removed Vitality ⤧ Dragon Knight - Changed Heal to Dex, removed Vitality ⤧ Black Wizard - Changed Heal to Dex, removed Vitality ⤧ Concerra Summoner - Changed +68 heal to +110 dex, removed vit (+10 CS Osmium boots have +90 dex) ⤧ Seguriper - Changed +150 heal to +96 dex, removed vit (+10 Segu Osmium boots have +56 dex) ⤧ Half-Bagi - Changed from +100 heal to +64 heal, removed vit (The reason why they still have heal stats and not dex is because +10 HB osmium boots have heal stats.) Speedboots V2 ⤧ Stats matched to new Teragrace Boots Speedboots V3 ⤧ Stats matched to new Teragrace Boots TeragraceMC Helmets ⤧ Stats matched to Teragrace Helmets Level 170 (Egutt) Sets All +9 Egutt set stats are now reduced. Osmium +8 is now stronger than Egutt +9! Osmium sets already drop +7 from Mitera. (Mitera Guide) CONTINUED IN THE COMMENT, PLEASE KEEP SCROLLING
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    35. Nitex

      Patch 14.3: Hotfix

      Hello warriors, Our last update was just a few days ago, but we are issuing another small update to fix some small issues with the last patch and bring you a few more quality-of-life improvements! Due to the nature of some of the changes in this patch, you must have the latest client to be able to log into the server. Please use your launcher to update -- or the manual patch if your launcher does not work. Patch 14.3 Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13XsFflLM5ydyJLecFeW94A4ED9n_aJLY/view?usp=sharing All event mounts have been sent via mail. Fixed visual bug affecting Parca's Tear stats Updated loading screen Fixed incorrect drop rate on some monsters that dropped Dream Powder Updated the following item stack limitations (Thanks @[GM]Fayth 신앙): Last Patch:
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    36. So many players showed up for the EXP event! Afterwards I hosted a 3 round Hide and Seek event. Prize: +0 Crystalline Weapon of their choice Winners: Molotov, HoeWithBlades, Maestron Open the spoiler below to see some screenshots from the event!
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    37. After see so many people with this problems i decide to make a simple tuto for them! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For those people that reinstalled or just started and having resolution issues wich you cannot see the “Create” char button First of all close everything from dekaron, launcher, client, etc. Step 1: Check your Windows resolution clicking with right click on Desktop and Screen Resolution In Windows XP Case, right click on Desktop > Properties> Setting Tab With the resolution windows open go to: Step 2: C:\Dekaron Rising\bin And open the option.txt (On notepad) Find the display line (Wich as default in on display 800 600 16) And change it for the resolution you found on your resolution windows setting and change the 16 value for 32, also change the mode from false to true (In my case my resolution is 1920 x 1080) Close the notepad and save it when it ask and then load the game again
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    38. Here you can view all weapon skin previews for all classes. This post will be kept updated when new skins are released. Sap Skin: https://imgur.com/a/fmeULvt Sun Skin: https://imgur.com/a/wSGQiNi Tech Skin: https://imgur.com/a/ZEpUSIL Maelstrom Skin: https://imgur.com/a/r574iBW Red-light Skin: https://imgur.com/a/EPMku9q Cursed Skin: https://imgur.com/a/WUG8ZJs Velikas Skin: https://imgur.com/a/u0gQ4Qd Baz Skin: https://imgur.com/a/mWcsskc (not finished, hunter,bagi,cs need minor adjustments will add screenshots soon) Frost Skin: https://imgur.com/a/P3T8XKV White Crystalline Skin: https://imgur.com/a/5M1dC53 Emerald Skin: https://imgur.com/a/2ysgBf4 Red Crystallix Skin: https://imgur.com/a/uT9vM9a Metallic Crystallix Skin: https://imgur.com/a/3nDGC1D
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    39. Disty

      A Suggestion

      Hello Beoble It's been a hot minute since I've positively contributed to the community, so here's one of my suggestions to MAYBE enhance the PvE aspect of the game.. [?] I'll give my opinion and suggested statuses on each item, of course they're open to tweaking by the staff members as they see fit, it's just a rough draft of what could be. We've had the Squama as a main ring for nearly 6 years, I know there's an upgrade for it but that also involves very little PvE, and no offense to the staff members, the work that was done is nothing less than amazing but constantly adding new bosses with higher cooldown isn't really enticing. So let's show some love to the content that's already in the game. 1. Uprising Squama[Spr, Str, Heal, Dex] ~16% Monster Tol ~16% Pk Tol ~450 Block ~450 Guard ~14% Crit Resis ~+30 [Stat of Preference] *Should be an upgrade to the previously upgraded squama, and the means of obtaining the new upgrade could be as follows: Requires quite a lot of materials to upgrade and involves quite a few aspects of the game and a whole lot of time. 3 legendary items need to be made to further enhances the effects of the Squama, the Dragonic Ungula, the Dragonic Kornu, and the Mysterious Pendant, and the power of Velikas Tokens and Books to keep the powers from unraveling This lost experiment dwells in the depths of Parca Temple dropping corrupt essence which is needed to craft the Dragonic Kornu. [ XXX # needed with a drop chance of 10%? ] [ Direct Craft ] *Community Input* This mysterious creature lingers around magical tree sprites specific to Shangrila and drop a specific type of slime needed to glue together a Mysterious Pendant. [ XXX # needed with a drop chance of 10%? ] [ Secondary Craft ] *Community Input* These creatures as old as time itself swimming in the depths of El-Mar, when slain, they drop magical crystals needed to craft the Dragonic Ungula. [ XXX # needed with a drop chance of 10%? ] [ Direct Craft ] *Community Input* This powerful scroll can only be obtained by gathering the spell books and velikas Tokens dropped by the creatures lurking in Shangrila. [ XXX # needed ] [ Direct Craft ] *Community Input* *Since you guys made books and tokens tradeable, I believe it will be a nice addition to this PvE element and an alternative dil making source for existing and new players.* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These magical beasts and failed experiments are just the beginning of your journey into crafting one of the most powerful items Dekaron Rising has ever seen. The slime mucus obtained from the magical beasts in shangrila is used to repair a shattered pendant. Which can only be obtained from the raging beast in Elonohm formally known as SILENOS. [ Chances and rates entirely up to staff ] Considering this will be a new edition, chances should be extremely slim in order to invoke competition and encourage PK. Finally, once you've slain this legendary atrocity and had the gods blessing by receiving the shattered pendant, slime mucus and a magical spell scroll will be needed to repair the shattered pendant into a mysterious one * Please edit or correct me as you see fit, this is just a suggestion, an idea that could be further developed by the staff members or the community.
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    40. 04/04/2020 Server Restart: ※ Shangri-La Sanctuary Drop Rate Increased ____________________________________________________________________________________ Warriors of the Rising, I'm excited to announce a new content series, Shangri-La Sanctuary. This update is one of a series of updates that will include new content over the upcoming few weeks. Part 1 of a new map below is being released. Part 2 (which includes the maze) will be released in a later update. This update also includes brand new monsters! The next update will be in 1-2 weeks as we return to our normal update schedule. Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GSFBUgF9Pc46P_J_7ytWnvMNYNwSAEEP Server Upgrades (Part 1) Over the past few weeks we have noticed a very large influx of new and returning players. While this is great, we are likely going to need to do a series of server upgrades in order to be able to support the thousands of warriors that play every day. Part 1 includes some minor server upgrades. We are currently considering doing a complete server upgrade as well as the addition of a new channel. ※ Ark channel capacity increased ※ Cloud system capacity increased ※ General server optimizations New Map ※ Shangri-La Sanctuary (part 1) ※ Part 2 (The Maze) coming soon. ※ Level Requirement: 205 ※ Difficulty: Cancerous ※ How to Enter: Utilize the same portal as Shangri-La New Monsters ※ Vinaelle Drop: Solidarity Crystal (Ultra Low) EXP: Same as Shangri-La Fighter Dolls ※ Apostle Drop: Solidarity Crystal (Ultra Low) EXP: Same as Shangri-La Fighter Dolls ※ Reiden Drop: Solidarity Crystal (Ultra Low) EXP: Same as Shangri-La Fighter Dolls ※ Shangri-La Sanctuary Exchange NPC (Bella) Note: Solidarity Crystals are trade-able items! New items ※ Crystalline Belt ※ Crystalline Armlet New Wings ※ Sky Wings Cost: 13,500 DKC New Costumes ※ Shangri-La Costume Cost: 11,900 DKC ※ Pure Costume Cost: 11,900 DKC ※ General Costume Cost: 11,900 DKC Miscellaneous Adjustments ※ Increased the drop rate of Copper and Silver Argates on Lizardman Generals. ※ Added +0~+9 Teragrace Armlets to the Agency. ※ Added +0~+9 Teragrace Belts to the Agency. ※ Added Solidarity Crystals to the Agency. ※ Adjusted Solidarity Crystals to be stacked up to 5,000 per stack. Coming Soon ※ Shangri La Sanctuary - The Maze ※ More new monsters ※ More new maps ※ New DK-Square Ranking System ※ New Colosseum Maps ※ Additional server upgrades ※ And much much more.
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    41. Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GSFBUgF9Pc46P_J_7ytWnvMNYNwSAEEP Siege Rework! Siege used to be a big deal once. We want it to mean something again so we decided to rework siege! The siege rework includes changes such as: Siege Flag Wings now has 1% more Max HP / MP than dshop wings making them the best wings in the game Siege Flag Wings will display the same theme/guild logo as the guild who holds the castle uses Siege Flag Wings now lasts 2 days instead of 14 (this is so people can't just buy them the day before siege and have them for 2 weeks even though they lose the castle) The "Communicate with Juto" buff no longer makes the communicator immune to all damage The Elonohm Event bosses have been rebalanced Siege Equipment for Attackers and Defenders New Weapon Skin Changed the skybox of the siege map to something more fitting Increased the amount of Dragonoid Signets you can farm per Elonohm Event (siege dungeon exclusive) Commission quests are no longer limited to characters level 190 and below Kona Robin Ring now gives the same stats as +9 Solon Gold Necklaces but is untradeable Total Siege time has been lowered from 80 minutes to 60 minutes New items on the Siege Exchange Old Siege Exchange: New Siege Exchange: For those who wonder, the Elonohm Event is a unique automatic in-game event that is only available to the guild that owns the siege castle More info about siege in general can be found here: New Legendary Pet! The latest addition to the Pet Revamp is the [Legendary] Friendly Soul pet! You can get this pet from the Siege Exchange! Just like every other Legendary pet it gives: +40 STR/DEX/SPR +4000 Max Shield +4% Monster Damage Tolerance Siege Equipment! A new feature we have added to the game! You can now buy Siege equipment wether you are attacking the castle or defending it! More info here: New Weapon Skin! We added a new weapon skin! It's the [Skin Diamond] Siege and is only obtainable through the Siege Exchange! "There was a time when there were no finer weapons in all of Trieste, but as time went on new and more visually appealing weapons were crafted and these old weapons were soon forgotten. That said these weapons are still as capable of getting the job done as any of those new weapons people use now days. Of course not as pretty. The Siege Weapons have seen countless battles in their time." Misc Completely reworked the stats on Verdia's Sap Ring Slightly boosted the stats on Umbars Shield Ring Slightly increased Sap Bottle drop rate Slightly increased the EXP gained from Hell Deadfront, Sap Testee and Hirsch Dolls Added new +120 HP Gems that drops from Destroyer Umbar and Dikesel Updated all of Hunters skill descriptions with better translations and accurate buff/debuff numbers Updated the Grand Meister skill descriptions for ALL classes Changed Egutt Desert and DKSQ skyboxes into something less dark and depressing Added Copper/Silver argates and Pass/Nium marvics as rare drops from Egutt 181 monsters Fishing no longer gives you Argates Increased Spell Plume drop rate from 33% to 50% Lowered Book of Magic drop rate from 100% to 50% Disabled mounts in DKSQ Removed traps from DKSQ Bugfixes Fixed Evil Wings of Raph name Fixed A LOT of bugged item and exchange descriptions Gave Egutt Desert it's proper map/minimap (had the same as DKSQ previously) Fixed a bug where the Dual Sacra buff would be considered a debuff and dissapear after you trans up Pets are now able to pick up Books of Magic and Velikas Tokens Fixed [Common] Woody exchange Fixed Segeuripers Amazingattack buff icon description Thank you all for your love and support!
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    42. buuchan

      Buuchan Denebe

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    43. Nitex

      Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

      Colosseum RankingSystem V2.0 has been released. Our goal is to release the Rising Colosseum Ranking System V2.0 on January 1st. Rankings will begin on January 1st and be reset on January 31st. On January 31st, the top 15 players will be mailed an exclusive reward. What is the Rising Colosseum Ranking System V2.0? Every month, each character starts out with 0 Battle Royale Points and 0 Party Match Points. For every Battle Royale win, the character receives Battle Royale points. For every Party Match win, the character receives 1 Party Match point. The amount of points received depends on the player's performance (more kills more points -- to incentivize not just hiding until everyone has died). Rankings will be displayed on the website to show which characters have the most Battle Royale Points and which have the most Party Match points. You will also be able to check your individual ranking as well. Prizes: Top 15 Party Match: Exclusive 30 Day Colosseum Champion Wings Top 15 Battle Royale: Exclusive 30 Day Colosseum Champion Mount. What if my character wins top 15 in both BR Ranking Points and PTM Ranking Points? In this case, the character will receive both prizes. Epic bragging rights. We will be adding more prizes as we see fit. Prizes will be sent at the end of each month when the points reset. The points will be aggregated at the end of each day (server time). Colosseum will be heavily monitoring using new tools to ensure that the top 15 players are the ones who have earned their rank at the end of the month. Players caught attempting to cheat the system will be permanently banned from Colosseum on ALL of their accounts. The system will have new monitoring tools that will log who was in each battle. The 30 Day Colosseum Champion Wings will be exclusive wings for the winner (we may have other exclusive prizes as well). Website functionality will be updated with the rankings in a few days (definitely before January 1st). On January 1st, everyone will start with 0 BR Ranking Points and 0 PTM Ranking Points. Example of what the rankings will look like (NOTE: This one is (All Time) but it will be monthly).
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    44. Kianni

      3v3 PvP event

      Hello Dekaron Rising warriors, I hope you have sharpened your swords because you’re going to need to be prepared for this one! This event is gonna be a special 3v3 PvP one. Read the rules on more info on why this is more special than the other 3v3s The fights are going to take place at Karin on the Lurile channel the 29th of December at 4pm GMT +1 For every event, of course there has to be some rules, and they are as following: You are not allowed to team up with anyone from your own guild - This rule is special, this challenges people to go with people that you dont normally think about doing PvP's with. This can lead to some really cool teams and you could possibly get a new future PvP partner! NOTE: YOU AND YOUR TEAM WILL GET DISQUALIFIED IF YOU LEAVE GUILD TO JOIN YOUR GUILDMATES No cheating (kinda self-explanatory) These fights will be taking place on the Lurile channel, where all fish and candies/dshops will be off. Go ahead and assemble your parties so you can show your supreme PvP skills and hopefully win the whole event and take the 1st place prize! Once you have assembled your team go ahead and leave a reply on this post or message OPR Kianni on discord with your team name and the name of all the players in your team. 1st place - Artisan talisman package. 2nd place - 15k D-Shop of your choice. 3rd place - 9k D-Shop of your own choice.
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    45. Congratulations to the winners of 2 vs 2 Tournament 2017 Event hosted by: [GM]Hydden and [GM]Bimbow 1st Place Team Name: "agein HEHE xd" Members: xIndependent & Kianni 2nd Place Team Name: Bae Members: Deebyl & Mablray 3rd Place Team:MyGod Members: {VIP}Aiben & {VIP}CatMeow
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    46. Fayth

      [Guide]: Parca Temple

      Hello Warriors, Some users have been having some troubles understanding some of the new things that were brought to Dekaron Rising in the recent Parca Temple revamp so I decided to create a guide explaining everything. If you have any questions related to Parca Temple comment below and myself or another user will do our best to answer it! Guide Contents: :: Polluted Shadowakris and Cocoons :: Withering Evangelist (Boss) :: Lab Chief Verdia (Boss) :: Binaelle Fairie and the Sap Bottle Exchange Rewards :: Sap Testee, Failed Sap Testee, Fresh Sap Testee, Slime 1.) Polluted Shadowakris and Cocoons There are 8 Shadowakris and several Cocoons on Parca Temple. Polluted Shadowakris drop 5,000,000 dil and 1 random Argate. (Respawn time 5 minutes) Cocoons drop 6 Sap Bottles and are guarded by Fresh Sap Testees. (Respawn time 4 hours) Polluted Shadowakris only spawn at the bottom of Parca Temple, near the fountains. However, Cocoons spawn across the entire map. (See the image at the very bottom of this post for the respawn locations of each monster) 2.) Withering Evangelist (Boss) This boss spawns in the upper section of Parca Temple and respawns two-hours after it is killed. Difficulty: Medium Drops: +50% 1-Day EXP Amulet Ex-boxes (Does not begin expiring until you open the ex-box) Random Pets Lollipop weapon and Pumpkin Heads Dshop Masks 30-Days Ice buff ex-package (Each contains 15ea Anima Secret Remedy, 30ea Ice Flower, and 30ea Ice Mushroom) Note: This boss has a lot of HP and is easiest to kill with a party. His special attack applies a -50% Max MP drain on a single target for a few seconds and prevents the target from using Mana Potions while the debuff is applied. 3. Lab Chief Verdia (Boss) This boss spawns in the Upper Section of Parca and respawns 4-hours after it is killed. Difficulty: Very Hard Drops: 33% Drop rate for [Skin Diamond] Sap 100% Drop rate for 10,000,000 Dil Note: Traps. Verdia summons Sap Shurikens all around the edge of the arena, which will kill anything caught within their range. Poison Eggs. Verdia has 4 Poison Eggs in her arena. These eggs will randomly spawn poison bombs around the arena. Passive Ability: Being experienced with poison experiments has made Lab Chief Verdia resistant towards Poison. She also has a linear AOE attack that damages all players in a straight line 1-3 times. This also drains the HP of all targets hit for 30 seconds. 4.) Binaelle Fairie and the Sap Bottles Exchange Rewards Lab Chief Verdia offered to help getting rid of Seleana from Parca Temple, however, what we didn't know was that Verdia has gone mad from her Sap experiments. To get rid of Seleana, Verdia released her newly crafted Sap Gas into Parca Temple! Well, the Sap Gas got rid Seleana, but it also turned Parca Temple into one BIG mess. All the creatures of Parca Temple have mutated and turned into atrocious beings! You can interact with NPC Binaelle Fairie near the Teleporter of Parca Temple. Exchange Table: Sap Bottles drop at a 30% rate from the monsters in Parca Temple. At this time, Blood Bottles are tradable. 5.) Sap Testee, Failed Sap Testee, Fresh Sap Testee These new monsters drop Sap Bottles and give high EXP. See the image below for their spawn locations. Difficulty: Hard Sap Testee -- Melee Failed Sap Testee -- Ranged Fresh Sap Testee -- Melee & Ranged Slime -- Melee (1% Chance to Drop a Slime Pet 30-Days) Purple = Polluted Shadowakris Orange = Slime Yellow = Withering Evangelist Green = Lab Chief Verdia Blue = Cocoons & Fresh Sap Testee's Red = Sap Testee's & Failed Sap Testee's Extra Information: - The use of return scrolls is blocked on this map. - You can set your respawn location to this map at NPC Kata located near the fountain. - Potions and arrows can be purchased from NPC Assam. - There is no lure limit.
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    47. Behold the winners of the Guild Tournament summer season, 2017! With the Guild Tournament summer season having come to an end this past July, 16, 2017, we would like to congratulate every guild that participated and made this event fun for everyone. Special thanks to Official Rising staff for making it posible, currently, preparations need to be set in motion for the next season, with a few changes that will come along to improve the tournament experience. Now, as we can observe from the following Tournament Bracket, we had six brave teams participating: InvictuZ (main guild), InvictuZ (sub guild), Royal, R E D, Garuda and Gods. The final results. - First place: Royal Guild. Members: xIndependent {VIP}Roasteed Bon3crush3r Kianni Zeshin DjLoa Substitutes: Bon3y Roastella - Second place: InvictuZ Guild. Members: AzaNezz Zhyper Mhai EviLPocky Snooki Polyphia Substitutes: {VIP}Labia xxHAOxx - Third place: Garuda Guild. Members: {VIP}GoZiLa SlitherPuss {VIP}FunkyGhoul SexyRexy {VIP}FreedJustine InvulnerableOz Substitute: Hammered Note: All prizes have been sent. Next week I will be uploading several videos of the tournament for everyone to watch, specially the semi-finals and the grand final.
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