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  1. All shield potions have most definitely been deleted and obtaining them is no longer possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  2. Warriors of the Rising, We have promised to be fully transparent about any incidents that may impact fairness. The purpose of this post is to be as descriptive as possible about a fairness related incident that was brought to our attention yesterday at about 2AM server time. Yesterday about 2AM server time it was brought to our attention that shield potions were being used in game by players. After investigating we found that shield potions were actually obtainable in-game via legitimate means through four boxes at the Darin exchange NPC: Lesser Gladiator Supply Box, Intermediate Gladiator Supply Box, High Gladiator Supply Box, Elite Gladiator Supply Box. Upon further investigation, we found that a total of less than 20 players had obtained these items. While minimal since they had high cooldowns and recovered a small amount of shield, shield potions did provide an unfair competitive advantage during PvP/PvE. This is exasperated by the facts that shield potions both worked on Lurile and players were not widely known about them. To remediate this, we will be restarting the servers at the time of this post with a hotfix patch that: Disables the purchasing of all four Gladiator boxes Removes Gladiator boxes from all characters Removes Shield potions from all characters We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we do our best to make Rising as fair as possible.
  3. This is a great suggestion but unfortunately really hard to implement without the game's source code.
  4. This is a great suggestion, but unfortunately it is something extremely difficult to do without the client's source code .
  5. Nitex


    It's essentially a flood of garbage traffic from other servers that can't compete. The goal is to flood the server with so much trash the network overloads to the point where it can't serve legitimate requests.
  6. We could possibly apply a buff that applies to monsters, but not something that would give players an unfair PvP advantage as that would be pay to win..
  7. Thanks for thee feedback, and actually observing in-game prior to providing it :).
  8. Can you not read? Again: This isn't a hunter damage increase. Overall damage output should be similar, but hunters will no longer have to rely on a single buff in order to do damage.
  9. This isn't a hunter damage increase. Overall damage output should be similar, but hunters will no longer have to rely on a single buff in order to do damage.
  10. I like it but I'm a little nervous about making it so that not all market posts are in one section. Maybe adding sub-forums to the market section with classes would be a better idea.
  11. Nitex


    40-60 players max? Go home, you're drunk. We don't release official player counts or online lists because those are great tools for people who want to DDoS us (and believe me, we get DDoS attempts constantly). But it's not easy to see we have hundreds of players. We don't have "thousands" online at once, but we do have thousands of active accounts. And no, you don't need to donate. No other server comes close to us in terms of making the D-Shop available outside of actually donating. Yeah, farming endgame gear is challenging, but that's why it's END GAME gear, and why we've made it NON-ESSENTIAL TO BE COMPETITIVE (Teragrace is slightly better than Osmium and Osmium players can beat Teragrace players). No one has to donate 500-600 bucks. In fact, barely anyone ever does. Your logic is ridiculous. This seems more like a troll post than anything. I wouldn't be surprised if this whole topic was started by trolls from another server trying to deface Rising. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess. Especially when all the recent DDoS attacks have had 0 impact on our network stability and gameplay. /locked
  12. Will work this into the next update .
  13. Nitex

    General Notion

    Danny doesn't get the final say when it comes to balance. Balance changes have to be approved by all exec staff members. You're right about the majority of balance changes are based on balance team PvPs. But this is by no means the only metric that we examine. We regularly datamine the game and gather other statistics (such as Colosseum ranking statistics) to use as insights for balancing. The Summoner changes were really drastic, and we did mess up by drastically swinging the class in two different directions with multiple updates. We took note of this and made sure it didn't happen again in the future. I wouldn't say what happened was completely unreasonable, though. The end result was a much better gameplay experience for the class because it didn't rely on totems. VS happens to be my favorite class, by the way. By no means were the changes based on "blind calculations." I think you have good points but you should work on your delivery, it's pretty offensive. Like I said before, by no means are the balance changes based on "a certain individuals opinions." There's a chain of custody for lack of better terms if you will on how balance actually ends up being deployed. And even when it is deployed, it's monitored. I (along with the rest of the exec staff) also believe that the community should have a say in certain balance aspects. In fact, that's why we have a dedicated balance team that anyone can apply for, and encourage regular balance discussions. The problem with community involvement is that very few people will actually argue for their primary class, or even favorite classes, to be nerfed. Yet we encourage it anyway and try to keep this bias in mind. Transparency has always been at the forefront of everything we do at Rising. That said, there's no point in making every single balance change we try public. Instead, we test them internally and then release then and encourage feedback, as well as encourage feedback throughout the process. All Rising Staff members share the ultimate goal of making the server the absolute best it can be. Obviously we would not intentionally make certain classes OP or "screw certain classes over." Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  14. What’s your character name so I can check your clients crash logs?