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  1. Fairness is taken very seriously here’s at DKR. We have methods and tools, both confidential and public that can easily determine whether or not cheating is taking place. Your concern is absolutely valid and I want you to know it’s something we take very seriously.
  2. Warriors, I'm writing this post to give you all an update on the random crashing issue that a lot of people have encountered. Unfortunately the next update has been slightly delayed because we've had to divert some more resources into this particular issue, which I know has bothered a lot of people for a while. We've been working on this for a while and its been an extremely tricky problem to resolve, particularly because there is no way to directly reproduce it. Other factors have also made the issue harder to diagnose, including the fact that its worse for some people and not others, worse on some operating systems, and virtually non existent for some players. That said, I have good news. We've made some really good progress on the crashes, and we hope to have a patch that resolves some, if not all, fairly soon. There have been some updates in the past that have improved the crashes, but the upcoming patch will do significantly more to resolve, if not eliminate random game crashes. Thank you all for being so patient and understanding when it came to this issue. It is undoubtedly a frustrating one for all of us, and I'm extremely excited that we've finally made significant process toward fixing it. Hope you all look forward to it. Thanks!
  3. Nitex

    Windows 10 and DK

    Crash at 69% usually means some files are corrupted. When did you download and install the game client? If you have recently downloaded the game client, please try installing the latest manual patch. If you have not recently download the game client, and your client is very old, please download the latest game client.
  4. Welcome back @HealingTouch! Dekaron Rising is still the most active private server with thousands of daily players. No other pserver even comes close :).
  5. If you’re only getting this error on one account, there must be something wrong with the account. I haven’t seen this issue before but it could be because the account is very old. Please create a support ticket with as much detail as possible. Include the user name and any characters you remember. We’ll do our best to troubleshoot and fix it.
  6. Are you aware that you only need to install the latest manual patch because it includes all of the previous patches?
  7. Manual Patch: New D-Shop Items ※ Feet Emblems Randombox Gives 1x Random Feet Emblem out of Poison Feet Emblem, Fire Feet Emblem, Cursed Feet Emblem, Sun Feet Emblem, or the Love Feet Emblem. Premium Emblems give +10 All Stats, just like Non-Premium emblems. The difference is purely cosmetic. Cost: 13,900 DKC SPECIAL FEATURE: You can stack feet emblems to make special colors! Each combination is unique! Previews of the new premium emblems: (Quality is better in-game, these gifs have reduced quality due to gif compression) ※ Poison Feet Emblem: ※ Fire Feet Emblem: ※ Cursed Feet Emblem: ※ Sun Feet Emblem: ※ Love Feet Emblem: Gear Balance ※ Moonstone Earring Cost: 3000 Dream Powder » 2750 Dream Powder ※ Level Requirement: 175 ↑4000 HP Regeneration » ↑5000 HP Regeneration ↑2% PK/PVP Damage Tolerance ↑2% Monster Damage Tolerance ↑2% Max Shield » ↑4% Max Shield ※ Bloodstone Earring Cost: 3000 Dream Powder » 2750 Dream Powder ※ Level Requirement: 175 ↑30 Str » ↑32 Str ↑30 Dex » ↑32 Dex ↑30 Spr » ↑32 Spr ↑30 Vitality » ↑32 Vitality ↑300 Critical » ↑ 320 Critical Skill Balance Azure Knight Magnum: ※ Decreased the debuff duration from 3 seconds to 2 seconds. Off-Spin: ※ Decreased the bleeding effect from 6% for 5 seconds to 4% for 5 seconds. Dragon Knight Obortan 2: ※ Increased the cooldown period from 31 seconds to 38 seconds on all skill levels. Half-Bagi Earth Divider: ※ Decreased the amount of reflection damage from 45% to 35%. Vampyre Dance: ※ Increased the cooldown period from 10 seconds to 13 seconds on all skill levels. Segnale Sleep: ※ Increased the cooldown period from 30 seconds to 35 seconds. Wide Sleep: ※ Increased the cooldown period from 60 seconds to 65 seconds. Menta: ※ Increased the cooldown period from 45 seconds to 50 seconds. Item Fortification Cost Adjustments ※ Update 20.100 (CURRENT PRICES) ※ Before Update 20.100 (PREVIOUS PRICES) Siege Scheduled ※ Siege has been scheduled for this upcoming Saturday ※ Siege countdown will be added to the launcher ※ Siege Ritual should be open as soon as the server is back online. Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous Adjustments ※ Re-applied the Agency 20.000 changes because they were not displaying the newly added items as intended. ※ Reduced the amount of Sealing Powder Required to seal a Parca's Blurry Tear from 50ea Sealing Powder to 30ea Sealing Powder. ※ Reduced the amount of Sealing Powder Required to seal a Parca's Bright Tear from 50ea Sealing Powder to 30ea Sealing Powder. ※ Reduced the amount of Sealing Powder Required to seal a Parca's Shiny Tear from 50ea Sealing Powder to 30ea Sealing Powder. ※ Removed the +9 upgrade glow from the Designer Backpack for Dragon Knight. ※ Changed the DK Square Skybox ※ Daily Coin Exchange for Abaddon Powder and Trieste Water used to give 20 pieces, now it gives 50 pieces. ※ Fixed the Half-Bagi Transup Icon in the Buff Bar
  8. All shield potions have most definitely been deleted and obtaining them is no longer possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  9. Warriors of the Rising, We have promised to be fully transparent about any incidents that may impact fairness. The purpose of this post is to be as descriptive as possible about a fairness related incident that was brought to our attention yesterday at about 2AM server time. Yesterday about 2AM server time it was brought to our attention that shield potions were being used in game by players. After investigating we found that shield potions were actually obtainable in-game via legitimate means through four boxes at the Darin exchange NPC: Lesser Gladiator Supply Box, Intermediate Gladiator Supply Box, High Gladiator Supply Box, Elite Gladiator Supply Box. Upon further investigation, we found that a total of less than 20 players had obtained these items. While minimal since they had high cooldowns and recovered a small amount of shield, shield potions did provide an unfair competitive advantage during PvP/PvE. This is exasperated by the facts that shield potions both worked on Lurile and players were not widely known about them. To remediate this, we will be restarting the servers at the time of this post with a hotfix patch that: Disables the purchasing of all four Gladiator boxes Removes Gladiator boxes from all characters Removes Shield potions from all characters We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we do our best to make Rising as fair as possible.
  10. This is a great suggestion but unfortunately really hard to implement without the game's source code.
  11. This is a great suggestion, but unfortunately it is something extremely difficult to do without the client's source code .
  12. Nitex


    It's essentially a flood of garbage traffic from other servers that can't compete. The goal is to flood the server with so much trash the network overloads to the point where it can't serve legitimate requests.
  13. We could possibly apply a buff that applies to monsters, but not something that would give players an unfair PvP advantage as that would be pay to win..
  14. Thanks for thee feedback, and actually observing in-game prior to providing it :).