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    1. As we wrote in Discord, the server was attacked with a new type of attack that crashed the server. To ensure it didn't crash again and to prevent rollbacks / item loss, we had to keep the server down while we created a permanent fix. The issue has since been resolved and we mailed everyone a 3-day EXP talisman to apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for supporting the server.
    2. @Xephora Please also include a square image that can be used for the launcher and website. Thanks.
    3. Rising staff has agreed to sponsor the following prizes: -Any skin diamond (except Rondow skin) -100k coins, possibly more.
    4. Corrected balance notes: Wizard: -Death Link: Nerfed from 30% reflect -> 18% deflect Aloken: -Aqua Purge: 50% abnormality res -> 20% abnormality res -Rebellion Spear: +16% all attack -> +7% all attack -Decrease Bless: Damage decrease -14% -> -7% (against players, against monsters was not modified) Hunter: -Bow Matery +30% Damage -> +25% Damage -XBow Mastery +30% Damage -> +25% Damage
    5. Manual Patch: Soon Karon's Remnants Dungeon Easy Version: [Telperion] has a 15% change of dropping Karon's Gems Randombox [Laurelin] has a 15% change of dropping Karon's Gems Randombox [Ungoliant] has a 10% change of dropping Spell Plume (lvl 140) [Crombie] has a 10% change of dropping Spell Plume (lvl 140) Hard Version: [Telperion_S] has a 5% change of dropping Karon's Enhanced Gems Randombox [Laurelin_S] has a 5% change of dropping Karon's Enhanced Gems Randombox [Ungoliant_S] has a 5% change of dropping a C Coin [Crombie_S] has a 5% change of dropping a C Coin C COIN IS NOW TRADABLE Now you may ask... If we added C Coin and 140 plume to this dungeon, what about Cherubim? We removed C Coin and Plume from Cherubim and added this instead: Ephri now has 10% chance of droppping Masochie Earring. Cherubim now has 4% chance of dropping [Legendary] Pet Frost Wolf. [Legendary] Pet Frost Wolf. New Rondow Skin Since this skin is one of the best looking skins we have so far, we want it to be pretty difficult to obtain. NPC: Darin 2 Price: 10k Dream Powder + 5k Sap Bottles + 5k Hermes Fragments + 5k Solidarity Crystals 1H AXE 1H MACE 1H SWORD SHIELD 2H SWORD 2H MACE 2H AXE HAMMER CROSSBOW BOW SCYTHE STAFF WAND ORB TWINBLADE DUALBLADE WHIP GAUNTLET KATAR FALCHION SPEAR/GA CANNON PISTOLS New Cosmetics Red Rondow Wings Green Rondow Wings Rainbow Rondow Wings Clown Costume (Male) Clown Costume (Female) Balance Wizard: -Death Link: Nerfed from 30% reflect -> 18% deflect Aloken: -Aqua Purge: 50% abnormality res -> 20% abnormality res -Rebellion Spear: +16% all attack -> +7% all attack -Decrease Bless: Damage decrease -14% -> -7% (against players, against monsters was not modified) Hunter: -Bow Matery +30% Damage -> +25% Damage -XBow Mastery +30% Damage -> +25% Damage Bug Fixes/Misc SpeedbootsV4: +11,000 Max PK Shield (+10) -> +20,000 Max PK Shield (+10) Fixed Rondow Wings effects; Fixed Sun Skin effects; Fixed Tech Skin effects; Fixed Emerald Skin effects; Fixed Sap Skin effects; Fixed Frost Skin effects; Fixed Unseelie Cosmetic Bundle description; Added Description to Talisman and Big Bang Randomboxes; Fixed [Skin Diamond] Emerald inventory texture not displaying correctly. Fixed AK Rondow Helmet & MC3 Helmet's descriptions displaying incorrectly at +0 Coming Soon: PK Announcements + Killstreaks Whenever there are 3 PKs in < 1 minute in any map (except dungeons and game mode maps), a PK announcement will be announced. Whenever a player gets 5 kills/PKs without dying (or relogging), a PK announcement with their kill-streak count will be displayed, along with the most recent kill. Coming Soon: Colosseum PTM Revamp New map and game mode coming soon. Coming Soon: Braiken Guild War Limits: 3 Guilds 36 Players per guild Each guild will start in one of the three sections above and create two raids. When the battle starts, the gates will open and the war will begin. Players are revived automatically upon death after 10 seconds. A live view of kills per guild will be displayed. The guild with the most kills wins. Website Update: New bug report system The Bug Tracker system (Forums -> Bug Tracker) has been added to help players report bugs has been added to the website. It's great because it will also give everyone a chance to view the status of current bugs and if they are fixed or not.
    6. Nitex


      We do not do vote for coins, sorry. That said almost everything (minus most cosmetics) in the D-Shop is obtainable from exchanges -- see Karin and the other exchange NPCs in Ardeca.
    7. Questions or comments can be posted here.
    8. Hi, Please try using the latest installer. We uploaded it 3 days ago. It is on this page on the Google Drive and MEGA links. Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yoj0Jlwme1N5L7Z5Z4AUe3wx03tltK5s/view?usp=sharing If you still need help please join our Discord and PM me.
    9. The reason we’re sharing this is because of the potential damage it can cause to not only our player base, but also our the private server community as a whole. We’re sharing the results of our investigation with reproducible evidence and have also collaborated with leaders of other servers to confirm our findings — and we thank them for their contribution. The full video is 1 hr — which we will upload tomorrow. For now, this video highlights the most important highlights of our research. The text below is to support reproducibility, independent verification, and additional information. DK-CC RAT Investigation Sat, Aug 20, 2022 1:18 PM Pre investigative setup and tools : -GPEDIT.exe (Group Policy Editor) edited audit policies to enable more security logs -First we need to enable audit logging events. Now these events will be logged. I have already enabled them. These events will be logged in EVENT VIEWER. -NetLimter Pro: Used to monitor network connections ingoing and outgoing -Windows tools: Resource Monitor, Task Manager, paint, snipping tool What we are researching here is a RAT, which stands for Remote Access Trojan. Quick summary: Remote access trojans (RATs) are malware designed to allow an attacker to remotely control an infected computer. Once the RAT is running on a compromised system, the attacker can send commands to it and receive data back in response. Google "RAT cybersecurity" for more info. Steps we'll be taking BEFORE VIRUS INFECTION: Filtering Net Limiter to Active Traffic - done "online" tab Clearing event viewer BEFORE we run infected client so we can examine logs AFTER the infected client is ran Now we can run the infected client and see what happens. Looks like Windows Defender already deleted the launcher. We're going to have to disable Windows Defender (good thing Defender is picking it up) Yup, that was the launcher. OK - defender disabled, excpetion added to folder, now lets re extract the virus infected launcher. _______________________________________ Running the infected client. RUNNING AT TIME: 2:34PM. Time is important so we know to look at events in event viewer close to this time. Client doesn't load, but we've ran the launcher and been infected. Let's look at Event Viewer's logs first. _______________________________________ Investigating NetLimiter's logs Investigating the Event Viewer logs Here we can see where the client was started. This is the shady stuff. !svchost.exe! ENABLED PRIVELEDGES. svchost.exe (google it) is a Windows proceses that viruses (especially RATS) disguise themselves as, to hide as a Windows process... even though they aren't really a Windows process. Look at Task Manager/Resource Monitor _____________________ OK, so this is where everyone who is just interested in the summary can skip to. Let's quickly go over what happenned. We tried to run the client, Windows defender deleted the launcher, so we had to disable defender and run it again. ______________________________________ Running the infected client. RUNNING AT TIME: 2:34PM <-- the time we estimated we ran the infected launcher. Client doesn't load, but we've ran the launcher and been infected. Let's look at Event Viewer's logs first. Event viewer tells us the whole story. Lets review Evidence from Event Viewer: 2:34:32 we finally found the actual virus process, that lead to the creation of the fake svchost.exe, which did the priveledge escalations to enable the rat to have full control over the computer. Notice how the time is EXACTLY when we ran the launcher. Rewind video too. Notice how the virus "svchost.exe"s have a NULL ID for SECURITY ID. let's include one final screenshot of the the launcher started, just to time up these events. This event shows us exactly when DKLauncher.exe was executed. 8/20/2022 2:34:34 PM This event, just 2 seconds before the DKLauncher.exe process, shows us the virus spawning before it. 2:35:01 - dklauncher was terminated, yet these priveledge escalations happened (virus began infecting pc) Audit Success 8/20/2022 2:35:01 PM Microsoft Windows security auditing. 4689 Process Termination 8/20/2022 2:35:01 PM C:\Users\User\Desktop\DK-CC\DKLauncher.exe schost.exe priveledge escalation : Evidence of virus creation process List of all priveledges enabled by the virus (gonna just copy/paste): Enabled Privileges by virus disguised as svchost.exe: SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilege Allows a user to modify a process's security access token. This is a powerful right used only by the system. SeIncreaseQuotaPrivilege This privilege determines who can change the maximum memory that can be consumed by a process. This privilege is useful for system tuning on a group or user basis. SeSecurityPrivilege Required to perform a number of security-related functions, such as controlling and viewing audit events in security event log. With this privilege, the user can specify object access auditing options for individual resources, such as files, Active Directory objects, and registry keys. A user with this privilege can also view and clear the security log. SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege Required to take ownership of an object without being granted discretionary access. This privilege allows the owner value to be set only to those values that the holder may legitimately assign as the owner of an object. With this privilege, the user can take ownership of any securable object in the system, including Active Directory objects, files and folders, printers, registry keys, processes, and threads. SeLoadDriverPrivilege Required to load or unload a device driver. With this privilege, the user can dynamically load and unload device drivers or other code in to kernel mode. This user right does not apply to Plug and Play device drivers. SeSystemtimePrivilege Allows the user to adjust the time on the computer’s internal clock. This privilege is not required to change the time zone or other display characteristics of the system time. SeBackupPrivilege With this privilege, the user can bypass file and directory, registry, and other persistent object permissions for the purposes of backing up the system. This privilege causes the system to grant all read access control to any file, regardless of the access control list (ACL) specified for the file. Any access request other than read is still evaluated with the ACL. The following access rights are granted if this privilege is held: READ_CONTROL ACCESS_SYSTEM_SECURITY FILE_GENERIC_READ FILE_TRAVERSE SeRestorePrivilege Required to perform restore operations. This privilege causes the system to grant all write access control to any file, regardless of the ACL specified for the file. Any access request other than write is still evaluated with the ACL. Additionally, this privilege enables you to set any valid user or group SID as the owner of a file. The following access rights are granted if this privilege is held: WRITE_DAC WRITE_OWNER ACCESS_SYSTEM_SECURITY FILE_GENERIC_WRITE FILE_ADD_FILE FILE_ADD_SUBDIRECTORY DELETE With this privilege, the user can bypass file, directory, registry, and other persistent objects permissions when restoring backed up files and directories and determines which users can set any valid security principal as the owner of an object. SeShutdownPrivilege This security setting determines which users who are logged on locally to the computer can shut down the operating system using the Shut Down command. SeUndockPrivilege Remove computer from docking station SeManageVolumePrivilege This policy setting determines which users can perform volume or disk management tasks, such as defragmenting an existing volume, creating or removing volumes, and running the Disk Cleanup tool. In conclusion, the rat is disguised as svchost.exe and by using Event Viewer and basic networking tools you can see the evidence for yourself.
    10. We will be creating a new bug report system that lets everyone report bugs along with track the progress on them so we can be more organized on fixing bugs. The problem right now is that people don't report a lot of bugs. Also, just because we are discussing this does not mean we are not working on new features. We are working on a lot of content updates, new player revamps, endgame content, and new PvP/PvE modes (like the MVP UI). _________ To everyone that has responded so far: I appreciate everyone's feedback and thank you for the time spent discussing this. There will be a small gift to everyone that has contributed positively to the discussion. Again, IF we decide to do remove alliances, it would just be a test -- and if it's bad we can easily return it.
    11. Warriors, We are currently debating on removing the alliance system. Note: I was in a bit of a rush when I posted this, so the pros and cons below aren't really that great. I'm editing this post to add a quote by alxx that could help improve how we discuss this. "Should we level the playing field, by disabling the alliances" rather than "Should we remove alliances because of these pros and cons" - alxx Pros (my opinion) People may be more motivated to create new guilds Easier for new guilds to be competitive (without having to compete with larger alliances) Potentially more action content between guilds Cons (my opinion) Newbies might find it hard to find people or get help, since guilds are limited to 50 players. Not having alliances might not solve anything in the pros section People may not be motivated to create guilds, or have trouble finding guilds and be guildless. ALSO NOTE that it we disable the alliance system and it turns out to be a bad change, we would re-enable it. Please vote and comment your thoughts and reasoning below.
    12. Manual Patch: Soon New Systems possibly Apologies for the lack of updates recently. We've been working on two new systems that will let us make some pretty awesome things with the game. We're extremely excited to show you them. You saw them here first. Tracking System The tracking system we released in beta a few weeks ago. It took some tweaking to make it work perfectly, but we got it! It will enable a lot of awesome new things from new quests, to dungeons, PvP modes, matchmaking, and much more. So far... Kills are tracked Segnale/Seguriper ressurections are tracked (self and player) Soon: Monster kills (for quest purposes) UI System With the addition of new quests and PvP modes that we're adding, we needed a way to be able to make the game write custom UI for us -- that is much more robust than a simple text field, and even interact-able. Well, in a first for pservers, we did this, and its pretty awesome. It will be used for the PvP modes, quests, and much more. It's first use will be the MvP system (see below). Announcement/Information System Upgrade We've created a new announcement system that allows us to do much more with announcements. We will slowly be upgrading existing announcements to the new version that we have created. The new version allows us to: Create announcements that minimize visual clutter Custom Quest information for custom quests (oops, did I just give away an upcoming feature)? M Create announcements that appear both to individual players or all channels. Show a live status of who is alive and who is dead. DK-Square MVP System The MvP sytem is pretty awesome. Like, really awesome. It allows you to see who the current MvP is in realtime, allowing the enemy team to focus him and you to try to beat his score. Scoring Kill = 1 point Player resurrection = 1 point Self Resurrection = 0 points Prizes (will start after beta) MvP one match = 30 minute DKS MvP Emblem (sent immediately after DKS ends) (Red) MvP three matches (in one day) = 24 hour DKS MvP Emblem (Yellow) MvP 15 matches (within one week) = 1 Week DKS MvP Emblem (Blue) MvP Highest of the Month = 1 Month DKS MvP Emblem (Yellow/Red/Blue) Ultimate Lach and Squama Ultimate Lach -> Key to power + Upgraded Lach + 5K B Coins + 15K P Coins Ultimate Squama -> Key to protection + Upgraded Squama + 5K B Coins + 15K P Coins Key to Power -> 25M PPoints Key to Protection -> 25M PPoints Upgraded Lach -> 10M PPoints Upgraded Squama -> 10M PPoints Normal Lach -> 2000 Narukes Normal Squama -> 2000 Narukes V4 Speedboots Random V4 Boot's Box -> 1K Hermes Fragment Specific V4 Boots ( for each class ) -> 3K Hermes Fragment + 1 Hermes Crystal Shard New Players Experience Part of this topic has been working on the live server for a few weeks New players now start with : 2x 3% PK Gems Teragrace Belt +9 2x Teragrace Armelets +9 3x Zeig gold +9 195 Weapons +10 Shangrila la mobs now drop teragrace gears +9 instead of +8 New Cosmetics Desert Heat Emblem (Body) Blaze Emblem (Body) Sand Emblem (Feet) Rondow Wings What to expect in the next update Automatic system to send Siege prizes Automatic system to send DKSQ MVP prizes ( If beta test is over ) Full rework of 215 skills More PVE content ( this part is allready planned just not released yet ) Balance changes ( specially after we add this new accessories ) Probably we release a new pvp system ( if we release it will stay on beta test too ) Rework Dungeons Changes to the path how new players reach endgame and their gap to fully geared players Updated guides on our website Balance Keep in mind that we are planning a full rework of 215 skills which imply additional changes to the general balance Bagi Warrior Carnage: ↓Decreased degen rate from 20% to 10% ↓Increased cooldown from 18s to 22s Imbibe: ↓Decreased block rate from 25% to 20% Concerra Summoner Blitz: ↑Increased success rate from 82% to 90% Shadow Attack: ↑Increased success rate from 89% to 90% Aloken Punish: ↓Decreased degen rate from 20% to 10% Half Bagi Bust Slash ↓ Last hit stun rate decreased from 100% to 90% ↓ Cooldown increased from 20s to 28s Dragon Knight Nitex comments: "Dragon Knight continues to dominate in several scenarios due to its combos and stun durations. We have scaled back some of the damage on pulsing skills to make the class more skill based." Obortan 1: ↑ Increased buff duration from 60s to 120s Segita Shooter Min defeat rate increased from 10% to 14% Siege Scheduled for July 31st, 2022. Bug Fixes/Misc Fixed Spell Kracion (Upgraded) texture; Fixed Rainbow Kracion (Upgraded x2) not being able to be exchanged for; Fixed Metallic Crystallix Skin appearing invisible in ToM Npc; Fixed Light Wings (Half Bagi)'s effects; V4 Stats fixed; Fixed General Costume (Wizard) textures. Fixed Helion Ghost Costume (AK) textures. Fixed Hoodie of Love Costume (Seg) textures. Fixed Shangri-La Blue, Gold, Green, Red and Purple Costume (Seg) textures. Fixed Summer18 Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Teal and Yellow Costume(Seg) textures. Rondow Helmet (Half Bagi) will no longer drop in Rudene. Fixed Siege Hammer floor effects bug. Readded Soaring Wings (Dragon Knight) to the Soaring Wings Box.
    13. Hi everyone, We're releasing the beta of our new kill log system. This will be used for a bunch of new features like: PK War Announcements DK Square MVP announcements, anti AFK, and more Guild War Battle, new Siege War Battle New Colosseum Mode Last Man Standing Auto PvP-Tournament Mode Matchmaking mode and much more! Before we can release any of those features, we need to make sure that the logs are accurate. This is where we need your help! If you kill a character in game (in ANY mode, PvP, PK, DKS, DF, whatever) and it does not appear, please comment below: Your character name: Killed character name: Where you were: Channel: Approx what time (sever time or yours with timezone): Thanks! body{ color: white; background: #1E1F20; }
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