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  1. Nitex

    Easter Events!

    The countdown is also available on the game launcher :).
  2. I really thought you’d be more mature when I saw that you came back, and it’s disapponting to see that isn’t the case. I’m going to give you a warning for flaming other players and creating abusing the poll system by voting using multiple forum accounts. How people chose to spend their hard earned money is their choice. You shouldn’t feel upset (let alone flame someone) if someone decided to support the server that they enjoy playing, you should be happy because in the end the servers donations end up benefiting all players. This topic is closed for further discussion, so I’ll be locking the topic.
  3. Nitex


    It really warms my heart every time I see a post like this. Welcome back buddy, and congrats on graduating! Depending on your equips, some of it still might be worth something. We decided not to add the new set that came out, so Osmium is still the second-to-most powerful set in the game. For balancing reasons (and so that PvP/PvE is less item dependent and more skill dependent) we've also made Osmium <-> Teragrace difference not too big. A lot of stuff has changed over the years so be sure to check out the guides on the homepage. If you have any questions, you can try the search at the top and also try posting in the questions forum. Hope you have fun!
  4. People are once again confusing the real meaning behind pay to win. Pay-to-win means significant game advantage is locked behind a paywall. Example: D-Shop costumes that have OP stats that you can only get from the DShop. Special weapon gems that are only in the D-Shop. Etc. Adding something that is obtainable outside the D-Shop into the D-Shop is not "pay to win". Thank you everyone for your feedback.
  5. It's the same for each emblem (25%)... We're not EA
  6. Manual Patch: DK Square Update ※ Map View reverted for Performance Reasons ※ Disabled Raids to see if crashes improve ※ Added 8% Ultimate Gem Box to the Purchase Point Exchange Gives 1x Random 8% gem out of Fire, Ice, Lightning, Curse, or Poison Gem. Cost: 8,250,000 Purchase Points D-Shop Update ※ Increased the amount of D-Shop Coins received for donating: ※ Added 8% Ultimate Gem Box Gives 1x Random 8% gem out of Fire, Ice, Lightning, Curse, or Poison Gem. Cost: 34,200 D-Shop Coins ※ Added Premium Emblem Randombox Gives 1x Random Head Emblem out of Rising Flag Emblem, Blue Smoke Emblem, Eyeball Emblem, or Bat Emblem [More emblems will be added to this randombox soon, hint: multi-colored feet emblems and more!] (Premium Emblems give +10 All Stats, just like Non-Premium emblems. The difference is purely cosmetic.) Cost: 11,900 D-Shop Coins Previews of the new premium emblems: (Quality is better in-game, these gifs have reduced quality due to gif compression) Rising Flag Emblem: Blue Smoke Emblem: Eyeball Emblem: Bat Emblem: Eyeball Emblem + Bat Emblem: Agency Update ※ Added all class +10 Osmium Gear ※ Added all class +0~+10 TeragraceMC Helmets ※ Added White and Normal Chocolates Miscellaneous ※ Improved game client performance in and outside of DK Square ※ Moonstone Earring Inventory Texture Fixed ※ Bloodstone Earring Inventory Texture Fixed ※ Fixed Dark Wizard Grand Meister Skill Effects/Animations ※ Updated Relog Points for multiple maps (returns the user back to their Return Points upon changing channel or logging) Parca Temple Doomed Maze Draco Desert Aquarius Elonohm Rest of Admirers The Deadlands Heiharp Python Castle Tomb of the Black Dragon Shangri La ※ Segnale Grand Meister Icons Fixed ※ [Legendary] Cat Pet now appropriately gives stats ※ Guild of Glory - Rainbow & Alliance of Glory - Rainbow Fixed ※ Sap Weapon Skin Effect for 1-hand Mace Fixed ※ Critical Egis Buff Icon now correctly displays "Increases Critical Resistance" ※ Vicious Summoner Power Chakra totem name Fixed ※ Dragon Knight Transup 3 Icon Fixed ※ Bagi Warrior Transup 3 Icon Fixed ※ Incar Magician Transup 3 Icon Fixed ※ Aloken Transup 3 Icon Fixed ※ Azure Knight Transup 3 Icon Fixed Segita Hunter Transup 3 Icon Fixed ※ Seguriper Transup 3 Icon, Buff Animation, and Ending Animation Fixed ※ Segnale Transup 3 Icon Fixed ※ Increased sexual performance for Incar Magician Server Performance / Monitoring Rising has over dozens of different servers in order to provide our players with the absolute best performance. Our uptime is unmatched at over 99%. Recently we've been the targets of several DDoS attacks. Our firewalls prevent most of these, but no system is perfect. We've added new monitoring tools for staff members with automatic alerts and logging. Using analytics, the system can alert staff members if any server is experiencing higher than usual latency. We will be making a player version of the Server Status page and making it public (with some information omitted for security reasons). Here's a quick preview!
  7. It's going to be expensive in terms of both PPoints and coins, and our goal is to find the equilibrium price where getting it via PPoints would "cost" th esame as getting it via coins. For that reason people wouldn't only buy it from the D-Shop.
  8. Putting it in the D-Shop alone wouldn't kill DK-Square. Putting it in the D-Shop at a price that's more desirable than the PPoint price would kill DK-Square, and that's not what we would do. If we put it in the D-Shop it would be at the equilibrium price -- where getting it from the D-Shop would require the same economic cost of farming it via PPoints.
  9. You okay? Having some personal issues?
  10. Help me recover my account
    i forgot the password 
    i wanna play it again asap sir

  11. Nitex


    That's... really interesting. Out of curiosity, check the Windows Update log, did it update itself? PS: Welcome back.
  12. Nitex


    Have you tried updating your graphics drivers?
  13. Nitex


    Sorry to hear. Try right clicking "zdkrc" or "zdkrc.exe" and disable "full screen optimization." It's a weird Windows thing where Microsoft thinks its doing you a favor by trying to create a "one-size-fits-all" optimization algorithm to video games, which causes issues more often than it actually "optimizes" anything. Let me know if that helps.
  14. Not to mention we immediately made it so that the kick command was logged and barred staff accounts to be active during Siege.
  15. Wow. I'm sorry but this is absolutely hilarious.