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  1. Nitex

    End Game content

    Not true. Only one person was 207 before the EXP fix. And the majority of these players were not even above 204. That said, we did mail everyone a 200% exp amulet.
  2. Nitex

    End Game content

    This just just 3 days since the update released. It's really not that bad. And you don't need to be level 210 to be competitive. Some people like grinding, some people don't. We do our best to try to accommodate both. You can even get some exp Talisman's for free.
  3. Nitex

    Need Aloken class guild

    Any guild would be happy to have an Aloken
  4. Nitex

    Dear Gms and General population

    The wrong file went into the update and we corrected it. EXP was never meant to be as high as it was. No one actually lost exp, but we sent 200% talismans anyway to apologize for the mistake. It's hard to get max level, but you don't need max level to be competitive. It's an intended change. In terms of the new map being overpopulated, we will look into making the monsters available on Lurile.
  5. Hello Nitex, So i was in contact with Adori today because i wanted to report an incidident that have happened in Rising. After having a rather long discussion professionally without any disrespectful comments, Adori decided to kick me out of Rising discord.

    I have every Screenshot saved on my conversation with Adori if you would need it to unban me.

    Banning me for reporting a possible crime is very unprofessional of him.


    Thank you

  6. Nitex

    Dekaron Rising [VIP] Memberships

    When you sign up for VIP, an automatic PayPal subscription begins with the membership type you’ve selected (silver or gold). After exactly one month, it will attempt to automatically charge you the amount of your membership. If it goes through, your membership will continue and you will get the membership coins (15,000 for silver, 30,000 for gold). If the subscription renewal does not go through, you keep the VIP tag but do not get the membership coins. Once you start the subscription it is automatic — PayPal automatically processes it each month and you don’t need to do anything. If you want to cancel it you just need to log into PayPal and do that As long as your subscription is active (not cancelled) you will get bonus coins with every donation. The bonus is +10% for silver and +15% with gold. If your subscription is no longer active, you will keep the VIP tag but no longer receive this bonus. The VIP system is completely separate from the regular donation system. For example, if you haven’t renewed your gold subscription, a $50 donation will not automatically take $30 and renew it. Regular donations are always just regular one-time donations, just with a +10% or +15% bonus if you have a VIP membership Hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have any more questions!
  7. Considering these test characters don't have sets... the damage displayed wouldn't really be accurate anyway. But yeah, you're right.
  8. How did I forget about the shield 😧
  9. Here's a preview of the upcoming Grand Meister Skills, the new map, and the Helion weapon skin. More teasers will be coming soon. Don't forget to share!
  10. hi im not good in English.. why i cant play now huhu

  11. I need testers for some DK Square crash fix testing. We've narrowed down the issue and need people who crash a lot in DK Square (not disconnect, crash -- meaning no error, just the client closing). If you would like to help please download and install teamviewer and then PM me on Discord. Thank you.
  12. Nitex

    Quiting Because of Crashes

    Yeah just PM me on Discord.
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