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  1. That makes this whole situation funnier, lol. HELP IM STUCK. thank you. LOL. Thanks for the explanation!
  2. Nitex

    cant launch game after patch 18.51

    This was a temporary issue after the update. We issued another update shortly after the initial one that fixed this issue. Please let me know if you're still getting the error.
  3. Nitex

    Patch 18.5: Halloween Update (Part 2)

    Thanks for the feedback. We made two changes to help with DKS/Colo crashes: 1) network changes 2) rollback fix. We'll keep trying to improve them further. I think a big cause is that DK Square is not supposed to have monsters in it, so when we spawn monsters it causes the server to lag due to errors (think of the server screaming "WHY IS THERE A MONSTER HERE" 10x times for EACH monster). We'll continue to investigate and keep you updated.
  4. Alright I'm writing this because I've literally been intermittently laughing all morning since I read this message in the staff chat at 6:30AM ish. As you all know, we added some Halloween decorations in Ardeca. One of which is the giant pumpkin. It's a big ass pumpkin and you can't walk through it. HOWEVER, it seems one player was unlucky enough to log out exactly where we placed the pumpkin. This resulted in the poor guy getting STUCK IN THE PUMPKIN, HAHA. salamatPO I am sorry your character got stuck in the pumpkin, but thank you for making my Monday morning 😂
  5. Nitex

    Patch 18.5: Halloween Update (Part 2)

    @Supercali and @Madeline, A fix for the rollback bug has been applied on the DK Square / Colosseum channel. It will be applied on Ark and Lurile with the next server restart. Please check it out and let me know how it is now :).
  6. Nitex

    Patch 18.5: Halloween Update (Part 2)

    Thanks for the information. Also, loading tabs like K, L, C, I, M beforehand helps -- By this do you mean opening those windows inside of DKS? I'm working on fixing the issue with rollbacks when speedbuffs expire. Expect a fix for that very soon.

    How to resorgate this?
    please go to the link below and post your operating system so we can fix this error ? 
    1. Nitex


      All fixed. Just run launcher and it will fix it.

  8. Warriors! It's time for part 2 of our Halloween Update! Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16ymGwtbC44hnNVcjLuV0jeyUHgJ6zyvM/view?usp=sharing Pumpkin Ghost Pet (Limited Edition) This is a new addition to our Pet Revamp! The [Rare] Pumpkin Ghost will have a 0.25% chance of dropping from all the Pumpkin Ghosts that are haunting Ardeca during this years Halloween! You can also buy it in the Dshop for 12,900 Dshop Coins! [Rare] Pumpkin Ghost Pet aswell as the Pumpkin Ghost monsters in Ardeca will be removed from the D-Shop on November 1st. After that, only those that have it will get to keep it :). You can see all pets currently in game in our Pet Guide: https://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/forums/topic/28122-guide-all-pet-information/ Helion Ghost Costumes Similar to the traditional Ghost costume, this one is based off of the new Helion costume. These are also limited edition and will only be on sale in October. Blood Glow We also added our Halloween Blood glow! This glow will replace the orange glow during the halloween season! The orange glow will return after november 1st! Anti-Hack Upgraded We have upgraded the anti hack after discovering that a bypass was created and being sold. This wasn't a big a deal because hackers are still automatically flagged by the server side if the anti hack is not detected and banned even if they bypass it. However, we've upgraded the anti hack to increase prevention efforts and will continue working hard to make the game as fair and fun as possible! Thank you to the undercover player who bought the hacks and sent them to us :). Bug Fixes / Misc Fixed [Common] Woody exchange error "Not enough exchange items" Added a 190 necks randombox to B/P Coins exchange Lowered GP from deadfront bosses due to geared players joining and excluding new players Slightly increased overall EXP in deadfront (Tower is still better) Removed the slow from Atramentous since players were reporting that it caused rollbacks Fixed [Skin Diamond] Sun name + description Experimental: Fixed the Dragon Knight "Charge Diss" skill that would interrupt for most players. Since the problem is delicate, please let us know if it works for you or if it still interrupts Other (Non Patch Notes) We're really close to fixing the DK Square / Colosseum crashes. For now, we think we've found a temporary workaround. Click V until no names show except your characters. Please comment below if this fixes the crashes for you!
  9. Nitex

    How often do you read tickets...

    Taking care of it now.
  10. Nitex

    Gift error ,how to rescue.

    Sent to JoseReyes. Please be careful next time, we only do this once.
  11. Nitex

    Patch 18.4: Halloween Update (Part 1)

    Thank you or the bug reports. We will handle them ASAP.
  12. Nitex

    Patch 18.4: Halloween Update (Part 1)

    Thanks for checking
  13. Nitex

    Patch 18.4: Halloween Update (Part 1)

    Hi everyone, Our team has been pretty busy dealing with hackers and DDoS issues but we got a lot of questions about the Halloween patch so we decided to push out the essentials :). Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GSFBUgF9Pc46P_J_7ytWnvMNYNwSAEEP/view?usp=sharing Halloblade Wings (Limited Edition) These wings only appear once a year! A special collectible item that only goes on sale for ONCE a year. After the sale, they are removed from the D-Shop. They are a Halloween special. I've seen some players that still have the Halloblade wings from last year, they are indeed one of the rarest wings of the game. If you want to be unique, stand out, and leave people wondering where you got your wings, these wings are for you! Halloblade wings will be removed from the D-Shop on November 1st. Every year, after these wings are removed, people constantly ask players who are wearing them where and how to get them. At that point, there is no way until next October :). Halloween Ardeca Theme Halloween decorations have been put up! Beware of ghosts, it seems Ardeca has gotten very dark! Pumpkin Ghouls Pumpkin Ghouls have crawled out of hiding! They seem to be feeding in only a few maps right now. Locations: Ardeca (few) DK Square (many) Drops: Magenta Candy (+5% Defense) Cyan Candy (+5% Damage) Bug Fixes / Misc Fixed Woody exchange price: 4000 DP -> 400 DP Fixed Kona Robin exchange. Fixed Siege Castle entrance. Conducted server maintenance
  14. Hi, Nitex I send you a Support Ticket for my account, i just forget my password but i know my username and email address.

  15. Nitex

    FPS problem.