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  1. Yes. Accusing people without evidence out of spite is a bannable offense.
  2. Hi, We're currently testing an upgrade to our cloud system for players in South America. If you're playing from South America, please message Zennou on Discord and he will add you to a Discord group with other South American players and you can have access to the new South America cloud that is currently in testing. Thanks, Nitex
  3. Can you please take off your signature? Just kidding. Yeah, we have a patch coming soon to remove it. Might even throw it in without restarting the server. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  4. What kind of items are you referring to? That's a very vague question. As of right now we do not have any plans of implementing any new armor sets or weapons (besides skins).
  5. Please be patient while we investigate this issue. To help speed up the process you can create a support ticket with your character names, user names, and any other detail.
  6. buenas trato de entrar al juego pero a la hora de seleccionar el personaje y el servidor el juego me bota q puedo hacer

  7. Nitex

    Rising 2020

    Warriors of the Rising, Thank you all for another great year on Dekaron Rising. We've now been open for more than 6 years and counting! Long live the Rising. 2019 was a great year for us. We had dozens of amazing updates, some massively huge events, and some really fun time. Now, I'm sure you all are wondering what we have planned for 2020. Well, the answer is a lot. New Bosses & Monsters There has previously been a limitation on adding new monsters to the A9 client due to an obstacle. I can't go into much detail, but I'm excited to announce that we have developed a way to overcome that obstacle. Soon we'll be the first server to add brand new monsters and bosses. We've tested a few of them in game and they're pretty insane. We'll be releasing more screenshots and videos of the new monsters as we get closer to releasing them. New Maps There are around a dozen new maps that we have not yet added. Part of this is because we haven't been able to get the monsters for these new maps (until now) and we wanted a more authentic experience than custom monsters would provide. However, we're planning on releasing these new maps in different styles. The first will be the usual monster or boss hunting maps. There are already a ton of these in game, but new ones could be pretty cool. Next, we will be introducing new maps for PvP/PvE content and events. These new maps will be geared toward competitive gameplay at both small and large scale. Finally, we'll also be using new maps to revamp existing PvP/PvE game modes. See below. Revamped DK-Square DK-Square is arguably one of the best aspects of Dekaron. What if we could improve it by adding a map rotation to it? This would make battles even more dynamic and interesting. Revamped Colosseum Colosseum is a lot of fun, and we think we can add more variety to it by experimenting with various new maps. We're also looking at tweaking some settings involving Colosseum as well. We've received a lot of feedback that Party Match is an absolute joy, but Battle Royale could use some work. We'll be experimenting with ways to revamp Battle Royale or change it completely. Revamped Siege Siege is a lot of fun, but lets be honest; that castle is falling apart! It's so old that the gates barely stay up. They aren't a match for the newfound strength of the average Rising warrior. While its a delicate system, we have a concept that we're going to turn into a proof of concept pretty soon that revamps Siege pretty drastically. I won't say too much to avoid spoiling the surprise, but lets just say that while the general objectives will remain the same, the means to the objectives will change drastically. We think it will bring new life to the Siege battle and make battles more action-packed and fast-paced. I'm personally really excited about this one. Not so excited about figuring out how to test 50v50v50v50, though. Armor-Skin System The weapon skin system has been a huge success. Although other servers have made bootleg copies of it that don't work quite as well, everyone knows where its true origin was (just like several other features that Rising pioneered). We're looking at expanding the weapon skin system to also support skinning armors or costumes. Although this sounds pretty straight forward, the fact that armor is 5 pieces adds a level of complexity to this that we have to architect and overcome. That said, it could be really exciting. Imagine being able to wear your favorite armor set and have the same stats as your current gear (maybe an L3 set or the iconic 130 set). Bug Fixes & New Developer Now, we know the forever-lasting battle of bug squashing is never ending. In the past we've always tried to balance fixing bugs and producing new content. However, we've decided that we'll be adding a new developer to the team that is dedicated to bug squashing. This should lead to more updates with both bug fixes and new content. Statistics! It's no secret that on Rising we value big data and statistics very heavily. While a lot of these statistics are confidential, there are some fun ones below that we'd like to share with you. And much much more! While these are all of the public things we’re announcing, there’s also some confidential stuff I can’t say much about just yet. So stay tuned, and be excited A Personal Thank you It is an honor to be leading such a successful server. Rising has been open for over 6 years now, and through the good times and the bad times I can honestly say that this server is one of the most important aspects of my life. Watching it grow into what it has become has been nothing short of amazing, and I cannot express how thankful I am for the responsibility that everyone has bestowed upon me. Thank you, Rising Warriors.
  8. Nitex

    Gone Forever

    Very creative haha, love it.
  9. Warriors of the Rising, 2019 has been a great year. We'd like everyone to share their favorite memories so we can reminisce some of the best moments before we kick off the new year. How to participate in this event: Go to the Gallery area of the website (see top menu bar or click here) Submit your screenshot(s) in the "2019 Best Memories" album Rules You can submit up to three images per character The image must be from Dekaron Rising You must use the appropriate tag (put your class in "Tag") Please do not post the images as a comment in this topic. They must be posted in the gallery section. How will the winners be chosen? All members of the Dekaron Rising Staff Team will cast their votes on their favorite submissions. The submissions with the most votes will win! {OPR}s, [OPR]s, and [GM]s will vote Prizes 1st Place: 30,000 D-shop Coins for each character 2nd Place: 20,000 D-shop Coins for each character 3rd Place: 10,000 D-shop Coins for each character
  10. Manual patch: Winter has come to Rising Frost Karke has awoken and invaded Under Crespo New Boss - Frost Karke Difficulty: Hard Rewards: Dil, Grade Points Drops: Frost Skin Diamond, Santa Costume, Panda Costume, Santa Girl Location: Under Crespo (Main) Respawn: Every 4 hours Channel(s): Ark Credits to @Kingyyy for boss design. New Limited Edition: Frost Skin Drops from Frost Karke Obtainable in D-Shop Credits to @Kingyyy for skin design. New Wings: Frost Wings Balance Adjustments Half bagi Earth Divider: ※ Decreased amount of reflection damage from 35% to 25%. Vampyre Dance: ※ Increased cooldown from 13 to 15 seconds on all skill levels. Sharp Detonation: ※ Decreased damage slightly. Dragon Knight Dragon Roar: ※ Decreased damage slightly. Incar Magician Energy Flair: ※ Increased damage slightly. Dark Wizard Dark Planet: ※ Increased damage slightly. Segnale Curse Serendipity: ※ Increased damage slightly. Concerra Summoner Breathe adjust: ※ Increased effect duration from 5 to 9 seconds, lowered cooldown from 60 to 45 seconds. ( fixed stacking issue with segnale defense buff). Segeuriper Curse Guillotine: ※ Increased damage slightly. Curse Legion: ※ Increased damage significantly. Seal Kaiju: ※ Decreased damage moderately. Curse Cloud: ※ Increased damage significantly. Miscellaneous ※Fixed Reezena typo ※ Fixed issue with Rising Cloud system that sometimes caused channels to not appear at character select Coming Soon ※ Keep an eye out for our Rising 2020 post that will be posted later this week. It'll have a lot of details on what we have planned for The Rising.
  11. We're currently looking at revamping Siege to be in a new map, and targeting a release for this sometime next year. These are some good ideas, but I don't think it'd be possible to have two separate Siege battles.
  12. Please download the latest installer using the Google Drive link on this page: It has all of the latest updates and you won't need to update your client to play.
  13. Images don’t seem to be loading, can you try uploading to imgur?