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  1. Nitex

    We Want Class Guides!

    This is complete bullshit, in fact A6 was extremely unbalanced to the point it was ridiculous. A7 was when balance became reasonable. Not to mention the bugs A6 is full of. It seems you're just here to advertise A6 (which is what servers that can't compete with A9+ are trying now). A6 files also have the dupe bug, so there's that. Have fun with that. Also, I've been playing since A2.
  2. Amazing guide. Thank you very much! This guide made me want to make a Mage, haha. Added it to official guides list. Also, let us know your character name so we can send you some coins!
  3. Nitex

    A Poem about Segnales

    Skills n scruff Movement speed buffs I be in Parca killin hella stuff You be in respawn with the blood and guts With the noobs and cuffs lookin like u had enuff trust you can’t do it like me cuz like, my damage causes everyone to scream ok bet you wish that you didn’t click PvP cuz now you’re strugglin to see ok my weapons be peppermint clean while ur mage wep be glowin greeeeen
  4. Looking forward to this. I hope you can include some weapon skins
  5. Respect the Seg And I'll heal your leg Because when a hunter stuns you A Bagi could destroy you Do not fear! Your favorite Seg is here I shall provide you with Shield And throw that Bagi a Curse Field When the hunter comes Your legs will be cuffed Little does she know... You have been buffed! With me you will survive Because of what my spells provide You will become stronger And surely survive longer Without me, what would you do? Without me, the Wizard will make you black and blue.
  6. Nitex

    New player guide to Dekaron Rising

    Please PM @Dannyboi, @DEV Fayth, or me on Discord and we can help you. We'd also like to know more information (which mobs in Mitera/Egutt are too strong) so we can make adjustments if necessary. Finally, try to find someone to help you in Ardeca!
  7. Hi everyone, We'd like to increase the number of class guides we have and what better way than to ask the professionals warriors on Rising? Guides help new players understand how to master their classes which increases the amount of fun action in game. We currently need class guides for: Azure Knight Segita Hunter Incar Magician Aloken Concerra Summoner Seguriper Dark Wizard Half Bagi We will be rewarding the creation of guides with $25 ~ $50 in coins for free to the guide creator. The amount of coins will vary based on the quality of the guide. This is an example of an excellent guide that was rewarded $50 in coins. You may copy the format, but not the content. You can also create other guides (besides class guides) and be rewarded. Again, quality work though please. Thanks for reading and helping us improve the quality of the Rising experience.
  8. Nitex

    [CLASS GUIDE] Bagi Warrior GUIDE

    Great guide. I really like the formatting, combos, buff descriptions, and skill icons. I think you can improve it by adding Bagi specific item information, such as which gems to use and what options to strive for. You can also add what combos are good to use against what classes, what skills are better for PvP or for PvE, and what item-buffs to use! Please post your character name so we can send you $25 in coins for free :). We may send more as the guide is updated and improved. Thank you for your contribution to our server. I will be adding this to the official guides list, congratulations on that achievement.
  9. This is an amazing guide. I've added it to the list of guides in the main menu bar. I really like how you included pictures and took the time to include skill icons. To reward you for this guide, I'd like to send you $50 worth of coins (61,500 or 70,725 if you have an active {VIP} subscription). Please let me know the character name you would like the free coins on.
  10. Nitex

    Dekaron Fan Art Forum Event [WINNERS]

    Congrats winners. Really enjoyed the art
  11. Nitex how to recover my account in game using my gmail ? i forgot the id and the password ;(

    my gmail is [email protected]

    my char name Kendroid


  12. Nitex how to recover my account in game using my gmail ? i forgot my the password ;(



  13. Nitex

    New guy around here!

    Welcome! 2Moons = Dekaron. Dekaron was the original name, however when published in the U.S. it was named 2Moons :). The fast paced action usually refers to skill combos that you will master as you get used to the skills of the class you're playing. Aloken has some great combos. A "combo" is basically the order that you use the skills. A lot of players like to come up with their own combos and you can start developing your own by watching other Alokens or experimenting with the skills yourself. Different skills have different casting speeds, hit counts, damage, cooldowns, MP use, and buffs/debuffs. Even buffs -- some buffs are time based and some are use based. It will take some time, but you'll get used to it pretty quickly :). Aloken is one of the more complicated but more rewarding characters to learn. As for ping, anything below 300ms is excellent. You shouldn't have any latency issues :). I'm glad you're enjoying the server, thank you for the kind words. We're all here because we share a passion for this fun and unique game and we're always happy to see players enjoying it with us. If you have any questions feel free to let us know!
  14. Nitex


    Activity has been spiking up lately, I think it's because it's summer time again :). Feel free to hop in game and check it out, there's a lot of new stuff too.
  15. Nitex

    Launcher Suggestions

    Went ahead and updated the events design to match the rest of the launcher a little bit more, thanks for that suggestion. Wanted to ask if you guys had any other recommendations or suggestions. I think next I'll add a Colosseum Rankings tab to the launcher . Also, what would you guys think about Event Notifications? I'm thinking about creating an option on the launcher, if enabled you will get a Windows Notification 15 minutes before every event.