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  1. Braiken Castle Guild Wars

    This is a great idea and I’m already envisioning it. Guilds are teleported to the outside of Braiken and then once the countdown hits zero, everyone has to run into the castle. When everyone gets into the castle, the entrances in and out are blocked and from there it’s the last guild standing. Braiken’s sky will be black and the map will look like a war zone. Dead bodies, spirits, and other awesome decorations. The winning guild will receive 50 or 100 Braiken teleport scrolls that take them exclusively to braiken. However, I’m not so sure about the increased upgrade rates. I think something like that would be good because it would really motivate guilds to win and take over Braiken castle. But I also don’t think it’s a good idea to give the strongest guild a tool to make them even stronger. Also, the upgrade rates are set by server not by NPC, so we would have to find a different way to make it work if we did decide to do that. Great suggestion overall and definitely something we would put in game and work towards. @Independent I completely agree with you Siege’s flaws. Though fun, that system wasn’t very well designed. In addition to this idea, there seems to be a new map on KR that looks like it could be used for a guild war of some sort.
  2. Non Agro Hack

    Thank you, we will take care of it. We're in the process of rebuilding our anti hack since a bypass was released. We're in the testing phase now to make sure we don't compromise game performance.
  3. Hello. Totally new player here.

    @[GM]Fayth is busy with the 1v1 PvP tournament and I need a break from working on the next update, so I'll take care of this one :). How much of this game is based on grinding? Dekaron used to be very heavily built around grinding. That is not the case here, though, since we've made it easier (and even moreso as of recently). Levelup up to competitive level takes 1-3 days. The 2nd from last set, Osmium, drops at +7 in Mitera. As part of our major Rising 2018 patch, we've decreased the gab between Osmium (2nd from last set) and Teragrace (last set). We did this because with such a big gap, new players could not be competitive until there were able to obtain a Teragrace set. Now, although Teragrace is still a bit more powerful, you can be competitive with Osmium and enjoy PvP, PK, Colosseum, and DK Square. So to answer your question, grinding is still a part of the game (Teragrace and endgame weps / arms aren't easy to come by so players have something to work toward), but grinding is no a necessary thing to do before you can enjoy the game. Is there any system other than grinding like pvping for example that you could do to become just as strong as if you were grinding? Yes. DK Square and Colosseum both have some pretty valuable rewards that you can use to trade/sell for gear, and even get some gear from. Is there any actual skill involved in this game or is it just plain gear outscaling? Skill is very much required, and I'd argue that Dekaron is one of the most skill-dependent MMORPG's ever created. We've continued to improve on this aspect as a private server and have made it a very high priority focus. The official versions have destroyed this aspect of the game by introducing costumes with extra stats, shield potions, and other extremely overpowered items. We've done the opposite and improved it by improving balance, making D-Shop cosmetic only (besides buff items, however those ARE available outside the D-Shop), and adding dodge skills. What is PVP like? It's amazing dude. The PvP system of Dekaron is just magical. Every match is dynamic and you see players using combos that are just breathtaking. I'm a little hyped up right now because I've been watching some of the PvPs of the 1v1 Tournament going on and it's been really entertaining. Enchanting gear is RNG based only and is it hard to max out gear? Maxing gear has been made easier on our server because we have increased the upgrading rates and have made an item that prevents the gear you are upgrading from being destroyed as it would be previously if the upgrade failed above +7. In addition to upgrading, theirs "optioning." Optioning isn't 100% random -- there's a set of stats that each item can have and a range of values for each option (example +45 vitality to +65 vitality). It's not easy to make an item with what players call "perfect" options, however perfect options provide only a slight advantage and are thus not necessary to be competitive but rather again, something to work toward slowly. Does pay to win exist and if it does, how does it work? How much do you have to pay and what would be the advantages you'd get? No, pay to win does not exist. Donating to the server (which has helped this server stay alive for over 5 years now) makes some thing easier, but this isn't pay to win. A player could buy an item from the D-Shop that increases his/her success chance at making an item +10, or he/she can trade another player a costume for an item. Pay to win is when there are items that are only obtainable by paying, such as costumes with extremely powerful stats, buffs only in the D-Shop, special rings, etc. that make it impossible to compete against someone that has these items unless you have them yourself. We've made sure that isn't the case here because it wouldn't be fun nor require skill if someone could just buy an item that made them win every fight. Is this game still worth playing? When released, Dekaron was WAY ahead of its time. As a result, it has aged extremely well, and is still on par with some of the MMORPGs that come out even today. It's also very unique; Dekaron uses it's own game engine whereas most other MMORPGs use a prebuild engine like Unreal Engine. We get players all the time that come back to this game and say nothing compares, so despite being a little biased I'd say it's definitely still worth playing. Whats the player base like? 400~1100 players depending on time of day, season, events, etc. What's the difference between this server and say dekaron prime and official p****** server? My previous answers highlight the main differences between Rising and official. Besides those, official does have a few features we do not have, however we've heard that the experience is not that great due to a multitude of reasons like the P2W, hackers, spammers, and GM corruption that was recently shown. In terms of other private servers, there are quite a few major differences. Prior to Rising, every private server was using old Action 3 files. These were very outdated and did not work very well at all. In 2012 we began working on making A9 files work and after many months of hard work, we accomplished what no other server had: working A9 files. For a trip down memory lane, check out this video of our alpha testing. For about 9 months we were the only A9 server. Unfortunately though, an old version of our server files leaked and now every private server uses an outdated (although buggy) version of our server files. In terms of other differences between Rising and other private servers: Rising is the most popular Rising is the longest-running A9-based private server Rising has near-perfect balance (arguable even better than official) Rising has some exclusive features that we've developed such as New HP-Bar UI F1~F12 + Expanded buff slot Near-perfect class balance (check out our Rising2018 patch, which included significant balance chances that were in development/testing for more than 6 months) Weapon-Skin system that not even official has The new 2017 effects system that enables the game to render new effects such as those used on Crystalline weapons A professional staff team (developers, graphics designers, in-game GMs, and a balancing team) with professional ticket-based support. Colosseum Ranking System with rewards andprizes for top Colosseum rankers. Security & Performance Rising is powered by over a dozen servers. We have network nodes set up all over the world so players can both play together on the same channel but also play with the lowest latency. All information is professionally secured -- in our years of being up and running we have never been hacked or had any information leaks or data loss. Meanwhile other private servers don't even know how to set up SSL on their websites. Basically we're the server that other servers either try to take down (DDoS) because they can't compete or try to steal our client/content/updates but only end up with half-baked features because the majority of our files are encrypted. Not to brag or anything :). Hope this answers your questions!
  4. Hi guys, I'm testing an update to the client but need someone using Windows XP to make sure it also works on XP (since we still have a small number of people that play on that old, old OS, lol). If you use Windows XP, please join our Discord and message me. Thanks!
  5. New Idea to bring players

    I'll discuss this with staff. Since Khaleesi doesn't have the bosses, I think it'd be ok, but I'll discuss it with the staff team and other players as well.
  6. Seriously??? 12 hours???

    I’m adjusting this
  7. I just saw This in other server discord

    Desperate servers have DDoSed us, spread rumors about Rising being dead, spammed our Ardeca with name hacks and tried to vac mobs to shops, and pet hacked in Ardeca. These are futile attempts to hurt Rising because they can’t compete with our success and have 1/100th of our base. You really think you can believe a screenshot or conversation like this? From a server that has went so far out of it it’s way to try to hurt our server rather than actually compete? When an account is banned no one can log into it. We’ve had some issues with staff in the past, but this case is fake. Fairness and legitamacy are two of our highest priorities in this game.
  8. Thank you for your valued feedback. We'll be changing the way you get the skills that are currently in the PPoint exchange. We agree that it is not easy for new players who need these skills to be competitive to have to farm them from DK-Square.
  9. Sir Please update my concern #90 thank you its been a month #38 #48 please :-(

  10. Dekaron Rising [VIP] Memberships

    Whoah long time no see! I’m glad you like it! Hope you’re doing well.
  11. Quote

    NEW PATCH: 14.7

    OMG GM! so cool update! so much adore it. thank you. slayed it!

  12. WE DID IT! We made it a reality :). Thanks for all the feedback guys.
  13. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JbPVvFBbLajaEWUTtJa7UO7mdub1DCtm/view?usp=sharing Here is a manual patch with ONLY Patch 14.7 files. Only use this if your client was updated to 14.6 before.
  14. If you are using manual patch, it's bigger because it includes all previous updates :o.