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  1. It's not a mount. It's an Akris being created from scratch. We're working on rebuilding the client from scratch, allowing for endless possibilities, better graphics, better performance, original content, and much more. This is the beginning of something far more than just a mount. EDIT: Just saw your reply about the new classes. Unfortunately there's still no news on the two remaining classes from KR. However, if we were to successfully remake the client from scratch, we'd have full autonomy over creating our own. In fact, we're already thrown some concept ideas around..
  2. Nitex


    As Fayth said, 19.472 should fix it. Let me know if this is or isn’t the case please.
  3. Fixed, just run launcher (or use manual patch again). Thank you for the report.
  4. We restarted the update server, simple run your launcher again. If you're still having an issue, PM me on discord.
  5. We added another update, can you please try the launcher now? If it still doesn't work, PM me and I can debug it. I'll compensate you coins for your time. Thanks!
  6. Just fixed this issue, shouldn't happen anymore. Sorry about that! Patch 19.315 in launcher.
  7. I’ll have a fix for this out today. That’s not good. Can you post your system specs, and message me on Discord so I can send you a debug client? I’ll send you coins to compensate once i confirm the issue
  8. Hi everyone, I'd like to take a chance to apologize for the client issues that happened over the weekend. It's been a really hectic few days but I think we have everything (mostly) under control now. If you're still having issues, please start by describing as much as you can below: What operating system are you using? Does the game start using the launcher? Does the game start using the "dkrising" exe in the bin folder (C:/Dekaron Rising)? When did the problem start? Any other observations? Because of the issues, the new content patch had to be delayed since our priority is making sure people can play. We apologize for the delay but we thank you for your understanding. We aim to get the contents patch out sometime next week; it's almost done. Finally, thank you guys for being so supportive, and so helpful. It means so much to the staff team and I to see so many of our players being patient and willing to help. Especially you guys that let me teamviewer your PC and test files. PS: Always feel free to PM me on Discord. I try to be as available as possible. However, sometimes due to volume I miss messages.. so just shoot me another message if I don't reply within 24 hours :).
  9. sir nitex. sir my concern is my Segu was banned last week. i think its band because im selling it ingame but now i want to play again sir. i already send my concern. IGN: EBdeatThGod lvl: 200 class: Segu

  10. hola tengo un problema desde ayer el juego cargaba bien y entraba ahora le doy a start y no me habre el juego estube investigando y me tira q el progama no es compatible intente cambiar la compatibilidad pero ninguna resulta .


  11. Ark has been repaired. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  12. Made some changes, can you see if the problem is fixed? If not, message @DKR Fayth or me on Discord and we can help you there.
  13. Dekaron is only fun with a plethora of players, so yes, unless there's enough demand for it I don't think we'd risk splitting the playerbase. I'll discuss it with the staff team but we're stretched pretty think handling the thousands of players on Rising. The problem with A3 or A6 is that the files barely work because they're so old and they're riddled with issues like duping and dil bugs. We've seen other servers try it only for people to get bored very quickly and move back to RIsing.
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