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  1. Please try downloading and installing 7Zip from the link below
  2. Locked, please discuss here:
  3. I have an idea on what is causing it. In the bin folder (C:/Dekaron Rising/bin) there is a file called "key" (key.txt if you have file extensions on). Check if this is saving when you edit a keybind and restart the client. If it is not, please try doing the same with option/option.txt file (change a game setting and see if it saves). Finally, please give me an example of a keybinding you are changing so I can see if I can replicate the issue. Thanks.
  4.  hey can you help me i hef donate to day  patje01 25 dollar i hef notting 


  5. I love it. There might be a way to add effects to costumes.
  6. Can u help me for this sir... Thanks 


  7. This post has been upgraded to an article (so it appears on the homepage and launcher). From now on, please continue the discussion here:
  8. Mind if I promote this to an article?
  9. Wow, I didn't even realize this was possible.
  10. Holy fuck this is amazing.
  11. As stated in the patch notes, a DK re-work is coming but was not completed in time for this patch.
  12. Sure, right after we rework that attitude.
  13. Everything in this thread made me laugh but this is the line that killed me: "-It is light and easy to use. "
  14. Nitex


    Thank you for the feedback.