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    1. Manual Patch (refresh in 5 minutes) Thank you to our great staff team, this was a huge accomplishment. This is the first update where we had 4 different developers each working together and individually on (not counting testers). A huge thank you to @Karz1N, @zarashi, and @Doqen for working with me and being such a great team. Siege Updates Siege has been really popular lately, with the last Siege possibly being the most intense battle in Dekaron history with a slim win by just 7 seconds! Siege Time Siege Battle will return to the original schedule, which is every Sunday. The time will be unchanged. Siege Prize: Siege Winner's Wings New Siege prizes will automatically be sent to all members after the Siege battle. Important: Please do not leave the winning guild for at least 24 hours after Siege to receive the prizes. Coming Soon: Siege Winners Emblem New Content + Mechanic: Arcadia Prison Arcadia was saved by trapping these monsters, however they have reproduced beyond control. Warriors must help us destroy them before it's too late and another invasion of Arcadia and Ardeca occur. New Boss Mechanic: Random Spawn Relias The new boss will randomly spawn in one of the following chambers and there will be an announcement. Warriors must find which chamber he is in! Exchange / Speedboots V4 / Other Info • Hermes Fragment drop from all monsters of Arcadia Prison and have 10% droprate. • Hermes Crystal Shard drop from Boss (Mellias) in Arcadia Prison and have 50% droprate. These two items can be changed for Speedboots V4 • All monsters from Arcadia Prison have 10 minutes of respawn time. World Dungeons & Announcement System The dungeon and announcement system have been revamped and should now be much more stable. We will continue to work on improving these systems and monitor them New Wings Emblems Galaxy Emblems (Random Box) Talisman Emblems (Random Box) Skills Fixes Bioruji • Skill now follows the wizzard Dark Soul • Skill now follows the wizzard Cancimo • Skill is now giving crit per stack as intended Miscellanous / Bug Fixes Updated DirectX settings for better performance (especially on NVIDIA computers) Fixed major bug with client that caused very low FPS on laptops or dual-GPU computers Improved antivirus programs accidentally flagging the virus (false positives) Improved client performance overall by enabling multi-thread on some game client functions Fixed bug with Crystallix Skin Exchange Fixed bug with Tower of Magic and Rudene lava Improved Fixed bug with DK Square teleports being invisible Adjusted DK Square spawn buff Coming soon.... PvP New Competitive PvP System (like Colosseum/DKS) New world events and new mechanics Infinite Survival Mode New quests And much more
    2. Warriors! We're applying a mini-patch with some fixes. Manual Patch: We're changing how we make updates and push out balance changes! This means faster updates and better balancing! Start by reading the post below (if you didn't already) Siege Scheduled Siege scheduled for Saturday, May 7th DK-Square Revamp DK Square upgraded to newer version Client upgraded to properly support new DK Square map without FPS or freezing issues 215 Skills PVP Damage ENABLED! The last couple of weeks our team has been working not only on balance in general but also on the mission to enable the long awaited 215 skills for pvp. We want to reinforce that these changes are by no means final, we will be closely monitoring pvps and listening to our community in order to rebalance whatever needs so. Our approach to these skills, for now, is adding damage values and focusing as little as possible on debuffs/buffs so we can slowly but surely perfect it whilst taking minimal risk of breaking the game. Naturally, most classes will have 1 skill for pvp and 1 skill for pve. Azure Knight Pvp: Rondar Pve: Tumer Dragon Knight Pvp: Inart Probe Pve: Aerial Wind Segita Hunter Pvp: Disminua Pve: Aim shot Segita Shooter Pvp: Popyrus Pve: Swiftan Incar Magician Pvp: Egnoing Pve: Levita Black Wizard Pvp: Rainier Pve: Lillish Vicious Summoner Pvp: Rotanas/Penetra Concerra Summoner Pvp: Exture/Binef Segnale Pvp: Mana Creep Pve: Pricspy Seguriper Pvp: Opunrazy Pve: Eolly Bagi Warrior Pvp: Impressdun Pve: Pricspy Half Bagi Pvp: Rage Split Aloken Pvp: Pibistab Pve: Resca Balance Concerra Summoner LegRegion Hell : ↓Damage decreased slightly Poison Shock : ↓Damage decreased slightly Spiral Poison : ↓Damage decreased slightly Runtar : ↓Damage decreased slightly Mage Shield of Siz: ↓Cooldown increased from 59 seconds to 65 seconds Measure: ↓Cooldown increased from 22 seconds to 30 seconds Uzar Grain: ↓Abnormal Resist removed Deuplace: ↓ HP decrease debuff removed ↓Damage decreased slightly Azure Knight Shield Shove: ↑Stun success rate increased from 76% to 85% Hunter Uzar Grain: ↓Abnormal Resist removed Segnale Wide Sleep: ↓Cooldown increased from 80 secs to 85 secs Sleep: ↓Cooldown increased from 35 secs to 40 secs Menta: ↓Cooldown increased from 60 secs to 65 secs Segeuriper Blood Misty: ↓Decreased healing debuff from 45% to 25% Taisenstorm: ↓Cooldown increased from 20 secs to 30 secs Culpierd: ↓Cooldown increased from 16 secs to 20 secs ↓Damage decreased slightly Shooter Uzar Grain: ↓Abnormal Resist removed Aloken La Defense: ↓Cooldown increased from 60 secs to 65 secs Half Bagi Bust Slash: ↑Last hit increased sucess rate to 100% Segita Shooter Pistol Mastery Lv10: +10% Lightning Damage -> +5% Lightning Damage Cannon Mastery Lv10: +40% Fire Damage -> +30% Fire Damage Fixed issue with level damage calculation Pets ↓Pet damage reduced by 50% New Cosmetics APRIL VALENTINE'S We had an issue with these, sorry for the delay. Heart Emblem Hoodie of Love Wings of Love Emblems Crystallix Emblem Metallic Crystallix Emblem Costumes Training Costume (Male) Training Costume (Female) Client Upgrade / Performance Improvements Updated client to use newer version of DirectX and better utilize NVIDIA drivers Improved game client FPS, should be much smoother now Improved client performance on Windows 11 Bug Fixes/Misc Fixed a bug which prevented players from buying Vampire Costume. Rondow Emblem is now permanent as it was first intented to.
    3. Hi everyone, We are getting ready to make this summer on Rising absolutely spectacular and I just wanted to update everyone on some changes that I think are going to be really beneficial to the server. New DEV and Development Structure Our goal is to get to at least two updates per month, which includes balance updates as well. We've reorganized the development team into different sub-teams in order to achieve this. We also have DEV: welcome Zarashi to the team. Zarashi is someone I've known personally for a long time who is very experienced and has already demonstrated his abilities. We now have a total of 4 DEVs ( + 1-2 in training). New Development Team Structure: The new development team structure will allow us to work faster and more efficiently. Developers won't necessarily have to stick to one area, but for example, Doqen is extremely talented with textures and effects, so it makes more sense for him to work on those. Balancing Content Mechanics Cosmetics Balancing: Quicker Balance Changes We all understand that balance is a never-ending battle. However, we understand it can be frustrating to wait for new balance changes. We are switching our style of balancing to a way that pushes out experimental changes faster. Ideally we will have a balance update every two weeks -- and sometimes every week. Teasers We have a lot of exciting stuff in the works, and we have a lot of plans I am excited to start working on. With Zarashi's help and the development team restructuring, updates will be coming out a lot faster, and I am excited to share some teasers with you guys. I won't go into detail just yet, but I will show you guys some stuff :). More Performance Upgrades Dekaron Rising's client has the highest FPS and best performance of any private server because of optimizations that we've made directly to the game engine. Because most private server use old files (A9 for example was released even before Windows 10/Windows 11) there are a lot of performance issues. However, our team proactively identifies them and has improved the performance significantly so that the client runs extremely efficiently. For example, A9/A6/A3 files have a performance issue with 90% of NVIDIA GPUs that cause stuttering, FPS drops, and more. We are the only server that has fixed this :). New DK-Square Map (with a twist) New HD Map, HD Monsters, and new monster mechanics
    4. Manual Patch: Client Upgrade / Performance Improvements We've significantly improved client performance. Most computers will notice 40%-80% higher FPS. Faster client launching time Faster client loading time Higher FPS (everywhere) Higher FPS when several characters around Higher FPS during skills and animations Higher FPS in new maps Minor Balancing Fixes Fixed bug with damage multiplier for levels 211+ Balance multiplier was broken for most classes above 211+ because of missing settings at these levels. This resulted in very abnormal damage for many different classes that is now fixed. Misc Fast equip has been removed due to some bugs, will be re added in future. Prepared files for upcoming content update
    5. This is a client-side only update, which means that the servers will not be restarted. New Feature: Fast Equip Fast equip any item by right clicking in your inventory If an item is equipped in the same slot of the item you right clicked, it will be replaced with the item that you right clicked For special rings/necklaces (like Squama) they must be in the first ring/necklace stop (top left) DKS Announcement System An announcement will automatically appear when a DKS battle starts. A different announcement will appear every 5 minutes when DK Square is ongoing. Note: Announcements will only happen on Ark. FPS & Performance Improvements Fixed an issue that caused low FPS in DK-Square Fixed an issue that caused crashing in DK-Square (especially with Dragon Knight, Summoner, and Concerra classes.
    6. @Dusty PM me on Discord and I can add support for it. I just need a few minutes of your time to do so. Thanks, Nitex
    7. How to test: Download this file. Put it in bin folder (C:/Dekaron Rising/bin) Run game This updated game exe contains two things: DK Square view distance and camera improved Summoner crash in DK Square fixed (there was a bug causing Summoners to crash randomly in DKS) Please test this exe and comment below the following: FPS before this exe and after in DKS, do you like it, or if you notice any issues. If you are a Summoner (VS or CS), are you still having the crash bug in DKS? Thanks.
    8. This update should also fix the Hunter/Mage 215 skillbook issue. If you bought Meteor Blaze incorrectly it will have been replaced to the correct book when you log in.
    9. Warriors! We're applying a mini-patch with some fixes. Manual Patch: FPS & Performance Improvements We've made some changes to improve FPS across the entire game. However, we've also done some investigating and found that there were certain parts of the game that needed more optimization than others. The parts that we have improved the most are listed below. FPS should be improved between 30-60+ FPS depending on the type of hardware you are using. Maps + Monsters Optimized El-Mar Kastrioti Tower of Magic Skills Optimized Areesio Pillage Element Pillage Levita Lillish Mana Creep Muspell Opunrazy Pibistab Popyrus Pricspy Ragesplit Tumer Costumes Optimized Helion / Dark Helion Assassin Santa 2 Fairy Summer Army Pirate Halloween Winter Monkey Miscellaneous New Client Installer We will soon be releasing an updated game installer that has the latest updates and optimizations. This new installer is ONLY NECESSARY if you have any issues with your client. Otherwise, it is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. New Cosmetics VALENTINE'S Heart Emblem Hoodie of Love Wings of Love Siege Scheduled + Castle Fixed Rudene Siege has been scheduled Issue entering castle fixed Bug Fixes/Misc Rudene Lava has been fixed Siege Castle has been fixed CS skill causing DC sometimes has been fixed (Imagery blade + Run) Balance Fixes
    10. It is extended until Monday 11:59PM server time
    11. Nitex


      Welcome! Let us know if you have any questions.
    12. Warriors! Balance 2022 (Part 18) is here! This balance patch is a special one. I personally took the time to communicate with professional players, tournament winners, former players, guilds, and more and asked for a specific format of feedback. This process took about 2 weeks. After that I put everything together and found a lot of common overlap between suggestions and struggles. Finally, after lots of testing and math I'm very pleased to present these changes. As always these changes are a result of both statistics gathered from DK-Square, Colosseum, in-game PvPs, and more. Balance is a never-ending challenge and we appreciate your patience and feedback while we work on it. You may feel like a certain class is still overpowered or still underpowered, or feeel like the changes are insignificant. If this is the case, we will make more adjustments, but we like to take a slow approach rather than a drastic one. Azure Knight Nitex comments: "Shield Shove's buff was a little too high, so we've slightly decreased the chance and reverted the duration." Shield Shove: ↓ Chance reduced from 96% to 86% ↓ Stun duration reduced from 3 secs to 2 secs Incar Magician Nitex comments: "Our PvPs last a long time and Shield of Siz / Measure are extremely powerful skills. Their cooldowns made sense when PvPs were shorter. To compensate for this, we have increased their CDs slightly. Pin Bless was attributing to a large problem that affected more than just mages: too much defense (in addition to Mages hitting abnormally high amounts of defense). To compensate we've slightly increased Mage's Mastery. " Shield of Siz: ↓Cooldown increased from 54 seconds to 59 seconds Measure: ↓Cooldown increased from 22 seconds to 27 seconds Energy Master: ↑Defense increased from 15% to 16% Pin Bless: ↓Defenses decreased from 10% to 5% Summoner Soul Link: ↓Reduced damage share from 28% to 25% Concerra Summoner Nitex comments: "Concerra's massive dependence on skill success class had made the class more "luck" than skill based. We have increased them slightly to make them more reliable along with increased the damage on some essential skills. Finally, we've also improved Concerra's survivability. " Blitz: ↑Increased success rate from 72% to 82% Shadow Attack: ↑Increased success rate from 87% to 89% Soul Link: ↑Increased damage share from 28% to 30% Blade Rain: ↑Damage increased by 20% Leg Region Hell: ↑Damage increased by 15% Nasconder: ↑Damage increased by 12% Concerra + Summoner Nitex comments: "We've increased the survivability of pets so that they can actually be used in large scale PvE/PK scenarios and game modes. To compensate for their survivability we have decreased their damage. " ↑ Pet HP massively increased ↑ Pet Melee + range damage resistance increased from 0% to 75% ↓ Pet damage decreased Segeuriper Nitex comments: "A bug with pillages causing rollbacks should be fixed. Taizen Storm has been improved to be closer to how it was before we nerfed it, but still must be used strategically in order to be used to its full potential. The two skill buffs are to improve PvE performance. " Tizen Storm: ↓PK/PVP resistance removed ↑Taizen All damage resistance by 5% ↑Cooldown decreasaed from 24 seconds to 20 seconds Curse Cloud: ↑Damage increased by 7% Destiny Explode ↑Damage increased by 10% Pillages ↑Bug with pillages snare sometimes not working on moving targets fixed Segita Hunter Nitex comments: "Hunter has suffered in 1v1 scenarios due to the increase in possible speed over the years. To compensate for the increase in maximum character speed, we've slightly increased the range and speed of Slow Arrow." Slow Arrow: ↑Maximum distance increased from 20 meters to 30 meters ↑Movement speed increased by 40% Aloken Guard Arm Mastery: ↓ Defense decreased from 15% to 13% Half Bagi Bust Slash ↓ Stun increased to 90% Dragon Knight Nitex comments: "Dragon Knight continues to dominate in several scenarios due to its combos and stun durations. We have scaled back some of the damage on pulsing skills to make the class more skill based." Charge Diss: ↓ Stun duration decrease from 3secs to 2secs Rira cume 2: ↓ Damage decreased by 50% Chircon 2: ↓ Damage decreased by 20% ↓ -300 guard debuff removed Rinstor: ↓ Damage decreased by 25% ↓ Defense reduced from 10% to 5% Segita Shooter (Major Rework) Nitex comments: "We found two bugs causing damage calculations to be broken on Segita Shooter. This especially affected SPR builds, causing abnormally high damage, crit rate, and crit damage. We've boosted some skills that we've weakened in the past to compensate for this, and we've improved Shooter's survivability (that was also weakened in the past) to compensate. Overall, the class should feel much closer to how it is designed to now. " General Class-Wide Changes SPR Magic Damage Ratio corrected (decreased by 33%) Level Magic Damage Ratio corrected (decreased by 25%) Please read paragraph above to understand these changes, they can be misleading. Terrace Magic: ↑ Health buff reverted from 20% to 30% ↑ 15% defense buff added back ↑ 5% magic damage buff added back GetBubbly: ↑ Added 3% short-range damage resistance ↑ Added 3% range damage resistance Impact Heating: ↑ Abnormal resistance increased from 10% to 15% Pistol Mastery: ↑ Added 10% lightning damage Static Armor ↑ Damage reflection increased from 5% to 10% Triple Shock: ↑ Damage increased by 15% Thriumph: ↑ Damage increased by 15% Mystic Ames: ↑ Damage increased by 5% Nuclear : ↑ Damage increased by 3.5% BullsEye: ↑ Damage increased by 6% Cure: ↑ HP recovery amount 35k to 45k Short Focus: ↑ Magic Damage increased from 5% to 17% ↓ 500 Magic damage removed Siege Schedule Siege is scheduled for 13/02/2021 at 15:00 server time. Previous Content Update
    13. Thank you for your feedback. We will continue to do our best. About Shooter -- there are some bugs with it that will be fixed very soon. About meisters -- we're working on figuring out the best way to implement them and are considering disabling them in Lurile but we will let you know what we figure out. About custom mesh/skills/anims.... all I can say is we're working on it
    14. Warriors! We are happy to announce the patch notes for one of the biggest patches that we have ever released Manual Patch: Open World Dungeon: TOWER OF MAGIC Boss: Enmity New mobs, new mechanics, new skin Difficulty: HARD Drop: Enmity Soul Mob drops: Tower of Magic Fragment NEW Boss Mechanic In the boss room there are 4 "safe zones", each with a different magical marker. The Randomly, the boss will start casting his special attack. When the special attack starts, a magical shape will appear above each character along with a "Warning" on the top of your screen. You then have 5 seconds to run to the shape area that corresponds to the one above your character. The special attack will immediately kill everyone who is not in the correct safe area. Exchange You can exchange 3000 Tower of Magic Fragments + Enmity Soul and Enlightened Token (Enlightened Token can be obtained in Kastrioti dungeon only) for brand new Metallic Crystalix skin at NPC DevilSmith (Tower of Magic Location) Tower of Magic Fragmens can also be exchanged for new skill skillbooks at NPC x 1000 Tower of Magic Fragments = 1 New Skill New Skills: Grand Meisters For balancing purposes we made the new skills deal no damage to players (only monsters). Their buffs/debuffs have also been disabled. As soon as we balance the skills and make sure they are healthy for the game we will enable PVP/PK damage and the buffs/debuffs. Level Required to learn new skills: 215 __________________________________________________________________________________________ Azure Knight Segita Hunter Incar Mage Vicious Summoner Segnale Bagi Warrior Aloken Concerra Summoner Segeuriper Black Wizard Half Bagi Dragon Knight Segita Shooter ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Level Cap Increased + Major EXP Revamp Level Cap Increase 210 -> 225 Level cap has been increased from 210 to 225. Hell Dead Front GP removed, will now be 210-225 Places to level for 210+: Kastrioti Tower of Magic Dead Front El Mar El Mar (Event) EXP Amulet bugs (+200%) have been fixed. Very Important Note About Levels 215-225: Levels 215+ are intended for "achivement purposes only." You can pretty much consider level 215 as "max level" and considered everything above 215 as an achievement. We will NOT be adding any items or skills that require you to be higher than 215. Levels 216-225 will take an extremely long time and ARE DESIGNED TO BE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. EXP/Leveling Curve Revamp [Skin Diamond] Metallic Crystallix AZURE KNIGHT SHIELD / 1H AXE 1H MACE/1H SWORD 2H SWORD/2H MACE 2H AXE DRAGON KNIGHT HAMMER SEGITA HUNTER CROSSBOW / BOW SEGEURIPER SCYTHE MAGE STAFF / WAND WIZARD ORB VICIOUS SUMMONER TWINBLADE CONCERRA SUMMONER DUALBLADE SEGNALE WHIP BAGI WARRIOR GAUNTLET HALF BAGI KATAR / FALCHION ALOKEN SPEAR/GA SHOOTER CANNON / PISTOLS New Cosmetics Neon-X Wings There's also Medium and Large versions. Neon Fairy Wings (Small) / Dark Fairy Wings (Small) Tree Fairy Wing (Small) / Sky Fairy Wings (Small) New Item - Epaulets (new type of wings) Crystallix Epaulet + Costume / Metallic Crystallix Epaulet + Costume Miscellanous / Bug Fixes Kastrioti Boss: Kastrioti Skin Fragment droprate increased 20% -> 25% Colosseum Statues upgraded with winner names. 100%/200% EXP Amulets have been fixed. Yuki (Asia) channel has been fixed. Balance Now that this update has been released we will be focusing on balance. If you have any suggestions or feedback related to balance, please post and discuss them here. Anti-Hack + Anti-bot Upgrades Pet-Hack has been 100% patched and is now impossible. Hack prevention + detection has been improved. Server-side bot detection (100% accuracy) has been activated. If the system detects a botter, it will not be a temporary ban - we will ban all botters permanently on first detection. This ban will not be reversible and all accounts will be banned. New Event Schedule Frost Karke (Winter Event) has ended and has been removed from the event schedule. Kastrioti time has changed and is now 5x a day (was 4) Tower of Magic will occur 5x a day. Launcher countdowns will be updated shortly.
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