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  1. Do you know what shall I do do fix it?


  2. Hi players, We're starting our traditional Black Friday/Cyber Monday coins sale. We only have one donation event per year, and this is quite the deal. 2x Coins Additional Bonus: Limited Edition [Limited Edition] Ghost Ray Mount - All Donations $50 - $100 [Limited Edition] Ghost Phoenix Mount - All Donations $100+ Notes Since a few months ago we increased the amount of coins per donations, this year we will be making a small change to the black Friday sale in regards to {VIP} membership
  3. I am expecting the same, and although very excited, very worried about our cloud system.
  4. Hmm, can't give many hints right now.
  5. Coming soon: the biggest update in Rising History.
  6. Everyone always loves starting these rumors. There's always seasonal change in activity. Playercount is back to going up again. It usually stops going up around the time of school starting (after summer) and then usually October is when it picks up. However, this year it seems to be picking up earlier. As of September 7th we've had hundreds of active players joining, and even more new accounts. We're actually planning on upgrading the servers next month to accommodate for the new player influx. So no, the server that has been open for over 6 years is not going to die, and is now
  7. Installing it from a different location won't help, unfortunately. That said, I do have an idea. It's a long shot but we can try it. I can't post it on the forums but @ZorcTheDarkOne please message me on Discord and we can go from there.
  8. We're looking into this. I apologize for any trouble this has caused. Are you currently using any permanent buffs? Permanent buffs are any buffs (from exchange or dshop) that stay if you relog. If you are, please list all of the ones you are using so I can look into this. If you can provide the order that you use them as well, that would help even more. Thank you.
  9. Alright so apologies for the delay in getting back to you but after a ton of research and looking into it I can confirm that this is a programming error and not something that anything on your PC could be causing. The problem seems to have started when we added the custom F bar that we did (the one that goes up to F11 and also expands further). It seems we failed to realize that the way keybindings work would be unintentionally affected. Unfortunately this isn't an easy fix and is something that will take us a while to fix. I recommend for now setting up some kind of macro system to
  10. Please try downloading and installing 7Zip from the link below
  11. Locked, please discuss here:
  12. I have an idea on what is causing it. In the bin folder (C:/Dekaron Rising/bin) there is a file called "key" (key.txt if you have file extensions on). Check if this is saving when you edit a keybind and restart the client. If it is not, please try doing the same with option/option.txt file (change a game setting and see if it saves). Finally, please give me an example of a keybinding you are changing so I can see if I can replicate the issue. Thanks.
  13.  hey can you help me i hef donate to day  patje01 25 dollar i hef notting