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  1. Patch 13.8

    Patch Notes Include: Halloween, Server Upgrade, Bullion System To update client: Run game launcher then start game. Manual Patch (ONLY NEEDED IF YOUR GAME LAUNCHER DOES NOT WORK): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7zlsmKb9joCc09RWlJCQUdfSXM With this weeks update bring you Client/Server Performance Upgrade Part 2. Bullion System Halloween Update Series Part 1 1) Server Upgrade Pt. 2 More server optimizations have been done to increase overall performance Network adjustments have been made, you should notice much better ms. 2) Bullion System We've added a new Bullion system to make it easier to hold dil and conduct expensive trades. Special thanks to Paul for some code we needed for this. There is now an NPC that you can trade 1 bil dil for 1 bullion, or 1 bullion for 1 bil. Halloween Update Series 3) Halloween Ardeca Theme Halloween decorations have been put up! Beware of ghosts, it seems Ardeca has gotten very dark! 4) Pumpkin Ghouls Pumpkin Ghouls have crawled out of hiding! They seem to be feeding in only a few maps right now. Locations: Ardeca (few) DK Square (many) Drops: Magenta Candy (+5% Defense) Cyan Candy (+5% Damage) 5) New Wings Blade Wings Dark: New Wings, will be available year round. Halloblade Wings: These wings only appear once a year! A special collectible item that only goes on sale for ONCE a year. After the sale, they are removed from the D-Shop. They are a Halloween special. I've seen some players that still have the Halloblade wings from last year, they are indeed one of the rarest wings of the game. If you want to be unique, stand out, and leave people wondering where you got your wings, these wings are for you! This year there is a new version, now you can chose from either the normal one or the dark one! Every year, after these wings are removed, people constantly ask players who are wearing them where and how to get them. At that point, there is no way until next October :). 6) Limited Edition: Helion Ghost Costume Similar to the traditional Ghost costume, this one is based off of the new Helion costume. These are also limited edition and will only be on sale in October. 7) Limited Edition: Deathwing Pet 8) Bug Fixes / Miscellaneous Fixed Speedboots V3 stats. Fixed a bug causing Segnale and Seguriper Speedboots V3 to not drop. Fixed a bug causing Mellias (and other bosses from Patch 13.7) to crash the client upon death Fixed a small bug in the client impacting performance Item Optioning cost has increased -- we needed to do this because of the overflowing amount of dil in the economy. We will be monitoring the situation and making necessary economical adjustments as needed. Fixed a bug that caused Dead Front and other event times to change.
  2. Optionetc.txt fatal error

    This means that the game can't access the file and edit it, which it needs to do to save your in game settings. Please try running bin/dkrising.exe as administrator.

    fixed, sorry I'm a terrible mutlitasker

    I understand that you think our shift to making things easier for new players is a step in the right direction. However, the optioning price change does not go against that. Compared to the advantage that +0~+10 provides, optioning advantage is much smaller and thus not as important. Those that have the dil to blow will spend it on optioning items, players that don't won't do that just yet. Although people have became accustomed to making items with "perfect" stats, this is not a requirement to be competitive in PvP or PvE. The desire to have "perfect stats" is for those who want the best of the best considering that perfect options are only a minor advantage when compared to having a +10 set. As dil disappears from the economy (as it currently has and will continue with this change), prices for more important items (in this case, important items referring to items that provide a significant competitive advantage) will fall, thus making it easier for new players to be competitive. With so much dil in the economy and no significant dil sinks, dil would continue to be inflated and prices of items (in dil) would continue to rise. This would make it increasingly hard for new players that don't have copious amounts of dil. It's a complicated concept, but we're actually making it easier for new players to get items that grant significant competitive advantage by making it harder to get items that grant minimal significant advantage. New players don't need to option their gear, they need +10 gear first. Established players are the ones who need to option their gear, and it should be expensive to have gear that is the "best of the best." New players aren't going to worry about expensive optioning costs if they can't buy +10 items that cost billions of dil. That said, perhaps the amount it was increased by was a bit high considering that getting the "perfect stats" is much more than getting 4 lines of DN. However, I still think that optioning is the perfect dil sink as it would not impact new players until they've become more established. Hope this makes sense! ______________________ We'll be fixing optioning prices with this weeks update. The change was too drastic and optioning was already expensive enough before the change.
  5. Last Man Standing Event 10/09/2017

    This is awesome! I love the incorporation of the spikes! Really nice!
  6. Hi everyone, After receiving some feedback about lowbies having trouble in DK Square, I decided to do try it out with my personal characters. My personal characters are pretty under-geared. This is because (like the rest of the staff), I don't get special gear. I'm used a +10 Osmium set that was pretty decent (haven't had time to make a Tera set yet). However, I got completely wrecked in DK Square. It was very demotivating and upsetting, and I don't want players to feel the way I did. This isn't a new issue and we've been working on the Gear Balancing Patch for this reason. I will also be looking into other ideas to make DK Square and Colosseum and more level playing field for everyone. DK Square is a great system when it works. Though since DK Square was released it was complicated with issues like cheating, imbalanced teams, or being dominated by a few professional players. I want DK Square to be as fun and fair as possible for everyone and fairness is a very high priority for us at Rising. I have high confidence in our team to come up with a solution. We have heard your feedback and we will make it better. If you have any additional feedback or ideas you'd like to share, please feel free to post them. This is an open discussion and I'd love to hear from you all.

    Hi, I'm sorry to see you're having this issue. Can you please post a screenshot? I'm not sure what you mean by everything blue, that sounds like a really weird bug.
  8. Patch 13.8

    Try re downloading the manual patch, and make sure you are extracting it to the game folder.
  9. Patch 13.8

    We gave you an increased dil limit AND bullions *screams internally*
  10. Patch 13.8

    Yup. I added extra security on the database side.
  11. 日本語で書いてある情報だ。 This is an article in Japanese to welcome new Japanese players. 皆さま、ようこそ 我々のプライベートサーバに来てくれたありがとうございます。今日本語が話せる従業員は一人しかいないので日本語と英語も話せる就職希望者を雇う。興味がありあれば連絡してください。 我々のサバは5年から始めて開発者とスタッフがいる。今まで大問題全然起こさなかった。全部プレーヤーのデータは無事に蔵してバックアップする。また、サバはいつも効率化に操作してる。 また、私たちは皆さんが楽しんでしたいからもしフィードバックがあるならぜひ私たちに連絡してください。 サーバの情報 キャラクターは勢力均衡のキャラクターでゲームがグレードアップするたびにキャラクターもグレードアップする。 このゲームはフェアなので勝が買えない。サーバは無料ゲームだがコインが買える。しかし、コインで買えるものはゲームの中に自分でもらえる物だからまたフェアと思う。 ゲームがゲームランチャーで自動にアップグレードする。問題があれるとりあえずワクチンソフトを見てください。後でノートの中にマニュアルパーチがある。 アップグレードの値段は「   」 新しいキャラクターはスタータの武器がある。 安全性が必要だからゲームとサイトの登録が別だ。 ゲームの登録のリンク: ゲームのダウンロードのリンク: 我々のサバに来てくれたありがとう。Dekaronで楽しんでください。
  12. Here you can register a game account. Game accounts are separate from website accounts for security reasons and so you can have multiple in game accounts! It's important for you to have a valid email account in case you forget your password. Game Registration †Note: Game registration is separate from website/forum registration for security purposes Click here if you need to change your password.
  13. Hi everyone, As you may have noticed, website security has been updated to 256 bit encryption (see the green lock next to the url at the top of your browser). We were able to do this without taking down the website, however I have to take down the registration and game account tools pages to update them with the SSL configuration. This will make them more secure and protect your login information even further. They should be back up within 30 minutes of this post. Thanks, Nitex
  14. Warriors, This new update brings not only new content, but an improved game client and servers for you as well! SERVER STATUS: This update will take longer than usual due to having to switch over to new servers. Server status will be posted on forum home page: https://dekaronrising.com/ IMPORTANT: You need the latest update in order to be able to connect to the game. To get the latest update, just run the game launcher. Manual Patch (ONLY NEEDED IF YOUR GAME LAUNCHER DOES NOT WORK): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7zlsmKb9joCQ1pWLUN6VjhacEU 1) Client Upgrade Client stability has been improved -- most existing crashes have been resolved. Client performance has been improved -- the game client will have faster loading times Client compatibility has been improved The client will work better with Windows 10 The client will have less issues with Firewall and Antivirus programs 2) Server Upgrade (Major) We've upgraded our servers drastically to improve your gaming experience. The locations of all of our servers has not been changed, but the servers have been upgraded in terms of software, hardware, and network uplinks. Server hardware has been upgraded Server network has been improved, you'll notice a better game connection NOTE: Due to the outdated way the in-game "MS" counter works, it does not always provide accurate numbers. For example, during testing we saw that the game ms counter reported 318ms when the ms was actually 121 ms. New server nodes have been added for better worldwide connection - Japan node has been added. Server software has been updated (can't go into details on this for security) Server stability has been tested and test results were very positive. New server monitoring software has been installed: in the unlikely event that the server goes down, staff members will be notified almost immediately and downtime will be minimized as much as possible. 3) New Boss: Mellias Mellias has taken over Underground Temple -- killing Hell Gatekeeper. This new boss is one of the most unique bosses ever added to Dekaron. We've balanced him to be challenging, fun, and also rewarding. Hell's Gatekeeper removed from Underground Temple Mellias Information: Stats: Health: 90 million Attacks: 3 attacks, 1 super attack, 1 debuff Spawn: Every 4 hours on Ark channel. Drops: 1x Speedboots V3 (see section 4 of patch notes) Ilias, Irias, and Selias have also been added -- event versions of Mellias for use in in-game events. 4) New Items: Speedboots V3 The third version of Speedboots V3 have arrived. They have better stats than Speedboots V2, however we've verified with the balance team to make sure that the new stats do not negatively affect balance. Main Drop: Hell Temple, Mellias Boss Secondary Drop: Events with Ilias, Irias, and Selias bosses. 5) New Shadow Azul Costume (Female Classes) A new Shadow Azul costume, made by one of our very own players, has been added to the game. It works for all female classes. Quick reminder: Players can create costumes and submit them to be added to the game for free! If they are added, the player receives the costume for FREE. 6) Bug Fixes Magic Emblems Randombox and Rare Magic Emblems Randombox have been fixed -- previously were not opening +7 Crystalline Weapon prices have been fixed and purchasing error on Hammer has been fixed. Akris in Egutt 180 area now drop the appropriate amount of dil. Noble Lionheart now drops 1x Noble Soul 7) Miscellanous Siege time has been scheduled Teracotta Miniboss location has changed from Draco Desert to Parca/Hell Temple New loading screen has been applied D-Shop UI has been updated Bottom right main bar UI has been updated Several bosses and monsters have been updated for event purposes 8) Coming soon This coming soon section is just to give you a preview of things that are coming in future updates. Note: 1) What we have listed here isn't a list of things that will be in the next update 2) There are other things we are working on that are awesome, but are surprises, so we can not put them in this section 3) This is always subject to change and we WELCOME your feedback and game suggestions! Halloween Update Series -- anyone that has been around for a while knows how crazy our Halloween updates are. Stay tuned, it's going to be fun! Sacred Claw Dungeon -- yup, we're making this work (and other dungeons) More new content updates Balance Part 2 update / PVE Changes -- currently in testing Client Upgrade Pt 2 Launcher update Game Web Panel -- more details on this soon, it will have some cool features New Classes -- we're waiting on files for these to be released, but we have teams and procedures ready for when they are Classified -- some secret projects we're working on :).
  15. [September 2017] Wall of Shame

    Thank you to the players and staff who help us create a fair gaming environment for everyone.
  16. Need to patch

    Simply download the file at the top of this post: It is the latest manual patch. Latest manual patch contains all previous matches. Run it and extract it to the game folder (default is C:/Dekaron Rising/ unless you changed that when installing the game). Then, if your launcher is not working, start the game by clicking C:/Dekaron Rising/bin/dkrising.exe
  17. [RESOLVED]Donation Fixed?

    Please check now. If you still don't have them just create a ticket here: http://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/forum/105-ticket-support/ As of this post, I have finished fixing the donation/registration server. Game registration is working again. All donations are processed automatically.
  18. [RESOLVED]Donation Fixed?

    You can go ahead and donate. I've been on the computer all day since yesterday and can send the coins manually (so almost instant). But yeah, still working on it.
  19. Hi everyone, We have a lot planned for the upcoming few weeks. From now on, we'll be having weekly/biweekly updates. In addition to that, there are some pretty big things happening tomorrow (Saturday): 1) Server Upgrade / Migration We're upgrading servers and it's quite the upgrade. I've been testing out our new cloud server setup and it's quite the improvement. You should notice much better game connection and performance. We're in the final testing phase for the new servers and we're really excited to switch to them. No data will be lost in the server migration. Patch 13.7 will update your client to connect to the new server. 2) Update: Patch 13.7 is coming out with some new content and some new stuff that is for use during events. GMs will announce new events after the patch and they are going to be great. 3) Client Upgrade We've finished working on part 1 of our game client compatibility/performance update. We've tested it internally and every staff member that has tested it has said that it is an improvement over the current game client. The game client will have less crashes, load faster, and overall be a better in game performance. That's all for tomorrow, it's going to be a big day. Downtime will be a little longer than usual (due to the whole server migration thing) but it won't take too much longer than a normal update since we've already set everything up and got it ready. All we need to do is transfer the latest version of the database (which we can't do until the server is down) and set up the security on it (everything else is done). Expected downtime will be 45 minutes ~ 1 hour 30 minutes. It will depend on if all of our performance and security tests go well. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  20. Patch 13.7: Content, Client Upgrade, Server Upgrade

    Manual patch 13.7: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7zlsmKb9joCQ1pWLUN6VjhacEU
  21. Patch 13.7: Content, Client Upgrade, Server Upgrade

    Server is back online
  22. Patch 13.7: Content, Client Upgrade, Server Upgrade

    Still working guys, thanks for your patience.
  23. Patch 13.7: Content, Client Upgrade, Server Upgrade

    We're not done yet. I'll reply here when the server is online. Like we wrote, this patch includes server migration which takes time.
  24. The server went down due to a power problem -- it's being fixed now. The system did NOT go down because we are updating it --- we will update it tomorrow (in around 12-14 hours from now). The patch details will be posted tomorrow as well. My apologies for the trouble.
  25. This post is outdated. Please see the new client installer here: I've just finished creating and uploading a new updated client installer. This is not required, but if you have any problems with client like broken launcher or crashes then download this new installer. Download links (main page has also been updated): This new client has the latest launcher, latest updates, latest everything -- you shouldn't have any more problems with it. This new client should take care of the following... 1. Launcher Problems Since this client has the latest version of the launcher, your launcher should work flawlessly If your launcher still doesn't work, do the following in this order: Download and install this Microsoft package: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851 Run the launcher as Administrator Add C:/Dekaron Rising/bin/dkrising.exe to DEP exceptions: http://antivirus.about.com/od/securitytips/ht/excludefromdep.htm Disable your anti virus / firewall 2. Version Mismatch Error Since this client has all of the latest updates, your game will be fully updated and able to log into the server. Since (if you follow the steps above) your launcher should be working, you will never have this problem again. 3. Manual Patches You will no longer need to manual patch with this client if you follow the steps above and make sure your launcher works properly. Post here if any questions.