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  1. It wont hurt to try, but from i understand from Nitex's previous post, i doubt installing it somewhere else fixes it.
  2. I have another big thing coming your way... Still needs some work, but with recent personal issues, i haven't focused on it too much. A good friend of mine and Nitex's is going to help me script a plugin for modding .mesh files. If everything goes smooth we are going to be able to make real new costumes, wings and/or armor.
  3. I try not to focus on that. DKSQ has always come natural to me. The new ranking system is just irrelevant to me.
  4. Usually all user-end saves/options are stored in the "bin" folder. I'm fairly certain it's key.txt but I'm not 100% sure. Couldn't say or help about the numbers in it though. Safest way is to configure all your settings and do backups to all the *.txt files. Can't figure out why this happens to you though. Is it only the key binds or is it also the windows positions (hp bar, quickslot and skill bar) and/or resolution settings?
  5. I hope you understand my position when I say that it doesn't feel fair nor wise to do that. If for some unjustifiable reason the AV detects it as a false-positive, I'd rather advise adding just the Dekaron Rising folder to the exclusions list (this is usually required in case the AV deletes the game executable from the bin folder). The running as admin should be enabled for both zdkrc.exe and dkrising.exe inside the bin folder, not just the launcher. The launcher almost never needs to be run as admin, unless you've installed the Rising client files in a root partition (such as "
  6. Help me understand why though. I mean costumes are items also, aren't they? Now I'm not very good at file editing, particularly the texturepacks, scripts etc., but logically I don't see a reason why this can only be made to, as you said, But please indulge me this: help/teach me the way you altered the glows on armors, and I will try to see for myself if it's doable on costumes or not. Who knows? maybe it will all end up with some pretty sick looking costumes.
  7. tl;dr version: when you plan on making such an impactful event, do be kind enough to post it in the events notice on discord some time before. Now i understand that a mistake happened, how do we go about fixing it?
  8. Nice dude! So you found a way to put the glowing eyes? Tell me how you did it!
  9. It's how it looked back in the a3 days. I didn't make these
  10. @Nitex If you know it, teach me. I want to make a new costume out of that old deprecated one no one seems to be using.
  11. If anyone is keen on teaching me how to lend actual shine from another element, like trans for the eye part, let me know. (*cough* @indrek888 *cough*)