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  1. Aloken

    PM me in-game my IGN: {VIP}Arazuna
  2. Didnt Get VIP Tag

    Yea you can, you will just have to wait for Nitex to add it Manually.. it messes with the system i think becuase of the VIP character that you have already. just do what Fisty said and he will get it done asap
  3. Didnt Get VIP Tag

    Do you have a previous character thats VIP on that account? i had a problem once where i didnt get my VIP tag due to the fact i had a VIP tag in that account already.. other then that issue Donations have Ran Smoothly for me. i even Made another VIP and bought $25 worth of coins not a delay at all.
  4. [Event]Tripple Threat(CANCLED)

    lol thanks for pointing that out yes i meant March 4th, although since im not getting much feedback from players i think i might have to move to the date to a Further date.
  5. [Event]Tripple Threat(CANCLED)

    BUMP I have been waiting for people to reply there times.. Seems no ones Interested.
  6. [Event]Tripple Threat(CANCLED)

    I have added a date for when the first event will be held, The time however i am Still Deciding so that everyone can make it. Can i get a Rough general idea on what time zones people are in ? that would help me pick a fixed time tht would improve the amount of partys we can get going for this event! All i gotta say is if you like to SMASH some keys and slaughter some People then this is the event for you!
  7. [Event]Tripple Threat(CANCLED)

    sorry for my bitchy reply this morning, woke up abit on the grumpy side. I appreciate the feedback and i will be tweaking things abit so they are more fair as i do see your point
  8. [Event]Tripple Threat(CANCLED)

    Didnt mean to double post
  9. [Event]Tripple Threat(CANCLED)

    Tournament no.. war yes, its a party battle royale and the winning party will indeed face each other.. Its not an official thing so expect there to be kinks and i will be working them out.. besides i dont see why not even try for free $20 i just find it funny how u try to give them something to do but yet all i get is QQing that its too much work but will expect me to just hand them Coins.. sadly it doesnt work like that considering the Prize is coming outa my pocket. Rising has nothing to do with the event.. i just simply made sure it was ok that i did this for you guys.
  10. [Event]Tripple Threat(CANCLED)

    This would help advertise it alot better, Good thinking! If any staff comes on and gets a second to announce it here and there that would be Wonderful! Much love Rusty
  11. I have decided to cancel this Event as it seems to be bringing more people talking shit about it and myself rather them getting off there ass and sign up for something instead of bitching that there isnt anything to do.. I gave you something to do look forward too ?? and what do you do? talk shit >.> makes sense right?
  12. When you get a chance could you look at the last PM i sent you please? 

    I feel as if it would be a neat lil idea to do :)

  13. Share your mistakes

    Sold my 180+10 gauntlet for 170m.. missed a 0 while placing it in my shop. must be nice to be that person
  14. CH 1 DOWN???

    Seems to be Lurile is the only channel that would work for me aswell.
  15. Im back

    Welcome back man! Always nice to see older players coming back to play once again!