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  1. [Poll] New System: PvP Betting System

    That I would go for

    First donations are 10$=2.5b depends how desperate the person is for donations I bought alot of sets random stats will cost you around 50-60$ donations so roughly around 12-15b with a decent SB v2 as well Crystalline weapons +10 random stats like 10-15b MC2 Helm=6-7b Spell Plumes the 140 one=4b a piece 20$ donations A perfect set=150-200$ donations so like almost 50b 180 +9 neckies=1b teragrace armlets random stats=2b perfect Belt=6b teragrace belts=2-4b belt roughly 8b 195 weapons=2-3b even with perfect stats on them I hope i didn't miss anything else and hope this helped
  3. Returning player with a few questions

    Your still a noob Summoner
  4. Congratz to RED for winning siege battle !

    The espionage and conspiracies of siege I do miss it lol
  5. Seg Tourney wtf really?

    What is this shit no using heals really it like telling bagis no using Kbs you fucking limited the seg by telling them no using heal skills
  6. Which class is the BEST!!! plz advice :)

    Personal preferences really imo all classes have thier weakness and strength depends how you play them
  7. Tanking class

    Atm summy cuz of chakras and pet link whatever its called and the shadow revenge I think that's what its called
  8. Wrong section post in market
  9. Should post on off topic or media then broski
  10. DarkQue always saying he beats Chris?

    nope I dont too many ppl logs onto it
  11. DarkQue always saying he beats Chris?

    hey if some ppl feel they enjoy the game by talking shit and posting only their wins by all means go ahead not directed towards you but just saying I enjoy the game by playing with friends
  12. DarkQue always saying he beats Chris?

    But really lets not have a dick measuring contest its a pvp you win some you lose some
  13. DarkQue always saying he beats Chris?

    Cuz he has I was there when he beat chris the first time
  14. List of donation/D shop Scammer

    I've tried before and its true that naming scammers without proof would be against a rule even if that person is a scammer I would just say lock this thread
  15. Mage dmg

    tht triple post from simaxs123 too strong!!!!