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  1. mrhobo03

    [Poll] New System: PvP Betting System

    That I would go for
  2. No prolem being a returning player and brining a few old players they been asking me how much sets and other items go for.
  3. Yeah the prices i posted are what i have bought the items for thanks
  4. So you're a returning player or a new player and you got the money to drop to get some badass sets will look here boy and girls this guide is to help you so you don't get ripped off. Teragrace is the highest set you can get for sets, belts, and armlets. Weapons you have two that most people run around with Sigmetals and Crystalline. Earrings Spell Plumes which is +50 all stats 2% pk/pvp tolerence, 1% crit resist i think 180 neckies go to +9 they give lots of vit and other stats can't think of but they are in the other guides posted by GM Fayth. So here is the pricing i regularly see and have bought 10$=2b-2.5b Teragrace +10 set random stats=12-13b 50-60$ donations depending if it comes with SB v2 Teragrace +10 Perfect Stats best of the best= 175-200$ with SB v3 Teragrace MC Helm +10=8b 30-40$ donations Teragrace armlets random stats=4b so 20$ donations a piece Teragrace armlets perfect stats=6b-15b 40-75$ donations Teragrace belt random stats=2b-6b 30-40$ Teragrace perfect belt=12b 50$-60$ Sigmetal weapons 195 =2b.3.5b even with perfect stats on them Crystalline weapons 200 weapons=13-20b so around 50-75$ donations with perfect stats keep in mind some weapons have vit some dont Crystalline weapon random stats or no stats=8-12b so around 30$-40$ 180 neckies=1b-2.5B Spell Plumes the 140 neckies=4b 20$ a piece Spell Kracions= roughly around the same as plumes Emblems=1b make sure u check the days on the emblems its 365days Lach and Squama=1b from what i have seen being sold not too sure on the upgraded ones make sure they are sealed I have also found that most of the time it is cheaper not by a significant amount though to purchase the gear in Dils because you can always wheel and deal. Hope this guide helps out the new players and the returning ones as I was lost when I came back to my Dekaron home Rising
  5. mrhobo03


    First donations are 10$=2.5b depends how desperate the person is for donations I bought alot of sets random stats will cost you around 50-60$ donations so roughly around 12-15b with a decent SB v2 as well Crystalline weapons +10 random stats like 10-15b MC2 Helm=6-7b Spell Plumes the 140 one=4b a piece 20$ donations A perfect set=150-200$ donations so like almost 50b 180 +9 neckies=1b teragrace armlets random stats=2b perfect Belt=6b teragrace belts=2-4b belt roughly 8b 195 weapons=2-3b even with perfect stats on them I hope i didn't miss anything else and hope this helped
  6. mrhobo03

    Returning player with a few questions

    Your still a noob Summoner
  7. debating whether or not to quit dku

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      Take a break, the server will be here when you decide to come back

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      Join MAC thats where the funs at mang

  8. Please dont come offering me useless shits I dont need and asking for me to sell coin and then spamming the crap outta me I well ignore you!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Welcome to my world

      15 hours a day of annoying pinoy spam SIR PLEASSE TRADE HELP !

  9. I think imma take a break from dekaron for a bit this is mrhobo03 off for a bit

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      ..but just for a bit, okay?

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      No! Hobo come back, you can blame it all on meeeee(in tune w/song).