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  1. xShadya's balanced team application

    :3 About the bagi. i think bagi will became Overpowered if you increase its damage. Its already tanky and it has a lot of knockbacks and stuns and that will be too unfair if you'll still increase its damage. if thats the case then better remove some stuns and knockbacks
  3. Closed until Dec 1st -- {VIP}Soulbro's Shady Offers

    Donations Still up? Ill buy

    PM me your price here or In game IGN:iCzarina
  5. DKR Halloween Screenshot Event

    I'll be your worst nightmare 3:D IGN: iCzarina
  6. Rising became Strange

    well. its not yet done GM my team mates are still inside when i was TP'ed. you can ask those persons i mentioned ^^
  7. Rising became Strange

    This server is starting to became strange. I feel like someone's watching me. I've been teleported for twice already and i dont know the reason why. The first one was when we're doing Tower N coz im helping a friend then suddenly i've been telported outside the dungeon. (Rest of Admires) . (you can ask "WhySoSad" in game for info) The Second one was when we were starting to fight at Dead Front after killing the last boss. Im already full buff then suddenly(again) i was Teleported at ardeca while i dont know the reason why. (you can ask "{VIP}Lucifuge" & "sSTARWARSs" in game. they were my teammates that time) . I've been playing this game for 4 years and its my first time to encounter a problem like this
  8. Can't log in

    what's the estimated time sir?
  9. Launcher Issue

    ok, thanks sir ^^
  10. Launcher Issue

    I'm using version 12.8 gm XD I'm using windows 7 About restarting the pc, i did it for many times already, and i also run my pc as admin now it looks like this when i open it on bin after patching it.(photo below) http://imgur.com/a/V2STY and it looks like this when i open it through laucher.( photo below) http://imgur.com/a/Yenwn
  11. Launcher Issue

    Can you help me to Solve this thing guys? This thing happens when i patch the launcher since i reinstall the game.(Photo Below) http://imgur.com/a/N83SW The launcher updates fast at the start then after a few minutes it just suddenly stop and won't continue even my connection was stable.
  12. just Asking.

    http://imgur.com/a/rioZw is this a part of the latest patch sirs? (photo above)
  13. Under Crespo map(for Shadowkris)

    then why you keep on Pk'ing me? did i do something while you're still weak? nub
  14. Fayth's [Event] Monster Invasion (Duration 1 week)

    is it exclusive only at Ark channel?