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  1. Bump for this and Settings' suggestions. Make it useless for farming so we'll only get people who genuinely want to pvp - and there's a lot of new players who want to pvp and take a break from farming/grinding.
  2. I agree, I'd also like to see time left and total players before joining. Having to ask friends and guildies for this info feels a bit archaic. We know it's an old client and an old game but it would be good to have QoL improvements such as this. I would like to join DKSQ more but the many times where I've joined a lobby with less than 5 minutes left or one with 19+ players per side stops me bothering a lot of the time unless I'm certain that it's a good time to join. Even when GMs sometimes announce 'PUSH DKSQ' I don't trust this anymore because I've still joined at bad times due to either numbers or timer. Does seems like this problem bugs most players as quite a few players have liked the suggestion.
  3. Agreed, I've always wondered why the Craftsman Ossuary was so OP but the talis is cheaper than the blacksmith.
  4. Fonts look cool, could you also make it so that your own damage is a different font to others?
  5. I'd be in favour of creating a dg with jewel drops (mavrics, silver/copper argates, maybe chance of 7%) especially if it's to help lower inflated prices atm. I agree increasing supply of jewels from DGs would encourage more crafting and likely bring their prices down (and as a result, hopefully illy prices of +10 gear too). This recently happened with Tatums since Baz was reworked. Even though tatum drops were shifted to later bosses, players are now regularly farming Baz so the overrall supply of Tatums has increased, and the price of a full stack of Tatums has gone down from 450-500m before the Baz rework to 225-280m now. Coppers and Silvers prices haven't been affected though and I reckon it's because their demand is much higher, I believe this would be similar for pass and niums if they were added to one more dg. Although I'd personally Like DPs in Tower, this would probably make it less efficient for the players who farm them for dils since it already drops in other DGs and with Tower already being popular for golds and 180-190, it'll likely decrease the prices.
  6. Hi, hope you'll forgive the slight necroing of this thread, but I feel it deserves a revisit. I also agree with @2g00d4uthat lower lvl DKSQ is key to keeping new/returning players interested, especially when DKSQ is probably one of the best if not most enjoyable features of Dekaron that was originally intended to be available to players at all levels. Would it be possible to just remove the ability to earn purchase points from DKSQ and cap the highest rank players can obtain at say, lvl 190? Let me know if this has been suggested already though. Could we also get a list of things that have already been tried from staff so we can make suggestions around this? In terms of further reasons that I believe this should be revisted, my reasons are below: I feel it's even more important now to keep newer players interested as the number of active players over the last couple of weeks seems to be dropping compared to March and April, or at least during the times that I'm on, there's been noticeably much fewer items listed in the agency compared to the huge server breaking increase in players we saw in March and April, especially with the lockdown, where a lot of old players such as myself were coming back. Since then quite a few players that I began playing with have stopped playing again citing that they just got bored of farming without any real pvp, and the majority of those players were already playing other games that either had a better grinding experience or they were already max geared on, so they were essentially coming back for a taste of the old pvp. I know for myself being in the same situation as them and I believe this would apply to the majority of new and returning players too, that being able to pvp in lower lvl DKSQ would give us more motivation to play, lvl up and max gear our characters as it gives us a taste of our character's potential in end game DKSQ, PTM, BR and weekly pvp events. While there have been great patches for end/near-end game players (Shangri-la part 2, DKSQ ranking revamp, etc.) these often did not apply to many of the new/returning players to keep them interested as they did not yet have gear to enjoy this. From my own perspective as a returning player (I came back from 7 yrs ago where lvl 171 was max or very high lvl and there were no egutt +9 drops), I've always really missed Dekaron because of the pvp, I miss the 3 max geared characters I had on the previous Dekaron Uprising server and was working on maxing my 4th before life and other games took over, so I was looking forward to getting back into pvp again, which meant it was a little disapppointing when I found out that on my grindy road to max gear, there wasn't anywhere I could enjoy pvp on a more level playing field. DF would most of the time be a massacre by the GP group. (PTM and BR I understand and agree that players should be a total utter liability to their team/free kill to their opponents unless they farmed up/made both max gear and good accessories). I currently have one full tera class that can do fine in DKSQ but I've realised while it's good for farming I don't really like its playstyle so I'm working on lvling and gearing a 2nd class for end-game pvp. While I don't mind grinding to a certain extent, it was bearable on Dekaron because I could enjoy the occasional break by going to DKSQ, but it's a lot more difficult when grinding is all I could do until I'm geared enough to not be a 2-skill rollover in DKSQ, so I'm often deciding between hopping to a new game when the grinding starts driving me insane, or finding other ways of enjoying Dekaron such as learning and lvling a new class, but even this experience is a bit dull without the availability of low lvl pvp to explore the class potential and decide if I want to max lvl+gear it for end game pvp. Ultimately, I believe bringing back lower lvl DKSQ in a way that prevents illegal farming (and I believe this can be done if we put our heads together) will be beneficial to all players including end-game, with more motivation for newer players to reach end-game there will also be a more active end-game pvp community, and this also means end-game players won't need to be shouting 'PUSH BR/PTM/DKSQ' as much. Thanks for reading if you read all the way! Would be good to hear more thoughts from everyone on a lower lvl DKSQ that is exploitation proof, especially from newer players or recently returned players, but of course I realise that those players might not be on forums as much.
  7. I think it'd be a good idea to have more ways of farming dil that doesn't rely on other players having to buy the items you farmed - these ways should of course be balanced so that it earns the same amount of dil/hour as other options already available. This would be good for all the players who do not have the time or opportunity throughout their day to leave their PC/laptops open to vend. Also, while there is currently Mitera dil drops and the 4x shadowakris in Parca (usually always taken by a farmer though), some variety would imo stop players from getting bored a lot quicker with grinding and shifting to other games with a more varied grinding experience, as some of the players I know have. The end goal in Dekaron and where the best fun is has always been in pvp imo, and with lower lvl DKSQ removed so that newer players can no longer enjoy pvp as a break from grinding, then atleast if the grinding experience could be improved with more variety, I believe it'd be of benefit to the player community.
  8. I agree some improvements to the dksq raid system would improve the quality of the experience. Some other options could be: Adding coloured borders around raid member names so we can at least see who's not in a raid, easily add players, and also see where our raid group is much quicker. Expanding raid size, so the 19th person who joins isn't left out for joining late. Changing the Party invite button to a Raid invite (Both the last two have been suggested here:) Not sure if there's limitations to the client being capable of any of this though.
  9. Trading for PERF FV 195 +10 BW ORB FS PM me here or leave mail in game: Generage Thanks!
  10. Buying +10 195 ORB and Tera DW [A] [P] [G] - FS CLEAN, PERF OR RAND. Can pay in Dshop / Dils. Also trading +10 Tera Seg perf pants +148 AR for DW gear. Pm me on forums or in game: Generage Thanks!
  11. Can we get the +% dshop bonus whenever we buy coins for someone else or receive dshop coins from someone with VIP membership? I have the VIP membership and bought coins for another {VIP} friend today and none of us received the 10% silver bonus. We all feel like there should be at least one of us who gets the +% bonus after a dshop purchase, as it does say we get extra coins in the membership. Thanks!