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  1. Since it's a new server, I'm opening up this to the community to contribute their ideas and suggestions for events you would like to see happening here on this server. I will name a couple of events that everyone probably knows already - Hide and Seek Event - Player vs Nature Event - Boss Spawn Event - Last Man Standing Event - Last Party Standing Event - Crespo race Event -PK the GM Event - Trivia Event ( About Uprising A9 server) - Scavenger Hunt Event - Pinball Event - Obstacle race from one end of the map to the other end ( Included traps ) - Bonus deadfront ( deadfront winners will get extra prizes for winning and completing DF) Player's ideas - -Dil art Event -in game best screenshot event Now I'm going to leave it to you guys to contribute ideas and seriously, don't give stupid ones like giving out free stuff event etc. You will have to earn it by winning events. Nothing falls from the sky. Your ideas will be considered and possible be selected to be one of the events that we host on this server. [GM] Matrix
  2. have not been on and won't be on for a couple more days; just rebuild my computer and loaded with schoolwork and finals.

  3. Looking for someone to make me a signature D:

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      Probably one with my alt character and a picture of her with nice borders, nothing too exotic :o

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      Just PM me, if you still need a signature...but guess you already have one now :'D

    4. NewYorkCity


      I can put all of them :)

  4. Don't take life for granted.

  5. If you need a GM , PM me the reason why and I'll get back to you asap.

    1. AppleGrace


      because my dills +7 items and argates are there in my hunter account i really need her As Soon As Possible without my hunter i maybe can't start over because my dills there is 790m... and i got 4x +7 in that character...thats why i needed her...

      Your Player


  6. Fantasy football draft are in ! :D

    1. bobo11


      hi can u help me?? how to update the dekaron rising 

  7. NFL season just started ! Let's goo

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      hey Nitex reply

  8. Life's great, how bout yours?

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      No suck mines, you crazy bitch bliss.

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      Becuase idk, your smile... QQ.

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      No one cares about yours.

  9. Shields, body armors, and vests don't properly work.

  10. Milk in my sippy cup '

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      haha If my cup runs out of milk, my mommy gonna fill it up.

  11. If all this comes true .

  12. Blank

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      i miss you bubbz </3 we never talk anymore ****SIGHS**** where is my zimmerman

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      Skypeeeeeee / MSN !