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  1. i cant make a game account

    Yes it can. Just go into the options menu ingame and you'll find the settings there.
  2. How Can i Register In Game Account ?

    You can register an account for the game here:
  3. when

    The account registration page is expected to be fixed before the end of the weekend.
  4. i cant make a game account

    The account registration page is temporarily unavailable. There's an announcement about it at the top of the forum:
  5. Items

    I would kindly ask you to review the in-game rules set forth here: It is clearly stated that: Staff will not be responsible for returning borrowed items. If you give an item to a friend to use and they do not return it to you it is your poor choice in judgement, not the fault of staff or our job to retrieve it. If the item holds value to you, keep it. Do not lend it out.
  6. Erro in installer

    Can you provide some additional information about the errors that you are getting and the operating system that you use? Add some screenshots if possible.
  7. what a warm welcome

    Every now and then the server experiences temporary issues due to DDoS attacks. You shouldn't worry about it too much, since it will be solved as soon as possible.
  8. register account

    An account for the game can be registered on this page:
  9. regestration account

    An account for the game can be registered on this page:
  10. Perfect set?

    All Resistance
  11. Hello All!! New Player here!

    Welcome! I'm sure you'll have no problem leveling past level 12 on our server.
  12. Ujum Bitch "DKS" "ARDECA"

    Right, as if we wouldn't understand insults in other languages. Take some time off, it might do you good.
  13. can't login to my account

    Did you create an account on this page? The accounts for the forum and for the game are not linked.
  14. Ujum Bitch "DKS" "ARDECA"

    Um, what?
  15. Need MM at jordan pls.