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  1. Enigma

    yup no more ^^
  2. Hello Rising !!!

    LOL but u havent experienced me ^^
  3. R I S I N G - 1 vs 1 Class PvP Tournament

    IGN : geztapo22 Class: Very Vicious Summoner
  4. OP osm armlet

    2% poison 3% damage \
  5. OP osm armlet

  6. OP osm armlet

    WTS>>>>OP osm armlet +9 = donations
  7. xMcdo

    welcome to your worst nightmare!
  8. VICIOUS SUMMONERSshould be given extra damage we hit low and more HP for pets and chakras without either the twowe dont stand any chance at all its kinda depressing.
  9. my coins bro to {VIP}geztapo22 8900 coins. Thanks!

  10. please check my ticket bro. thanks