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    1. can you send us the difference of Stats b/w +10 tera and +10 rondow set?
    2. woooah! new set! i missed my characters to play again. so nice updates! congrats and long live deka rising!
    3. mail me price or pm here ty IGN: {VIP} rags
    4. how much for segu tera Armor and FV gloves? tell me price in donation. tnx
    5. how much belt 2% range, 3% dmg red?
    6. T/S +10 FV Scythe=14b or +10 Segu AR Tera (A) T/S +10 200 Scythe 4x 7% Curse (inc dmg, curse dmg, curse dmg, inc dmg)= 27b or donations
    7. rags07

      Buying 180 plume

      WTB 1X 180 Plume
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