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  1. bro do you know any solution on my MS getting higher and higher starting from 500 to 900 to 2k to 16k to 36k then going to be disconnected. highly appreciated bro. :)

  2. Best Class Tour Winner Prediction

    AK : Kianni DK : Snooki Bagi : Roasteed HB : EviLPocky DW : AzaNezz Mage : Bon3y Seg : Buma / {VIP}Voudou or Draw (if not allowed to vote for 2 then Voudou) Segu : oOCocaineOo VS : Carlot CS : Mhai Hunter : AngHeL Aloken : Zhyper
  3. [EXP] Event

    Im commending fayth for this kind of noticed. I hope you guys will do this always. BUT, if you guys really love the server. STOP doing events that spawn many BOSSES and just make the EXP EVENT sometimes.

    Let me ask again, time for Siege? @@

    There were proofs bro. Dont denie. It was in the past tho. Lets have a good fight start from now. The IMPORTANT thing about now is...Nitex MUST put Salary or something Beneficial for Siege Winner!

    Time for Siege? I am very used of owning them Lets assume that it wont happen again Penta having GMs and doing magics Say Hi to Godly who experienced the same! (not with Penta i think) @djHuntress Are you really back?
  7. [New] Dekaron Rising [VIP] Memberships

    I didnt say you said its not possible if you read carefully I said. What I meant is, other servers did it without a problem as I have noticed (maybe im mistaken or so). But no worries, as I said...if thats the case then okay. Let it be.
  8. [New] Dekaron Rising [VIP] Memberships

    Other small servers has it. Their devs said its very easy to do. So I was thinking it wouldnt be a problem for a So-called "Best Server" Dekaron Rising. Well, if thats case then...fine. Let it be.
  9. [New] Dekaron Rising [VIP] Memberships

    @Nitex How about let the Player choose something else instead of VIP? Can we....maybe for it, it needs 70$ or 100$. Then that someone can choose another 1 word instead of VIP. Please yes. Danke
  10. Guild Tournament Summer Season.

    Where are Pentas, Zeros and Team vudo? >.<
  11. Guild Tournament Summer Season.

    Okay. Passed. Complained of my mates... about this : All guilds (aimed at bigger guilds) are allowed to submit a Main guild team and a Sub guild team, however guilds using this option will only have the posibility of providing one substitute member for each team. So if ever we register 2 teams as Team 1 and Team 2, then in the first match, our Team 1 vs our Team 2? If that so, seems like there is no sense registering more than 1 team in our Guild. This complain was stated by my friends that experienced BIASED EVENT from SOMEONE GM who made some PVP EVENT. Hope it will not be like that. Have a good day then.
  12. Class PvP Rankings

    I rank the DW not my own Class as #11, well it should be in #12 tho. dont lmao me bonny. Only you BIASED people know that DW is at top in 1v1. Make DW and prove it to us, let me see until where you can show your BIAS logic about this Game. | You even got butthurt when someone put bagi at the top of the ranking in 1v1 which is very obvious that its should be there in the top. Everyone were facepalming when you cry about Candies and Dshops, and now this? Until when you can stop crying about things? lol! Go make your own server and make every advantage about ur ideas where it always benefits you mostly of this game. You know what? You are not playing this game, you guys just wanna own the shits for you guys to gain pride and etc. So you guys keep making shits to put more benefits for yourselves and etc. You dont get it? You are trying to kill the server.
  13. Class PvP Rankings

    because they want bagi to get boost why cant you get it? LMAO
  14. Class PvP Rankings

    1v1 pvp 1. Azure Knight 2. Bagi 3. Segu 4. CS 5. DK 6. Aloken 7. Hunter 8. Half Bagi 9. VS 10. Mage 11. DW 12. Segnale 1-8 : These classes are very playable that can easily win in 1 vs 1. Mass pvp/pk 1. Wizard 2. Mage 3. Vicious Summoner 4. Segnale 5. Bagi 6. Segu 7. Hunter 8. AK 9. Aloken 10. HB 11. DK 12. Concerra Summoner
  15. Medials,All resistance questions

    Yep it makes difference. If it doesnt you people wouldnt bother making perf shit and etc. lmao for random tera piece 2b and for perf or AR piece 4b +++, so 2b matters for a little AR? Yes it does.