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  1. Dixie / MrFisty

    [POLL & DISCUSSION] Grand Meister Skills and Level Cap

    +9 set was just an example of what could be done. but time limited items could work as would motivate players to farm new items while they have that advantage. (slightly off topic sorry).
  2. Dixie / MrFisty

    [POLL & DISCUSSION] Grand Meister Skills and Level Cap

    this will help reduce the gap between those who are 210 and have access to full powered new skills and those who haven't quite reached that level. follows pattern of most other skill in game (learn skill at a lower level but becomes really powerful at a higher level). rewards players for leveling along the journey rather than one LARGE reward when they reach max level (proposed requirement for new meister skills). Something to maybe consider to lessen the "blow" to newbies: in the past items have been given to beginners (170 +9 sets in egutt) etc to close the gap between new players and op's and to shorten the time it takes to reach end game. Maybe with a level extension another lower level benefit should be implemented such as untradeable (un upgradeable) +9 osm gear for players (just a thought) FYI i haven't voted due to not agreeing with any available option.
  3. Dixie / MrFisty

    [POLL & DISCUSSION] Grand Meister Skills and Level Cap

    Yes increase the level cap to what ever the community decides. However let the new meister skills be learnable at 200 but then max level the skill at the new level cap.
  4. Sell me seg gloves pls. 

    1. Dixie / MrFisty

      Dixie / MrFisty

      someone else asked to buy parts (didn't specify before you but will let you know asap if they don't want the trash gloves). 

    2. Ximena


      3x vit ain't trash ser pls hahaha ty

  5. Dixie / MrFisty

    Mass Parca PK!

  6. Welcome to Rising! 4. Before, when I run tower, my rank increases. Right now, it does not. Any ideas? i don't recall tower monsters giving grade points, but if they did there are 2 possible explanations for this: The grade points that the monsters gave (that give ranks) were probably removed from the monsters when the dead front revamp was released (bosses giving grade points now). Or you have surpassed the rank that the monsters give grade points until. I believe the easier monsters in under-crespo do this as well? 5. Is there a way that I can set up a personal shop offline? I want to sell my argates, but I don't have the time to vend and afk my character. The only way you would be able to do this is by leaving your pc on while you sleep. Or you can make a second account for vending only and set that one as a shop while you play on your other account! 6. Is the soccerball pet that I can get with Attendance Coins permanent? I believe it only lasts 30 days. However read the bellow posted in #announcements on the official discord server!
  7. Dixie / MrFisty

    Patch 15.5: Bug Fixes, UI Improvements, New Launcher Feature

    countdown is really useful! however i dont think it fits with the rest of the launcher and gives and unpleasing aesthetic. but still a great step in the right direction!
  8. squama + 3 x blurry tears for tanking most classese squama + 3 x fire necks +9 for bw squama + 3x light necks + 9for mage (maybe?) for damage: lacharymae + 3x resis necks +9
  9. Dixie / MrFisty

    [Event] Character Showcase

    they scared to announce i won bc all exec hate me smh.
  10. Dixie / MrFisty

    Dixie: hovering in parca

  11. Dixie / MrFisty

    Dixie: oops i killed everyone.

  12. Dixie / MrFisty


  13. Dixie / MrFisty

    First player to reach Legend rank!

    he must hate under crespo now D:
  14. Dixie / MrFisty

    DKR Best PC Desk Set-Up [Forum Event]

    Character name: MrFisty Sorry for the crappy lighting D: A mismatch of screens: crappy old tv, 27" samsung curved, 55" wall mounted tv. Coffee machine, because why not. xbox one for the first person shooters crappy stock keyboard and mouse because im poor after the rest. PC: 16 gb ram, quad core i7s and a graphics card that really needs upgrading sub and speakers under desk an assortment of crap including a cup of tea and a yankee candle to mask my smell D:
  15. Dixie / MrFisty

    Offense Aloken

    top left > bottom left
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