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  1. Ranks are not just a label they do provide bonuses such as the increased shield and increased vit (I think?). Furthermore, each rank gives an additional 3 stat points as well so people with legend rank have upwards of 250 stat points on those who are recruits. There is a more up to date table I believe in the dksq guide posted by nitex which shows all of the current ranks which can be found Here.
  2. What class(es) are you playing? Mainly BW but some bagi/mage What level are you? 200 what gear do you use? semi perf terra Do you want to see this VS/CS rework in game? yes, however i have some reservations about how much the tankiness of summy/cs will be nerfed as to me both of these classes are both tank classes at the same time as being dps and if their base dmg is going to be increased they will need a heavy nerf in tankiness in my opinion. Do you think its a good idea? yes, if done well. Would you rather want to keep VS and CS like they are now? no, as of current i stay well clear of both classes in pvp/pk situations
  3. +9 set was just an example of what could be done. but time limited items could work as would motivate players to farm new items while they have that advantage. (slightly off topic sorry).
  4. this will help reduce the gap between those who are 210 and have access to full powered new skills and those who haven't quite reached that level. follows pattern of most other skill in game (learn skill at a lower level but becomes really powerful at a higher level). rewards players for leveling along the journey rather than one LARGE reward when they reach max level (proposed requirement for new meister skills). Something to maybe consider to lessen the "blow" to newbies: in the past items have been given to beginners (170 +9 sets in egutt) etc to close the gap between new players and op's and to shorten the time it takes to reach end game. Maybe with a level extension another lower level benefit should be implemented such as untradeable (un upgradeable) +9 osm gear for players (just a thought) FYI i haven't voted due to not agreeing with any available option.
  5. Yes increase the level cap to what ever the community decides. However let the new meister skills be learnable at 200 but then max level the skill at the new level cap.
  6. I mean uc > df any day man. Df is just annoying for geared players to have to do a full run AND take exp from people who want to level for 300k op. you might say: why not do dksq instead? Because at certain time df is faster than df for GP.
  7. Try checking the agency for prices of most items, if not ask an experienced player if a trade is worth it. EDIT: Agency NPC name is Gazuro
  8. Yes, but remove the grade points from bosses to make deadfront worthwhile for those leveling and remove the competition of lvl 200s stealing all monsters so they can farm the bosses for GP.
  9. The issue is not the fact that the GP (Grade Point) rewards from the bosses are too high, it is that farming DKSQ in some time zones is ALOT slower than the 300k or so DKSQ points you can get in the 30 mins of DF. (30 mins of DKSQ at that time V 30 mins of DKSQ). Furthermore, as some players experience large amounts of dc due from DKSQ they refuse to farm ranks from DKSQ and rather chose to farm DF. In my opinion reverting DF to an excellent (every 4 hour) method of levelling up and finding an alternative method to gain GP would solve the problem. The plan to force people to participate in DKSQ to get ranks has worked for some time zones but those lacking in players who are willing to participate has hindered the ability of some players to progress ranks at the same speed of others.
  10. Hi, So recently the attendance for BR and PTM (BR in particular) has been really low, or at least in my time zone (GMT +00) making it hard to get end game items such as upgraded squama and lach which require the coins from these games. Below is a screenshot of the BR rankings as of 03/10, 3 days after reset and frankly it's depressing. You might be sat there thinking oh its just because it's mid week but personally i find it difficult to get more than 3 rounds of BR in on a Saturday in my time zone. Not ideal. So in my opinion something needs to change. Possible improvements to B/P coin exchange: Add new skin to exchange (red crystaline? [like the blood of your enemies staining your weapon]). Add new Legendary pet to exchange. Add new gem box to exchange as an alternative to DKSQ. Lower Squama and Lach coin requirements to 2000 B coins from 3000. Further thought is required on this matter but in my opinion something really does need to be done about this situation, having such important items locked behind dying content is not good for the game. Post your own suggestions bellow or just rip me to shreds idc. xo Dixie
  11. update + bumpppppppp
  12. Selling: Perf DW Pants (stats below). DN 195 orb +10 (stats below). DN DW SBv2 (stats below). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buying: 195 staff +10 Mage Terra Gloves +10 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD: DN Seg Tera Pants +10 (stats below). SOLD DN Seg Tera Helm +10 (stats below). SOLD DN Seg Tera Armour+10 (stats below). SOLD DN Seg SBv2 +10 (stats below). SOLD Noble Seg Tera Gloves+10 (stats below). SOLD Noble Seg 195 Whip +10 (stats below). SOLD Dills only. Preferably sell full set as a whole. PM on Discord devans#0001 or in-game with offers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ITEMS FOR SALE:
  14. 100% agree, sick of grinding pp to end up getting an ice res gem
  15. Welcome to Rising! 4. Before, when I run tower, my rank increases. Right now, it does not. Any ideas? i don't recall tower monsters giving grade points, but if they did there are 2 possible explanations for this: The grade points that the monsters gave (that give ranks) were probably removed from the monsters when the dead front revamp was released (bosses giving grade points now). Or you have surpassed the rank that the monsters give grade points until. I believe the easier monsters in under-crespo do this as well? 5. Is there a way that I can set up a personal shop offline? I want to sell my argates, but I don't have the time to vend and afk my character. The only way you would be able to do this is by leaving your pc on while you sleep. Or you can make a second account for vending only and set that one as a shop while you play on your other account! 6. Is the soccerball pet that I can get with Attendance Coins permanent? I believe it only lasts 30 days. However read the bellow posted in #announcements on the official discord server!
  16. countdown is really useful! however i dont think it fits with the rest of the launcher and gives and unpleasing aesthetic. but still a great step in the right direction!
  17. but it takes a long time to farm b/p coins to buy upgraded lach and squama so they would have the time anyway to learn to switch. #NoToP2W
  18. squama + 3 x blurry tears for tanking most classese squama + 3 x fire necks +9 for bw squama + 3x light necks + 9for mage (maybe?) for damage: lacharymae + 3x resis necks +9