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  1. Best spot is where King Wisegon spawns Theres a lot of wisegons at that spot so you don't even have to lure, just wait for them to spawn
  2. Dragon Bone exchange in Ardeca (NPC Stacy)
  3. If you read the balance patch notes you will notice DK being nerfed every single balance patch. Thank you for your feedback.
  4. Yes all pets fall asleep after 30 days (The don't expire they fall asleep). You can wake them up with an Ocarina of Awakening. @Dobee We will fix the mounts in dksq as soon as we can, thank you for reporting it.
  5. This is a guide to explain how the Siege Equipment works and how you can buy it for when you are attacking or defending the castle! Keep in mind that the Siege Equipment is not something that will significantly impact the siege since we want to ensure that PvP is the main objective in Siege. This Equipment will mainly serve to slow down attackers or defenders and add to immersion. Are there any rules? Yes! You are only able to buy Siege Equipment in the same week as siege You can't buy siege equipment on the day of the siege If you are attacking the castle you can't buy siege equipment if another attacking guild has already bought it The 1b Dil is sent to [GM]Dannyboi Defenders can't buy Siege Catapults Attackers can't buy Spike Traps - If you are defending the castle then you are able to buy Castle Defenses which consists of Spike Traps. The Castle Defenses costs 1b and are placed as following image illustrates: If you are attacking the castle then you are able to buy Castle Catapults which consists of Boulders. The Castle Catapults costs 1b and are placed as following image illustrates:
  6. Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GSFBUgF9Pc46P_J_7ytWnvMNYNwSAEEP Siege Rework! Siege used to be a big deal once. We want it to mean something again so we decided to rework siege! The siege rework includes changes such as: Siege Flag Wings now has 1% more Max HP / MP than dshop wings making them the best wings in the game Siege Flag Wings will display the same theme/guild logo as the guild who holds the castle uses Siege Flag Wings now lasts 2 days instead of 14 (this is so people can't just buy them the day before siege and have them for 2 weeks even though they lose the castle) The "Communicate with Juto" buff no longer makes the communicator immune to all damage The Elonohm Event bosses have been rebalanced Siege Equipment for Attackers and Defenders New Weapon Skin Changed the skybox of the siege map to something more fitting Increased the amount of Dragonoid Signets you can farm per Elonohm Event (siege dungeon exclusive) Commission quests are no longer limited to characters level 190 and below Kona Robin Ring now gives the same stats as +9 Solon Gold Necklaces but is untradeable Total Siege time has been lowered from 80 minutes to 60 minutes New items on the Siege Exchange Old Siege Exchange: New Siege Exchange: For those who wonder, the Elonohm Event is a unique automatic in-game event that is only available to the guild that owns the siege castle More info about siege in general can be found here: New Legendary Pet! The latest addition to the Pet Revamp is the [Legendary] Friendly Soul pet! You can get this pet from the Siege Exchange! Just like every other Legendary pet it gives: +40 STR/DEX/SPR +4000 Max Shield +4% Monster Damage Tolerance Siege Equipment! A new feature we have added to the game! You can now buy Siege equipment wether you are attacking the castle or defending it! More info here: New Weapon Skin! We added a new weapon skin! It's the [Skin Diamond] Siege and is only obtainable through the Siege Exchange! "There was a time when there were no finer weapons in all of Trieste, but as time went on new and more visually appealing weapons were crafted and these old weapons were soon forgotten. That said these weapons are still as capable of getting the job done as any of those new weapons people use now days. Of course not as pretty. The Siege Weapons have seen countless battles in their time." Misc Completely reworked the stats on Verdia's Sap Ring Slightly boosted the stats on Umbars Shield Ring Slightly increased Sap Bottle drop rate Slightly increased the EXP gained from Hell Deadfront, Sap Testee and Hirsch Dolls Added new +120 HP Gems that drops from Destroyer Umbar and Dikesel Updated all of Hunters skill descriptions with better translations and accurate buff/debuff numbers Updated the Grand Meister skill descriptions for ALL classes Changed Egutt Desert and DKSQ skyboxes into something less dark and depressing Added Copper/Silver argates and Pass/Nium marvics as rare drops from Egutt 181 monsters Fishing no longer gives you Argates Increased Spell Plume drop rate from 33% to 50% Lowered Book of Magic drop rate from 100% to 50% Disabled mounts in DKSQ Removed traps from DKSQ Bugfixes Fixed Evil Wings of Raph name Fixed A LOT of bugged item and exchange descriptions Gave Egutt Desert it's proper map/minimap (had the same as DKSQ previously) Fixed a bug where the Dual Sacra buff would be considered a debuff and dissapear after you trans up Pets are now able to pick up Books of Magic and Velikas Tokens Fixed [Common] Woody exchange Fixed Segeuripers Amazingattack buff icon description Thank you all for your love and support!
  7. Registration is now CLOSED
  8. Thank you for the suggestion I would just like to point out that this is what every single skin boss is there for Yoshima Tritone Tech Meldun Lab Chief Verdia Velikas Helion
  9. Staff summoner should be pretty straight forward in PvE Just put the stat requirements for level 200 staff and then put the rest in heal For skills just level and use all the AOE skills
  10. Theres no "hackers of accounts" It's impossible for someone to get access to your account unless you give them your account info. The donation goes to things such as connection improvements, security, anti hack and ddos protection & more. Notice when there are those other small private servers where you have unlimited dshop coins and start with almost the best items right? they always shut down 2 months after they open because they have bad security, antihack etc. and because they don't really care about the game like we do on Dekaron Rising. For them it's just a quick cashgrab and then open a new server 2 months later and repeat the cycle. If you compare to other free to play games I'm sure you will notice Dekaron Rising is extremely balanced in terms of gear progression and how much you are "forced" to donate. In other free to play games such as Global Dekaron, Tera, Black Desert and so on you will have to grind forever if you don't spend any money. Literally forever. You won't ever reach endgame without paying money. This is the case with literally ALL free to play mmorpgs, however it's actually possible here. Sure it takes months if you don't donate at all, but it's not impossible and it doesn't take years or forever. People tend to forget the entire point of mmorpgs which is to have fun with your friends and gear up and see yourself and eachother progress in the game. So to answer your question: Yes the server would be able to run with less donations but it would also mean worse ms for everyone, less security, worse anti hack, longer gaps between updates and so on.
  11. The amount of gradepoints you get depends on how many party members you have. Less party members = more points. Pretty sure the Grade Points is the same now as it was when we released the deadfront revamp.
  12. It's A LOT harder than you think it is. Don't share your account with anyone and no one will steal your items. Thank you for your suggestion.
  13. 1 character only as stated in the article
  14. I feel like I need to clarify further. It seems like a lot of people are still confused about this balance patch even though I thought I thoroughly explained it to the point where literally anyone would understand it, but I guess I was wrong and thats my fault. Basically hunter is almost unchanged in game. Most of their skills only have a bit more damage without Vulnerable Point debuff than they did before while most of their skills actually also have a bit less damage WITH Vulnerable Point debuff than they did before. These people complaining about hunter doing 20k damage simply don't know what they are talking about. The only way a hunter would be doing 20k on someone before would be if the hunter is fully dshopped and using Vulnerable Point on an opponent who is not fully dshopped. And like I said most of hunters skills do slightly LESS damage WITH Vulnerable Point than before, so if someone DID do 20ks on someone with full dshops and vulnerable point debuff before then that means they would actually do less now. Only the damage without Vulnerable Point is higher than before (1-3 skills might have more). Hunter never has and never will be able to do these imaginary 20k damage without Vulnerable Point if the opponent is equally geared to the hunter. I'd literally bet that if we had never even released these patch notes and just implemented the balance patch without saying anything, almost no one would have been able to notice any difference with hunter. That is why it's called a small rework. Overall hunter is slightly stronger in mass pvp and slightly stronger against classes with abnormal resistance in 1v1 PvP than they were before and slightly weaker against classes without abnormal resistance than before. I apoligize for the confusion and poor explanation on my part and hope this helps the confused people understand the rework once and for all.
  15. This is not entirely true. CS and VS was a full rework that changed a lot of things about the classes since they were literally relying on chakras for survival rather than support. This is a small rework and the only thing it really does is make hunters damage moderately higher without vulnerable arrow while most of the skills actually have slightly lower damage WITH vulnerable point debuff than they did before. The overall difference in game in minimal. Hunter most definitely still needs vulnerable arrow to finish off opponents.