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  1. Warriors! From monday 19-02-2018 to wednesday 21-02-2018 we will be accepting recorded footage from our players of in game activities! It can literally be footage of anything! 1v1 PvPs, dungeon runs, bossfights, events, PK wars, you name it! We will be giving out prizes, and the winners will be determined by a randomizer! There will be up to 4 winners, so don't hesitate to record for a chance to win! Rules: The recorded footage must be raw footage (no edits) The recorded footage must be recorded in 1080p only The recorded footage must be of interesting in game activites such as events, pvps, bossfights, dungeons and so on The recorded footage must be minimum 3 minutes and maximum 10 minutes You may record more than 1 video, however it will not increase your chances of winning a prize No troll entries Your video must follow the rules above otherwise it will not be submitted and you won't have a chance of winning the prize! Prize: 30k dshop coins for each of the 4 winners! - You may post your video(s) on this thread or send them to us in a private message on Discord! Also if you have any questions you may post them on this thread or send us a private message on Discord aswell! List of this weeks scheduled events by Ybarro:
  2. yada yada, i dont know where this goes

    Thank you for the report. We will investigate this.
  3. 1v1 Tournament Winners

    Congrats to all 3 winners!
  4. Thank you for sharing your new player experience. A few months ago (when the server was actually harder than it is now) I NPCed all my items to force myself to start over. It took me 2 months to get fully geared. I farmed shadowkris in parca temple (and yes ofc I got PKed), but still managed to farm 400-600m/day. I am really unlucky so I prefer to just farm dils and buy items rather than making them myself. My advice is not to focus on endgame items like upgraded squama and 200 weapon etc until you are actually full +10 osm, perf 195 wep, and so on. I am still using 195 weapon, v2sb and other outdated items, but I still manage to compete with people who have perfect of every endgame item. You should definately give it a try! Making an item +10 here is easier than making an item +6 on papaya dekaron. Personally I prefer just farming dils and buying items rather than making them myself. I'm not a very lucky guy.
  5. This server isn't hard at all once you get started. However you are right that getting meister skills can be a pain as a new player because it requires Purchase Points, which is obtained from endgame PvP content. We have considered making it easier to obtain meister skills. My advice is to farm dils and buy the meister skills from other players. They are usually around 5-10m each and some people even give them for free.
  6. These bosses only spawn on Ark
  7. Only level 200 weapons and only +10
  8. Pinoy Players

    Hello chazzel23 Ark is the main channel here. Any player who plays any Ark channel is able to play with eachother. If you join Ark(ph) you can still play and see people from Ark(us),(eu) and so on in game!
  9. luncher

    Try to install the manual patch again and this time don't try to run the game until you added the new dkrising.exe to window defender and antivirus exclusions list
  10. luncher

    if the dkrising.exe is dissapearing when you click it, it's because something on your PC is seeing it as a threat. Usually it's the antivirus, but it could also be your firewall or windows defender. Please add the dkrising.exe to your window defender and firewall exclusions list and your issue should be fixed.
  11. luncher

    What antivirus do you have?
  12. luncher

    Hello it's hard to say whats wrong. Can you provide us with more details about your problem?
  13. Dekaron Rising Now

    We are aware of the lag, and is working hard on a fix. The lag is because we enhanced our anti hack.
  14. Recent Staff Promotions

    Thank you! I hope this project we're working on will make endgame PvE a lot more interesting for our lovely players!
  15. how to stop vip

    Private Message sent. /Locked