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  1. Crashing after ptm,br ends

    Interesting. Did all of you add the dkrising.exe to your firewall and anti virus exceptions list / marked as trusted application? If so I'll let Nitex know that this is still an issue. Personally my game only crashes SUPER rarely now. Edit: Also can you guys let me know what ios you're using
  2. Crashing after ptm,br ends

    Is it the "Dekaron has stopped working" message? If so, how often does this happen when you exit ptm and br and is it only ptm and br?
  3. What's up?

    Hi Adam Me and bae is still here so obv game is fantastic
  4. rhombus

    Hello! We don't even have Rhombus and Pyramids that gives % here, so they are quite useless to put in weapons. The main gems here are elemental gems. 5%, 6% and 7%
  5. Lurille Channel

    Thank you for your kind words and thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. You're definately NOT supposed to be able to use buffs / dshop buffs on Lurile channel. We will fix this issue as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Segu SB "V3" All Resistance Value

    Oh sorry! To answer your last question: The AR number that comes out is completely random. I think 140-160 is pretty normal. Some people are more lucky and they get 170-190 While others are more unlucky like you and me lmao:
  7. Segu SB "V3" All Resistance Value

    Perfect AR V3 SB is around 12-16b Don't take my word for it though, since prices change daily
  8. Scamming problem

    This thread is months old Please try to avoid necro'ing old dead threads /Locked
  9. Wizz custome

    - In case you are unaware you can simply create any character and then preview the costumes in the Dshop
  10. Blow?

    Blow blocks your opponenets use of potions for 1-2 seconds
  11. Remove the EXP Roulette event?

    Thank you everyone for your awesome feedback! A surprising amount of people voted in favour of removing the EXP Roulette Event so I'm going to end this event first thing tomorrow. We will talk about reworking the EXP of Deadfront and Tower in Staff. /Locked
  12. Remove the EXP Roulette event?

    I get your point and no disrepect meant, but I can't help but point out that almost everything you said here is incorrect. 1) This event is nowhere nearly as effective as an exp event 2) Tower mobs give the same EXP they always gave so you won't be doing Tower unless you are prepared to camp the dungeon for weeks like in the old days. (we could rework the EXP tho) 3) this event is only 1/3 as effective as doing actual EXP runs in morse and it's also a lot more boring. This was suppose to be an alternative to morse, not a replacement. I made it boring on purpose 4) Arcadia is dead now because the EXP from yellow ghosts was lowered significantly With that said tho, I've decided I'm going to shut down this event for now if there are more than 33% votes for removing the event by the end of the day, and see where that goes. Then we will discuss in staff chat about reworking the EXP of Tower and Deadfront. Thank you for your feedback
  13. Remove the EXP Roulette event?

    People won't be doing Tower. Tower is even lower EXP than Deadfront and Deadfront is low EXP. People were complaining before this event because they had no alternative for when there was no morse raid. However perhaps we can give tower monsters same EXP as deadfront mobs give now and then increase the amount of EXP that Deadfront monsters give.
  14. Remove the EXP Roulette event?

    The discision will be based on votes, so please vote
  15. Leveling