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    A Poem about Segnales

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    Ghost of Rudene by {VIP}psnIVY

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    Concerra Summoner by {VIP}psnIVY

  5. Warriors! We received some AMAZING fan art from some of you and it was extremely hard for us to decide which one to give the 1st Prize, because they are all so awesome! Thank you so much for joining this event! 1st Prize and winner of 40000 Dshop Coins is: Concerra Summoner by {VIP}psnIVY This fan art was our favorite and it also scored extra points for being Dekaron Rising related and not just Dekaron in general! Great job! 2nd Prize and winner of 30000 Dshop Coins is: Mabrooks entry & Maji is the most cute in the world by buuchan We simply couldn't make up our minds so we decided to tie these amazing two fan arts for the 2nd place and leave the 3rd place empty! Both fan arts are so well done in each their own way and style, congrats to the both of you! Mabrook: Maji is the most cute in the world by buuchan: All Coins have been sent!
  6. Dannyboi

    Dekaron Fan Art Forum Event

    Character: buuchan Discord: buuchan#6774 Maji is the most cute in the world
  7. Dannyboi

    New player, suggest me a class

    The most popular class among newplayers is the segureaper due to it being good overall. You are right that segnales are extremely wanted, and it would give you an easier time finding parties for dungeons etc. Azure Knight is a really interesting class, however it is one of the hardest classes to master. In the end I suggest you just pick whatever class you think is coolest.
  8. Dannyboi

    Summer Event Calendar - June 2018

    Warriors! Summer is here so we have prepared a calendar with events for you! We will be hosting events almost everyday for an entire month! We hope you are ready to have fun and enjoy the summer with us! Note that there isn't any specific time on when the events are hosted. These are hosted impulsive, because it is less stressful for us having to move our real life schedules, but we will ofcourse give at least 30 minutes headsup before the events are hosted. There may or may not be extra events, it is up to the staff member who hosts the event! So go ahead and join our Discord and keep an eye on the #events channel! Also keep an eye out for in game announcements! Thank you all for your love and support!
  9. Dannyboi

    Guide Me XD

    What boss?
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    You can buy them in dshop There are also a few monsters in game that drops them Withering Evangelist boss drops halloween pets and the Slimes in Parca Temple has a 1% chance of dropping Slime Pet
  11. Dannyboi

    Guide Me XD

    Leveling isn't really important. I don't know why all people think they just have to rush to 200 asap. Just focus on getting +9-10 osmium for now and +180 wep or 195 +10 wep. Once you have that you can level from 190-200 in Ruins of Rudene, Cherubims Nest or Parca Temple (Parca fastest) If you choose to upgrade yourself rather than farming dils and buying, I recommend filling your stash with the +7 parts you need and then make +8 and +9 without talisman and then save the +9 for when you have +18% talisman. Making gear yourself can either be extremely fast or extremely slow depending on luck. Personally I have really bad luck so I prefer to farm dils and just buy +10. We also reworked deadfront with dils, so every 4 hours you can do Deadfront for a bunch of dils, and deadfront is also a nice change of pace, so your farming doesn't get too repetetive and boring.
  12. Dannyboi

    Guide Me XD

    Farm Dils (check dils making guide) Or farm +7 osmium in Mitera and make it +10 Once you have full +9-10 osmium you are ready for the Ruins of Rudene dungeon which will give you things you need such as wing fragments to upgrade your wings and 195 weapons.