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  1. Segnale is good if your friends are helping with DPS in Tower. Segnales are always wanted by guilds and parties. Segeuriper is the best class for soloing everything and doesn't need the best gear in the game to do so.
  2. PM Zeshin in game for free Dil and pizza
  3. The meta is full heal because it's more safe, but you can go whatever build you want. Like I said in the guide, my build on segureaper was 333 str and 222 spr rest heal. The more confident you feel on segureaper the more heal you can sacrifice for dps. Just play around with it until you find the build that suits your playstyle best. Good luck.
  4. https://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/forums/topic/28122-guide-all-pet-information/
  5. You should be getting useful EXP in Mitera right now Not as good as tower of course but not useless EXP either
  6. I like it as it is. It looks pretty badass and the texture work is very smooth and well done.
  7. oh I see. You just made it sound a bit like DK never gets nerfed.
  8. Dragon Knight got nerfed every single patch for the past 1-2 years.
  9. I personally think that Vicious Summoner is the hardest class in the game to master.
  10. I think that both DK and HB have slightly too much DPS overall when compared to the amount of crowd control they have and how tanky they are. But I also think that the overall state of balance is great right now and probably the best it's ever been.
  11. Dannyboi

    S>Aloken tera

    You sell MC2 only?
  12. Yes. Since you're the only one who is able to see the textures that you mod on your client. I even believe if you make some interesting and nice costumes or other textures the gms might use them in future updates if you allow it.
  13. There are 2 reasons why items continuously increase in price: 1. People are not making sets and items because they end up losing more than they gain or gain nothing at all and lose everything, so they choose to just farm Dil instead and buy items. Since fewer and fewer people make items, and more and more people are farming pure Dil, because it's safe, the supply and demand for sets and weapons will continue to increase and so will the prices. 2. Some people just wants to overcharge everything to make a profit. These are the people who spend all day in ardeca buying items for a normal price and then selling it for more than it's worth. Then the person who overpays the item does the same thing the next time he sells it and so the cycle continues. This issue is not only something the Rising Staff can solve on their own. The players have to solve it aswell as it is partially their fault that the market is going to hell. What Rising Staff can do: Crafting needs to be more appealing than farming pure Dil. Decrease the amount of pure Dil that is farmable in game and increase the upgrade rates again. Make resources used in crafting easier to farm. What Players can do: Stop overcharging everything you sell. Stop overpaying when people overcharge for items. Craft more instead of farming pure Dil.