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  1. Hi, is it possible to change the first 3 lines on an item without touching the last line (AR)?
  2. t-ronaldo

    WTS / WTB

    WTB Semi Perf Tera Belt +9 IGN: Pexxa
  3. Why is there only one working channel now after the update? What happend to Khaleesi and Lurile (c2 and c3). Are they gonna be up again?
  4. Why is there only one working channel now after the update?
  5. WTB Segu SBv2 +10 AR Segu Tera Gloves +10 Random
  6. t-ronaldo

    Segu Accessoires

    Hi, I would like to ask what the best accessoires in PVP for SEGU are. The main one should be Squama I guess, but what are the other 3? The 180+9 necks? 3x Shiny Tear? or anything else? btw I am full heal build. Thanks for help
  7. t-ronaldo

    Perfect Belt

    Thank you for the respond, but I still dont get it. So if a seg wears an armlet with no curse dmg, but some other random dmg, there would be no dmg increase for the seg, since she doesn't deal fire or ice dmg for example?
  8. t-ronaldo

    Perfect Belt

    I would like to ask how a perfect belt looks like. And also why are the perfect armlets (5% curse for example) so much more expensive than armlets with random 5%? its stil just 5% more dmg or am I wrong?