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  1. hello gm..can i add you to my friendlist???

  2. Summoner Swimsuit Alternative

    Hello all! I will be doing a series of costume alternatives with a simple red and black theme. These costumes will be swimsuits as summer is drawing near and we will be previewing my first and hopefully last attempt at summoner today! Here are the before photos Here are the after photos. Please provide feedback and if you don't like something please give constructive criticism! ~[GM]Banished Attempt 2: Update: Hopefully this shows enough shades and tones etc please gimme feedback again! P.S these are not to replace current costumes but to be added as another whole costume. Attempt two:
  3. I am watching you from the nearest tree.

  4. TheChosenOnes is back :D

  5. Leveling to 190 all over again

  6. Trading Aloken [A][H] and spear, all +10 FS/DN to exact same but for Half Bagi/Claws

  7. Have just moved homes, won't have internet for some time.

  8. WTB +10 Aloken Armor and pants +10 = Donation

    1. CaptainAmericaXI


      I offer....nothing because i hate you <3

  9. WTB +10 180 Aloken Set= Donation

  10. Here to help with your problems

  11. new name comming up :3