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  1. hello gm..can i add you to my friendlist???

  2. I am watching you from the nearest tree.

  3. Nice guide! I pinned it
  4. On the topic that was discussing this reward system. I mentioned about a number of costumes not in use, that is in the game files. These will probably more then likely be added at a later date.
  5. TheChosenOnes is back :D

  6. Leveling to 190 all over again

  7. Trading Aloken [A][H] and spear, all +10 FS/DN to exact same but for Half Bagi/Claws

  8. Have just moved homes, won't have internet for some time.

  9. WTB +10 Aloken Armor and pants +10 = Donation

    1. CaptainAmericaXI


      I offer....nothing because i hate you <3

  10. WTB +10 180 Aloken Set= Donation

  11. look on google NET Framework and download the latest one.