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  1. Instance Dungeons

    I do have a lot of plans regarding dungeons. Once I'm back thanks a lot for the feedback!
  2. Staff Panel / Temporary Bans

    We needed this a while ago, Glad to be implemented now!
  3. Independent - Balance Application

    I will be commenting on why the user should be accepted on the team! Since I have net Limitations I will edit this post tomorrow. Anywho good luck, and I agree 100% for you to be part of the team.
  4. I added a message on Discord


    @everyone Hello Rising Members, I am doing fine. Hurricane Maria destroyed PuertoRico but I am alright. Thank you for the messages and people who prayed for me. I won't be doing staff duties or playing for a while. But Hopefully soon. Take care and I know the staff is doing a wonderful job I am proud of the team that took me time to build but was worth it and need it

    With love Riku

  5. Looking For a Guild

    Well we are afk when the game is mostly afk.
  6. This is Mostly made with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects.
  7. Can't Log In

    No, the server doesn't get full. Account Login appears when somebody is on it and you have to wait at least 3 minutes to try again.
  8. Can't Log In

    Do you have the latest patch?
  9. S N O W & S U N & M O O N Story Purpose of the Guild How the Guilds Divide Things the Guild will do & Communication. Questions & Answers Let’s start with a bit of history! Sounds Boring.. Story Who is S N O W The guild was a 3 time siege champion on Rising,Original creator of the Guild Independent. It was only meant for people 10+ Tera Armor / Accessories type of guild. We did a lot of PK wars and it had the best 1v1 players like: Kianni, Bon3, DjLoa, DareToStopMe, QueenInori, Zeshin and more. Then what is it now Riku? The current story of S N O W want’s to rebuild the same type of competition it used to have with new type of players, like we had. But this time with a new plan with the 2 leader known as [GM]Fayth. II. Purpose The Goal for S N O W is to build a team with New and old players, for example if you are new to the game and you are enjoying the game you are more than welcome to join us. We will guide you to the best possible way to progress in our game YES IT INCLUDES FARMING. S N O W will always be available to help our new players getting PK and create more action for our new players and don’t feel left out in wars by joining forces with the strongest members. That is one of the main reasons why I decided to create this guild, a lot of people wanted to join us but is was mostly full so I will explain how the Guilds will be divided. III. How the Guilds Divide S N O W This is the main Guild, where people have the best possible gear. Here are people who mostly are ready to PK or Join in PK wars whenever possible. Requirements to Join: Tera +10 Set / Tera + 9 Armets & Belt / Plumes and Decent to Perfect Resistant Necks (Zeig / Geiz +9) S U N This Guild is Mainly for new players, it will still be guided by Riku & Fayth with their alternative characters. For you to join is pretty simple, you talk with one of the current members of S N O W and you can simply are a new player and want to be in a friendly but competitive Guild. Things to have in Mind: If you are inactive in S U N for more than 1 week you will be kicked. For new players to have the opportunity, this won’t be a guild to reserve positions like M O O N, S N O W Once you have upgraded your gear you can Either pass to the 2 Guilds. M O O N This guild will be a Mixed of Tera gear / OSM. Mostly for more than decent gear people and if S N O W is full Requirements to Join: OSM / Tera +10 / +9 OSM or Random Tera Armets / Plumes etc. IV. Things the Guild will do & Communication. The 3 Guilds will mostly do EXP & Plume Runs in Dungeon 190 in Morse. Siege Battles since we want to add more competition to other guilds, and most of all make it a fun time for all our members. We will probably set up days and time when we will try to do exp runs etc with their respective times. For this to be Possible we will use Discord I have created our own server to divide the different things needed for our guild to be a successful one. This way you can notify if someone pk you, KOS List, Promotions to S N O W and more. V. Questions and Answers Q: Are all Guilds in Alliance not separated? A: Yes we will mostly use the Ally chat, all mentioned in the Guilds announcement ingame. Q: How can I join Discord? A: https://discord.gg/AUYQbsR Q: Can I join the Discord just for Fun? A: Well You can join the server yeah, but is mostly for S N O W members. So this means they will have a special Role as S N O W / M O O N / S U N role, that will give them access to some rooms that you won’t be able to join unless you join our guild. Q: Can I always rejoin S U N? A: Yes, you are always welcome to join back. Since everyone is welcome, but we will keep kicking if you aren’t active. Q: Current Leaders of S N O W are? A: @Riku / @[GM]Fayth are the current leaders but we do have other people who always help us recruit members we only manage some things in guild. Q: What happens if you find someone PK the same guild members for farm? A: Well, is quite simple we will kick him from the Guild and he will be added to the KOS list provided in Discord. This might get updated in the future, thanks for reading and we are open to build a family and have fun together!
  10. My opinion about PvP Tournament

    1 Option: We could simply make 1 Place of tournaments and 2 Place for the candidate. 2 Option: We can make a normal 1v1 tournaments and the champs have a free entry and people fight on who wins the spot. 3 Option: Make the community vote who enters that tour ( I don't agree much because friends of friends but it might be cool) If I think of more things I can just edit this post
  11. WTB/WTS List

    Bump - Updated
  12. 3 v 3 Event By [Exec]Riku 09-02-2017

    We added those new content creators for that reason
  13. WTS 180 ORB +10 FS / WTB DB 320M per stack

    Remember you can simply add to post by editing not doing an intentional bump.
  14. Level 200 weaps.

    Remember to Bump every 24hrs