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    1. I do not play enough to restart. Will be my end of dekaron if reset.
    2. MasterD

      Shooter class

      I noticed that but can those just not be assisted damage like how a hunter or bagi fights ? When a bagi does some skills a explosion occurs to make a aoe but the damage itself comes from str not magic. It has assisted fire damage on top of the combat skill. You do not just flat out call it magic damage. I guess what I was asking is why do they even call it a male hunter if it is just a male mage with guns. It is still a gun which is range, even if the skills look magical. Hunter fire 1 arrow which transforms into 500 arrows then rains down arrow on target, is still range not d
    3. MasterD

      Shooter class

      Is the shooter not a hunter ? Why is the wep req spr and the damage given from spr then and not dex.
    4. Well that sucks ! I figured since its a gun class the range and fighting style would be way more distance based. I mean even a dw has better range. A gun uses gunpowder so the range should be further than a bow right ?
    5. Defiantly going to make the game more fun, as the main server wont get this until some time next year (or longer). So MANY player will come back to enjoy the weird gun class in a old world battle game ! TIME TO PK SOME GUN RAIDING MANIACS !
    6. #1 was the best video (probably took days), but the best for me was #4.
    7. MasterD

      CS Balance

      Because you got such MASSIVE BURST DMG is how with speed and cloaking skills to hide afterwords. It has nothing to do with being dumb enough to stay in your attack it has to do with you timing your assassin skills when I can not counter. You having bad luck and your stuns failing does not mean the class needs buffed. You already said your damage is high WHEN IT HITS. 30 seconds of invisible is plenty time to reload your stun combo and breath kbs the target so you can use the cloak un attacked. Wait until your stun is close to going off and your attack combo after only has to last 30
    8. MasterD

      CS Balance

      Is cs not the assassin class of dekeron ? Meaning there entire purpose for them is a supersize attacks and burst damage not tanking. Your stuns also give you alot of crit rate meaning, when you first attack if timed right your dmg is absurdly high with nothing but crits with all your stuns. So there is no dodging and then you can cloak again like a assassin. The only class that should be a problem for you is maybe bagi hb and maybe aloken, but everything has a counter class.
    9. Awesome really awesome ! Blue lightning. Now I have to change from sap to this though... OFC the best bagi players came back, was not as good as before so they got buffed to be stronger !
    10. Can not avoid, as people will always try to find way way around it. At least you can make it harder to do so. I gave up on ranking up or even trying to get in the top. My luck sucks and I do not cheat so I get - wins just for joining in the wrong time, or getting put on a team vs another full perf gear chars. I would rather just have a map I can farm for my max rank as dks is bs and no fun anymore . You ether cheat and stack or get lucky and get on the right side to rank up. df is is useless to rank up too, as if your not in that top party you might as-well give up on trying. I am
    11. All but the way its shown sounds awesome. I would rather see it say the total players so stacking does not occur . 21-20 means you will be on the 20 while 37 players simply means u wont know the side but that there is 37 people inside
    12. If you can add a effect to a costume, how about the sap lightning.
    13. So, dk gets 12.5 second la defense in two buffs every 30 seconds Can not be kbed ever Can run fast forever (10 sec downtime between two buffs) crit and crit rate and dmg boosts Thats not even including all the debuffs you take from all there attacks. No wonder a good dk decimate all in there path... Wish I knew enough about dk to help with a nerf, but I avoid dk in most battles (best way to stay alive). With good timing, all those buffs combined with debuffs make some dk 12k me with my perf gear, while having a la def like (2buffs) to get away. 12k may not
    14. """b) give rich players the advantage to spent more cash than time to grind. """ Yes please, let me buy my levels instead of grinding ! Dil sink FTW
    15. Love the update, was really needed ! Only one drawback that killed it for me. The mob is crazy strong, worse than fighting some bosses. Which would not be a problem, but you made the drop rate so low. You need 1000 for ONE armlet and 1500 for one belt, yet the mob only drop 1/100 monsters it seems. So we would need to kill almost a trillion monsters for one armlet, while also need to +9 it. Not to mention you HAVE to have a party or a seg so the drop is split. Who on earth wants to spend all day fighting for 100/1000. FIGHTING BOSSES
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