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  1. MasterD


    Sadly no, I had names off and chat off.
  2. MasterD


    Looked way better when they was moving !
  3. MasterD


    Looked way better when they was moving !
  4. MasterD


  5. MasterD


  6. Was the balance p3 done with the new stuff added to the game, or before ?
  7. MasterD

    Braiken Castle Guild Wars Poll

    I would prefer 50 not 20. Why set a limit on how many can join ? If one guild has 20 core player fully geared, while other guilds have 50 middle geared people, then why not allow them to use there guilds full might ? I know alot of people hate getting ganged up on, but think how some feel about fighting one guy who takes 5 normal people to kill ?
  8. Could these new tokens be buyable through other players ? I love the idea, but just would never get the chance to use one unless I could just buy it from another player.
  9. MasterD

    [Preview] Dark Wide Rework

    Who does not love dw ? I mean how can you not enjoy a class that flips all over the map, and the guitar solo = awesome. I still get on my naked dw, just for the fun of the class. I do not know about all the balancing, but after these nerfs, I will never expect to play my dw competitively anymore though.
  10. MasterD

    [Preview] Dark Wide Rework

    Your basing damage from a mele/magic class to a mage or dw who are ONLY magic ? Also basing your damage from a class that has a 100% chance of landing a full on debuffed combo on someone with her sleep vs a mage or dw who can not get a full debuff/damage combo on a skilled player ? So since I get 25ked by a MEGA tank (summy) class we need more defence right ? Oh and movement speed debuff can be avoided with the dashes/a-mode some of your pushback skills.. From what I seen darkwide is not the main thing a dw uses. If you fight a good dw you will notice you have no mana most of the fight and that you take damage from your own hits from his reflect. Yes, it actually does looks awesome though !
  11. MasterD

    [Preview] Dark Wide Rework

    So glad I quit this soon to be dead class ! Will defiantly help other classes fight them, but ultimately make that skill useless. Trust me the way it seems from that video, it is like how bio is used, except you have to a mode a area to use it. If you do not lag this skill will be awesome, but anyone who lags might want to quit.Most dw slows suck already, and relied on placing skills like bio in a good timed spot for max damage. I could be wrong, but I doubt it, and time will tell if dw dies out after this. Already nerfed 10% of there damage (d-shop buff), and now your changing there BEST skill.
  12. MasterD

    Patch 14.1: Save Parca!

    So it is just a strait up 10% damage nerf on all magic classes. I hope this buff just adds 10% of there total numbers instead of a strait up 10%. (Not actual stats just showing)10,000 defense with a 25% defense boost is only 2500 defense, which I am sure is not 10 actual %. So mages do not even get 10% defense boost. While this adds 10 entire % ? Not to mention that magic damage your talking about was also added to all classes not just mages. Just want to know for sure, as this buff seems way to much of a nerf on only mages who get ALL there damage from magic not half like most other classes.
  13. MasterD

    Patch 14.1: Save Parca!

    Best part about this entire patch. My lazy no farming self can actually get noble souls ! Finally time to quit using only fire resis necks.
  14. MasterD

    Remove the EXP Roulette event?

    I remember people saying that it was impossible to get a dungeon party going before this new event was going on. I honestly do not see how it stops people from doing a dung. Only 7 people at a time can even do this event at a time. I do think there needs to be more single player ways to grind your way to max though. You say, it makes the dung dead, which makes it hard for you to level with such limited time. It does the complete opposite though, as it gives you a way to level while your on instead of waiting 3 hours for 1 single dung run. I GET IT, your trying to say that people who like to pk needs to go kill every single person trying to level at this spot. I get your hint sir, and I will try my best to help you out.
  15. You say pk is different than dks, but I do not see that. Well only in the fact that in a pk war, you get to pick your team. Do you not get every buff ingame from a war, if your want them ? Do you not buff with candies etc, if you choose so ? Dks is just a massive pk war, only with randoms instead of people you know. Then you compare aloken BUFFS to seg heals. Which is 100% different things.You can not tell me not to compare two VERY like battles, then go and compare buffs to heals. That just makes no sense. Preparing to pk is buffing not healing, as if your needing healed the battle already started, and you should be ready to fight with buffs already on. So your draco example makes no sense ether. If all the segs are being used for is to sit naked/free gear and heal others, then there not actually being played anyways. If anything, this will bring a change to this class in a way that you can not just get a random no geared seg to just sit there and heal you through a battle. You actually have to play and run and know your targets skills to dodge them while getting support to heal your team.