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  1. Feedback Needed - Potential New Gem Glows

    maybe you can upload the new glows and old glows if people want them. kinda like what this guy did.
  2. he's just super good guys. jeez
  3. Argate farming ways

    Bring back castor. Ty
  4. dragon knight

    of course you take a panties shot.
  5. Patch 14.7: New Weapon Skin System + New Boss Arenas Pt.1

    what if i have the red scythe? xD
  6. Massive DKR Siege, Update Coming Soon!

    I hope I win a prize for killing ripplez :3
  7. 1 Vs 1 Overall Best Player Tournament

    YooJaeSuk Segu
  8. Patch 14.5: Castor Dungeon and more!

    nice update I hope these bosses have changed since then, because when castor was still here, the bosses never really hit back, (maybe because of bg, but i'm not 100% sure). also when changing channels in parca and returning to ardeca, there is really no point because you can set a return point to parca, so even if you do change channels, you will still be in parca.
  9. [Major Update] Rising 2018 Patch

    Sweet update, can't wait to see what pvp will be like now with these new changes the balance team did together
  10. Patch 14.3: Hotfix

    about time the buffs been increased lol. 5 bags just full of buffs XD
  11. Patch 14.2: Winter Contents Patch!

    yeet dk costume, here i come!
  12. What's up?

    come back sers ;3 i still got your op seg set <3
  13. Patch 14.1: Save Parca!

    great update! love the new visuals and the new wings!
  14. trust me, in that 4 years that skillbar has never changed LOL