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  1. akxfolife

    Let's work together: DCs/Crashes

    Character Name: YooJaeSuk (class: Segu) Map Location (of DC/Crash/Disconnect): DKSQ Does the client say any message before the game closes? dekaron execute has stopped working or just closes the game. Description (what happened? the more detail the better): it usually crashes when entering or leaving dksq. also crashes when there are to much people in dksq (mainly dksq events). Can you reproduce the issue? (can you make it happen again?: probably not, but if there is dksq events i could.
  2. akxfolife

    Dekaron Rising Fashion Contest

    IGN: YooJaeSuk
  3. akxfolife


    Happy birthday fayth! Hope you have a good one
  4. akxfolife

    [Class Guide] Seguriper

    sad you didn't include SPR build. :c
  5. akxfolife

    A Poem about Segnales

    Nitex you gotta join voice chat once in discord and start rapping for us.
  6. love the new update ;3. Was wondering if Curse skin diamond could have an effect D; it looks so ugly being plain :c
  7. Window mode for me. Makes things easier to do other things ;3
  8. akxfolife

    HeXXeD & Ybarro's Exp Event April 28th

    one day, there will be a time when my timezone is perfect. QQ
  9. akxfolife

    [GM]Fayth Halloblade Dark Wings

    its not anymore, it was a part of the Halloween update.
  10. akxfolife

    [Event] Character Showcase

    fuck, i forgot about this event lol. client was being shit the entire time QQ
  11. YooJaeSuk Sarada DOKUM0 nikka01 DontSkipGymDay Rozeheal ExiaSasha
  12. akxfolife

    Braiken Castle Guild Wars Poll

    i would love 50v50, but then everyone would have to join 1 guild or the other. so i think 20v20 would be better to have more guilds join.
  13. akxfolife

    Feedback Needed - Potential New Gem Glows

    maybe you can upload the new glows and old glows if people want them. kinda like what this guy did.
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