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  1. Character Name: YooJaeSuk (class: Segu) Map Location (of DC/Crash/Disconnect): DKSQ Does the client say any message before the game closes? dekaron execute has stopped working or just closes the game. Description (what happened? the more detail the better): it usually crashes when entering or leaving dksq. also crashes when there are to much people in dksq (mainly dksq events). Can you reproduce the issue? (can you make it happen again?: probably not, but if there is dksq events i could.
  2. @Nitex might be talking about this wall. there might be another wall at the other side too.
  3. Happy birthday fayth! Hope you have a good one
  4. sad you didn't include SPR build. :c
  5. Nitex you gotta join voice chat once in discord and start rapping for us.