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  1. Mchl`s WTS/WTB LIST

  2. Mchl`s WTS/WTB LIST

  3. Mchl`s WTS/WTB LIST

    WTS +10 200 Twin Blade (3xVitality, Still Noble) WTT +9 Tera Armlet (9%Ice,1%Damage) = Poison/Offer If Interested Kindly Pm me here or in game IGN:{VIP}Mchl
  4. WTS

  5. BUY

    8b or 40$ or trade to light same
  6. BUY

  7. BUY

    i have 4% Ice tera armlet (4x1%Ice)
  8. WTS

    i accept dils or donations 12b dils or 50$ donation
  9. WTS

    WTS>+10 195 B-Staff Fullvit (7%Poison) WTS>Dragonic Squama (Sealed, Upgraded) WTS>+10 Tera Bagi [G] (1st Vit,2nd Dmg) Still Magic WTS>+10 Tera Bagi [P] (Clean) WTB>+10 195 2h B-Axe (Perfect) Pm your offers
  10. WTB Thread (belts/armlets/kracions atm)

    what is ur IGN bro?
  11. WTB 3 pieces of 180 geisgold plus 9

    yes, im online in game now, pm me IGN:Disgust
  12. Server Down?

    i cant connect to server, i dced then when i try to log back it says connection fail, pls try again
  13. WTB 3 pieces of 180 geisgold plus 9

    i got 3x zeig gold +9 for 50$ pm me in game Disgust
  14. Trading goodSegu = good CS

    yeah, just pm me your offer i can wait tho
  15. Trading goodSegu = good CS

    hai ser, i got 4% ice tera +9 armlet (4x 1% Ice)