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  1. [Completed] Quick Server Restart 12-22-2016

    Nitex! Ban em plox. just for a sec, after we kill the boss release em
  2. [Completed] Quick Server Restart 12-22-2016

    dahek Q.Q
  3. [Completed] Quick Server Restart 12-22-2016

    i wish no one gonna steal it. i mean like 1/8 hp left Hue hue,
  4. [Completed] Quick Server Restart 12-22-2016

    Dahek. weve been killing the sb boss for hours, its already half life, back to full QQQQQQ.
  5. [Forum Event] Holiday Screenshot

    lel, your snowman is wek, like u u wek
  6. [Forum Event] Holiday Screenshot

  7. suggestion for the next update

    its gonna be unfair to us, who farm hard back then hahaha. like dying just to have a single +10, and now ppl can easily obtain +9 17x set, its gonna be cool if its only 15x set, and the drop rates also, 1 mobs = 2 or more 17x items haha, same at mitera. im just suggesting this, cause ppl non donator keeps saying "its hard to get items" LOL. cause they are not farming hard, im just suggesting this ser. no offence
  8. Thanks sir, i reported this i dont wanna get in trouble or should i say im afraid to get banned
  9. server down?

    Thanks Man u dabest #LongLiveRISING
  10. server down?

    @Nitex something wrong ser? :c same problem c:
  11. Need To Learn This Language ( Fun Topic )

    LOL. Ysamich and TrueOne and StormOfAnger is one? LOL 1 LOL 2 LOL 3