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  1. hi please answer thank you :)

    haha.. i guess
  2. hi please answer thank you :)

    so can suggest to see how many online players on this server ? hehehe just want to see the other server that were the top server of all time hahaha :D
  3. hi please answer thank you :)

    i think..it is not ... i think its all bout who online on the forum
  4. Hi to all staff.. Where can i see/How to know/How many PLAYERS online on this game thank you . cause i search all competitive server or private server they all have settings at there forum to see how many player`s online i think it`s useful to see how many players online on this serve just to boost there mind to play on this server
  5. Let's talk about a 190+ Dead Front

    he has a point about Pserver... hehe open all DG on the map.. like crespo 45 lvl map.. i go there just to farm argates or trying to farm argates on that DG but suddenly its already LOCK :D>. i suggest to open all DG so we can explore what bosses are there or.. what drops item`s are there hehe nonsense hehehe just and idea
  6. Let's talk about a 190+ Dead Front

    i think, it be useful to create 190 + DF 1. a higher exp than 160 DF. 2. a more player to come and end the DF and make war 3. i think no more afk on ardeca just to JOIN DF 4. more player get max level. 5 a more player get busy for leveling HMMMMM.... 190+ DF .. war after killing the boss more interesting rewards after or who the last PT standing
  7. LOL all players says ABOUT BALANCING? hahah # what the used of BALANCING all SKILLS or OP SETs or WHAT EVER then after that " AFK on ARDECA" lol GOOD LUCK ... peace yow
  8. WTB> TERA AK set PM me your price with SB just the set a perfect set.. with full vital gloves +10 ... show me some SS ty
  9. NEED MM

    NEED MM sir`s near karin.. vinz name char thankyou GM`s
  10. i bought VIP gold

    oh tnx.. i delete my all extra char.. it helps sir... my VIP tag name are now on hehehe thankyou very much
  11. i bought VIP gold

    i bought VIP GOLD... i alread get the 30% donation coins but still my name is not VIP..... why sir please answer... i already relog

    sir nitex... i already send my ticket. please assist me for my account password and i already gave my info. check my ticket sir nitex please TY... we cant wait to play again ..

    yes were coming back.. we just waiting. for our accounts password`s..
  14. hi NITEX

    thankyou sir nitex..