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  1. What's up?

    Wow it's been forever since I've been here lol. How is everyone? How is the game? What is different? As some of you know I basically disappeared off the face of the planet lol. I've been MIA due to some personal stuff. Anyways I'm not sure if I'm ready to come back yet. If someone could please give me an update on how the in game is, that would much be appreciated
  2. Penta Selfie!

    I never understood how and when "omg you have dshop buffs" became a thing. Why not just become a Christmas tree? Just because someone uses Dshop buffs doesn't mean they are weak or not skilled. And no, it doesn't mean they are scared either.
  3. Roasteed's application

    Good luck buddy

    What OS are you running on? Do you have it running as administrator?
  5. Random suggestions

    I would really like a level 200 df. But I think in order to get that even going, we have to get enough level 200 players. As of right now it takes a looooooooong time to reach 200. If we can revamp the exp for levels 195-200 I think it'd be doable. Argate rates seem really off between +1-6. I fail more on those than I do on +7-9. Idk if that's just me but I always experience that whenever I argate.
  6. Selling

    Alrighty =)
  7. Selling

    pm me in game please. My IGN is Taeyeon.
  8. Selling

    Do you still have the gauntlet up for sale?
  9. Suggest

    New emblems perm? I don't think so. If it was perm then there'd be no need to do DKSQ after you've achieved all the emblems that you needed. Then players would cry because no one is doing DKSQ.
  10. Parca bosses

    Having a boss drop 195 weps isn't a bad idea at all! Hell even having one of the bosses drop 7% gems might make it worthwhile! I remember a long time ago on another server there was a boss that dropped gems. I think it was Immortal on the 130 map. People went nuts over that! But then again people weren't afraid to start a pk war
  11. MrFisty may be back :S

    Welcome back

    This topic has become irrelevant. Anymore topics created about this situation I will be handing out warnings and bans.
  13. yay im back -

    Welcome back =)
  14. Hi

    Bring back the camelsaki squad please xD