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  1. Dekaron Rising Rules

    i send a post about someone insulting me and yet no one even answered may i know why and it was with SS and still nothing
  2. I just came back lol <3

    Hello everyone as the titles says i used to play here like a year or maybe more ago however i left the game cuz i got to the point that i dont know what am i suppose to do i had a segu lvl 188 i believe however i gave all my sets for new players cuz i was going to leave so atm i will just start my way with a new char which will be aloken or DK or maybe a bagi dont know yet .. mostly aloken so i was checking the game guides and i saw that sweet lvl guide and i found out that lvling is actually easier now and thats really nice and the game made new sweet updates and many things changed which is really good .. however i m shocked of it so is it really that easy as it looks in the video? if just someone can confirm me i will be very happy XD...anyways away from this i just want to know is aloken or DK better right now in the game i m looking for dmg and tankiness as well as strong for pvp so i can participate in pvp events the game usualy does also so i can farm with it ^_^....also i just need someone tell me what are their ele and where the ele gems drops the % ones ..also i checked the dill guide so i just want to confirm its most updated right cuz i m planning to follow it ehehe...also can someone tell me what are the enchancing rates here now ? i dont know what else has changed if u know something i should to check just send the link in the reply and i will be more than happy to check it ...thats mostly i have no idea what is inside the game but i m sure i will enjoy with all of you guys .. thank you guys for reading this i hope to see you ingame soon. kind regards.
  3. Changing my gear and some tips

    Well you're right lol kinda funny but its the truth thanks a lot everyone for you're support and help
  4. Changing my gear and some tips

    Okay then that was great thank you so much and here is what I m going to do first I will lvl till lvl 170 it will take from 1 to 2h then I will go for dks to farm pp for my new skills after that I will go for Arcadia and farm there pretty much I will need party or I'm deleted there my guess after that I will try to farm some dills cuz making my gear +++ will take so many millions which is Gina take time after that I will get the armor and keep trying over and over with the hope that I make it +7 after that I will lvl till 180+ and go back to dks to farm pp for my 180 skills then I will lvl few more till I'm like 185 Idk why but I will anyway then I will go back for dks to farm pp for tera armor then back to farm dills to make it +7 again then I m pretty bored to say the rest but pretty much its not so much XD I guess that's all also I have no idea how or where to make sockets and to farm these gems over all thank you tell me what you think in this?..
  5. Changing my gear and some tips

    OK everyone's the title says I want to change my free 130+9 set ad weap cuz they don't seem to work I'm ATM lvl 166 with segu with 17k HP and 8.3k atk and 13k def full buffed anyway I hardly survive in dravice and I always die but I survive if I m lucky to do everything in time but from these big mobs there I don't stand a chance and my dmg feels sucks so iwant tips about what do I do keep in mind that any set or weap I will make will be mostly +6 or +7 if I m super lucky which mostly I m not so guys I need you're help badly here on what do I do and what should I farm in this lvl...anyway there is another thing I want to know since no one help in the game so what is the use from that dravis artifact and dragon bone thing saw someone selling them pretty high for some reason and where I can use them I hope you guys tell me what to do cuz I m lost. Thanks for reading and helping have a nice day everyone
  6. 1 of the 4

    Thanks rin and ximena and off I was going to ask ximena about in car but I didn't since I decided that I m not good with this kind of classes ATM thats why I didn't anyway thanks again
  7. 1 of the 4

    Well Run and Ximena I would like to thank you both for you're great help reading this is pretty nice anyway here is my thoughts I like in staff summoner that the skill animations is pretty nice pet and the best thing he is able to lure many mobs not just 3 like all others making him very nice to me however I hate being paper since that made me change my idea about in car magician since I suck with and I die a lot so I will make it later when I m better in the game then comes segu he is strong nice skills nice tankiness and def but comes with bad things in my (opinion) he is so boring Idk why but he is just as boring as TB summoner that's why I m not enjoying with him the only things I like in this class are his DMG it seems maybe higher than others and some of his lvl 170\180 skills ... HB I feel like savge but it needs to be geared to make the DMG as it seems never tried him Before then comes aloken which I like his speedy skills animations looks hilarious also he has buffs and he is able to tank good thanks. His gaurdum or idk how its spelled that's what I been told from player in the game also I headed he is strong in PvP with mana shock debuff so I will give him a try and see if it doesn't work fine I will be back for the segu since these are the most classes I like along with incar magician so In the end thanks everyone for sharing you're thoughts and opinions with me and best of luck see ya in the game ^^
  8. 1 of the 4

    Hello guys again I don't know what class to play but I made my mind on 4 they are 1:Seguripper 2:Staff Summoner not TB I don't like it at all 3:Half Bagi 4:Aloken These are the classes that I like from all classes I just want help to pick 1 of them ATM I have lvl 161 segu he is strong good HP and good def but I don't feel like its making me addictive for the game I find him boring and his early skill don't like the animation I like his 170 and 180 skills only to be honest.. The rest I never tried them but just saw ppl play them and it was pretty sweet I just you're opinion about each one of them and I will tell you what I m looking for since you all are pretty experienced players in you're classes and knows most the stuff anyway I mainly look for strong DMG and to be able to tank pretty good these are the mains then come the skills animations next I believe everyone to play any class must like and be convinced from it anyway IDC much about PvP since I need to be strong in pve first to farm then worry about PvP anyway who the class you will pick I will keep playing it so it need to be also somehow good in PvP not trash I'm going to invest badly in it in all ways that's why so in the end I hope you guys can give me any advice that is helpful And I want you to understand that I m asking this since I have no other place to ask and I need help thanks a lot all of you
  9. Well thank you for you're time and you're explanation about many things to be honest I didn't I imagine it to be super complicated like this but as I said I was just thinking of something to make everyone happy that was my intention and about events let's just hope they make more of it that's all but to be based on normal idea not just PvP that's all in the I thank all good friends who shared their opinions with me and best of luck for everyone and for you my friend maybe someday you can be mod or gm good luck everyone
  10. Well first of all I would like to thank everyone for their opinion and for answering also reading this long thread and I agree with you but in 1 point which is the event it just doesn't make any sense you will never be able to know if the players are alts or the main but refusing to do event for this reason only is even worse I say you make the rewards are bind items which means even alts will never be able to trade it with the main and even if its an alt account it still applies for the rules of new char so its not that bad that way who ever will make alt wont be able to enjoy it for their main since its a bind item so it will be useless.. And about pp I never tried to farm it yet I just need the 170 and 180 skill and that's all IDC about the rest till I'm good to use it that's all also about the map you got it wrong I don't mean changing the map I meant to add another drop for any map of you're choice not all that coding all these stuff And about dills I farm 50 mil in less than 30mins if I'm non stop from my special way so I m not caring so much about dills my only problem that most of the time I don't know what to do like I m lvl 160 now what to do next and so on that's all and about donate I will donate soon I just making sure of which class is going to be worth donating and so far I m very confused about the class I want to its hard to satisfy me that's the whole idea so I m just trying every class I can play and even in the end ik I won't be able to find a choice that's why I always ask others cuz they might see something I don't in the very end thank you all for you're help and for reading and you're precious time to answer have a nice day everyone
  11. Well hello everyone i was thinking about 3 to 4 idea that can change life for new start players and make ppl who say server is pay to win can be happy and also it won't effect changing ppl work at all anyway let's start First of all while I was farming at ruins I had my inv filled in like 2 mins or even less and i have to back and sell all items and go back again which it was so boring and annoying my eyes got hurt from repeating anyway so I came with an idea which idk if its possible on dekaron or not which is the (remote shop) and that means that every player to have the ability to open the minishop which is selling HP town scroll and arrows etc... from anyway at any map at anytime they want that way it will make farming super easy for everyone buying won't be problem and also you won't be worry if you are in a dungeon and HP or mp got over before you finish The second idea is I hope you approve it but most likely you won't which is you make daily login rewards so easy you have many options for the reward since you can make it anything you see fiting my idea goes for two ways... 1: you can make like 50 or 100 dcoin for every day you play an hour in the game or everytime you make lets say a certain goal that can be done by any player I might think of something if you need it maybe like daily quest kill 50 or 100 monster of any lvl 2: you can make it decided on the month days let's say day 1 you get 1 copper argate day 2 you gat 1 pass maveric and so on till let's say the last day of this month or maybe the middle day of it you get like 500 or 1000dcoins you choose what you want there is really a lot of ways The 3rd idea is that you maybe need to do 2 things first to higher the drop rate abit for the things that are considered to be one of the main economy roads in the game you can pick what is I will say argate and maveric the drop very pain in space I didn't try it in deadlands yet I m low lvl for it .. And the 2nd thing is you maybe want to add a different map or maybe a one you already have and add the chance to drop ppoints from it since not all ppl can farm dks for it about this option idk if there is already a map for this or not but if there is you can ignore this idea,,,,also I would say higher the drop rate of dills just few cuz its really terrible lol Last thing I will say is events for chance to Get dcoins but this time it is events for new players main and old players as well ofc ik you already do such events and the last one was the championship event was pretty nice however no new player can join it so let's be a little nice for them and give them an event from time to time just to encourage everyone about playing more and more believe me its gona be very nice events just be sure that any player can make them and always announce for it don't make it hidden or what's the point of it Anyway in the end i m pretty sure that non of these ideas will be done and its fine I just felt to share my opinion with all of you some of you will like it some are not and ofc i thank them both for giving me their time reading this post and I hope that someday you can think of ways like or maybe similar for these ways to help all players in the game So sorry for the long post but I had to say it all thanks everyone and have a nice day guys long live rising.
  12. The most accurate seguriper skill guide.

    Thank you so much for you're help I hope to meet you in the game I m Ayro
  13. Segu Accessories help

    Thank you so much I guess that I will go with other ways other than crespo till maybe I find someone to help me with it over all thank you so much for all who helped so much have a nice day gentlemen's and ladies ????
  14. The most accurate seguriper skill guide.

    Thank you very much for sharing you're experience with me and everyone else I guess I ruined my skill points but I will reset later after I get new skills but there is one thing that link you posted doesn't work idk why it just open empty link with no address but over all thank you so much for you're great assistance
  15. Segu Accessories help

    Well thank you so much for you're precious help and its great I just want to know one more thing its about crespo dungeon that I can farm gold from it what are the set and DMG limits I need to do it I m lvl 145 ATM with 7500atk and 15k HP iK its not enough but I hope you can enlighten me about what do I need to able to do it the minimum...over all thank you so much for you're help