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  1. Bon3 WTS

  2. Bon3y smacks weak Thori :)

    trash player just wanted to abuse the OP state of DK right now especially vs an Incar who has no abnormal resist and is super vulnerable to their stunlock - not even worth the time of my bagi
  3. Bon3y smacks weak Thori :)

    great video indeed, genius work of video editing
  4. Bon3y smacks weak Thori :)

    A perfect set unbalanced DK losing to random set Incar ? Yes - sponsored by Bon3y Royal > Glory Get on my level
  5. Bon3 WTS

  6. Bon3 WTS

  7. Bon3 WTS

    WTS +10 lvl 200 Bagi Gauntlet 1st and 2nd stat dmg 8b +10 Tera Gloves Bagi 3% increased dmg 2b taking dils or donations - pm me
  8. DEKARON RISING PVP with Bet 10/01/2017

    looking for bagi pvp with bet - 10b also gg lets go
  9. Incar Magician

    Mage is alot of fun if played properly. I prefer a mix of spr and heal but best thing is just to try out a few builds and see what works best for you. 2 x lvl 200 full vit staffs are the best you can use but its expensive as hell
  10. As we leave in this server.

    Was fun pvping you - cya around
  11. My opinion about PvP Tournament

    Sounds interesting - im up for any pvp challenge anytime
  12. @w@ Interested in Rising @w@

    Oh my god.. what is this
  13. 3 v 3 Event By [Exec]Riku 09-02-2017

    Royal back at it again with the victory
  14. TeragraceMC Helm

    yes u can make them +10 and no you cant upgrade any stats on them
  15. Mcole

    if someone says mage has no dmg hes officially retarded lol