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  1. Bon3 WTS

  2. So I'd like to have an official statement to clear my reputation regarding what happened in siege. Since talker buff gave me immunity to incoming dmg, I've been getting - GM items , GM reshield , hack accusations thrown towards me. @Nitex
  3. why not just raise the max dil bet on pt pvp
  4. 2 videos of todays LMS event - we had fun Final:
  5. Bon3 WTS

  6. Bon3y smacks weak Thori :)

    trash player just wanted to abuse the OP state of DK right now especially vs an Incar who has no abnormal resist and is super vulnerable to their stunlock - not even worth the time of my bagi
  7. Bon3y smacks weak Thori :)

    great video indeed, genius work of video editing
  8. Bon3y smacks weak Thori :)

    A perfect set unbalanced DK losing to random set Incar ? Yes - sponsored by Bon3y Royal > Glory Get on my level
  9. Bon3 WTS

  10. Bon3 WTS

  11. Bon3 WTS

    WTS +10 lvl 200 Bagi Gauntlet 8b taking dils or donations - pm me
  12. DEKARON RISING PVP with Bet 10/01/2017

    looking for bagi pvp with bet - 10b also gg lets go
  13. Incar Magician

    Mage is alot of fun if played properly. I prefer a mix of spr and heal but best thing is just to try out a few builds and see what works best for you. 2 x lvl 200 full vit staffs are the best you can use but its expensive as hell
  14. My opinion about PvP Tournament

    Sounds interesting - im up for any pvp challenge anytime
  15. @w@ Interested in Rising @w@

    Oh my god.. what is this