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    1. Still looking for a perf Bagi rondow set with wep
    2. Looking for a Bagi set or items +10
    3. So basically you pay 700 Coins for a 18% craftsman talisman and 900 for a blacksmith. You pay 2600 Coins for a Craftsman Ossuary and just 1900 for Blacksmith Ossuary. Why that difference? If you buy a ossuary which costs almost 4x the amount you should at least get a 25% talisman. Paying 1900 Extra coins just for 2% more which you get in most cases is just a scam. Please remove the 20% from the ossuary box or at least lower the price of Craftsman ossuary to the same price as blacksmith ossuary which is 1900 coins. Thenks
    4. Yes I understand that you switch to lach + masochie but in this Video your " Cest la vie " Buff was only on 2 stacks, so you were missing another 10% Damage. You would have critted me 14k with 3 Stacks.. that is comparable to the burst of a magician. It is not just your aloken my friend. Other aloken also deal incredible amounts of damage just with lach without masochie earrings. Maybe I need more practice but lets be honest, no matter how good I play, I cant do anything against 120k dmg in 8 Seconds, there is no counterplay to dmg. True, I am missing like ~15 Ranks +
    5. Its not just the dmg. If it was ONLY the damage it would be somewhat okay since you could try to play around it a bit. DK and CS have very high dmg and great stuns aswell but at least you can stun and fight them back. The main reasons its so hard to play vs them is, that they just sit on you and trade, since its a win/win for them. Either they trade with you and stack Cest la vie and become stronger and stronger AND/OR they keep aqua stacked and you just dont get the chance to do something to them. All that in addition to having just 60 seconds cd on La Def. I might have
    6. We were talking about DK Balance.. now lets talk about aloken. This class right now is a mess in my opinion. Almost impossible to stun, has a 60s cooldown La Def, has INSANE DMG. Ive been pvping many aloken lately and most of the time Im getting fucked hard. I've tried rushing and trading with them so they cant stack up Cest la vie and become a complete monster, but since you cant stun or debuff them 95% of the time you never deal enough dmg to finish them. I've tried tanking out their dmg until trans up runs out so they wont have their stun but I just cannot tank all the d
    7. 90% of the people who said its fine are DK players themselves. Of course theyre gonna say its fine and a nerf isnt necessary lol. Get yourself a couple guys of each class who are really good at playing their class and let them pvp eachother while you guys observe and analyse. Stop asking braindead people for their opinion on forums. A class has to be balanced around the TOP players not the average scrub. If you buff around the majority of players who cant pvp for shit, a couple players will dominate the entire PvP on the server cause they can abuse the broken state of a class.
    8. Bagi isnt the topic nor is if bagi is easy or hard. But Im not the one sitting here and telling others about how hard DK is because you have to rebuff. Also Im not losing to those shit DKs since theyre shit - still Dk is strong even if they dont play it right.
    9. Buff - engage - 100% stun - take easily 70% of shield in 1 rotation. Def buff - Kite - rebuff - repeat offensive rotation. Wow much skill needed - so hard to play - hard to land skills... Lets be serious what the fuck is hard about buffing? Its like saying Bagi is hard to play cause you have to rebuff Resi, imbibe and bulls cry all the time... There are people playing their AKs to perfection swapping Tribuild with squama and lach and you talk about DK having high skillcap because it has to BUFF.. LOL Its part of the playstyle of the class but it doesnt change the fact,
    10. Bon3

      WTT Bagi = Mage

      Trading PERFECT BAGI set with 10% armlets + $$ = Mage with 2 staffs and perf armlets with 6% magic dmg. Leave offers
    11. ROYAL We are back and looking for new homies to join us. Guild priority is PK / SIEGE Requirements for all classes EXCEPT SEGNALE to join: lvl 210 Full +10 tera Set with plumes and Armlets/Belt actively playing and PvP/PK oriented. ONLY MAIN CHARS are accepted into the Guild - no alts! Segnales might get extra treatment and get accepted with lower Item Status if the player isn't braindead. PM Bon3crush3r ingame or leave nudes and application here if you're interested.
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