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  1. So I'd like to have an official statement to clear my reputation regarding what happened in siege. Since talker buff gave me immunity to incoming dmg, I've been getting - GM items , GM reshield , hack accusations thrown towards me. @Nitex
  2. why not just raise the max dil bet on pt pvp
  3. Bon3

    Incar Magician

    Mage is alot of fun if played properly. I prefer a mix of spr and heal but best thing is just to try out a few builds and see what works best for you. 2 x lvl 200 full vit staffs are the best you can use but its expensive as hell
  4. Bon3

    TeragraceMC Helm

    yes u can make them +10 and no you cant upgrade any stats on them
  5. Bon3


    Why is no GM or OPR advertising the event ingame? I feel like alot of people never Visit the forum so they have no idea that there will be a class tourney
  6. Bon3


    Bon3 for Bagi Bon3y for Mage
  7. Bon3

    Patch 13.4: Egutt Revamp, Crespo Abyss Warzone, Siege Revamp, TeragraceMC Helms, and more!

    3 rings = 3 % more tolerance + the bonus def which is overall 302 def makes quite a difference
  8. Bon3

    Class Tourney EVER?

    Well then simply stop promising the event and everyone can quit the server. Its been way over a year now from last event now you wanna tell me in the past 12 months there was not 1 Day where staff could organize the event like blaze did? Why promise pvp events if u cant organize them. I made an example why it is a Bad idea to Split the event on different weekends.if you wouldve read the Post without getting triggered u wouldve seen that I said many other people will have the same problem. I cant respect people who constantly promise stuff yet never deliver.
  9. Bon3

    Class Tourney EVER?

    Cut it seriously you wanna tell me it takes over 1 year to organize an event? and which playerbase ? stop reading your so called " data " which says we got 23925415 players online - every active player knows there are barely 50 really active ppl on the server. Even last year when we had way more active players the class tourney was done in 2 days. Give it 2 Weeks of advertisement so I guess 16/17th of Sept. The problem I see behind splitting it up is - for example me, I have to attend many business meetings on weekends so I might be able to join on 1 weekend but not the next one and I think many ppl will have the same problem which will make the event impossible to finish. IMO there should be 4 Staffs running the event simultaniously - at least until semifinals. 2 classes running at once instead of all waiting for 1 to finish - this will speed it up and it will be possible to finish the event in 2 days.
  10. So do we need to wait another year for a class tourney to finally happen? Get ur lazy asses up and fucking organize the event already what the fuck.
  11. Bon3

    [Patch 13.3] Balance Pt.1

    that would mean you would actually have to understand the other class and their buffs, and oh .. you would have to look out for which buffs are running ... nah too much work, just rush and faceroll keyboard 1-9 - will work just fine
  12. Bon3

    [Patch 13.3] Balance Pt.1

    people dont understand the bagi changes at all - bagi isnt stronger now , for most people bagi will be weaker because they cant play without 170 180 skills
  13. Bon3

    Dekaron Rising 1vs1 PVP Part 2

    Bon3 - mage or bagi - havent decided yet
  14. Bon3

    [New Classes] The Arrivals

    cant wait for 2023 .. LOL
  15. Bon3

    Costume Gone

    Same shit happened on my mage yesterday