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  1. Successful rate +8-+9+10

    It's PURE LUCK
  2. Last Man Standing Winners

    @Sealed ewwww KaKaWaTe sounds like a SLUT
  3. I'm back

    welcome back
  4. Penta Selfie!

    The CURRENT Rising Staffs are fully aware of this things that was happening this past few days, it has been more than 2 yrs or say 2.5 yrs since we got REAL TALKS on forum, and I can assure you this, @Nitex himself enjoys this. Mods will come to the scene when we really have too, in my point of view as Staff, i dont see anything wrong, thats my opinion, idk with other staff, and as i said on the other thread, i wont close anything like this. its up to the other staff or nitex himself do it. Just remember the motto of DEKARON/2Moons.....
  5. Penta Selfie!

    Nailed it! U got my respect
  6. AzzanEAZY

    Im enjoying reading this thread and not planning to lock but i just have some notes: 1. kianni pls edit ur signature, it annoys alot scrolling down, check ur mates they follow the signature rule, i dont want to edit that for u. 2. stay on topic about the pk/pvp, refrain from posting such meme's, 3. regarding my quote on bon3, how can there be 20 kamats + Dragon inside the dragon room that u said u tank? just curious. max lure is only 3 per class, if ur 7 in party that would be 21, but that will be shared for the whole party, how can 20 kamats + Dragon attack u at the same time? just correct me if my analogy is wrong. thank you.

    This issue has been raised many times before, let see what will @Nitex have to say.
  8. OMG, i like these words im with you bro, I know the struggles PvPing AKs atm. on the recent video of Ximena, me and iRocks have to face 2 SLUT mages (Ximena and EddieTW both having tera and perfect i guess), it was really a hell. ORB + imitid + 2x 170/180 light skill forgot the names. and i can see is 16k critssssssssss. But before the recent updates when a class is being ORB, it cannot take damage but now, Its AOE and once u are caught there is no chance to wake up compare to sleep of segu and seg, u need to finish the duration OMFG. But still MAGES are balance. Deal With IT, half sarcastic tho. Note: These are just my OPINIONS.
  9. Boxing Gloves For HALF-BAGI

    Currently not only Half Bagi doesnt have Boxing gloves, even Black Wizards and Dragon Knights. Im not sure regarding the reason, but I guess since these chars are action 9 classes, (im not really sure). Maybe @Nitex or @[GM]SunChild can explain this more.
  10. How about a limited edition of free pet and mounts (halloween theme ofc). Which can be acquired by collecting R I S I N G letters (drops from dk sq mobs), just like before during our 3rd yr anniversary which we exchange the letters to staffs to get the free Limited edition of Phoenix mount. Worth farming for.

    There was no Spamming done, and that was a Mini Event ingame, while announcing Siege is a clear advertisement for the community to participate either joining or watching.
  12. Pls Help I cant play :(

  13. is server dead?

    Dekaron Rising has been the LONGEST RUNNING PRIVATE SERVER, we are already at its 4th year. This kind of question is not new for us, true there were no recent events ingame lately. But it doesnt mean that staffs are not aware of it. Sooner or later we will have a MAJOR Update, but what is the content who knows. But there are new things to be looking forward to, thats for sure. For now just keep enjoying the things you are doing, whether farming, pvp, br/ptm, dk sq, df or afk vending. BTW: Dekaron Rising is not only about ARDECA