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  1. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    can you pls write down the figure, coz i forgot how this skills was boost before. cd was increase but effectivity is same right? means within 14 secs segu need to heal or i mean needs to survive all the MASSIVE DPs of AK's with silence + no pot + stun + ....... anyways, even you will not nerf Tizen cd, AK's will just do the same combo all over, result is same. Funky, it will be hard to add def on segu, its either u change the base def of equipments or u add def on the buff skill. but that would benefit the party unless they will change ONLY the solo buff. Segu has been always the first target during team pvp or say war, since yeah ur right segu will last 5-10 secs. coz once you dash segu, + 170/180skills of AK, that segu is dead @Dannyboi Cheers, overall the balance seems great, i just dont like the nerf on Tizen (thats my opinion since im playing segu)
  2. Successful rate +8-+9+10

    It's PURE LUCK
  3. Last Man Standing Winners

    @Sealed ewwww KaKaWaTe sounds like a SLUT
  4. I'm back

    welcome back
  5. Penta Selfie!

    The CURRENT Rising Staffs are fully aware of this things that was happening this past few days, it has been more than 2 yrs or say 2.5 yrs since we got REAL TALKS on forum, and I can assure you this, @Nitex himself enjoys this. Mods will come to the scene when we really have too, in my point of view as Staff, i dont see anything wrong, thats my opinion, idk with other staff, and as i said on the other thread, i wont close anything like this. its up to the other staff or nitex himself do it. Just remember the motto of DEKARON/2Moons.....
  6. Penta Selfie!

    Nailed it! U got my respect
  7. AzzanEAZY

    Im enjoying reading this thread and not planning to lock but i just have some notes: 1. kianni pls edit ur signature, it annoys alot scrolling down, check ur mates they follow the signature rule, i dont want to edit that for u. 2. stay on topic about the pk/pvp, refrain from posting such meme's, 3. regarding my quote on bon3, how can there be 20 kamats + Dragon inside the dragon room that u said u tank? just curious. max lure is only 3 per class, if ur 7 in party that would be 21, but that will be shared for the whole party, how can 20 kamats + Dragon attack u at the same time? just correct me if my analogy is wrong. thank you.
  8. InvictuZ teaming up v2 lmao

    Necro Bumping or Necro Posting occurs when a forum thread that has been inactive for a long time, and is bumped by a user. Forum rules: Please refrain from bumping such threads. Thank you.
  9. The Last Warrior Standing 11/19/2016

    great event
  10. omg that upgrade rate, really appreciate. Great Job ser
  11. Registration error

    Nitex is currently fixing the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    This issue has been raised many times before, let see what will @Nitex have to say.
  13. Party PVP 2v2

    Ingame Event 2v2 Party PVP Winners: Alok/MasterOnion Runner Up: Kianni/Bon3crush3r forgive me for the music back ground
  14. Siege Win

    Good job for using Google translate. I notice that earlier even on your other post. Just keep on trying to post in English, dont worry if other laugh on you, as long as you try your best.