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  1. What's up?

    Dont lie ser, caden is on mia as always ok Also hai Adam good to see u considering come back, even though im not that active anymore
  2. Yna's WTS List

    3.5b for pants and 4b for guard arm
  3. Raph's WTB/WTS/WTT

    Leave your price, i wont offer WTS: 195+10 Guard Arm Blue 3x AR = 3b WTB: +10 Alo Tera Helm Perf WTT: 195+10 Spear Blue Perfect = Same Perfect Spear BUT RED ( I can add 500m just for trade)
  4. Raph's WTB/WTS/WTT

  5. Would be good I support anything that will force ppl to stop being lazy and farm gears xD No more nakeds dksq/pk's, thanks
  6. Offense Aloken

    Blastro just have visual light effect but doesnt do light dmg
  7. Raph's WTB/WTS/WTT

    Bring It Up
  8. Costume Preference?(10$ giveaway!)

    forgot dark option, im with it fuck the rest
  9. [NEW] Siege Reward

    Wrong, eventually ppl loses interest to join siege once nothing special or new, thats happen for siege or anything in game
  10. [NEW] Siege Reward

    Idk goign to boxes idea, u can give a box with better reward to leaders, and some lower to all, its happens every 15 days anyways dont think woudl affect that to much a random box with buffs/18% talis or so
  11. [NEW] Siege Reward

    Well just sad to see only guild lead gets reward though
  12. Concerra

    Im the only one whso wondering what "special" abilities VS summon has that CS doesnt as he said? ....
  13. Raph's WTB/WTS/WTT

    Bring It Up
  14. WTT AK = Aloken / BW

    Dont u have DW already? oO
  15. DKR Halloween Screenshot Event

    That nightmare ser
  16. DKR Halloween Screenshot Event

    Was lazy asf tbh but at least joining xD Char Name: HoeWithBlades
  17. Raph's WTB/WTS/WTT

    It really low Anyway traded set to mage set already
  18. Raph's WTB/WTS/WTT

    Bring It Up
  19. Nest Of Cherubim /w Nitex & Fayth

    Ser u do the same, pls
  20. Patch 13.9

    Removed some drops from specific monsters in Egutt that were being abused haha thanks for this
  21. Adding some dill drops

    Ofc there being hard to sell items that drops on dravis, ppl are abusing afk farmers on eggut for it, prices getting down like crazy
  22. Actually good point
  23. Pretty sure its gonna work only with pt pvp
  24. Just need care about dillz limit, once its insta give dillz back to the winner he will lose if if raise more than 4b total,same as the shop bugg Mailing seems more safe tbh
  25. Raph's WTB/WTS/WTT

    Bring It Up