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  1. About the SV V3

    Thast would be nice cuz, v2 got nearly useless now with v3, its waaayyyy to diferent
  2. Returning player with a few questions

    1 - You can, but u wont get the 2% pkp pvp and crit ressis 2 - No, MC2 drops as +0 at arcadia 3- Def Necks drops on arcadia dragon, not sure wich one cuz i dont farm there but someone else would tell for sure what dragon. 3.1- 1.2m ppoints from dksq at lowe
  3. raining in ardeca

    Ardeca isnt sands? pls ser
  4. About the SV V3

    They just added the 1k crit so doubt they will remove it to soon If your not selling ur V2 maybe u askign to much or ppl dont need it rn, anything thast not the hightest item on server takes days to sell usually
  5. raining in ardeca

    Yet no water on ground, pls fix danny, told u already xD
  6. DKSQ

    Just a fix: When your on raid only the person that made last hit on stone get points, rest doesnt
  7. Raph's WTB/WTS/WTT

    Bring It Up
  8. WTT/WTS

    You trading segu to segu? xD fix it man
  9. DKSQ

    Suggestion? what did u even suggested? pls re read your own post and tell em where,.....you just qqed that u got kiked and cant get points, thast not a suggestion...
  10. DKSQ

    When i did said you cant join dksq for events? geez seriosuly stop and READ, first thing i said u all could start new pt and get points but instead u all go and cry My god this ppl, im done. Love how ppl call other selfish cuz dont give them free points...but np instead to read and go look the guides wich i said keep crying, will help u a lot
  11. DKSQ

    And whats PP has to do with getting geared? theres a lot of guides, mainly from @Dannyboi on how to start and how make dillz so you can get geared. Going naked on dksq will just make it umbalanced, will make urself mad cuz you dont get pt or will get 1 shot by other, the only real useful item u could get right now with PP is Squama or Lachry, wich you can use 170 soc instead while u farm for gears. And ill have to say again, u guys lucky that have chance to get free 170+9 set/weps and free 171+9 belt, armlet, when most of us started we had to farm with 130+0 gears.....
  12. DKSQ

    Get geared so ppl wotn kik u from pt Also u all could start new pt and get some point, but mostly rather just qq and go afk instead
  13. Raph's WTB/WTS/WTT

    Bring it up
  14. Summoner

    depends, tb or staff? if tb would b 150-200 heal rest str if staff just enought stats for staff and rest heal

    @Nitex just a note, its optioning not socketing