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  1. Well thats a no for me Could affect badly the balance wich is already not 100% Plus they not really new skills, just old skill with nearly nothing changed on animation. So no for me
  2. Can we have shadow glows or soemthing? ty
  3. i dont see much diference expect by mixed and curse glow
  4. lol, he got like 10+ report....though he was banned already
  5. Fuck this Game !! fcuck!


  6. i dont even use hack or cheat ill just hunt DP to buy Osmium set tsssk


  7. ill buy that acc for 2b and have osmium set mage HeavelynSBr name why? 

  8. why my account get banned>?


  9. Patch 14.8 Coming Soon

    @Nitex Removing pet special skills or even removing agares and erigol pets form vs and cs wouldnt make it harder for hackers
  10. dude we all here farmed with 150+0 set, no belt no armlet, so it's not an excuses
  11. Bish server is already to easy, and u come cry here trying to make it super easy for you, right now its 100 times more easier than the times wich most of us started and we still did it, so i dont see any reason you cant do. All i see here is coments trying tomake things even easier for a lazy ass that wont spend months farming or donate, deal with it. Get ur lazy ass working and go farm instead to cry that much, there a lot already for startes Also dont come saying it for every newbie, i see a lot of newbies coming discord, asking how things work and farming by themself... PS: Idc what you think i am or think about me, js
  12. and what you expect? make acc and farm for 3 days and get high ends gears? nigga pls
  13. Recent Staff Promotions

    GZ @Dannyboi Not for you @Zeshin, you still to nub......jk xD
  14. its a fx 4300, 16gb ram, gt 950.... the point is b4 update i always had 4 clients, photoshop + illustrator open and it was taking max 50-60% of processor Now i tested, even 3 clients takes 100%s, and it's only 3 client i cant even try open PS or AI withthem together anymore, and talking to more ppl seems im not the only one, they all checked and its getting 20%+ of processor for ea client.
  15. Btw @Nitex, its normal that consuming hella a lot more of processor? b4 update i could load 10 client if needed withouth a problem, now 4 clients is already taking 100% of processor