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  1. Raph

    We Want Class Guides!

    Im pretty sure someone made cs guide already, if the list not updated then ignore my post EDIT: as i said >>>>
  2. Raph

    Dekaron Fan Art Forum Event [WINNERS]

    Gz to winners Nice cs draw
  3. Raph

    Concerra Summoner Stat Build

    Full dex if DB and full heal if hybrid
  4. Raph

    Icarn Mage combo?

    Thats 2 of what i used to 1: Emitted > Transfer > (Aqua/Deuplace if near/Cruely Lighting)>Measure 2: Gracious>Inor>Vertex>Flame>Firemass
  5. Removed the Khaleesi Channel But why Lurile isnt there ?
  6. Raph

    What character is more strong and best?.

    If you find segu hard to play then sadly you wont find any easier class, segus are op asf mainly 1 vs 1.
  7. Full Screen, for me windows is anoying asf and honeslty i wouldnt even load client if had to play as window mode
  8. Raph

    [Class Guide] Concerra Summoner

    Once u can, test slow down with palpus or poison blade then b-shock, last hits always descent crit
  9. Raph

    [Class Guide] Concerra Summoner

    How u dare to say b-shock is useless lmao Also u forgot to add that to always make cane on b4 any combos on pvp Also poison blade is really useful if u combine with palpus/throne, gives u time to combo, its good mainly vs hunters Plus thats good, maybe ppl stop quitting CS within 1 week cuz it not 123 class to play
  10. Raph


    ok you give $100 and i give you my heart OP Deal trust
  11. Well thats a no for me Could affect badly the balance wich is already not 100% Plus they not really new skills, just old skill with nearly nothing changed on animation. So no for me
  12. Can we have shadow glows or soemthing? ty
  13. i dont see much diference expect by mixed and curse glow
  14. lol, he got like 10+ report....though he was banned already