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  1. game is hard to play

    haha np, but it was funny Idk if you know but thats a pk based game, so obviously they made it to see ppl fight for them But dont worry, it's still hella easier to get gears fromt the time most of started to
  2. game is hard to play

    Geez crist you just quoted the answer of your question....
  3. Getting vit on DIvine Noble

    That normal when you talk about cs and segu stuffs
  4. New Player Guide

    aw to bad tatic didnt work QQ
  5. What's up?

    Dont lie ser, caden is on mia as always ok Also hai Adam good to see u considering come back, even though im not that active anymore
  6. Would be good I support anything that will force ppl to stop being lazy and farm gears xD No more nakeds dksq/pk's, thanks
  7. Offense Aloken

    Blastro just have visual light effect but doesnt do light dmg
  8. Costume Preference?(10$ giveaway!)

    forgot dark option, im with it fuck the rest
  9. Concerra

    Im the only one whso wondering what "special" abilities VS summon has that CS doesnt as he said? ....
  10. DKR Halloween Screenshot Event

    That nightmare ser
  11. DKR Halloween Screenshot Event

    Was lazy asf tbh but at least joining xD Char Name: HoeWithBlades
  12. Patch 13.9

    Removed some drops from specific monsters in Egutt that were being abused haha thanks for this
  13. Pretty sure its gonna work only with pt pvp
  14. Just need care about dillz limit, once its insta give dillz back to the winner he will lose if if raise more than 4b total,same as the shop bugg Mailing seems more safe tbh