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  1. couple questions

    from new trainee i am suggesting save first 900k points for squama, if you intend on farming other maps here, i'd also suggest farming for the lachy as that is amazing for farming monsters/items after you have those important items it's really personal preference, like myself, I actually like to buy the 200k boxes as it gives me a little excitement on the gamble not knowing if you'll get trash or a nice 3% gem, and as it's only 200k PP I don't see it as a huge waste as others do, but that's what I mean by the preference you can risk the lower rewards for a possible very nice one, other wise it's a wise idea to save a few million of PPoints up then evaluate the prices of current new emblems as well as 7% gems, obviously emblem is 3/3.25m points I think? so if the price of 1 of those is less than 6 7% gems, you obviously know which approach to make your dills my main point is really, try to pay close attention to market place, what items are being sold often/ not often example lately I have noticed 7% gems are selling a lot easier than the emblems, and emblems that do sell are often reduced greatly in price, not to mention I have also noticed a lack of dills it seems, many items are getting sold for less dill and it seems to be a bit more tricky to come by after the removal of castor dungeon, so save up your dills and sell off your ppoints for what ever is currently most valuable/easy to sell
  2. Vote Coins system

    vote systems are silly IMO not to mention some just have stupid rewards so people that play that server even if it's shit just spam vote for good shits, most of them are easily botted counts as well as we already have daily attendance coins which you can use for multiple dshop items I personally don't see the need for a 2nd dose of rewards

    omfg this is just pathetic, and also this " bro we already traded then he just told me he will give his SB after the trade so i accept it " is a complete lie, I left after as I was in a rush, I only said "ty" to you lmao. Don't go making things up, and also you can't just fking decide after a trade you want an extra item it's not how it works.. I came back from being afk and have you spamming me wanting SB yet I gave you both 195 weps for just your 1 you can't just have expectations to get more stuff

    i'm not giving u free shit..? ur fucking delusional P.S selling dshop 330m / 1k only 11k left PM
  5. Patch 13.1: Valentine Update

    this will stay 30 days 100%? cause u said that about Christmas belt and was still here long after 30 days - Slight issue with this update content is nice to get added to the game, but i'm not trying to be rude, but this stupid armlet is so lame... please don't take offence to this but do you even think about some of these updates before release? Have you been ingame the last i don't know... year? Colo and BR is so dead, you're extremely lucky and patient if you're able to upgrade a squama / lachy these days. Honestly though... you're adding items to a basically dead part of the game, potentially trying to increase how active it is, but that works for the first day or two of BR, once the OP people that are happy to spam it have their armlet, they are done no need to go back and assist others in farming the B/Pcoins to get these items AS WELL as squama/lachy upgrades. I'm all for trying to get colo/br nice and active again, I miss the old days where sometimes you'd miss out on the next round simply to the time it took map to load with all the people wanting to go. You see the same people spamming day in day out at ardeca for people to join BR, or even 2v2 party match, like honestly, you SHOULD NOT NEED to shout for the colloseum 2v2 party match, there should be enough incentives for many people to go do that as soon as the annc is on, just like deadfront. Apologies for the slight rant, but I just really am missing the logic in adding stupid items to something that's rare as fuck to get a match in anyway, any1 that isn't full 10 and can't 100% finish the daily quest is going to take possibly 10+ days to farm this 1 item, 20 days later it just disappears. Just seems like a bit of a waste of content and time in my opinion, as I said content is great, but there is an old saying and that's Quality over quantity. I couldn't care if you didn't update dekaron for 3 months, as long as the wait was worth it, these days I just see silly things being added to entertain small minds for a day or 2, then people are back to being bored, and the same people are still struggling to farm these things you add to dead parts of the game.
  6. Full Vit RED Sig staff

  7. Full Vit RED Sig staff

  8. Full Vit RED Sig staff

    FS with poison man
  9. Full Vit RED Sig staff

    I want to trade my +10 Red Sig-Metal staff, full vitality = Blue sig staff the same stats -NOTE. NOT SWAPPING FOR ANYTHING ELSE UNLESS YOU ADD AN ABSURD AMOUNT XD I am only trading for another full vit poison staff, I simply just want the different color so it matches my ingame outfit if anyone is interested please post below or pm me ingame - Ayahausca / Ayahuasca (arcane channel if i'm online)
  10. Chakras & Pet

    keep in mind dksq isn't generally 1v1, you're taking damage from all directions from multiple classes majority of the time, especially on summoners, since people like to get rid of the whole charka (killing the summoner does this) ultimately that ends up in pets taking more damage, since you're receiving more damage. What you test for a 1v1 pvp can be completely different for DKSQ/Colo and any other multi pvp scenarios
  11. Sir Please

    apologies for misunderstanding your post I had replied not long after I woke up this morning sorry about that, that's my mistake. How-ever if you also read my post properly I wasn't labelling you, simply some people in general, in fact I specifically said "I'm not saying this is you" but if you feel as if I were labelling you, maybe that's also saying something.
  12. Chakras & Pet

    Charkas already got boosted, then it got reverted because it did make them slightly OP, don't set them in the same position and the charka problem is pretty much solved, as for pets like roast said, arrogans is damage based, his hp is less for that reason, paranoia has quite horrific damage BUT he survives a lot longer
  13. How many are playing DK in Rising?

    depending on where you're from will have an impact on the amount of players you see I personally, am from AUS and when I play I prefer to play at afternoon-night time for me, since I notice it's a lot less afk venders and people actually playing either 190 runs/arcadia and DKSQ, I saw a shout from nitex saying that there were 300 online at off peak, so that should give you a rough idea hopefully, and when I play at the afternoon-night time, night especially there is a very satisfying amount of people to talk to/lvl or grind items with I'd suggest looking for a group of people to become friendly with from a similar timezone to you, to help enjoy the dekaron experience here, for example me being in AUS my timezone is very similar to those in the Philippines, I think they're only 2 hours behind myself and there is many very well English speaking as well as friendly ones out there
  14. Sir Please

    you can do all of this w/o $$ and with friends... you only need 4 for DF, 5 man pt at arcadia then raids at 190 dung as well as lower levelling with mates at egutt. It's honestly not hard ecspecially with the 130 +9 sets you're gifted, you can farm dirhams at 120/140 map for 3x banya anar necklace for increased 30% def while leveling which helps at majority of maps as well as gibor necklace upgrading to baal giving another +18% so even squishy chars can get a nice def bonus from simple items and common sense. as for dills, for newbies the parca is perfect as it drops 500k/1 argate most of the time and a lot of the time parca is quite empty I often go there to see if others are about and majority of the time it's full of unopened chests. Last of all no one has said it resorts to money, and if that's your honest opinion no one is forcing you to play here, I played for a solid year - year and a half before I even started to donate to help get some nicer shit (and that's only when I run into some spare money I don't mind spending here). Everyone has their own opinions obviously but some of them are obviously from lazy minded people, I'm not saying this is you but before people start to complain it would be good to see them have a good crack at the game first. Look at the people from Philippines player base as example, a lot of those don't even have access to paypal/visa donations or the other forms, but they farm and grind hard together and many of them haven't had an issue to achieve not only a high level but nice sets also.
  15. Sir Please

    it's only hard to level if you're lazy. You don't need to play much at all to get to a decent level to be honest, the hardest part is just getting to 166, after that with either DF or arcadia from 170 you can hit 190 in an hour and about another 30 mins for 195 could take up to an hour depending on party. Not to mention, it's not players responsibility to go boost the new ppl, most of us started from scratch at one stage and had to level a fair bit alone or not with the best party. If you find a booster it's helpful and many people do still help out the newbies, but don't be lazy relying on others to do work you can do yourself. XP was recently revamped, instead of 2% xp for a 190 run, you can get 9/10% at 199. Max level shouldn't be super hard, but it's also an achievement so just making it piss easy to get is pointless imo