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  1. Weapon look

    Ser black TF, red eyes, with gold trim and gold floating orb look much better
  2. Class PvP Rankings

    My ranking is pretty much the same as Bone's. I think the top 3 (AK/DW/Segu) are all pretty even though, all incredibly strong.
  3. New Staff Added!

  4. Half Bagi SB

    Bagi tera is grey with a gold trim and boots are blue, just fyi
  5. Suggestions

    Whats the difference between 195 and 200 dashes? o.O But yeah, adding gear at 200 would cause tera to become worthless unfortunately. Its hard to make 200 appealing enough to get without unbalancing everything unfortunately. I personally dont waste time getting to 200 from 198 because 1) I dont have hours and hours to sit in Morse, and 2) I dont feel the +40 stats or whatever with trans 3 is enough to warrent me wasting my time.

    Wrong section - this is media not market
  7. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    THATS THE POINT. An AK, who abuses this exact method, is saying its overpowered. People will get used to it, because thats how balance works.
  8. Rising is in risk [Answered by Nitex]

    You sound like youre just salty that new gear came out. Guess what, that happens in global too. New gear comes out, old gear becomes weak. Get used to it.
  9. Successful rate +8-+9+10

    holy shit you alive sup bruh
  10. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    Please dont take my comment as dissent - I 100% agree that its a good direction to head in. Certain classes are built to kite, sure. Segs/segus/hunters/mages, fine. Thats how they work. But when melee classes are the ones kiting shit gets dumb. I completely agree, having people legitimately fight instead of kitting 24/7 would be wonderful. I unfortunately do not know the other classes well enough to comment on ideas, but I'll gladly be a punching bag to give it a test. All I can really comment on is bagi.
  11. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    I'll give the balance a bit of a test tonight, we'll see :3 Two comments - one, a 5k bleed on carnage is negligible compared to other class's bleeds, as well as the minimum 40k+ hp everyone has. Two, my original concern still exists for bagi - rebalancing the damage to the OG kb skills is wonderful, and I fully believe that supports the playstyle of bagi...however. The issue is that every other class relies on kitting until their high dps, 5-10 hit instacast skills are up, spams those within <5 seconds, then kites again. Bagi kbs are great...as long as the person your fighting is actually fighting back. Kbs mean nothing when all your opponent is kite. Which, again, I dont personally have an issue with - the game evolves. But reverting bagi back to their original playstyle, that was balanced around other classes having to ALSO fight toe to toe to do damage, is a moot point if every other class has evolved beyond that. Take a look at shockwave, and its 65% success rate stun gooby. having a 46% effective success rate on the class's only real stun is stupid. (again check my thread from a couple weeks ago, I am discounting eq for the sake of this argument due to youre not fucking landing earthquake on a running target) Yes Gidion exists, but as soon as you land that snare (which is also not great) people dash out of it. WHICH AGAIN, would be fine, IF THERE WAS ANY OTHER HARD CC THAT YOU COULD CHAIN. I dont think that would fix everything by any means, but its essentially the only real way for bagi to keep targets in place. I dont believe it should be over powered, but <50% success rate is absurd. The last time a class had a <50% success rate on cc that made them actually work was sleeps for segs/segus iirc, and those got buffed to kingdom come. This is all anecdotal though, I have not tested the balance patch yet. So please take everything I'm saying with a grain of salt. I'll comment again post-test.
  12. 170-180 skills

    Dat fuckin necro tho
  13. Update ser?

    Jesus thats a struggle Id volunteer as a tester but I have little to no free time to help now D:
  14. Update ser?

    You literally just got here, none of this post is directed at you ser
  15. Update ser?

    Balance changes arent even on test servers yet lmao I posted my thread what, 2-3 weeks ago? Still nothing Come to think of it, when was the last balance patch that fucked everything? Like how many months ago?