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  1. B>DW perf set w/sb/wep

    Pm me

    Send me a pm. Which class in particular are you lookin in to?
  3. wtb/wtt

    150$ each. Let me know if you want them
  4. Lets Start The $$$$ Raining

    150$ donations each! I have x2
  5. OMFG

    I had the same problem not just in dekaron but in some other games too and I have tried tons of ways to get rid of these crashing problems; I even bought a new gaming rig, having said all that the only way and the ONLY way i got rid of it is simply buying a used 120gb SSD (i bought a used 1 bc its hella cheaper than the new one and it works the same) and tried 3 different OSs w8, w8.1 and lastly W7 ultimate (64 bit). windows 8 i crashed alot after exiting battle server ( dksq,br,party br) but not during the battle. Windows 8.1 crashed all day anytime, anywhere like i did on W10 and finally the good old windows 7 ultimate which miraculously got rid of my crashing problems and also speed up my gameplay and all sorts.
  6. We all need to chill about balances. We all have different opinions/ideas even the Staff members on all of the classes in terms of balancing whether its tanky, squishy, high/slow dps, and all sorts. Balancing is not a joke and im pretty sure its difficult to please everyone at once. So let's relax and just give the staff members a chance to get everything just right
  7. True. I was a big fan of HB 3-4 years ago (Osm set days) I remember a good player, he was in MasterMind guild though i can't remember his IGN, he was just pounding everyone. Also, I think you're the only Half Bagi around in this server.
  8. I got a perfect bw with sb and full vit 195 orb. Add 100$
  9. The new schedule is set on saturday at 10:00 AM here in west coast
  10. WTS LIST

    Got BW for yr segu
  11. 12 midnight of Saturday in SEA, including PI ofc