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    1. You won't be able to compete with them, they simply have the best players in the server. If you want to compete with them you will have to recruit players that know how to pk such as Roasted, Darkangel, Hewitz, and Chris. I was only able to get decisive wins over them with that team, and with vastly superior numbers. I PK your guild sometimes, and some of your members are missing vital stuff. I was hitting some of your members way too hard while playing hb/wizz. You can't expect to beat the best players without even having a fully prepared party.
    2. People have been trying to sell everything overprice long before this year's double donation. The prices won't go down anytime soon unless there is some sort of staff member interference. From my point of view, the problem is that the rates are really bad. Making items is simply not worth it. I talked to a bunch of big donators, and was told something in the lines of I can spend 100$ here and not get anything. I tried getting ar on an armor piece before, and frankly, it should not be that hard. You might be looking at 20$-50$ just for one ar line unless you get lucky. The rates need to be incr
    3. When half bagis have the blood magic dshop buffs on, I find it incredibly hard to tell when they have abnormal resistance on. Yes, skilled players can just time this, but I believe this gives them an advantage vs your average player. Blood defense is also overall really hard to see. I haven't been on for around 19 days so correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure blood defense has virtually no way of being identified other than you timing it in your head. I propose they make blood defense more noticeable, and for them to change the blood magic dshop effect. That big blue bubble makes it har
    4. I think he is trying to say that right before siege everyone joins the defending guild. This causes certain guilds to have an unfair advantage. If this is what he meant I agree with his statement. All if not most MMORPGs, that I have played have it so you can't enter siege if you were not in the guild in the last 24-74hours. I doubt that rising can add such a feature though. I think he also claims Soft Ivalice Alliance and Asylum have multiple staff members. I would just ask an Executive staff member to check. There is a rule that says two staff members per guild. I do not know if this rule st
    5. Is it possible to change the abnormal resistance color for these two classes? I find it super hard to tell if they have it on, when they use dshop buffs such as blood magic. I suggest making the resistance a dark red/black.
    6. #1 Irrelevant #2 Agree #3 Agree #4 I Disagree with this, people are not simply selling and buying things super high for no reason. Dil is currently inflated, and so are coins tbh. Not enough people are making things so obviously things will be sold at really high princes. Making items is incredibly hard its simply not worth it. #5 20min berserk status sounds reasonable #6 Segu seems fine to me now #7 Agree #8 Agree #9 Agree #10 Agree
    7. CuteJake


      1.) Barrier is there to prevent spawn killing 2.) What? try again 3.) Sometimes the teams are unbalanced so people wait for more members, or your side can talk. Please understand people give up in any game if other side is insta deleting you. 4.) I heard that crashes have been greatly reduce recently maybe increasing the penalty time could work now. 5.) Sometimes the sides are extremely unbalanced 99-1, people don't like getting insta deleted. This is why people don't com out. They are waiting for teammates or for other side to talk.
    8. all transups look very good. The vs, cs, and ak skills seem really good compared to the rest... Cs-having another stuns seems crazy to me, this character is already kinda ridiculous like hb/dk Ak-having another chase skill seems really crazy, its already hard to get away from them Vs-While I personally think vs's are meh characters the new skill has a stuns which is always pretty useful. The new skills on all other classes seem weak in comparison to me.
    9. i was expecting you guys to type offers... so I could get op price lel
    10. WTS perf wizz set, x4 8% gems and 10% armlets dil only best offer wins
    11. I'm broke now this my chance 430786 Ign: Orar Comment ofc raph picks the number I wanted...
    12. CuteJake

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